December 25, 2008


Merry Chrismouse, all!
We will be back in a few days, when mama comes home from the hospital.
(did you know lady beans can get lady gardenectomies?)

We gotted our pressie from my Sugar Pie! I gotted two whole cans of Fancy Feast eated already! And a lambie. And Cosmic Catnip. And more foodies and a book to read with mama, and towels, and a memo pad for mama, and, and, did I mention my new lambie? It has catnip in it!!!

We have pictures, but it will be a while. Mama has to get up at 3 in the morning ....

Hope you all had a good holiday!


December 23, 2008

Tuesday News

Mama had to go out today to the clinic to pick up some more pills (she takes lots of them), these to take before her surgery. So she also picked up some foodies for her, easy stuff to make when she gets home again. Then she founded out that she might have to stay more than 1 night at the bean vet place, and she was told to "pack a bag". If I can, I am going to sneeaaak into that bag!!

We have this from last year: These angels stay on top of one of our bookcases all year round to watch over us.

Tomorrow is CHRISSYMOUSE EVE! That means SHRIMPIES!! (Max is welcome to share, by the way, cause we know shrimpies is one of Max's favorite things, and it IS Chrissymouse).

Mama says my sweetie might not get his pressie til Saturday. Hang on, Sweetie. It's jingling its way to you as fast as it can!!! We gots my pressie, but mama won't let me at it till tomorrow.


Oh, well. Only one more day!!!



click on the above, it's from I can haz cheezburger, and we love the music, too!

p.s. please press the Kindness Movement sign at the right and you will find out all about the Kindness Movement. Pretty cool. For all year round! And don't forget to play the meditation chimes. And feed the kitties and doggies, too. Such a lot of clicking to do!!! But it's all worth it!!!


December 21, 2008


Ok, yeah, it's Sunday again. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wait! That means Chrissymouse is ALMOST HERE!

Yippiee! And mama has updated our linkies! Yippiee!


oh, wait. mama will be going to the bean vet place on Friday for her operation. And not come home til maybe Saturday.... that's a lonngg time!! Maybe Chrissymouse can wait a while??? Oh, I guess not, huh. Too many are waiting for it and Santy Paws.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

December 20, 2008

Let It Snow

Snow Alert for Minneapolis:

Zee shower (as close as I am going to get to " cold stuff"--after all, this is cold enough on the toesies!)


and yes, little woofie Lizzie has booties for the snow, and she wore them today! And her hat and her little coat!

p.s. play the zen chimes for some relaxation time! Sooo needed any time. It's pretty!

December 15, 2008


I am sooo glad mama stayed home today. It was below zero today! It's supposed to be very cold all week. She changed her pointment to Wednesday. Hopefully they will get ice off the sidewalks by then, and maybe it will get a tiny bit warmer.

Mama's lived here for more than half her long long long

*ahem. Santa's coming*

I mean, mama's lived here for more than half her life. That better, mama?

*could be better, but, yes*

Anyway, mama has lived here a while and she knows how to dress for the weather.

I hear something about cleaning again tomorrow.... do the litter box, too, mama, when you clean your bean litter box room, and I guess I won't complain too much.

*of course, brandi. That's one of the reasons I have to clean....litter on the floor.*


Gotta go.


December 14, 2008

Snow is Coming Again

Yup. Some kind of storm is coming. And mama has to get up very very early tomorrow to go to a doctor's appointment. She sure hopes the doctor makes it in. It's going to be very cold tomorrow and snowy.

The appointment is to poke and prod her and make sure she is okay for her surgery. Better her than me. But since she has taken time off, she has been better. Her blood pressure is much lower, and her diabetes is better. Woo-hoo. My nursey skills are wonderful, huh!

And we had turkey for lunch today. Mama shared :-p


late update: we are cancelling the appointment Monday cause of the snow and the ice and stuff on the sidewalks. We're gonna reschedule. It is crappy out there! We can't see much, and have heard of lots of bad accidents.

December 7, 2008

Snowy Day

And this is what we do on snowy days:

December 5, 2008

Bad News and Good News.

We have some bad news and some good news about one of our neighbors:

Recently little Davy, the little black and white woofie, passed over the Bridge. He was only 4 years old and had heart problems. Shortly after Davy left, his bean wented out to a rescue place and got a new doggie, Lizzie, and mama met her today. Lizzie was on her way out for a walk with her new bean, and she had a little sweater on and a hat. She is a cute toy poodle, just a puppy, and very glad to have a new forever home. The bean just couldn't be alone without a woofie, so he didn't replace Davy, he just let another woofie melt his heart.... So sweet! Lizzie is already spoiled! But she won't wear her little booties to keep her pawsies warm outside.

So that's my bad and good news for the day. Davy passed over the Bridge, but Lizzie founded a forever home.

I am an indoor cat, so I only spent maybe one winter out in the cold snow whened I was little. Then I got rescued and then mama camed along. She just had a cat who had passed over the Bridge, and wasn't really looking for a new cat yet, but when I saw her at the PetSmart, I knew she was mine and I warmed mama's heart and she tooked me home. And now we gots a really nice partment and we have each other.

But sometimes I wonder about my old friend Mr. Squirrel from our old place....

We live too high up for me to see the squirrels. Just birdies flying by.

December 4, 2008

Another Quiet Day

Just another quiet day. Cloudy and cold out, but we are nice and comfy here. Last winter we were really tropical in here, and mama ran fans. They got the heatie thing worked out so far this winter, and it is comfy. Consider that before we froze every winter where we used to live!

My sweetie, we HAVE bought your chrissymouse pressie, and all we have to do is mail it. Or them. Or whatever. So you ARE getting a pressie from us.

We are still working on the paperwork for family leave for us.

Tomorrow we have to resign the lease again. They do the official signing in October or November. Mama had to do it twice last year. Once when we moved in in August, and then again in October.

And she got ANOTHER mop.




December 2, 2008

Tuesday News

Here we are again... Nice sunbeams today. I sat on mama a lot. When she woke up this morning I was curled up right by her. I like having her here! She also shares her lunch....

At mama's jobbie they are not sure about the medical leave. Her boss wants to terminate her, instead. But that would mean she would apply for medical assistance, and not even have to change insurance. They would have to pay all of the insurance and her co-pays would be less. And she would only have to go one floor up in her building to do it.

It would be tough, but we have gone through that before and survived. She wants to redesign our bloggie like Parker did, but now we can't afford it. Until they decide at her work.

Anyway, she is relaxing a lot, and doing a lot of reading, and trying to catch up on my blog--she hadn't changed blog names or anything for quite a while, so she did that this last weekend. See our list of bloggies has mostly been corrected! Still need to update for new bloggies, though. We will do that soon.

She is also cleaning and stuff. She washed the floors twice this week and it's only Tuesday! And she takes walks in the cold. She likes cold. Beans!!


ps. Thank goodness we already got my sweetie's presents bought!

November 30, 2008

Sunday Snooze and Snow

And please send hugs to Misty
so she gets better really fast.
Thank you

November 29, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Just checking in. It is nice and sunny and 41 degrees so mama promised I would get some fresh air today. Yea!

That makes up for what she did earlier. You see, when she takes the garbage bag out of the container and she shakes a new bag out and puts it in, I absolutely HATE that noise and it SCARES me. So I runned away.

Oh, not outside or anything. Just in the shower.

And just wait. Come back a little later and she will show you. You see, she followed me in there and took a picture of me.... Maybe it won't turn out.... Maybe she won't get it out of her camera.....

Ah, fresh air!


November 28, 2008

A Picture of Thanksgiving Turkey

Hope you all had a nice turkey day.

This was my turkey and I also got hamm.

Thank you our Higher Power for taking care of us.

And taking care of the ones who need you most.


November 26, 2008




I gots one more thing to be thankful for...Mama also gots me a turkey Fancy Feast Medley. Wow!

mama, my Sugar Pie, a nice partment, hamm, turkey, and all of you around the Cat Blogosphere, I thank you for being part of my life.


November 25, 2008

What do you know!

Mama finally hooked up her printer today. Such a noisy event!!
She left this morning for a clinic appointment, and when she camed back she shared her HAMM sammich, and then started in on the printer. I snoopervised for a little while, but then it got noisier and noisier and she got noisier and noisier and I decided she could finish by herself.
She had some paperwork she had to print, but then, then, then...
she printed a picture of ME!
And then she put it on the pantry door!
It's my favorite!!



November 22, 2008

Saturday Stuff

The sun is out and I am having nice nappies today!

Mama is going to use that stuff on me again today. I don't know if it helps or not yet. I still get dander.

Mama is going to ask for medical leave for a while at work, or she says she has to quit. It is really getting to her, and she is pretty exhausted when she gets home at night. So she is going to the doctor on Monday to see what he says. She wants to just go on medical leave so that while she won't get paid, she will keep her benefits, which means insurance. Then she can have her surgery and stuff, and get healthy. And keep her job.

We will see what happens. In the mean time, here is a picture of me!
I'm looking out at the pretty sunshine!

November 16, 2008

Sunday Snooze and a Surprise

Well, I found out what mama boughted me:

I know you can't probably see this too good. Mama is still pretty dumb about the camera!

It's something called Dander Free. It's by a company called Earth's Balance. If you know something bad about this company, let us know. Otherwise, I get this once a week. I have dander problems.

Nice one, mama! Now Sugar Pie will be really upset cause I have a problem!

Oh, but wait. Maybe it's a good solution. After all, winter is coming and maybe other kitties have this problem and it will help all of us who get dry skin and dander. I feel better. Degraded, but better.



and of course this is important:

November 15, 2008

Weekend stuff

Mama was gone today. I was not pleased. And when she camed home she took the rug out of the litterbox room! Course, I had sorta pooped on it, and it did smell like it, but now I don't have anything but tile floors! Course, there are blankies and the bed and the couch and my fleese bed, but still.... warm feet when I eat crunchies is important!

Anyway, she wented to somewhere called the Swedish Institute, which she has been to before, and they had a Chrissymouse Fair. This is a beautiful mansion (they even call it a castle), and it has 11 different 'ramic fireplaces in it. Just imagine! She camed home with some new wooden ornaments. One was even a MOOSE. Well, she said it was Santa's reindeer, but it's still scary!

Mama's surgery is not till just after Chrissymouse. So we have to wait.

Oh, wait, mama said she wented to PetSmart today, and checked out the woofies in the training classes and there was a pomeranian and a couple corgies and a yellow lab. She also wented in the rescued kitty room (it's separate, so they can have privacy from woofies and lots of noise). She said there were lots of older kitties, like 1 and 1/2 years to six years, but there were a family of little kitties, and she said one of the black kitties was very playful and remined her of my Sugar Pie. One of the older 3 year olds reminded her of her Suki, who camed way before me. Suki lives now over the Rainbow Bridge and her ashes are in a jar on one of our bookcases. So she can still be with mama, sorta.

She did get me something there I know it. She had to have. Mommm! PetSmart!!



November 13, 2008

A Picture

This is sorta what it looks like outside today (but it's an old picture from last year):

gloomy and gloomy.



p.s. our computer now likes mama's camera, so we might have new pictures soon. If I can't hide fast enough.

p.s again. Milo is gonna have a baby brofer! And he's gray and is a rescued baby, like lots of us were!

November 9, 2008

Sunday Snooze

It's a nappie day today. And rubbies. And scritchies. And brushies. Wooo!

We don't know when the surgery will be. We are waiting to hear. But mama is home this weekend, and it's cold outside, but of course, warm in here. So I am happy.

We are just snuggling a lot. And I love nappies. Of course, I have lots to dream about, like my sweet Sugar Pie.

Hope you are all having a good weekend.

We have a lot to catch up on on the blogs.


November 7, 2008

We are here!

mama wented back to work after the doctor on Monday. She has been busy all week, and tired when she gets home. So we haven't been on the puter for a while.

The bad news is now she needs major surgery, and we don't know when yet.

The reaaally bad news is that IT SNOWED TODAY


The good news is that she ordered me a hamm pizza tonight.

Gotta go! It's here!


November 1, 2008

Hello! We're Still Here!

Mama haded her operation yesterday. It took lots and lots of nappies for her to come home. It was dark! She is doing okay. It won't be til Monday morning when she sees the doctor again to get results of her tests. I really didn't thing operations meant tests, but, beans are confusing, right? When the doctor camed to see her after her operation mama was sleeping, so the doctor left and mama's friend was there to see that everything was okay. Mama slept a loonngg time.
I am nursie again.

Haven't been on line for a while, so I have to catch up on all the news. Hope you all are doing okay. Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween. And thanks for thinking of us.

We find out more on Monday morning.


ps. We have been looking around and found Parker's badge for diabetes. Since mama is a diabetic and the one who went before me was too, we had to add the badge.

October 25, 2008

The Weekend

This was a very nice day today, so mama wented out for a while. Then she camed back and smelled like coffee again. I guess I am glad, cause she was very happy and I got lots of scritchies. Mama does have to go in for some more surgery. On Halloween, too. But we hope she will not have to stay in the hospital overnight or anything. Otherwise one of her friends will come over and make sure I have foodies and water.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold and windy. So mama and I will get a lot of snuggle time in.
Of course, our partment is nice and warm, but still it will be nice to be together.

love (and sweet nose kisses to my Sugar Pie),

October 23, 2008


Ok, mama hasn't turned this puter on in days. And now she did something really bad. She deleted two of our comments! Bad, bad, bad, mama.

Thank you Derby. HTML. That's what this is. Wow. What did we know?

Hope we will get to work on this again this weekend. Mama is SOOO busy lately.

We HAVE to catch up with all the bloggers.


October 19, 2008


A beautiful day. And the windows were open. And mama was home.

Still stuck on working on the blog. Anyone know Basic? We think that's what that weird language in the template is. Mama thought this was cute:

this is nothing like Skeezix, so I don't get it.
Mama just asked one of her brothers. He doesn't check his email a lot, so I guess we have to be patient. And we think we gotted Skeezix confoosed, or he is verry busy. We vote for the verry busy. After all, he is soo popular. So we aren't unhappy or anything.

We just have such plans for this place. Color. Balance. All that good stuff. Patience is hard.

Well, I have plans anyway.


p.s. we sent the article about the rescuer to a local friend (see Jan's Funny Farm or Best Friends ) who is part of a local rescue group. Who knows. They maybe can help.
Mystery is at Cat on the Keyboard

October 15, 2008

Wednesday Update

My sweetie gotted his present.

We are still working on changing the blog.

Mystery lives on our floor, and we gave her mama help getting a blog. They don't have a puter. And her mama isn't around in the daytime--so she can't use the puters downstairs. The place closes really early.

Mystery is a real snooty cat, but hey, that's catitude.

Mystery saw a picture of Mr. Hendrix and she got all strange. Is the love cafe up anymore? She would make a perfect match for somecat.


October 14, 2008

Hi there

Sorry. We are currently working on a new look for my blog. Under construction, here, so to speak.

Hey, my sweetie got his present! I put my smells all over it before mama mailed it. Just for him.



ps. I am currently sharing with Mystery, a new lady cat in my neighborhood. So if my comments on your blog show up as her, well, I cant get the two separated. My picture is gone on my blog, too... If you know what I can do, let me know.
Mystery has quite a catitude. She's a bit snooty. And.. hey, she has a crush on MY boyfriendcat! And this is NOT Mystery. Even though it says so below!!!

October 7, 2008

Tuesday News

Hey, this weekend I hear we are going to be busy. Mama has a shopping trip (not very far from our old neighborhood) with a friend. When she goes to this shopping place, they have a really neat bread store, so I think we will have some good smells around here Saturday night.

Speaking about neighborhoods, the street where mama used to sometimes walk down at night on her way to our old yucky place? There was a robbery today, and someone gotted shot. Another really great reason to be well away from that place! Although mama misses the old coffee shop, and still moans that there are none around here within walking distance that she likes. There is one, but she doesn't like it there. And, oh, yes, the shopping trip is not that close to our old neighborhood, so she should be safe.

Here we hear lots of sirens and stuff, but it is because we are close to a fire department and a police department, and we feel very safe hearing those noises.

Oh, and yes, mama is going to make a new bloggie. No, we aren't leaving! We aren't even moving! Our bestest friend Skeezix is helping us get a new look on here. So it's just a speriment blog. Thanks so much Skeezix. Especially if mama survives and I don't here a lot of bad words!

A note to the blogosphere: Skeezix has never done us wrong. Yea!

last but not least:
I love you my Sugar Pie!

October 6, 2008

Monday Stuff

The window is open, the wind is blowing, but we have to shut the window soon and go nappies. Cause it is gonna RAIN. Yucky. Lots of nappies tomorrow cause of rain....but I have a sneaky thought. Hey, Sugar Pie, ;-) busy tomorrow?


October 5, 2008

Hi, on Another Sleepy Sunday

Very grey today. Lots of sleepy naps. Mama took lots of them yesterday with me, but she was doing stuff today around here. She did open the window this afternoon and let in the fall air for a while. I was on my special pillow by the window. My red heart shaped one that I got from my sweetie.
Breathing in the cool air. Softly dreaming of my Sugar Pie. What a sweet life.

Our neighbor is doing fine, now. And Davy is being very good, as always. He used to bark when he went for walkies, but now he doesn't. When he goes out with Arthur, Arthur has a walker with a seat on it, and Davy jumps in and rides down on the walker to the lobby very quiet and good. When Arthur's family does walkies, he still is a good boy.

That's all the news. Just a quite weekend.

love to all,

October 2, 2008

Thursday update

Did you see me in my Sweetie's Halloween Village? I had such fun. But you know what? Just being with my Sweetie is fun. Mama had to work late last night, so I had plenty of time to hang out and be my Sweetie's queen.

Imagine, me a queen!

*sigh* all because of my Sweet Sugar Pie.

He's mine, ladies! (even though he's a Bengal's fan the color works for Halloween)

Mr. Hendrix

love to all,


September 28, 2008

Happy New Week

Sunday, and we have been hanging out. Mama gots up VERY early today and without my help.

We are sorry to hear of the passing of the honorable Cap'n Nels at the Meowers of Missouri. My heart is purring for his family.

Yesterday Davy the dog (who lives down the hall) had his bean not feel well. Davy is a sweet little dog, and we hope his bean, Arthur will do better. He is an elderly bean, and has diabetes like mama. Arthur scared his doggy and the aide that stopped to check up on him. But the mergency team came quick and he didn't have to go way to the bean vet. Before the mergency team came, mama offered her help, too. She is such a nice bean.

She finally got some more updating done on my new bloggie friends list. Yeah! But we're not done yet.

Back to work for mama tomorrow.

love to all,
kisses to my sweetie,

September 26, 2008

Friday Stuff

Finally I get to blog. Mama has been very busy this week.

My sweetie has been ill this week, but he is doing much better. Yay!

I whoopsied this week, too, but my mama hasn't taken food away from me. Yet.

And here it is Friday and there are storms coming tonight. Sugar Pie, you can come over and hold my paw if you can get your mama to go do something else and think you are just napping when you teleport over.

Love to all,
a sweet kiss for my Sugar Pie,

September 23, 2008

Rain, rain, rain

At least mama is home now. It has been raining all day and she was at work. Now we are living in a cloud. Mama says that's fog. But on the 16th floor, it's a CLOUD! I don't care what she says.

Thunders and stuff. Mama, I think we're done here. Time to cuddle!


September 18, 2008

Hi on a Thursday

I take no credit for the Coalition badge. It's from Zoolatry. They are the bestest creative cats. They make a lot of neat stuff for kitties and beans and stuff.

It's going to be hot tomorrow again. Wow. In the 80's! WARM nappies in the sun!

Mama was gone last night for a while. She carried a bunch of clothes out, then camed back lots of nappies later with the same clothes. I think she said she did her laundry. Hmm.

It's simpler to wash your fur. And faster.

Hey, Sugar Pie, wanna come over tomorrow and take nappies with me in the sun??


oh, no. Guess what! my Sugar Pie gotted a really neat bed. concats, my Sugar Pie, and I will understand if you stay home Friday.

September 14, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning

It's that time of the week.
Oh, and catch the new picture on the sidebar. I found it at Zoolatry and I want to join! And the sign is one of my favorite colors, too! And, and, and don't ya just wanna tell your hoomans sometimes to lay off the clickie boxes???

September 13, 2008

hey, NOO!

Les Trois Chats (actually Les Quatro Chats) is leaving. They have been very busy and decided to say farewell. We are very sad. They haven't been blogging much, but they were there when we started. turtle nala and moose

and lola

Go say goodbye.



September 11, 2008

Thursday Update.

We hope all our friends who live by the Gulf of Mexico stay safe.
Mama already called one of her brothers, and he's okay (he lives in Houston).
purrayers, good thoughts, and ((((hugs)))) to all.

brandi & mama Carol

we remember

September 7, 2008

September 6, 2008

Hello, there!

Mama spent the afternoon with a friend. But she camed back with kitty foodies and kitty litter, so I spose it was okay.

She made it home just in time, too. It started raining just when she was bringing the stuff inside. Oh, I spose that was nice. My foodies and litter didn't get wet!

So I forgive her for the coffee and the tea and the diet soda and the **gulp** Crissymouse stuff!

Enjoy your weekend!

love, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie!

September 1, 2008

Mama Monday

Just hanging out with mama today. Doing a lot of napping, and getting scritchies. What a life!

love to all, and a happy peaceful holiday,

August 31, 2008

Sunday Sweet Sunday

Pardon me, all. I've been spending lots of time today staring at my sweetie's Monty Q contest picture:
He gets hansomer every time I look at him.... **blush**


and the bff awards card gets passed to five ladycat bloggers: the Big Piney Woods Cats(ok, I know they are a full house, but they all deserve it), KC (our Spunky Tortie Reporter), Pandora (in memory of), Sweet Ariel, and Parker. And five mancats (cause I said so): Edsel, Max, Buddah (just cause they were here firstest when we started reading blogs, and their moms are super special), Skeezits (for his helpful computer answers, and for being the best party thrower), and new baby Milo (for being cute).

August 30, 2008

Saturday Again

Sposed to be hot here today and humid. Then why is mama going out for the day?? She should stay at home with me. And why was she so upset when I woke her up this morning to get me more water and foodies?? It was only 4:30! Gee. Okay, I am spoiled. Who spoiled me?

Be safe all this weekend! I will be around.


August 26, 2008

Tuesday News

Mama said there are a lot of policemen downtown, specially by where she works. It's cause of a Republicun Confenshun coming to the Twin Cities. She says some of the Confenshun will be in Minneapolis, where we live, and the confenshun place here is by her workie place. She says confenshuns are like meetings. I think that's like a bean fur pile or a big party.

Labor Day (I don't get that, either) will be next Monday. And that means mama doesn't have to labor. I think that means she doesn't have to work. Woo Hoo!

Beans are confusing sometimes, ya know? Confenshuns and days you don't have to work being called labor (which means work).

love, and a smooch to my Sugar Pie,

August 24, 2008

Sunday Snooze

Dreaming of my Sugar Pie
Mama has been updating my bloggie!! Check the new bloggies out on the side! Other than that, pretty quiet here. Just the way we like it.


August 23, 2008

Saturday Stuff again

Oh, my. Mama has been sooo busy this week. But guess what. She camed home one night this week really late. With packages. From that red and white store, Target. And she broughted me a present. A brand new silver water dish. It is soo special. It holds more water than my other ones I have had. And did I mention last weekend she got me a new brush? It makes me feel all tingly.

I had to stay close to her Friday, cause she was home sick. And today she has been sleeping a lot, so I have been keeping her warm. And she has given me several head and ear and chin and face scritchies today!

So, I am off to see what has gone on this week. And what my Sugar Pie's blog says, and, and, well, everything.


and p.s. for those of you who are new to the bloggies, Sprout was Monty Q's bean burpy baby sister.
and life goes on: the Crew has a new bean burpy sister!

August 16, 2008

August 10, 2008


We just heard about Sprout.
We are heartbroken for Monty Q's family.
Please think kind thoughts for them at this hard time.

love, brandi and Mama Carol

August 9, 2008

Hi, Again on a Sleepy Saturday

Mama was all tired out from the week, so we snuggles and nappies and stuff today. Sorry we have not been catching up with stuff here, but between her jobbie and me taking care of my Sugar Pie, we been BUSY!

Oh, and speaking of my sweetie, I am going to probebly embarrass him, but I think this is a cute kitty picture (isn't he a cutie?):
Other than that, I am still drinking my bottled water, but I have caught mama using regular kitchen water in my dish! Well, it is NOT the nasty smelly yucky tasting stuff any more, but, hey, I'm worth bottled water! Well, it was only once, anyway.

I have a kitty with a crush on me. So for him, and specially my Sugar Pie, here:

love to all, a kiss for my sweet dashing Sugar Pie,


August 3, 2008

Sunday Snooze

I know. Blurry picture. But we still have camera issues and this is from our archives. And this is exactly what it's like today. Very blah. And from here, my mama doesn't notice that I teleport back and forth from my couch here to my sweetie, Sugar Pie (the famous reporter, Mr. Hendrix).
And I'm making her update some sidebar stuff. Only where did the grey in "Other Cat Links" go? Mama doesn't know, and neither do I. It came back, though. And she did a LOT of updating, so check out the list. If you are new, see if you are on it. If you are not new, check the list out. Oh, and if we forgot you, LET ME KNOW and I will make mama do some more work!
She (I think) got a link to the Honorary HotMBC Catizens right at last. Hmmm. Going to check on my sweetie again.

August 2, 2008

Oh, No

My sweetie has been sick and mama didn't even let me know!!
I am on my way to snuggle and be Nursie Brandi to my Sugar Pie!

He even gave me this sweet award.
love, my sweet Mr H.

The Weekend!

Mama is staying up late. I've been on my special pillow. This one:

This one my Sugar Pie gaved me for Valentine's Day. Only, this is where I usually am on it:

She, of course, can sit on the other side of the love seat. And be available for laps and snuggles.

It is going to be very hot this weekend. But we are cool inside here. Hope everyone takes care. We will be around and be catching up with stuff here.

Mama changed my crunchies. Which reminds me.... Mama, fill my foodies!


July 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

Mama made it through work today. But she losted her puter programs she needed. Her puter kicked her at 3 p.m. What mama? Oh, kicked her off her programs, not kicked HER. Thanks mama.

It is hot and muggy here, but we have a/c this summer, so it is comfy inside.

You might notice we took the weather update off this weekend. It was never correct, at least 4 degrees off, so we switched to the weather pixie. Let's see how that one goes.

love to you all,
and thanks for the company, my sweet Sugar Pie, mama says you can come over any time! You are such a gentlemancat!!

July 26, 2008

Saturday Stuff again

Mama has been doing okay. Going to lots of bean vet appointments, and resting. We get our snuggle time. A lot of snuggle time. And I am staying off her pillow. It's the least I can do.

The water is back to normal again. I don't know why it was so smelly and yucky. They just told us on the news that it was safe to drink when it was like that. Bleah! We didn't think so!

But I am still getting my bottled water. Yes I am!

Mama has to go back to work Monday. Waaaah!

We even had hamm pizza....


July 19, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Can you imagine? This morning I was yelling and yelling at my mama. No, I didn't want skritches. No, I didn't want cuddles. Or new foodies. I WANTED MY BOTTLED WATER. Gosh, I think maybe I'm addicted!

Anyway, Tuesday she has her nother surgery. On her nother eye. So I am going to be nursie Brandi again.

I hope she doesn't forget my water again....


July 13, 2008

Easy like Sunday Morning

We haven't gotten the camera problem solved, but this is an acurate picture of what is going on today.

Mama says I am really spoiled getting bottled water to drink. But it sure is good!


July 12, 2008

Saturday Stuff

Just a quick one. We may update later.

It isn't me that is smelly. Or my litterbox. It is the bean litterbox. They announced on the news that some of the water in our city smells and tastes bad. Oh, it's safe, it just stinks to drink it or smell it. Whew. I thought my taste and my smell was off or something. Mama puts down the seat on her litterbox and the smell doesn't get as bad. It was the open toilet bowl and the smelly water from the city. She started giving me bottled water.

Oh, yeah. We had really bad stormies last night with lots of flashies and boomies. I mean lots and lots of flashies. I hid under the bed and came out when it was over.

Lots of love, see ya all later,

July 9, 2008

Wednesday Update

Nothing much to report, of course. Mama has been catching up at work, and coming home and being loud. Well, only when she finds me on her pillow.

We have a problem with my litter box. It stinks. Even after mama changes the litter (not just scoops, I mean all fresh). She thinks it's me, but I think it's the litter box. Hmmm. We use the Arm&Hammer odor stuff that changes colors. We have been using it since we moved here.

maybe it is me....shhh. don't say the V word!

Anyway, I hope everyone had fun at the par-tay, and is having a good week.

love to all, and nose kisses for my Sugar Pie,

and a sad farewell to our hero Mu shue. Our hearts are with mama Laura and her sweet family.

July 6, 2008

Hey, Par tay at my Sugar Pie's place

Today I am heading over to my boyfriendcat's house. There is a partay there. Only don't tell his mommy and daddy. Shhh!

I need to leave this place for a while. I am on my mama's bad list today. I did a "no" thing. She caught me on her personal pillow today. Twice. And I was told I have control of every other thing in my partment, but not where she puts her head at night.


Come to the partay!

I am assuming it is still going on. Maybe I will have to rescue my sweetie!

And oh, yes, even I had to hide under the bed for the 4th. We weren't here last year, and found out that the neighborhood does fireworks. They were really close. My eyes openeded really big when the first sploded and shimmered all over the sky. Then I wented for cover.


July 3, 2008

Hello, there!

My mama can see sooo much better out of her eye they did surgery on. She said colors are much brighter now. The thing now do the other one. It will be in a couple of weeks. So far I have kept by her side or on her. She is doing fine, but she has to put a zillion drops in her eye every day. And the scription in her glasses is WAAAAY off, but in a good way.

Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Stay safe and away from fireworks. And if you have to, hide! But if your parents are home (or pets), they will probably snuggle with you. Like mine does.

love to all,

p.s. from Carol. She tried verry verry hard, but she did leave me one hairball. And she keeps track of where I am and what I am doing. She is a sweet girl

June 30, 2008


Mama did her last shift for work today. They had a lot of calls. And then she checked in on the phone for last minute instructions from the clinic.

She took out the garbage, and planned food for her. Then she is supposted to leave out extra water and food tonight and clean my litter box one last time.

She will be home sometime tomorrow afternoon, so I won't be lonely. Besides, my sweetie said he'll keep me company!

They are going to fix her eye tomorrow, and as soon as she recouperates she will see better. Yea!
She can't wait.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and purrs. They are appreciated.

I hope maybe I won't have to yak up a hairball. I will try not to.


love to you alll,

June 29, 2008

Weekend stuff

Mama has been cleaning and stuff this weekend. I mean really cleaning. She says she wont be able to do it next week, so everything has to stay clean. Whew. I guess that means I can throw up a couple of hairballs or three next week, huh? And just who is going to feed me??

I have been sitting on mama a lot this weekend. Practicing up my nursie dutes.

And my sweet Sugar Pie is coming over Tuesday to hold my paw as I wait for my mama to get home from her operation.

HEY MAMAAA dont forget the litter box!!!


June 27, 2008

Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday works for efurry one, right? Although I still like Fruitbat Friday. Hmmmm.

But this way efurryone gets to celebrate Friday. After all, for those of us with parents (or pets) that work all week, Friday means the WEEKEND and more scritchies and snuggles and stuff, and then we are all special, as we, of course, should be.

Even though it is dark and gloomy here, my mama camed home! That in itself is Fabulous. It is rainy out, and she deserves to be here so I can snuggle!

My Sugar Pie says he will stay with me and hold my paw on Tuesday while my mama has surgery. Isn't he sweet?

We can snuggle on my pink blankie. Or maybe my bed. Or my rocking chair. Or my cuddle cup (it's pretty big). Then I won't be worried about my mama so much.

She is working Monday on the phones again, and then off to the ambulatory center on Tuesday morning.

Ahh yes. Nursie brandi has her mama home for almost a whole week. Yea!!!

love to my Sugar Pie, (that dashing and brave reporter, Mr. Hendrix)
and purrs for all of you in the Cat Blogosphere!


June 25, 2008

Hey, it's me again whoo hoo

Mama has been too tired to turn on the computer the last few days. Too much work! Tuesday she had a bean vet appointment in the morning, so she stayed late at work. Wednesday our street was blocked off for a neyburhood parade. There was music and drums and all sorts of stuff. But I could barely hear it. The street is on the other side of the building. The bus wouldn't come down our street, so mama wented to the grocery store and called a taxi to get home. Then tonight mama gotted her head fur trimmed and then thought she left her keys at work. She had to be escorted to get to her floor cause the security stuff was turned on. Then she found out her keys were in the wrong part of her bag. So it took a long time for her to get home. Wahhh.

Tonight she hadded some spinich stuff in some pastery. I got some and it was quite good.

So now, since her eyes don't work right, her boss says the next three days she can take phone calls instead. She caught mama looking at stuff with a magnifying glass, and decided that phone calls would be better for her.

More later


p.s. love to my sweetie and blessings to efurryone and everybean.

June 21, 2008

SweetHeart Saturday

When mama let me catch up on my sweetie's blog, I found this sweet picture of my sweet ManCat. Hope it's alright to post it. I just can't stop looking at it. He is such a hansome and sweet kitty. Brave and smart, and wonderful....

Of course, I love him. Who could resist!


June 17, 2008

I'm Baaaaack

Gotta watch those Squillions! They take over sometimes! The third kitty is actually a mommy's day card that my Sugar Pie sent my mama. We think she is cute, so she is sticking around and I think she wants to stay!

My mama is going in on July 1 for cat r axe surgery. Now, what does a cat have to do with an axe or my mama's eye?? Beans are sure funny some times.

Now as for new pictures, we are having technical problems. We had to uninstall our photo thing cause it kept saying that it was sick. When we reinstalled it it still said it was sick. It's out of date (old) so it doesn't connect with the help thing on the internets. Maybe that's why it is sick. Anyway, if we can figure it out, there are a couple of new pictures in the camera (mama cheated and snuck up on me).

Mama is taking July 1 off for her surgery, and then the rest of the week off. Then she is going back to work the next week. Tomorrow she will be home late cause they have to measure her eyeballs or something.

That's the noos, as the Mighty Tough Tortie KC would say.


June 14, 2008

We Are Blogging Today

That's right! We are blogging today. Both our sister, brandi, and our mom don't want to tell you this, but you need to know. Mom is going to have surgery on July 1 on her eye cause she is having trouble with it. There! We told!
Anyway, we are having a lot of fun bonding, and we all get along very nicely. We hope to be a comfort for mom always. brandi is a little crabby to us sometimes, and sometimes she just ignores us, but she is usually pretty good to us. We just wish we could share her foodies! But, ya know, we are respectful and let her have her own stuff.
And this is me, little Maxie. I really like my new home and my sisters and my new mom. And I think more kitties should adopt Squillions. Thank you.
little Maxie

June 11, 2008

Some News

Hi! Bad weather today. I didn't want mama to go to work. But she did anyway. So don't listen, mama. I tried and tried to tell you to stay home cause it would be nasty out. Hmmph. Beans just don't behave sometimes and do what we tell them, huh!

Tomorrow she is going to a bean vet, and has to work late to make up time. So I won't have her home much for the next couple of days. She'll be making up time Thursday and Friday. But it's her and not me at the vet.

But I will miss her.



June 7, 2008

Saturday Stuff

My mama has been around all day. It's the weekend!! You know what happened yesterday? She camed home with a fower from work. A purrty red fower. Her old team each gotted one, and she left if at work for a couple of days cause the weather was yucky. Rainy and stormy and windy and all that. Anyway, she camed home with it Friday. I smelled it and it was purrty, and like the good kitty I am, I left it alone. Mama has it by my side of the love seat so that I can enjoy it at home like she did at work.

And, and then she did something wonderful just for me. We had HAMM PIZZA!!!!!

Whoo hooo. And leftovers today for dinner, she said.

Mama, hurry up on here and lets go eat Hamm!


June 3, 2008

Tuesday News

Sort of checking in. It's been cloudy today with some sprinkles, so I've been napping. Well, I guess that's what kitties do the best. That and play nursie. And play. And blog! Oh, and eat Stinky Goodness.

Mama got through work today. She's learning new people and ways of doing things (like signing in on paper AND on the puter).

One of the astronauts is Karen Nyborg, and she is from Minnesota.

Whoo Hoo. Can you imagine being up by the ceiling cat only higher??


June 1, 2008

Hey, Look

Mama gotted around to updating my list of new bloggies.


Check them out.

And don'f forget to give my little gray friend in the left hand corner of this blog some exercise. Sometimes even I forget she's there.

Other than that, the storms are over and it is nice and sunny today, and I got lots of scritchies this weekend.

Ah, Purrfection.

Love, and special scritchies to my Sugar Pie,

p.s. if you like the kitty in the corner, you may get your own. Some of you are new to blogging, and don't know about them, so double click on the kitty and you will go to the site that will show you how to get one for yourself. They are called Neko.

May 31, 2008

Weekend stuff

Mama is staying home this weekend. Yea!!! Lots of snuggles and scritchies!
The bad news is that there have been a lot of bad storms, and mama has spend part of today opening and closing windows cause it rains, the sun comes out, then it gets dark and rains again.

I say, purrfect nappie weather! But then, not much isn't purrfect nappie weather, huh.

We have more news, but we will save it for later. I think.

love, and of course, kisses for my Sugar Pie,

May 28, 2008

Hello, there. An update:

Mama has been busy since she wented back to work on Tuesday. So we have been doing some more behind the scene stuff here, but not really blogging. Now we have to add a bunch of new bloggies to our new list (which was becoming not very new). Maybe this weekend?

Anyway, here is the kinda sad news: my mama's team at the county is breaking up and closing down. No, mama still works there. It's just next week she will be with a new team. Her team beans will be filling holes in other teams (holes???? That's what she does, fills holes???? I thought she helped beans!) and they won't be hiring for awhile. But there are beans on her team that she really likes to work with, and really likes just because they are nice people, so that is the kinda sad part.

And Friday she is taking a half day off. First she's moving stuff at work to her new team (she doesn't even know where she will be sitting and working and filling holes and stuff), which she says won't take very much time, and maybe a box (can I come and play in the box till you need it??? Please????) of stuff. Then she has a couple human vet ppointments.

We forgots to tell you all that she had some infections lately, including one in her bronk-l, her bronkuuul, her breathing. In cluding going a couple of times to Urgent Care ( if it's urgent, why does it take her soooo long when she goes?) So she is going to see if she is doing okay. And probably getting new glasses, cause that's one of her pointments.

So that's it for the week. Tomorrow we are xpecting a package (it's for mama, NOT me), and Friday she will be home late cause of bean vets, and that leaves Saturday.

Oh, don't feel too bad for her. She spent a couple of hours tonight watching You Tube stuff. And not petting me.

love, and lots of hugs for my Sugar Pie (sorry I haven't been sending them from my blog lately)

May 25, 2008

Holiday for Hugs

We are trying to go to everyone this weekend and give hugs. But we have a lonnngg list of blogs, and if we don't make it to yours, it isn't for lack of trying! But, hey, I made mama promise to continue. Even if it takes more days....

they are coming!
p.s. Whew! We made it through a bunch of bloggies this weekend! But we haven't done our new bloggie updates or sent them hugs. No, we haven't forgotten!! Mama is just tired. But the new bloggie links and hugs will be taken care of. SOON!!

May 22, 2008

For Bonnie

Our hearts are with Victor and his beans. Dear Bonnie Underfoot has slipped over the Rainbow Bridge.
brandi, Fraxie, Maxie and Mama Carol

May 20, 2008

Hi, Again

Just checking in cause mama is sooo busy and stuff.

I'm getting my scritchies, and giving her purrs. We do get to spend time together.

Maxie and Fraxie are spending quality time together, too. They let me join them, too.

Mama says hi, and Maxie and Fraxie too.

We will check in again before the long weekend.

and Mama Carol

May 14, 2008


Okay, I don't do too many memes cause mama just won't help me. But my Sugar Pie did soo well on Bendrix's 7 useful things....

1. Hairballs just make mama clean the floor more, and clean is a good thing .
2. I make mama get out of bed in the morning, even if it is the weekend, cause I know she appreciates the help (and I get foodies and stuff, too).
3. I police the partment at least once a day to protect us.
4. I inspect every change in furniture to make sure it is a good thing.
5. I help arrange the pillows on the couch.
6. Hairballs on the bathroom carpet? Just makes mama clean my (bath)room.
7. Purring helps lower beans blood pressure and calms them, so I make sure I get scritchies so that I can purr for her.

That's my 7 useful things. If anyone else wants to play, go ahead!


ps. Your opinion is requested. Should I have mama sign all of us on our posts? Majority votes determine if I should or shouldn't. No prize, sorry. Just fun.

pps. Last weekend, in honor of Maxie coming to join our family, we had PIZZA. With HAMMS. I forgot to tell you. How could I forget HAMM! Fraxie and Maxie didn't seem very hungry, but mama and I were!

May 10, 2008

We Got the Something for All of Us

There they are! How come they get to be on the table?Meet Maxie!
This has been stressful, mama.
Yes, the box was finally opened! And out came Maxie, Fraxie's little sister! All the way from Tennessee where Beau and his mommy Cathy live. Mr. Hendrix's mommy sent a mommy's day kitty card for mama, and she fits right in with Fraxie and Maxie. We have been letting Fraxie and her new little sister bond, and they are doing quite well together.
Maxie was named by one of mama's friends. She likes her new name and new home now.
and Fraxie and Maxie, too.

May 7, 2008

Wednesday Update

Mama had to work late tonight so she could go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon. She is still on botics, but she is feeling much better.

We have a package, but mama says it will be opened when we all can enjoy it. All?

We don't have another package that was sposed to be here Tuesday, and that mama is upset about, but she says it's hers, so don't worry about it. She doesn't like UPS cause they only deliver when she's working. She can't have them deliver to work--that's the county.

Who is all? What's in the box?

The plot, as they say, thickens. Well, mama says stuff like that.

I think I will take another nap.

Oh, yea. The bug beans are coming back. Since it's spring, some beans are having problems with ants, so they are going to de-ant everybean. I mean everybean's partment! The bug beans who come in are usually nice, though. And they are fast. Done and out. Not much of a nap problem there.


May 5, 2008

Hey, it's me again

Mama had to go get fixed this weekend. They put a lot of botics in her blood and she feels better. She was gone all day Sunday getting better.

I asked her how come my stuff looks so silly when I type, and when I dictate to her it looks different, and she said it was because she took classes.

When will she give them back? Did she pay for them? I take things I get in trouble.

The window by the couch has been open all day.

Spring Spring *snifff*


May 2, 2008

oh hi agan

jus chekng in agan
mama hasnt been feelng well an she had to call the fone nursie last nite
anyone want to com ofer and do som nursie duty, feel free
i cant type vary well without mama

April 28, 2008

April 27, 2008

Sunday Snooze

Yes, this is an older picture of me. When the couch was against the wall. Here, it was a sunny day and my heart pillow is stripied from the blinds. And you can see the patterns the wicker lampshade makes on the wall, too.

Today started out sunny, too, but mama made a lot of noise this afternoon moving stuff around again. No, the couch is still by the window. But other stuff is getting "neatened up". She did "half " her laundry late last night. Phooey. Why do beans not have furrrs? Much easier to clean! More time with kitties!

So I am going to take a couple naps. Who knows what she'll do next.



April 25, 2008

Camera stuff

Pictures are bbbbaaack!

This is what happened when my mama tried to take toesie pictures. I wouldn't let her get close enough!

Mama: 0 kitty: priceless
love all,

April 24, 2008

rain, rain, rain

Sunshine is all gone. Now we have rain and foggy weather and it is sposed to get cooler again.


Somebody said snow, so unsay it. Please????


ps. we think the disc was found and there might be pictures this weekend!!!!

April 23, 2008


The weather is in the 70's. My window was open all day for me to breathe in the nice warm air. The sun was out. I have been on my pillow and on the bed (alternating is good for you) laying in sunshine.

Oh. It's supposed to be colder all the rest of the week, and even rainy. Blaaagh!

Well, anyway, yesterday and today were absolutely beautiful.

Mama has to find her disc for the camera so that she can upload pics. And she has to figure out how to make files and stuff, cause we have Vista.

love to you all,

and we just read about how Mu Shu is a hero! Wow! He saved his sisters in the fire!!!!
check out his blog!!

April 21, 2008


Sometime soon mama will have pictures up here again. She still has to fix that on the new puter.
Anyway, there were lots of flashies tonight and rain.

And I really like the couch back where it was! It was sunny this morning and I got to lay on my heart pillow (from my Sugar Pie!) and see out the window.

Things are sorta back to normal.

The boxes are gone, however.


April 20, 2008

hello strangers

We had issues with our computer and with our server. Our internet went down on Tuesday. We have missed everyone!
I now know what was in the boxes. A new computer! Mama set it up yesterday.
We now have high speed cable internet. As of 15 minutes ago!
Mama moved the couch back to the window yesterday!
I gotta catch up on everything!
I missed my sweet Sugar Pie!
Hope everyone is okay. I've been purraying for everyone, cause I didn't know.

April 13, 2008



April 12, 2008

Update and Purrayers

Hey, we're doing better. The boxes are still here. Unopened. The "third" box is not here, and I am waiting impatiently. Like you.

And Fraxie wants to turn this light on and leave it on until her baby sister arrives. She's waiting impatiently for her little sister. She doesn't care about the boxes.

And mama says we have to forget all that and purray for some kitty friends. So, I guess, we better do that. Kitty friends are more important than boxes and little sisters who aren't here yet, anyway. So, sending lots of purrayers and good thoughts to a bunch of sweet kitties who need help. Check out the Cat Blogosphere for any updates on our kitty friends, and purr loud and hard for them. And check out Chatzy for purrayers, too.
We have lots of room here if you want to come over and purray together.


April 9, 2008

Short Update

No new box, no opened boxes, and mama has been having problems with her diabetes. I'm playing nursie.

We will update more, later.


April 7, 2008

Oh, Boy!

It started snowing this morning when mama left for work. It got really big. I mean the flakes. But, oh, boy, IT DIDN'T STICK!

Not sure what is in the boxes yet. The other one hasn't come though.

Why would they have to be opened all at once?


Hope tomorrow there will be some good sunbeams.


April 6, 2008

Sunday Foggy Sunday

The sun hasn't come out much today. And it's kinda foggy here (I notice that much more up here on the 16th floor), and rainy, too. Mama and I have snuggled a lot today, and I got some of her food, too. 'Course, I had a little tummy problem after. And no, she didn't have hammm!

Mama was out with one of her friends most of yesterday. She brought a couple of boxes in, but hasn't opened them. She just said they were only partly mine, and one more is coming. Wonder what that means?

Oh, and she got more batteries, so maybe she'll get some pictures out of her camera and on here, and maybe even take some more. That's a good thing and a bad thing. You get to see my prettiness, but I have to put up with the camera.

It's back to work for her tomorrow.

Gotta check in on everyone.


April 4, 2008

Hi, there!

Still in exile. But we are here! Other than a few sprinkles today, it was 55 degrees! Mama took a walk tonight and camed back with stuff to eat. Hammburger! She shared.

Oh, and she gotted her hair cut after work, so it's shorter for the warmer weather. It's supposed to rain this weekend, but maybe the windows will still be open for the fresh air!

More later this weekend.

love (and special kisses for my Sugar Pie)

April 2, 2008

Living in Exile

We can't access Blogger OR paypal from our regular server. I think it's gotta be the old computer we have. It did get a little banged up when we moved. Anyway, we are using Internet Explorer tonight. We can't sign in otherwise. Blaaagggh.

Mama is mailing off my check for Fraxie's new little sibling. Paypal hsn't worked for us for days, and, well, we haven't been able to comment on any blogs (if we emailed you, that is why) either.

Now, we can't even sign in to Blogger unless we use this server thing.

Now, the better, no, GREAT news:

Mama is no longer on probation for her jobbie. She is a regular employee. Yea!

It happened today at work.

Now, let's see if I can put a picture on here. My sweetie, Mr. Hendrix, gave me this cool award thing. He thinks I'm hip!

And I would like to pass it on to Beau (he's such a cool southern gentleman), KC (she is soo spunky), and Sanjee (everyone think's she is cool), and just because my sweetie did it (there's supposed to be only three) I will let Fraxie name one: Millie!

Wow. It worked. Hope everycat is doing okay. And my sweetie is NOT a sausage.



March 31, 2008


It has been snowing ALL day. You can't even see three blocks. Yucky. And mama had to go to work today. I was so happy to see her get home in that yucky stuff. And snuggle.

Spring??? Hey, guys, Easter is gone. It's almost April. We should have green grass and flowers and stuff.

Mama just said, hey it's Minnesota.

But mama, it was 52 degrees yesterday and we had the windows open!

Mama said, hey, it's Minnesota. It will change.

That's not an answer!!

Oh, and on the Squillion problem. We have been trying and trying to do our donation. Paypal keeps asking us to debug and won't let us finish putting in our information on mama's credit card. We let Beau know this weekend, and finally I was able to email Moki. But the paypal thing won't let us use it. We're offering to snail mail a check if we have to!

Fraxie (and mama and me) are getting frustrated, but we'll keep trying.

Stay tuned (and if you have any advice, help)


and make it stop snowing, somebody

March 29, 2008

Saturday News

So far, the couch has stayed put.
We heard we won a baby Squillion! Fraxie is sooo excited.
But we have had some problems with PayPal.
We can't wait for this to straighten out. Is is our computer?