January 31, 2007

No heat wave here

Well, maybe a little one. But the temps this weekend are going down a lot! We're talking really bad. So mama and me are staying cuddled up at home. At least I am. I hope she does this weekend.

We applied for two jobbies today. One is in the business mama was in for over 20 years. So she has a lot of experience. One is something new, an admissions coordinator at a local hospital. It is right next door to the bus stop she used when she went home from the school. Gee, in the last two days or so she has applied at two places around the same neighborhood as the old job.

Mama has to go downtown tomorrow and fight to get medical assistance again. Right now, she has none again, and she needs medications. We can't understand why someone can immigrate here and get housing, cars, clothing, food, insurance, and even jobs, and mama, who has been in this state for almost 30 years, can't get any help. Most of the very people she has to see tomorrow can't even speak our language very well. She has nothing against immigrants, her grandparents were. But they had to work hard for everything when they got here, and no one handed them anything. Mama has worked hard, but the immigrants get the assistance that she needs.

Oops, soap box again.

Mama is going to be gone most of the day tomorrow. But one of the nice things is she is going to give some of her blood again. They have been posting ads about being low at the local hospitals again. And even though we have no money to give away, she can still help others this way. The old place was on the street she used to work at. Remember, her old school bought that building, and the blood place moved across the river. But they do have a small location downtown, so she is going there since that's where she will be tomorrow anyway.

Stay warm,
love to my Sweetie,

January 30, 2007

Tuesday, and Brrr!

No phone calls today. And we are having a cold week in the twin cities! Mama found a jobbie to apply for today, but just one. *sigh*

With Stinky Goodness in the morning and snugglies with mama, I didn't have a bad day. But I think mama did. Even with my snugglies with her.

I think she has to go back to the doctor soon, and that is scarey cause her insurance is all screwed up again. And now we have no income, cause the unemployment is gone.

Yesterday one of the jobbies she applied for was with a place that deals with old beans, and it is a couple of blocks from where she worked, so she knows the area and everything. I think she would like to work where she can really help people, so it would be nice if they called her for an interview.

The place from Friday never called her back for an interview, and it was for a medical company, so she would have liked that, too.

I love the snugglies, but it would be okay here if mama wasn't here during the day. We have lots of blankies and stuff, and I could still snuggle at night with her if she had a jobbie. Then she would be happier and could stop worrying about stuff.

Love, headbumpies and, of course, a smooch for my Sugar Pie!


January 29, 2007


It is now said that the median income for Minneapolis is $140,909 annually. My mama has never even made $30,000. Which is why we do not live in a nice home, and why mama does not have a car, and when she did, she has never owned a new car. It is why my mama has not gone on a real vacation in many years. It is why we are mostly penniless right now. We went through everything the last time mama got laid off. The people who are making this income are the ones that are not hiring mama. And probably do not understand how someone would have to do without a car and doesn't have their own home and doesn't go on vacations. The people who do have all this stuff simply want more, so they don't pay their employees enough.

Well, off that soap box.

They also say that when you come to Minnesota, bring warm clothes. They got that right. Glad I have my furrs. Glad mama has warm socks for her cold feeties.

My sweetie and the Evil Cat came over to snuggle. They were both gentlemen. And my sweetie made a sign for me (*blush*) but nasty blogger would not let me comment on his blog.

Stay warm, everyone. We are off to catch up on other things.

Love to all,

January 28, 2007

Sweet Sunday, but Verrry Coldd!

When mama gotted up it was -1 with a windchill of -15. She putted my t-shirt on me last night, and made me wear it till early this morning, then, since I was out of both the sleeves, she took it off me. Well, it was a little warmer with it, but I'd rather not.

It is now 2 above.

Mama found a couple of jobbies today that she applied for. She also had hot cereal for brekkies and made tea instead of coffee. I think this is a tea day.

Back to our computer dilemma. We have a Windows ME, and the speakers are programmed in. Unlike at her old jobbie, where you could use the speaker on the flatscreen or just plug in a couple of speakers in one of the ports (forgot the name. USB?). She gotted a couple of speakers from somebean and plugged them in and they didn't work. And she tried them at her old jobbie and they worked fine. Does she have to unprogram the old ones? Not that she knows how.

Anyway, for news: mama will be adding It's All Good, bwog of the genius cat, Moi, moi, moi (Audrey), Icon Baxter Bentley, and Jeter Harris's blog today. Welcome to our linkies!

Anyone who wants to come over and snuggle today, feel free. We have lots of blankies and afghans! And mama is making chicken for lunch. And maybe stew for dinner. Don't like stew, but love that gravy!

love, headbumpies and snuggles,
and a smoochie for my sweetie, Sugar Pie,

p.s. Oh, now what! The cat blogosphere picture linkie is suddenly all screwed up. Somebody help? We added our linkies and DID NOT touch this part of our template. Help???

January 27, 2007

Second Post today! NOOS!

Wrote my first post early this morning, and have since added a ps and another ps, so now I am just going to do a new post. We are so excited. Smudge is soo happy with his grammy, and she loves him too. He is doing very well with her, medically, too.

We are so happy for him. His mama and daddy have been very worried and sad for him, and he leaves such a hole in their own family cause they have decided he is best with grammy, and they will only be able to visit. His daddy, in particular, is very sad without his Smudge. But sometimes there has to be sacrifices for loved ones.

So they went by a rescue place, and they found Baci. Not to replace Smudge. But just because when you are sad, opening up your heart and sharing with someone else is that much sweeter. So they will have a new little one in their home, but Smudge only in their hearts. Please welcome Baci. In Italian it means love and kisses.

That is how I came to mama's place. She was sad, and I needed a home, and now we are a family.

Love is such a thing to share! Please welcome Baci!


Where Have We Been

Thursday we were going to the prayer vigil. Mama fell asleep at the computer (!) and managed to pop in at the very end. She is so sorry. And that computer chair of hers, while it is pretty comfy for me, is not good for her to sleep in.

On Friday the temp to hire place that interviewed her for a job in their own office and then decided to hire someone else called her and said that they had a temp to hire placement. Would she be willing to put an objective on her resume that slanted towards this job? Of course! The bean looked up the bus information and everything for her. She emailed the information to him. She waited all afternoon for a phone interview from this special place.... Well, all I can say is, hope they call Monday. Otherwise, it's another dump in the trashcan. The decision to call is left totally up to the company looking for the employee.

Then we have been having serious problems with our on line server. As much as we tried yesterday, it wouldn't let us blog. Not blogger. Our on line company. It kept freezing on us, taking hours more to jobbie hunt and mama just gave up. She did manage to update her cover letter on one site. But after several manual reboots, the computer was not fun anymore.

We know we have an old computer. We can't do any fancy upgrading of modems and the like. We have only lowly dialup. We can't use the newest version of the service cause it would blow our computer (tried the last version, and it did! We had to have lots of help after that, and we are not under warranty now). I think they are trying to make us upgrade, freezing after we try to leave every page, and freezing just because.

So that's the problem. Have not read anybody's blog in a couple of days because of it.

Maybe it's library time for mama or something. But the main library only allows 20 minutes on the computer. That is not enough to job hunt much less keep up with my friends.

A dilemma (as in an old Gilbert and Sullivan song, " a nice dilemma we have here that calls for all our wit") .

I am gonna read up on the "noos" if our stupid internet provider lets me. Finally. And if blogger behaves.

Love, headbumpies, purrs to everyone,
and especially to my sweetie, cause I have been missing him and thinking sweet thoughts to him,

p.s. We caught up on effurry blog! Wow! Mama will update stuff maybe later, but we did want to say hooray for Dolce's Story Chair once again!

p.p.s. When we gotted this computer it was lots of years ago. We have a ME I think, ME 98? 2000? We gotted it in 2001. We gotted it with monies mama's old company gave her (before the school). When she tolded the tech at her school about it, he patted her shoulder and said, "it's okay. You can always buy a new one." That is why my dream for my mama is a nice computer with a flat screen. She used to blog at lunchtime at her old jobbie cause she had high speed internet there, and a nice flat screen monitor with speakers in it, and a much smaller hard drive. The only think we really like is the mouse on this computer. It doesn't need a mouse pad, and it lights up red when you use it, and we think that's cool. Our speakers blew, and mama doesn't want to program the whole computer just for speakers, when the computer isn't worth it anyway, and she does not want to go through the horrors of reprogramming.

January 25, 2007

Dear Meowers, in response to your last comment,

Once upon a time mama called for computer help to a toll free number that came with her computer. It was still under warranty. The lady, who gave her an American name, was in a call center in India. Mama had some problems understanding her, but she followed her instructions, albeit (that's a word, mama?) hesitantly, and asking for a lot of repeats, and I don't understand, could you please simplifys. When mama's computer was totally dead and mama was even more upset than when she first called in, the lady hung up.

The company that mama worked for before the school sent their customer service calls to India. People were told to pick an American sounding name, and tell people, if asked, they were from the east coast call center (USA calls went into the switchboard there and were transferred to India, so technically they could say that). Genevieve, Oscar, what ever name they used, was not really their own. Just a "customer friendly" one.

Oh, the ending of our computer problems? Mama called back, and this time got someone in Georgia, with a good old Georgian accent, who basically walked mama through putting her computer together again. And, although it didn't probably make any difference, mama reported her first rep. She really got lucky getting the second one to help her out.

Even on line tech help will use generic names. I guess that way, if they do something wrong, they can't be traced. I think that is the real reason. And "Joe" may be used by many people.

Today mama tried ordering food on line again, and she knows she did not screw it up as much as they screwed it up for her....

Well, as my mama says, off the soap box.

love, headbumpies, purrs and scritchies,

January 24, 2007


Mama called a company today to speak to a certain person there. When she called, the
receptionist on the phone spoke so fast that a) she couldn't even figure out if she called the right place and had to ask the person to please slow down, several times, b) was told the office was really busy, c) was told the person she asked to speak with was busy, d) was not put through to voice mail, e) was asked her name and phone number and then told the receptionist would email the person, f) was not told approximately how many minutes/hours/days/years it would take to get a reply when she asked. I don't know is not appropriate. He is busy for the rest of the day, or he is out sick, or he is on vacation till... is. Speaking as if you are on drugs is not appropriate. You obviously do not have a foreign accent of any kind, and you sound like you are 12 on helium and speed. Also, mama can email, too.

And beans will hire people like this and not my mama?????

My mama knows this person's email and emailed him herself. She did NOT mention the idiot receptionist. Maybe she should. If he ever gets back to her. (And they hired him???)

Love, headbumpies, and purrs,
and a snuggly kiss for my sweetie,

January 23, 2007

'Allo, 'allo?

Well, we didn't apply for anything today. Nothing out there that mama was qualified for. A lot of them sound perfect, and then at the end throw in something really stupid that mama can't do. Must be able to lift 70 pounds? Must have knowledge of Mac? Must have car so you can run errands (what, so that they don't have to waste THEIR gas and their time picking up their drycleaning or taking their grandma to the airport???). Or else they say no benefits at the end, or that they are in a faraway suburb, or prospect must know the &*$#@ program, or you have to have a cell phone and be able to travel at a moment's notice (not with me. You can't shuffle me off to just anyone, and just who is going to pay the spa/kennel/sitter??).

This is getting ridiculous. Nasty beans!

Oh, yes. Mama sent a nice thank you to a place that interviewed her several months ago and turned her down, and when mama applied again, they sent her a nice letter saying they weren't going to interview her for the new different job. She complimented them on being so nice. She sent it off early this morning. She got a reply this afternoon. An automated one saying that person was out of the office due to an ill child and out all afternoon. Hmmm. Being older, employees never have to worry about that with mama. I have not been the vet kind of sick (knock on wood, mama says) for many years.

She also sent a couple of places she applied a nice how's it going. One (the nicer one) responded and said they would be setting up interviews next week.

*kitty sigh* She tries.

Love, headbumpies, purrs and of course,
a sweet 'allo to my sweet and wonderful Sugar Pie,

January 22, 2007

Monday, Monday

Nice quiet day. Unfortunately for mama. But anyway, a few snowflakes, a lot of nappies, life is pretty okay for a nice kitty like me. We jobbie hunted. And I nappied through mama's lunch, so I have a feeling she had hamm or turkey or both and ate it all herself. Oh, well, plenty of kitty food for me.

That's it for today. Not a whole lot happening. Mama thought she would go downtown to do some stuff, but decided to be by the home phone in case anyone called for an interview.
Gee, I may even get to read some blogs!

Oh, and before I forget, mama so appreciated the money from the auction, so thank you all that contributed. She has been constantly amazed at the assistance we have been blessed with these last few months, even though we never asked for any. I told her kitties always try to take care of their own.

Take care, efurryone.

Headbumpies, purrs, lots of love, especially to my sweetie, Sugar Pie,

January 21, 2007

Sunday Evening

Whew. We job hunted today, and then spent time updating some of our links and rearranging them. Some (not all) of the bloggies that are not updated really frequently (like MONTHS), or the kitties have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, or decided not to blog have been moved to the new cat-agory Infrequent or Retired list. Others, who should have been on our list for forever, have been added to our regular list. And we are still not done, by any means.

We haven't been reading many blogs today, because of this, but we have been watching the Meowers in Missouri, and the good news is Nels is much better, and the Meowers have finally got the power back on at their place. I have been doing a lot of kitty dances today.

I spent Saturday with my blankie at the Calico Girls, in front of their warm fire. Thank you my sweet friends for the shared warmth. Mama wented out with a friend and made a new friend, a bookstore owner who has a kitty as part of her sign! She loves kitties, but is terrible allergic.

That's it. I hope I will catch up tomorrow with you all.

Love, headbumpies, purrs and purrayers,
and a smooch for my special Sugar Pie,

January 20, 2007

I have a title

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Eminence the Very Viscountess Brandi the Indefensible of Bismorton Shropcake
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

of course, my Sugar Pie already has a title:

Emperor Jimi Hendrix the Omnipresent of Withering Glance

January 19, 2007

Skeezix is Wonderful!

Some of you reading our bloggie the last couple of days have probably wondered why our sidebar dissappeared. It didn't. You had to scroll and scroll and scroll down for it. Mama tried to fix it, but she didn't know how. Everything she tried didn't work. So, she asked Skeezix's Cat Blog Help Center for help. And Skeezix's solution was not only easy, and simple to correct, his answer was as entertaining and funny as Skeezix is known to be. Wow. So if you have problems, dear bloggers, this is truly where to go. Answers are posted so that others can read up, too. And if you are not that "techy", don't dispair. Skeezix and his crew at the Help Center will not talk techobabble like blogger will. Or at least they will explain so that you can understand.

Thank you Skeezix!

And now on to other stuff. We applied again at a place for a jobbie. New jobbie. They never got back to us before exept for that "we received your information and will keep you on file if something comes up we think you would be right for" thing. But they never have. No one else called today, but we keep applying. We only apply for jobbies that mama knows she can do and that are accessed by bus. She says it is a waste of time to apply at places that require software she has never heard of or knows anything about, or requires something else, like a technical skill she has no experience or doesn't have the master level skill required. When she does apply to these places, and admits her skill level in something, sometimes they don't even get back to her, so sometimes even honesty does not work, and does not get interviews, but other times when she stresses that she would be willing to learn, it works. . Anyway, she is trying. She had no idea about a couple of the systems at her old place, but they accepted that, wanted her for her other skills and she actually got hired. And the systems? She became one of the "go to" beans for them.

So, anyway, we gotted up really early this morning and read half the blogs. Blogger and Google would not let us read anything after we posted yesterday. And now we read the others. Whew. There are a lot of us, huh? So we are caught up, sort of. Except the first half of our blog friends have probably updated for Friday.... Some days we can't win.

See you this weekend. Mama still has to update some linkies, like ones that have changed and stuff.

love, headbumpies and purrs,
and a special smooch for you know who,

January 18, 2007

Thursday Update

Peeking in again. The litterbox room (bean and feline) smells different. Mama used a new detergent which advertises nice smells, and since some of the laundry hung in there for a while, drying more thoroughly (like mama's warmer winter dresses), the nice smell lingers. Even I like it.

Only one jobbie to apply for today, but it sounds interesting for mama. Lots of bussing, but doable. No one called for an interview yet on any of the others.

Haven't been able to read a lot of blogs the last couple of days. That's the way it goes.

The foodie delivery was wonderful. Now mama can get litter and crunchies delivered! What, mama? Oh, yeah. And heavy stuff like milk and juice and canned goods. Stinky Goodness, too? Yup. They come right to the door, too. Really nice when it's icky out.

Here's a funny: Mama is a diabetic, and sometimes she gets something called Glucerna. They have a liquid food replacement specifically for diabetics. It comes in handy when she is in a hurry, like going for appointments, or really doesn't feel like stopping something she's doing to cook. Anyway, the kind she likes is called Chocolate Goodness. Isn't that funny?

Oh, and what mama reads? Just about everything. She just finished Catch as Cat Can, a murder mystery solved by, who else, felines. She was an english major, so she really likes books of all sorts.

Basking in the warmth, today. Over 20 degrees all day!

Thank you all of you who are thinking of us, and trying to help.

Gotta go.

Love and purrs, headbumpies and sweet thoughts,
and a special smooch for my hero, Sugar Pie,

January 17, 2007

Just a note

Mama wanted me to let you know that she ordered groceries to be delivered early this evening, so she might not let me blog tonight. It was -1 when we wented to bed, but we were really warm and toasty with the blankies and everything. This is a new service with her grocery store, Lunds, and they even allow gift cards to be used on line, which is nice, cause we get them once in a while. So if we have time after they deliver, mama will get on line. Otherwise, all we will be doing on line today is jobbie hunting. I haven't been able to catch up on reading bloggers, but we don't do stuff during the day on line, cause we have dial up, and we want the phone free for beans to call, and applying for jobbies takes some time at night, and we have to have the phone free for the delivery tonight. Now mama will have juice and milk (and more hamm).

Hey, it is just after 8 am and already 9 degrees!

Hope to see you later!


p.s. later today:
The foodies came. There was a couple of screw ups (mama's) but they gave her some free baked beans from the deli (she says these are really good) and called her about a couple of things. One of the soups she ordered was on sale, and out of stock, so they gave her something else at the same price. She only got one yogurt, but she was only charged for the one. Everything was delivered to our front door. Not bad for her first time ordering stuff on line. If you are around a Lunds/Byerlys,they are pretty cool. They even have my favorite crunchies, Alley Cat. It's even fun looking at the website (mama says it makes you hungry). The online site has gift certificates, catering info (they catered at an event at her old jobbie, and she said it was very nice), they have recipes, free email newsletters, and they do NOT advertise outside the store. Some people think they are expensive. But the in store sales are pretty good (like, buy one milk, get one free sometimes, and the soup was on sale almost half price today). And I got to be with mama. Well, this afternoon she did do an awful lot of laundry.... See you later! Oh, and it made it up to 22 degrees today!

January 16, 2007


Mama, let's not look at the WeatherBug anymore today! I just saw it go down to 1 degree. Aaakkkk!

Now, when mama sits at the computer, she has a knitted afghan and a flannel afghan wrapped around her legs. Poor mama with out furrs.... I have been snuggling on fleece or on mama all day. Where our computer is is very cold.

She maded a hamm sammich for lunch which she shared. The sun was out this afternoon, at least, but I don't think it did a whole lot of warming. I'd rather stay on (or in) my fleece stuff.

No calls from anyone today. Mama read a lot (thanks, Sue, it keeps her sitting and me on her lap!).

Some of her laundry she did way early is still not dry. Hisssss. Tomorrow, if it's this cold, she will do more laundry, but will drink more coffee, she says. Even if her laundry doesn't dry, she will be warm. Now, remember not to drink any of the caffeinated stuff in the afternoon, mama, or you will not sleep at night. She was good today, and only drank the international coffees with no caffeine and sugar free.

She says it is almost worth the grocery store delivering for an extra fee just to stay out of the cold. What do you guys think? It is only a couple dollars more than cab fare, and you can just order on line.... Let us know what you think. We don't have a lot of money, but willing to try it. More snuggle time!!!

Today she was thinking wouldn't it be nice if somebody started a breakfast delivery? Now that is just plain lazy, I think.... She's thinking omlets and hashbrowns and juice delivered to your door. I think it's just cause we are out of orange juice and milk. Mama, we still have tomato juice! And stuff for breakfast! And we never have hashbrowns at home, anyway.

I am going to catch up on a few blogs if blogger lets me.

Warm thoughts from a cold Minnesnowta,


January 15, 2007

Peeking in

Just a short time to do this. Mama spent a lot of time applying on line at a jobbie this evening. It is a major business that is very close to home (a long walk in good weather, a short bus ride in not so good weather), and she did her very best. The thing was nine pages long, all the questions they asked! And Brandi emailed her (!) and said she was looking over her information, and if we didn't hear back by the 23rd, we are out of the running for that jobbie. That's all the information.

Right now it is 6 degrees, and the fleece is out!

Mama has to make dinner now.

Purrs to everyone, kissies to my hero, Sugar Pie,


January 14, 2007

Sunday News with IMPORTANT P.S!

Mama found two jobbies today. One, downtown, had an email address to apply to with the name Brandi in it. Of course she had to apply! The other was near that bad area, but still okay (same bus, but a nicer area waaaay before you get to the bad area, close to where she used to take her car, when we had one, to get fixed, and where she got gas, and close to where some friends used to live before they moved out of state, so it really is a nicer area). There is a nice bus shelter there, and everything. And the busses run purrty frequently.

We are once again losing medical insurance, as well as unemployment monies, so we are really scared. My mama, as some of you know, has several medications she needs to survive, as she is a diabetic. This is way too much for us to handle. But we are really trying!

It is now 12 degrees. And snow is supposed to be coming. Now, I have my nice new fleece lounger, and a fleece throw (one of mama's former bosses was owned by a sweet ginger cat, and the boss and the cat insisted every cat needed their own fleecey blankie, so they gave me one several years ago which I use as a nice nappie place), and mama snuggles under her own fleece throw. When she does this, and I come snuggle on her, she puts my new little quilt over me, the one I got for Chrissymouse, and I am really a warm toasty kitty! And of course, in my little new fleece lounger, I also have a blankie that my sweetie's mommy made for me. Mama says I must be warmer than she is. Course, I have furs and she doesn't. That's why she has bunches of blankies and ME.

Last night, really late, I heard a kitty crying outside, and I was really sad. But it was only for a minute, so maybe it was crying to get let in and was. I hope so. Brrr!

I need to mention something: Skeezix is amazing! He now has a new blog you can go to for blogging help. I HAVE to link to it, so I am making mama update linkies again right after I finish this. This is such a wonderful idea for those starting out and for those of us who are here but somewhat techno challenged! Wow! What a purrfect public service!!!

Hope this week is magical and mama gets hired. Hope helps!

Love, headbumpies, purrs, purrayers, and smoochies to my Sugar Pie!

P.S. Mama did the linkies for the new help center for bloggers AND two new blogs, the Cats Stephens and CatSpeak. Check them OUT. AND, AND, if you click on the Cat Blogosphere picture, it goes to the new site!!!

January 13, 2007

Weekend Update

My mama has been furry furry sad with leaky eyes a lot the last couple of days, so we have not been blogging. She now is furry scared about not having a jobbie. Messing up that last interview was probably a good thing, cause it is in a bad bad place in the twin cities, with lots of shootings and stuff. I am glad she gotted out of there safe! But she is upset that she messed up, and also upset that she even decided to apply there, cause it is so scarey. She said she met three tabby cats on a front porch, and they even looked mean!

The place she applied a day before that was a placement place. She applied to work there, but if they don't place her there in the office, she asked for direct hire to one of their clients. And what she is asking for minimum pay is somewhere in the middle of what is being offered in the twin cities, which is what she got working at the school.

So, * crossing paws and looking up at the heavens* please Dear God,
My mama is so scared and sad, please give her a jobbie as soon as you can! It is getting very upsetting for me to do my jobbie of taking care of her, and I don't know what more I can do. And, God, please make it warmer if you can. It was 12 degrees today, but that is COLD! Yesterday it was 4! Brrrrr!
Thank you for all the nice friends on the cat blogs, too. They have been trying to help! Please bless them all.
And thank you for my warm blankies and mama to curl up on. Some kitties in the twin cities are probably furry furry cold! Please watch out for all of them.


Oh, by the way, this evening mama updated some linkies (A LOT), so don't forget to check them out. Ten new ones that we have been promising to do: Mao's Mews, Forty Paws (a new bloggie about 10 cats in the same house!), Feline Fine (Princess Pearl), Prince Muddy Paws' new bloggie (cause his other one broke), the Adventures of the M's, the Adventures of Sugar, Willow's Cat Blog, Kattonic Cats(been working on mama for ages for this one), Faz the Cat (been on the list for a while, too), and the new Cat Blogosphere (cause of all the problems with the old one they moved). Whew!

Now she has to do the linkie for the picture of the Cat Blogosphere. Help!! I'm hiding.

Love, purrs headbumpies, and a special kiss for that special dashing reporter,

January 11, 2007

Upsetting Stuff

Mama gotted the address wrong today, when she wented to her interview. She has no cell phone, and didn't have the number, anyway, and the bus let her off in an AWFUL neighborhood. She walked around for a while, but it was very scarey, so she stood by another bus stop and went back to downtown. When she gotted back home, she called them and lefted a message for them, but she doesn't think they will call her back to reschedule. She has been crying ever since, and I can't stop her.

So, thanks efurry one for your prayers and stuff. She really is in bad shape right now, so we are going to go job hunt and that's it for the evening.

I wish I could help more than I am.

Love, everyone, I gots to go,

January 10, 2007

Wednesday update

Mama wented to her interview. She didn't like the place too much. It was kinda confusing what they told her and asked her to do. She actually called them back for clarification on a couple things. So we are not really hoping for anything from them. Mama did say one nice thing about them. She said they told her that her money expectations were a little low. Although that was very nice to hear, she always states the minimum she would take, cause she really wants a job. After all, if the only reason she didn't get hired somewhere was the difference of a dollar an hour or something, that would be horrible.

Anyway, the next place tomorrow is a couple of bus rides away, and doesn't pay like that job does, but it has benefits and it is a non-profit, and they help people. Mama may like that better.

So, we are going to try to do some stuff on here, but mama still has stuff to do for tomorrow, so we might not do a lot of catching up.

Busy busy.

Love, purrs, headbumpies, and a sweet hi to my Sugar Pie,

P.S. Please pray, send healing thoughts, purr for Yuki at Kazoku Neko!

January 9, 2007

Tuesday Peeking in

Just a note: We are getting ready for tomorrow's interview. Spent some time filling out an application on line so she doesn't have to do that tomorrow. Now we are going to make dinner and figure out what mama's gonna wear. It is colder again, here, so blankies are out in number! And snugglies are important. I will miss my mama tomorrow, but it is for a good cause---INCOME!

Thank you for your purrayers and good thoughts. We are in need of them!

Okay, mama, finish making dinner and let's snuggle again! They are saying really cold by this weekend.

Love, purrrrss, headbumpies, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie,

January 8, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well, in two weeks, when mama reports to unemployment, she will only get a check for one week. There are no extensions available. No money left. Can you say we are very very scared? We do have two interviews this week (at last) but mama is not very hopeful anymore. Not at the school, either. They never called. One of the places she just applied to last week said they already hired someone....

Well, wish her luck on Wednesday morning and on Thursday afternoon. We are getting desperate here.

Other than that, the chickies for dinner last night was good stuff. I did have a little of it. Nappied a lot today on mama. She asked me why I had a plastic bag in my lounger today. Well, why not??

Love, purrs, headbumpies, and, as always, sweet thoughts for my Sugar Pie,

January 7, 2007

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Kind of a nappie day. Snuggled on mama a lot. She has been working on jobbie hunting, but out of maybe 800 listings total on all the places she looked today, one jobbie to apply for. Gee. Well, to be honest, on one she looked at 593 jobs, and that was there entire listing for everything clerical (management, office, support), so she had applied for several others before at that site. But still. Only one jobbie!

Unemployment, such as it is, runs out this month. So it's sort of do or die. And very very scary. Mama does not know what is going to happen. We have paid as many bills as we can.

Well, we are probably not going to update our stuff on here today. Mama wants to make dinner and promised that I could read some of the bloggies. She puts stuff off, doesn't she? Oh, well. There's always this week.... And jobbie hunting and dinner is important. ( I hear it's a chickie night, too)

Love to efurryone, headbumpies and purrs, and a sweet hello for my hansome boyfriendcat, the dashing reporter, Sugar Pie, Mr. Hendrix!


January 6, 2007

Saturday News

It was warm today. The sun was out. Lots of sunbeams for nappies. Yeahhhhhh! Mr. Squirrel was really happy about all the melted snow. But I hear maybe there is snow coming. Maybe.

Mama gotted together with one of her friends for a while today. Don't know how she did it, cause she did NOT sleep well last night. Bet she sleeps tonight! She didn't bring me back anything, though.

Only one jobbie today for her. And that was it. Gonna try to read up again on bloggies and I gotta make mama update stuff. The Cat Blogosphere has moved. Prince Muddy Paws has a new site, other stuff needs to be added, but I bet she will get that done tomorrow, knowing her.

Last night we didn't get much catching up cause blogger wouldn't let us. And our server was acting up, too. Yucky.

Hopefully I will catch up tonight, or maybe tomorrow. Dinner hasn't happened here yet, so I forgive mama if we don't really catch up tonight.

Love, purrrrrs, headbumpies, and a special hi to my brave and wonderful Sugar Pie,

January 5, 2007

Friday, What happened to Thursday?

Okay, we appologize for not being here yesterday, but my mama found a bunch of jobbies to apply for, and she hogged the puter. So the reason we weren't here was mama was making sure everything was perfect when she applied. She even applied for a place that has woofie puppies in the office! Hmm. I'd tolerate that if it meant she was working again.

So, here we are. This time mama is letting me post before she jobbie searches. But I have to make it short, just in case, and maybe I can come back and add to this.

I didn't get to share lunch, so I hope we have something decent for dinner. (Aren't I spoiled??).

I get to check on bloggies I missed yesterday AFTER we jobbie search.

Okay, Okay. Let's go so I can get back here!

Love, purrs, headbumpies, and sweet thoughts for my dashing Sugar Pie!

January 3, 2007

Wednesday News

No news is Wednesday News. Mama and I snuggled a lot. That was it. Mama finished a book and I just nappied and ate and stuff. And the sun was out, so it was sunbeam time! Mr. Squirrel was out, too, catching up on the news around here. He doesn't like the ice on the parking lot too well, or on the front sidewalks, but he says it's better than it will be the rest of the winter.

The campus where mama worked is a small one. Everyone knows everyone else. So the bean that collects the resumes and stuff is someone she knows and likes, and everone else knows her too. If that is a good thing or a bad thing, she doesn't know. She knows that a lot of beans and student beans there liked her, though.

She applied at another place today. *sigh*

Hope efurryone is doing okay.

Love, headbumpies, purrs, and a sweet nosekiss for my sweet Sugar Pie,

January 2, 2007

New Year, No Work

At least we had sunshine today, which was verrry nice. But Mama tried and tried to apply for a job at their own career website, cause it was advertised on the monster site she's on, but every time she tried she couldn't get the jobbie website to admit there was a job. I don't understand this, but I think it works sometimes like blogger. Which means it doesn't work.

She is also praying very hard for one of the jobbies at her old jobbie. They are not in the same department, but they are on the same campus, and she really misses working there. Just not her old jobbie. Does this make sense? I mean she misses the beans who worked there and the student beans she used to help, but maybe not her old jobbie and department, cause she can't go back there. And I mean she's really praying! A Lot!

Anyway, she was nice to sleep on today. And even put the nice quilty blanket I got for Chrissymouse from Texas over me. And I got part of a turkey sammich for lunch.

Love, headbumpies and purrs, and a special hi to my sweet protector and Sugar Pie,


January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!
best wishes for the new year from
brandi and Carol