January 30, 2012

Something is Coming

Mommy, can I tell? Can I? Can I?
No, you may not.
But it's this week. I can tell that, can't I?
There is a celebration coming this week!
That's perfect. And enough. It will happen in two  entries on your blog. On Thursday.
Thanks. oh, Mom.
I worked a lonng time for this.
You need a nap. Get ready for your celebration.
And efurryone can come!
Shush! Next time. You can give more information later.
Watch our next entry! ~brandi

January 26, 2012

An Award

Several days ago I gotted an award from Lars and Odin from Bengel Business. It means sweet in Dutch. I'm supposed to give it to three other deserving blogs, and I better do that before the word that better describes me is lazy.
So I was  having difficulty picking 3 out of all the blogs out there that are sweet. But they also said it could be humans, too.  Somehow that made it easier. I'm sending this award to:
Ann from Zoolatry
for all the wonderful things she does for all of us
Alfie and Milo from the Cat's Meow
Alfie for all his gardening sweetness, and
Milo for putting up with his little brother
And Sassy from Troublin' Times
for  living with Callie
and Callie for just being cute
the sweet lady cat,


January 22, 2012

Sunday Easy

Okay. You've all convinced me.  The best thing to do on a dark snowy winter day is NAP.  So, I've read some blogs, and it's time to turn off the camera so I can get some zzzzzzzz.
Now, mom!
Hope you all have a safe, warm, nappy Sunday!

January 21, 2012

Now it's Cold and Sunny

Yeah, now it's still below zero, but at least the sun is trying to warm us.
Still naptime.

January 20, 2012

Cold AND Snowing???

Thanks, mom! ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

January 19, 2012

No Heat Wave Here

Mommy, it's 11 below zero out!
I don't want to come out til it warms up!
Don't forget to watch out for your furry ones, out there!
Everybody keep warm!

And we have a lot of other stuff:

I think we're caught up now. If not, let us know!
These get longer and longer, and except for Robyn's thankyou, harder and harder.
Forgive us.  Linkies are too tuff today.
Okay, we double posted.  Told you it was tuff today.

No Heat Wave Here

Mommy, it's 11 below zero out!
I don't want to come out til it warms up!
Don't forget to watch out for your furry ones, out there!
Everybody keep warm!

January 15, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Wow, yesterday it was SNOWING! Not a lot, but it looks like winter out.  Finally.  This morning, however, it is bright sunshiny.  Cold, but bright sunshiny. 
Mama teased me all afternoon yesterday with all the neat smells coming from the kitchen.  It wasn't fair! All afternoon the crock pot was making good stuff. It was her sausage (!) casserole. NOM!
Today it's just me and my blankies and my Denties. And leftovers.
Have a sweet Sunday, all.

January 14, 2012

Saturday Sublime

Mama has been very nice to me today.  So what that I only bugged her elebenty eleben times to get up this morning.  So what that it was early? It's my bed.  And it's cold outside, so I need my comfy blankie as well.
Aaahh. Saturday Sublime!
I rule.

January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

Mommy always says Friday the 13th is her lucky day, cause she was born on a Thursday evening on the 12th of a month, so part of her first day was a Friday the 13th and that has to be lucky.
Last night's movie was 2012, a disaster film about the end of the world.
The end of the world?
Mommy, it IS 2012.
Why is the bed shaking????

Very funny.
I'm not laughing!

love to efurryone,
(except mom)

January 11, 2012


We used to order out.   Jimmy John's (freaky good turkey and hamm--mama liked their chocolate chip cookies), meatball sammiches from Sarpinos, hamm pizzas from lots of places, pasta (with incredible sauces). *sigh*
We can't afford it any more.  So this is as close as I can get. An Old Picture of After Hamm Pizza Heaven:
If you dream it, it will come?
Frozen is just not the same.
and this is for Milo and Alfie's papa:

January 10, 2012

Tuxie Tuesday

Tuxie Tuesday.  I don't think we've done one of those.  Anyway, this is me hanging 3 (feet):
Mama thinks it's cute when some of me hangs over the edge of the daybed.  I think it's just comfy.
She'll probably try for more of my hanging poses.  Darn!
Tonight is meeting night.  So I will have peace for a little while.  So I will miss my mommy dearly.
Thank Huffle's fambly for giving me the Liebster blog award. We've been twice blessed!

January 8, 2012

Easy like Sunday Morning

There she is again with that stupid camera.
Darn! Denties! I can be bribed!

I'm so ashamed.
Maybe a nap will help.
Take it easy like Sunday, all.

January 7, 2012

Oh, no! Pictures!

Mama did you fix the camera?


I'm doomed.


January 6, 2012

Important Delays.

We're certainly not starting the new year off right.  Mama has to let me blog more!  Well, at least she lets me read some of the blogs.   That's something.
Oh, I know.  She's been busy.  Yea, yea.  Doctor's check ups and all. But the movie last night was cancelled.  So what did she do??  Research!
No, I'm not kidding.  Research.  On if there is any help for her to cut down the expense of her insulin copays. She has spend many hours on the phone now and on the puter.  And guess what? There's nothing out there.  If you are on Medicare they kinda laugh at you and ask you if you can cut back on something else to help pay for your prescription.  Like ME??? Like foodies???
Well, now you know why we always help Parker out with the "Stop Diabetes" sign on our sidebar.
Anybody know anyone rich who can help start a foundation for people like mama???
Really.  The only help you can get is if you don't have insurance at all.  And if that is your problem, hey, there's lots of help!!
Wonder if our Senator would help us get backers for a foundation.  Hmmmm.
Darn.  I gave mama an idea. Another delay.
At least let me blog for a while, please, mama??

January 1, 2012


Happy New Year To the rest of you!
This is sorta what it looked like outside last night, but is actually a rural Minnesota picture, one of my mama's favorite.  Yes, it snowed and our neighbors didn't do fireboomers.  In fact, my mama fell asleep before midnight!
I, on the other paw, had a lovely time with my sweetie. Did you kittens stay away from the niptinis??
I hope efurryone has a safe and happy and healthy new year. My wish for this year is that many more find furrever homes.
Thank you all for reading my bloggie and making lovely comments throughout last year.  I hope you continue to do so.
I will continue as long as my health is good.  At my old age, I can't promise any more than that!
Here's another picture, from our past. It's our old neighborhood:
Remember? We lived two buildings to the left of that tall one in the background. Mama does sort of miss the little lake.  I just miss Mr. Squirrel.
Nuff reminissssing.  On to the noms and the nappies!!