February 27, 2013

Morning Conversation at our Place

My mommy was really mean to me! She left me all alone most of the afternoon and evening yesterday! And I didn't have any thing to drink and my kibble bowl was empty and I thought I was going to starve to death and
Now you know that's not true, silly! You had water AND kibbles and I even left a light on for you.
Okay.  Okay. But you were gone a long time.
I had a late doctor's appointment and I went back to my old neighborhood for dinner. And you don't like human food, remember?
But you left me all alone for hours and hours and hours!
And you got rubbies and kisses when I got back, right?
Well... don't do it again, okay?
Rubbies and kisses?
No! I need those.  I mean don't leave me again!
Can't promise that, sweetie. But I certainly can promise more rubbies and kisses.
Well, okay. I guess. Can I have a cuddle now?
You certainly may!
Hey, all, see ya! Done blogging! Now about that cuddle....

February 24, 2013

Not Funny!

I was hungry this morning.  And this is what my Mommy did:
Now she knows I can't open my Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul can!

Honestly mom, I'm really hungry! Open it, already!

She doesn't get it!

Just clean my bowl and fill it already!
Ha! By the time she was ready to take my picture of me eating -finally- my beautiful food, I'd already finished, so sorry, you don't get to see a picture of that.  And who wants to see a picture of an empty -burp- bowl. You got the before picture! Imagine it empty once again!
I'm going back to bed!
ps. Mommy said to say "xcuse me" for the burp. So consider it done.
And we will not show the entire can label, cause we asked them if they would send us some (they thought we were a rescue place and said no) and they declined to let us have any pictures to link to them with. We love their food anyway, even if .... oh, biggie-fy it anyway!
Then check out our lovely Angel Kitties in our sidebar. Gracie from the Squillion shelter finished sending them today. Suki was our first (black and gray tabby, so she is pink), Sasha was our second (all black, starting a trend?) and then our sweet grey and white Angel brandi  We love ALL our Squillions!

February 22, 2013

Ladies, Ladies!

It's snowing again! Snow Snow Snow! It's WHITE outside my windows!
We have had a busy week, and  Mommy has been bad at letting me have my blog. But that's not what I wanted to blog about. Do you know what she did for me last night??? She let me watch this silly move about "A Talking Cat!?! ". Now, we all know cats talk.  This one spoke human. Silly sweet story entwining two families, lots of California scenery, but ladies, the cat who played Duffy was IT. He had to put up with the silly human story, but oooh la la! He was gorgeous!!!!

I think I love this movie star cat! I dreamed about him all night! I'm going to dream about him all day!
Mommy did fairly well with the picture today. The snow made it so white in here my furs make me look like Angel Brandi. Only it's me! Xcuse me, my dreams are calling!

ps. We just adopted two Angel VSquillions!

February 15, 2013

Update on Mommy's Photography

Better picture. BETTER COLOR. Not close enough!! Keep trying, Mommy.

February 14, 2013


Nothing like wearing your heart all the time!


February 10, 2013

Here it Comes!

Mommy thought you would like NEW pictures of snow outside our windows.  These are from this morning, you see, and we have a Winter Snow Warning. We are supposed to get a lot of snow like in the northeast.
 The first one, above, shows you more of our window sill outside and the parking lot down below.
 This one shows you more of our neighborhood, and the streets and houses.
And the one above shows you what I plan on for Easy Sunday.

We had somebody knock on our door early this morning.  Mommy was up.  First she thought it was someone at our neighbor's door (he has lots of friends in the building and also lots of grandchildren). Then she realized it was our door.  She peeked through the spyhole, opened the door with the chain on and said for the person to go away, she didn't know them. Actually she used the h word after go the and before away. No, mommy isn't normally rude.  We have had problems in the building with strangers knocking on doors and asking for matches or cigarettes or "companionship". A few weeks ago we were woken up in the middle of the night with somebody knocking at our door! These people have snuck in the building, usually with people being officially let in or using their keys. Our volunteer security doesn't last all night every night. That was one of the alerts at the last council meeting.  Chain your doors!
That, I hope, is the excitement of the day.  Other than the snow. We're hearing a lot of sirens today, so we don't know if it is accidents or emergencies or both.
By the way, Chip In is ending next month on March 8, so if you want to use it to donate to anyone using it (including us, please) please act accordingly. After it ends we will be using PayPal directly for donations.We still need monies for medical expenses.
Mommy took a couple of other pictures of me this morning, but they didn't turn out. Ha, Ha!
Stay safe and warm, all,
 ps. We just looked out the window and it's snowing harder.  Khyra, can you come play?

February 6, 2013

Wednesday Wordy

Okay, this is the picture:

Well, it really looks sort of like this:
That's right. Snowing again!

Mommy wented to her meeting last night and resigned from Movie Night. After almost two and a half years, and paying for movie rentals herself (even when she couldn't afford medicines!) she said enough. So I get her on Thursday evenings! And she gets to buy me more Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul.
Now, we are not re-embursed for plugging this food.  Wish we were. It would help mommy out.  Anyone know how?  I just love it. Really, you gotta try it sometime.  I don't like treats, and this is the highlight of my mornings! The canned adult food is NOMS!
It is so snowy out I am going to hide in my diet Pepsi box and snooze.
So, have a sweet Wednesday, everyone!

February 4, 2013

Monday update.

You wouldn't believe this but Mommy had me on nursie duty AGAIN. She was sickie this weekend, so while I missed the PuppyBowl (and I really wanted to see the half-time show adorable kitties) she had pre-set the tv to tape it!  So I still get to watch! Anyway, when she calls, I answer (when she is sick).  I rush up to the bed and jump up by her shoulder and keep her comfy. I was sooo busy this weekend with my nursie duties!
This morning, after giving me my Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul ( mixed with a little water) she watched some of the SuperBowl adds, and I must say, for the most part, I wasn't interested.  But the darling Clydesdale baby story brought a tear to my eye (and mommy's). THAT was well done! Four-footed animal adds usually rock, and that one was excellent!
Yes, she is once again feeling better.
Her horrible pictures of me were taken with a zoom, and she hasn't mastered a good outcome. She needs practice!
Listen, I don't have laser evil eyes, and the floor in the kitchen is white, and so are the walls, and the door is light blond. She took this from the living room.  What did I tell you? Halloween is passed! Yuck!
Maybe she can take evil looking pictures for scary movies?
Practice, practice Mommy! Or evil-dom beckons!
ps. We thank Jan for help with the sidebar Cat Blogosphere badge.

February 2, 2013

Hi, there!

We are so sorry we haven't been around.  Mommy has been having a really hard time with stuff. She was off her meds for a while and very very sad at losing her best friend. Nothing has been going right.  It's very very cold out. They changed the lock in our front door (well, that was good, it locks now really well). The pictures she tried to take of me were yucky. She's almost had it with movie night. She's worried about some medical bills she has to pay (oh, hey, the insurants stuff is up to date!). It goes on and on.
I have taken up a position right by her shoulder when she goes to bed and I purr for her.  That's about the best I can do.  I really do appreciate the fact that she bought me nice foodies, but I just don't like Fancy Feast Elegant Medley. Or Denties. Or Temptations. I tolerate the Purina stuff, but I only eat it cause I get hungry. I do however LOVE my Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul. That canned stuff is supreme!
She did give me an awesome Diet Pepsi box to hide in.  All right, it was empty, I put it on it's side, and then I claimed it. That's what cats do.
We couldn't get the spiffy new Cat Blogosphere badge to work. Well, nothing has been going right, right? Anyway, I am going to work on her to get back to blogging, and 

 cbBadgeBlack200x200.png" />
that didn't work, right? 

If someone can help with that, mommy would appreciate it.
If you could ease some of the financial bind, that would be
great, but I know there are more needy people out there.
 Mommy hates to even mention it, but I know she 
would appreciate it. Our font is doing weird stuff too! Help!