December 31, 2007



December 30, 2007

Sunday Stuff

I had to wake mama up this morning. I needed my foodies and I needed them right away. I complained loudly, and mama gotted scared that I was hurt. Well, I was. My tummy was empty! When I can see the bottom of the bowl, it's time to fill it up!

[Her bowl still had food in it. It's just that she eats down on one side, and when she can see the bottom of the bowl she thinks she is going to starve. The rest of her bowl was almost full]



December 29, 2007

Hey, it's Minnesota

Oh, yea. Snowing on and off all day. Snuggled a lot with mama, though. Lots of good scritchies and a warm lap and Chickies for lunch.

Mama has to work New Year's Eve Day, but then she gets of on New Year's Day. Can't wait

Love to all,

December 25, 2007



December 23, 2007

Chrissymouse is Coming!

Mama had a great time at the Nutcracker, and today she played the music on her CD player for me. It was very purrty music!

We need to show you what today looks like outside:

It is SNOWING! It's not just dark and gloomy. That is SNOW!
Stay warm out there and snuggles to everyone.
Oh, did you know that my sweetie, my own SUGAR PIE sent me a picture of him in his Santa Cape (I get to stare at it whenever I want to. **sigh** Mama left it out for me), but some more stuff, including lots and lots of TEMPTATIONS! And Edsel's mom sent my mama some neat stuff, including some warm sock slippers that are exactly like ones she lost when we moved.
And we've got some Chrissymouse cards and all sorts of stuff from friends and family (including a quite cute picture of our friend Maggie (the woofie) and Santa!
Mama has to work tomorrow, but she will be home afterwards until December 26.
Oh, and Dear Sugar Pie, I donated some red and green mousies to one of the shelters here in your honor!
Love to all,

December 18, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Mama had to go to class today, but she did get a lunch break and her team had a lunch "for the season". She brought some lemon bread (from Schwan's). They had some good food, but she didn't save any for me. But we did have hamm and cheese samiches for dinner!

And she's bringing more lemon bread on Chrissymouse Eve.

I get her for one whole day on Christmas, then she goes back to work. And this Saturday she won't be home in the afternoon cause of the Nutcracker thing she's going to watch. Why anyone would want to watch a nutcracker instead of snuggle with their kitty is beyond me. But I guess having Sunday and Chrissymouse is okay.



December 16, 2007

Sunday Already?

Wow, last week went fast! One day mama put Chrissymouse music on and I curled up and fell asleep it was so purrty. A couple of days mama gotted home late cause she had stuff to do. Saturday we curled up in the morning, but she left to go off with her friend Pat for the afternoon. And she brought a little gold sparkly cone home and said that was my very own Chrissymouse tree. It doesn't look like a tree though, but I guess it's purrty.

This week mama has a pot luck at work. Then next Saturday she gets to go to something called the Nutcracker. Chrissymouse Eve day she has to work, so efurry body stuck working on her floor are going to bring in another pot luck.

That's the week. Mama didn't even turn the puter on the last few days, so I gotta catch up with the news and stuff.

Have a good week!

December 9, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Il Gato di Henri Matisse
Mama likes this picture. That's the reason it is here. Anyway, Saturday was very quiet. Mama read a book, and we snuggled. It was a nice day. And last night she shared her dinner with me (chickies again!) and we curled up on the bed to nappy. Well, actually I curled up on the bed and she curled up around me. It's my bed after all, right?
Today has been pretty mellow, too. It sure makes up for missing mama during the week!
Hope you like the picture. Hope you have a good week!

December 5, 2007

Another late night

This time mama didn't come home for hours and hours.

She made up her time from yesterday at work. Then she had to get some stuff for a special lunch at work for Friday. So she stopped and had a salad for dinner first. Wow, she was late! But she said snow is due again tomorrow and she might not want to stop tomorrow night on the way home. So she will probably be late AGAIN tomorrow night! But maybe not as bad as tonight.

So, not much time to spend together. I can't wait for this weekend!

Oh, and now two people have dropped out of her training class. One was asked to. The other just didn't like it. Mama's hanging in there. She got to go to an interview with a client and observe today.


December 4, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Oh, my. It has been snowing all day.... Mama had to go to the doctor and ...yea... get new meds. Her insurance is finally here! It took her almost an hour and a half to get home, she told me. The busses weren't running on time, traffic was yucky, and all I know is I waited a squillion long time for her to get home!

She has to stay late tomorrow to make up the time, so I will see her really late again.

The book we are reading? Why, We are the Kitties and We Writed You this Book. What else would mama and I be reading??

Warm home, snow, snow, snuggles, and sweet dreams of my Sugar Pie! Wow!

Love to you all,

December 3, 2007

Monday Monday

Sunshine some of the day. Mama put her boots on this morning before she left for work. Then she took a lonnng time getting home. There was a lot of traffice, she said, and two busses didn't even show up. And another snow storm coming, maybe.

She shared dinner with me tonight. Then she swept the floor. She said too much of somebody's cat fur around. Hmmph.

And, oh, yes. She got our book today. So it's story time tonight.... and a lot of nights to come.


December 2, 2007

Sunday Snooze

Fuzzy picture for a dreamy girl. We had chickies for lunch, and .... zzzzzzzzzz

December 1, 2007

Really, Really Snowy

This is what it looked like outside our windows this afternoon. Lots of snowy stuff out there. Mama gotted a friend to give her a ride to the shoe store and she got some nice boots for her feeties. She also gotted to go to the Swedish Institute this afternoon, which is a mansion and a museum near the college where she used to work, and they are all decorated up for the holiday season and very very pretty. And then she gotted a ride to the grocery store so she could buy some foodies. So now we are all snuggly here, and she doesn't go back to work till Monday

And oh, yes, sorry mama for waking you up early this morning. How was I supposed to know it was not a work day for you. I just wanted you to not be late for work!

And somebody at mama's work decided she wanted a Blogosphere Calendar, too. In honor of her grandbabykitty.

Stay warm, and

"If you come to Minnesota, bring warm clothes" and good booties!