April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

I decided to wake mommy up before the sun this morning.  She spent the next elebenty hours blowing her nose (she now has a cold). Then she visited the litterbox room and and and went back to bed!
Was I mad? No, of course not.  I got denties in bed this morning!
Poor mama, though. She has avoided colds aaalllll winter. She thought she would make it to summer without having a cold. Ha!
But with all the coughing and sneezing and nose blowing I really don't want to cuddle with her.
She's way too loud and the ride is way too bumpy! I'll take a safe corner of the bed, instead.
So Happy Easter everyone. 
Bless you each and everyone, no matter what your faith.

April 17, 2011

It's Sunny!

It's finally sunny! And a whole 40 degrees F!
A Sunny Sunday!
I've been basking in the warmth from the sun coming in the windows ALL morning.
There's something about morning sun....

April 13, 2011

Hello Again

Mama wented to the bean vet today about her leg. She still hurties, but it is not broke.  It still is infected though.
We cuddled for a couple hours this afternoon.
She goes to another doctor Friday, but I PROMISE it has nothing to do  with me.  It's about her toofies. So there.
Tomorrow night she is showing the Blues Brothers at movie night. They don't show a lot of new movies cause of all the older people who live here. But once in a while they do. They showed the newer version of True Grit. And the movie Red. So far. 
Tracie is coming to see us on Saturday. Yea!
That's what's happening.  You are all caught up.
Oh, yeah.  They said something about snow again but I think they are lies.
Rain to make the flowers grow and the grass get green. NOT SNOW!

April 12, 2011

Remember Me?

Spring has poked through the winter dirty white snow banks. Mommy fell yet again only this time I had nothing to do with it. Really. She fell last week in the community room.  I am not allowed in there. No furries are. So there!
She attended the resident council meeting last week and agreed to chair Movie Night. And promptly fell off the little stage area on Movie Night. . She ended up going to the bean vet Saturday cause of her leg.  I think my pee and her leg didn't agree with each other, cause her leg is all infected now and she was running a fever.  But she's, yes, taking yet another pill. And tomorrow she goes to the bone vet about her leg and the arthur itis. And she feels better.
But her knee is still hurtie and her leg is still too warm.
And yes, children,
she still loves me....

April 2, 2011

I hurtied mama

Yesterday I kinda peed outside the box.  And when mama walked by the litterbox she fell. And so mama got hurtied.
I am sorry, mama. Really I am. 
She hurtied her knee and her foot and her ankle and fell in my pee.  Her leg went way back under her and I thought she broked it, but she didn't.
I am sorry, mama. Really I am.
She was very upset. Specially since when she tried to get up she fell again.
Traci camed over and she helped mama clean everything up.
But mama really hurtied.
She took some pain pills and slept a lot. She also iced her knee. And now she limps.
I am sorry, mama.  Really I am.
And thank you for giving me my denties anyway.
I gotta be really nice for a while.