August 31, 2008

Sunday Sweet Sunday

Pardon me, all. I've been spending lots of time today staring at my sweetie's Monty Q contest picture:
He gets hansomer every time I look at him.... **blush**


and the bff awards card gets passed to five ladycat bloggers: the Big Piney Woods Cats(ok, I know they are a full house, but they all deserve it), KC (our Spunky Tortie Reporter), Pandora (in memory of), Sweet Ariel, and Parker. And five mancats (cause I said so): Edsel, Max, Buddah (just cause they were here firstest when we started reading blogs, and their moms are super special), Skeezits (for his helpful computer answers, and for being the best party thrower), and new baby Milo (for being cute).

August 30, 2008

Saturday Again

Sposed to be hot here today and humid. Then why is mama going out for the day?? She should stay at home with me. And why was she so upset when I woke her up this morning to get me more water and foodies?? It was only 4:30! Gee. Okay, I am spoiled. Who spoiled me?

Be safe all this weekend! I will be around.


August 26, 2008

Tuesday News

Mama said there are a lot of policemen downtown, specially by where she works. It's cause of a Republicun Confenshun coming to the Twin Cities. She says some of the Confenshun will be in Minneapolis, where we live, and the confenshun place here is by her workie place. She says confenshuns are like meetings. I think that's like a bean fur pile or a big party.

Labor Day (I don't get that, either) will be next Monday. And that means mama doesn't have to labor. I think that means she doesn't have to work. Woo Hoo!

Beans are confusing sometimes, ya know? Confenshuns and days you don't have to work being called labor (which means work).

love, and a smooch to my Sugar Pie,

August 24, 2008

Sunday Snooze

Dreaming of my Sugar Pie
Mama has been updating my bloggie!! Check the new bloggies out on the side! Other than that, pretty quiet here. Just the way we like it.


August 23, 2008

Saturday Stuff again

Oh, my. Mama has been sooo busy this week. But guess what. She camed home one night this week really late. With packages. From that red and white store, Target. And she broughted me a present. A brand new silver water dish. It is soo special. It holds more water than my other ones I have had. And did I mention last weekend she got me a new brush? It makes me feel all tingly.

I had to stay close to her Friday, cause she was home sick. And today she has been sleeping a lot, so I have been keeping her warm. And she has given me several head and ear and chin and face scritchies today!

So, I am off to see what has gone on this week. And what my Sugar Pie's blog says, and, and, well, everything.


and p.s. for those of you who are new to the bloggies, Sprout was Monty Q's bean burpy baby sister.
and life goes on: the Crew has a new bean burpy sister!

August 16, 2008

August 10, 2008


We just heard about Sprout.
We are heartbroken for Monty Q's family.
Please think kind thoughts for them at this hard time.

love, brandi and Mama Carol

August 9, 2008

Hi, Again on a Sleepy Saturday

Mama was all tired out from the week, so we snuggles and nappies and stuff today. Sorry we have not been catching up with stuff here, but between her jobbie and me taking care of my Sugar Pie, we been BUSY!

Oh, and speaking of my sweetie, I am going to probebly embarrass him, but I think this is a cute kitty picture (isn't he a cutie?):
Other than that, I am still drinking my bottled water, but I have caught mama using regular kitchen water in my dish! Well, it is NOT the nasty smelly yucky tasting stuff any more, but, hey, I'm worth bottled water! Well, it was only once, anyway.

I have a kitty with a crush on me. So for him, and specially my Sugar Pie, here:

love to all, a kiss for my sweet dashing Sugar Pie,


August 3, 2008

Sunday Snooze

I know. Blurry picture. But we still have camera issues and this is from our archives. And this is exactly what it's like today. Very blah. And from here, my mama doesn't notice that I teleport back and forth from my couch here to my sweetie, Sugar Pie (the famous reporter, Mr. Hendrix).
And I'm making her update some sidebar stuff. Only where did the grey in "Other Cat Links" go? Mama doesn't know, and neither do I. It came back, though. And she did a LOT of updating, so check out the list. If you are new, see if you are on it. If you are not new, check the list out. Oh, and if we forgot you, LET ME KNOW and I will make mama do some more work!
She (I think) got a link to the Honorary HotMBC Catizens right at last. Hmmm. Going to check on my sweetie again.

August 2, 2008

Oh, No

My sweetie has been sick and mama didn't even let me know!!
I am on my way to snuggle and be Nursie Brandi to my Sugar Pie!

He even gave me this sweet award.
love, my sweet Mr H.

The Weekend!

Mama is staying up late. I've been on my special pillow. This one:

This one my Sugar Pie gaved me for Valentine's Day. Only, this is where I usually am on it:

She, of course, can sit on the other side of the love seat. And be available for laps and snuggles.

It is going to be very hot this weekend. But we are cool inside here. Hope everyone takes care. We will be around and be catching up with stuff here.

Mama changed my crunchies. Which reminds me.... Mama, fill my foodies!