February 24, 2014

Monday Mutters

Well, Monday again. Mommy cleaned this weekend, and laughed at me as I walked around the side of the floors when they were wet. But I have to snoopervise, right? 
Anyway, her owie is on the mend, but still uncomfortable. She's still taking Aunty Biotic. And this week is the annual inspection, so she wishes her leg would heal faster. She wants to do even MORE cleaning.  I think it's called decluttering. I think that means I lose my big box. Waaah!
So now you know stuff.
Update on me: Mommy says I am much better at showing her my belly and having it rubbed. She says I have been very defensive about it since I came here, and she loves that I feel comfortable having belly rubs. I still don't eat out of her hand like lots of you do. But she said brandi took her time about that, too. Trust can be hard for us rescues. I do purr lots for her. And demand her attention A LOT.
Have a good Monday, all!

February 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Since this is Thankful Thursday I want to be thankful for yesterday. You see, Mommy had a bad owie and had to go somewhere called Urgent Care at her clinic. That's where you go to see a human vet when you don't have an appointment. It took her two hours to see a doctor but the doctor she saw was very nice and she was very grateful. She had to get some medicine for her owie and when she did it was waaaayy expensive and she asked if she could have something else. The man behind the counter was very helpful and told her to sit in the waiting area and he would take care of that. And after more waiting he came back and she could get something else which was waaaayy cheaper. Now the ride home was very long, and Mommy was tired from all that waiting around, and her owie still hurt a lot, but she said the driver was very nice to look at and that sort of made up for the long ride. (I really don't understand that one, but maybe he was the people version of handsome?). Then she was still tired and lay down for a while.  And kitties and woofies, I was very sweet to her and curled up next to her till she felt better. SHE said that was the nicest thing! So I think I am thankful she went to the clinic, and thankful she liked me being sweet, and thankful she is the one that has to take Aunty Biotic's pills, not me, for the next ten days.

February 15, 2014

Caturday Greetings

Oh, no, more snow!

Oh, who told the weather it could snow again. Honestly, where is spring??
I found a new hidey space today.  This is Mommy's grocery bag. Well, she left it on the floor so it's mine now.  Until she picks it up. She says she likes it cause it has a zipper and the funny white netting on the outside is for flat stuff, like carrying her book so she can read while she waits for her ride home.
Stay warm, all.  It can't be that many eons and eons till spring greens up the place.
Can it?

February 14, 2014



February 7, 2014

Two fer Friday

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Smiles for Friday