November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday??

Hi, there. Lovely snow crashed Mommy's errands today. Everyone was waiting for the Metromobility buses and one poor gentleman was waiting two hours. He had to go to work. After an hour one lady cancelled. After 45 minutes Mommy did. She had two stops to make, and would have had to get off one bus at her first stop and immediately get on the second. That wouldn't work at all. So Mommy has to leave tomorrow for her bank errand and go separately another day to her second stop to pay rent. She just doesn't trust her rides right now with the snow. Hey, this is Minnesnowta. We are supposed to be able to deal with snow!
No Cyber Monday for us. And Mommy didn't go shopping for Black Friday. She stayed home with her sweet black and white kitty!
Did that make sense? Well, anyway, I got extra scritchies when she came back to the apartment this morning. For me the day is a plus!
Thanksgiving Mommy wasn't feeling well, so she had soup for Thanksgiving. But she's better. Her eyes are bothering her a bit. But it has only been a week since her "pro-see-jer".
I am doing fine. Mommy still needs some green papers, but that isn't new. We're almost afraid to ask for help, cause so many others need green papers for important stuff, too. And then there are those who need to buy Christmas and Hanukah presents for children (and you can't short the children out of  their presents).
We aren't having a tree (there really isn't enough room in our tiny apartment). So we hope we get to see a bunch of yours in the next couple of weeks. And Hanukah lights, too.
But could Mommy have just a little help? Or a present? That is what I wish for.  I don't eat treats and I have three wand toys and a laser and a TicklePickle and my new cat tree, so I really don't want anything. Maybe an extra can or bag of foodies, but nothing else. We have a wish list at Amazon, but that is all it is, a wish list. We don't expect any of that stuff. I don't even have an idea of what Mommy really wants. A gift card for Coborn's (that's our grocery store)? A nice new throw for my chair (okay, it IS Mommy's too)? Oh, I know. A day with Jackie Chan! MOL! A new header for my blog??
We are together. We are family. And besides you, that is all we have.
Not bad at all, really.
love ya,

November 26, 2015

Happy Fanks Givin!!

Happy Thanksgiving
(I swear I'm being good)
(I swear, Mommy)
nomm nomm

Quinn Makayla!

Hey Mommy, it's snowing out!
nomm nomm nomm

November 14, 2015

Caturday Sadurday Again

Good Caturday Morning!
Mommy was missing yesterday. She had to go to the human doctor who looks at eyes. And this brings some problems. She has a hurtie on something called a retina in her right eye. She needs to see a specialist.
Mommy is thinking about doing a YouCaring page because she needs surgery on one of her eyes so she doesn't go completely blind in that eye. That is definitely serious, dear readers! She also needs a couple of surgeries on her leg. And dental work. If we set up this page do you think we could raise green papers for her? The last illness of hers wiped us out.
This is a very important thing. Has anyone else used this crowdfunding idea? This is more than "we are late with the rent" kind of request (which, yes we are). This is for important medical stuff. I love my Mommy and want her to be okay.
If anyone has any information, please let us know! If you would want to help with an auction or help us with the special page please let us know!
Now I have to interrupt this post so Mommy can give me let and paws rubbies. Purring helps her, you know. So at least purr for us!
love and kissies,

November 12, 2015

Feline Rescue

This slide show was published on YouTube on November 9th. That just happened to have been my Gotcha Day. And this place is where Mommy and I met!
Enjoy. Ooh and Awe and Squee. And if you can, give to your local shelter!
Good luck to all the animals that are waiting for their forever home!
And Mommy Carol

November 11, 2015

Venterans Day

To all our Veterans in our countries
we are so proud of
your service 
and so honored

November 7, 2015

Caturday Sadurday

Oh, dear. We wonder if anyone can help us.  Our rent is due by Monday and we do not have enough green papers to pay it (or buy Mommy's insulin). Can anyone help? Mommy's health insurance took a chunk out of her checking account to pay for 3 months of insurance without telling her. And she spent a bunch of time today trying to call them only to be transferred from one automated system to another and back again. When she got someone to finally talk to her in customer service she was told to call back Monday because they only sell insurance on weekends. They can't help her. OMC! What a waste of time! She could have been petting me and brushing me and telling me I'm pretty.
She agreed to taking her policy payment out of her checking account once a month, because that fits in with her budget. She was not aware that they had problems with that. So three months insurance  almost equals her rent payment.  And that and insulin were the last two things to pay this month, and she had green papers for one month insurance, one month rent, and one month of medications and insulin.
Mommy is going to Wally World tomorrow to pick up her insulin (she is almost out) and can't wait another week and a half (when she gets her monies). That has to be done!
We know there are lots of you out there who can appreciate our dilemma, and budgets are tight for many people. This was unexpected.
Mommy's doctor appointment yesterday went very well. That was the good news we were going to tell today. She is much better, but still sickie. She is on new medications, too.
We did have cable problems this week, and our internets and tv were out for a while. But they are back!
Mommy had planned to wait till Monday for her insulin, but the "bug guys" are coming Monday and she has to take me out of the partment that day and can't plan a trip to Wally World when she doesn't know when the guys are coming. And by Tuesday she won't have any insulin left.
She about had a fit when she found out today what the insurance had done. And she only found that out when she checked her balance at the bank before planning her trip to Wally World (they do have a grocery store there and she was going to maybe pick up something to make for dinner).
At this rate we will never get a pizza delivered ever again or even bacon! MOL
Can anyone help? Please? Are there any guardian angels out there?
What's that saying? When life throws you lemons-- DUCK!
Well, quack quack!
love ya,
ps. my Gotcha Day is MONDAY!!!

November 1, 2015

Easy Sunday

Fear me, woman!
Okay. That is the last Halloween-type picture we will put on here, Mommy.
But it does look kinda cool I have to admit.
Halloween included fireworks. What???
And in the middle of the night someone knocked on our door. Really. Insistent knocking. Mommy stumbled to the door, looked through the peep hole and said something about they had the wrong people. The person went away. She said it was a foreign woman who dressed sort of Muslim (which isn't that weird around here--there are people living here from all over the world, which is kinda cool) with the head covering and all. Mommy went back to sleep right after that, which was good for her not to ruminate (fancy word, but remember she reads to me a lot) on it.
So we are having a very lazy Sunday. A late Sunday. At least I got my foodies and water! And I made sure Mommy takes care of herself. Remember, lately she has been kinda ill and when she has a rough time of it I come sit on her and purr her better. And I hate laps! But, for Mommy....
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a very Easy Sunday. Send love to everyone you know and some you don't!
Love ya! (of course)