October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

October 30, 2007

Tuesday Update

Mama made it to the liberry today after work to get new books and turn in her read ones. It was a nice day out, and she left the window a little open for me, so I could get some nice smells all day.

Now, the Party is fast approaching. Saturday!! So.... we are celebrating a LOT!!! Our nice new partment. Mama's nice new jobbie. Our first paycheck (finally), Mr. Hendrix and my anniversary (one year, imagine that), AND my sweetie's gotcha day! Wow!

And it's HALLOWEEN tomorrow. So, this is the last day we will be pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

love to all, prayers for the ones who need them,

October 28, 2007

Saturday and the woofie

This is Maggie. She is a very nice woofie. She behaved very well on Saturday. I just got really shy. My tail floofed up a couple of times, but her mama picked her up and my mama picked me up and we touched noses and it was okay. She stayed in the living room, and I actually peeked out a couple of times. Robin (her mama) was one of the beans who was with mama when she adopted me. She now fosters rescued schnauzers and Maggie is a show dog. We tried to put up another picture of her, but blogger won't let us. Waahh!

Maggie was really good, like I said. She played with one of my cat dancers with mama, and played fetch a few times with a ball, and then just snuggled up with her mama and nappied. I mostly stayed in the bathroom on the rug, but, like I said, I did peek out a couple of times. And Robin talked to me, too.

Mama goes back to work tomorrow. She was so tired Friday she fell asleep as soon as she gotted home. But we promise that we will have our party next weekend! To celebrate our new home and mama's new jobbie, and Mr. Hendrix and my first anniversary!



Our friends at the ZOO gaved us this. We are sooo honored.

And blogger let us put it on. But still won't do the nice picture of Maggie at a show.

October 24, 2007

Wednesday News

Mama finished her training in St. Paul. Now she gets to go back to training in Minneapolis. At least for a couple of weeks. Then they all go back to St. Paul again.

The woofie that is going to visit us this weekend is a really nice woofie. She already lives with a kitty, so she knows how to behave. She's a schnauzer, so she isn't really big. And not only does she live with a kitty, her mama does rescue work with schnauzers, and has fostered them, so she is really special. She has gone through training classes as well as being trained by a kitty. They have both had to train quite a few fosters!


October 23, 2007

This is Tuesday

Wow, mama left really early this morning and camed back really late. She will do the same thing tomorrow, and then she will be back at her normal location for work for a while.

We just found out that we will have company on Saturday. One of mama's friends (Robin, who was with mama when she adopted me) is going to bring her woofie, Maggie. She is leaving her kitty at home :(

Love to all. Maybe someday we will get our sidebar to behave. Meantime, scroll down!


October 22, 2007

Monday, Monday

This is our view just before sunset. Lots of gold now! Mama camed home tonight and she gives me headbumpies. Acourse, I give them back! She has to leave really early tomorrow and the next day acause she has training in St. Paul. Today she said she gotted to actually work on a couple cases. She said it was pretty confusing.

That's it for Monday. Oh, and yes, have a good week.

love and hugs to all, smooches to my Sweetie,

October 21, 2007

My Easy like Sunday Morning

Nice rainy day again.

By the way, please note the new links. I think I have problems again with my linkies being way low down, but they are there! Anyone new, hello, and please feel free to link to me.

Love, and ::yeawn::


October 20, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Today mama and I have been snuggling. After days of rain, it is bright and sunny out and warm enough for the windows to be open. We still have a couple of weeks before she gets monies from her jobbie, so that is kind of rough. And she is out of insurance till December (after Halloween). And at her jobbie, they said that the next several months will be very draining on her energy cause of the stuff she has to learn, so they said everybody had to take care of themselves. Guess that means Nursie brandi has her work cut out for her, huh?

::sigh:: It is sooo nice out today. I'm glad mama has time to snuggle today!

Don't forget we are planning a party in two weeks!

Love and hugs to all, and smooches for my Sweetie,

October 18, 2007

Thursday Stuff

Not much to say, but I thought I should at least say hi. It rained all today, and I did lots of nappies. And mama finished all her stuff at work and had a nice day. Tomorrow she gets to do only 2 hours at her desk and is in a training room the rest of the day.

Have a good evening!

October 16, 2007

Tuesday Update

Mama spent yesterday at meetings not at her real building. Today she had some more meetings at her real building, but then she got to meet her co-workers and get a desk and a puter, and her co-workers are very nice. They helped her with the computer stuff, and even had some foodies out for her and decorated her cube for halloween, and gaved her a calendar. They are very nice.

Mama is just doing some on-line training tomorrow. All day. I have been napping, and when she camed home I gotted to spend some snuggle time with her. I am keeping her company for a while instead of haning out on the rocking chair.


October 14, 2007

Sunday Evening

Mama is getting ready for her new jobbie tomorrow. She has to make her lunch and get her clothes ready and then remember to put the stuff she needs in her purse, like ID and stuff.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and she has a long walk from the bus to the place where she is getting her Orientation. It is not in the building she will work in. That will be starting on Tuesday. There she will be about a block away from the bus.

Since it is going to rain, I plan on sleeping till she gets home....

love to all,

October 13, 2007

Hey, Guess What

I gotted an award from Missy Blue Eyes (of KC and Missy):

So, thank you Missy, and I am passing this award on to Missy at the Adventures of the M's, all the cats at the Big Piney Woods, Darling Millie, Parker at Perfectly Parker, and, well, I have to give it to my special sweet, Mr. Hendrix. Just have to. And all the Pink Ladies... consider yourselves sweet, too!


October 12, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

We are so happy. My mama wented downtown today to run a couple of errands. One was to get her glasses adjusted cause they were crooked. She has to get her picture taken for her work ID next week, and didn't want crooked glasses. She also gotted a phone call about Monday (she passed the background check), and cancelled her assistance, and left a message for the housing department about her income changing. Now, we do NOT have to move. Just our rent will change to market rate, or 30% of her new income, which ever is lower. She will be without insurance from November 1 to December 1, so that is not good. But we will figure something out.

We were so happy that the Pet Prayer and Praise Blog offered up our Praise and our good newses. We have been soo blessed by all the prayers and encouragement and stuffies that beans and kitties sent us. Thank you, thank you. I think this jobbie will last!

The Cattitude sign is hanging on top of the Cat Blogosphere Calendar, KC. It helps with luck!

Now, about a party. There is so much coming up, that we have decided to have a party November 3, which is a Saturday. We get to spend some of mama's first paycheck! We will have a fall theme, and have lots of foodies (Stinky Goodness, crunchies, Temptations, and, yes, HAMM pizza!!) and I will share my mousies and my dancer, and my fevers, but the nip ravioli is MINE, sorry, and there will be several places for nappie piles, and viewing our neighborhood, and just hanging out, and mama will be the litter box attendant. Haven't figured out a time, but save that date! And, oh, yes, no hard stuff to drink (so the littler ones can come), and nip will be used in moderation, and you mustn't mind the woofie down the hall. He barks loud, but he's okay. And some of the kitties are probably bigger than him, so even if he wasn't okay, we are a mighty group! And that Sunday is the one year anniversary of my sweetie and me! So the pink blankie is OURS. We might share with some other couples, but my sweetie gaved it to me for Valentine's Day! Have I mentioned the tile floors to slide on??

That's it for Friday.

Love to all, and a sweet smoochie for that dashing reporter, my Sugar Pie,

October 11, 2007

The Surprise Revealed!

Mama gotted a letter and part of it says:

Dear Carol:

We are pleased you are joining the team at Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department (HSPHD). Our department’s mission is to strengthen individuals, families and communities by increasing safety and stability, promoting self-reliance and livable income, and improving the health of our communities. Each of our staff- -whether fulfilling an internal support role or working directly with people in the community- - perform a vital role in the achievement of our mission and making a difference in people's lives. We welcome your knowledge, experience, energy and spirit!

That's right. Instead of getting help, mama will be giving help to people. We waited till we gotted the letter. They are doing a background check (mama is not a criminal, so that's okay), and Orientation is Monday. She will be working in the internal support area in the Family Services area.

A real jobbie! Helping others! Yea, Mama!

Oh wait. That means mama will be gone all day again. Hmmm.


October 9, 2007

Tuesday is COLD

Mama said there was a note on the outside doors of our building this morning. "Warning, high winds. Make sure the door shuts." It was also very cold out. Low 50's. And now it is high 40's. Brrr. When mama camed home today she gave me some Stinky Goodness (chicken) and then when she made dinner, she gave me tunie juice! Yummm. And tonight I played with my Nip Ravioli thing in the middle of the floor. Mama was making fun of me, but couldn't get the camera out quick enough. I wiggled and squirmed and moved around till I was in the other room. Ha Ha!

I am soo spoiled. ::sigh::

Sorry you all have to wait about the surprise. But you do.

Mama has to go to the doctor again tomorrow for her toe. She is getting a ride, otherwise it would be three different busses there and three back. Yuck.

So, that's Tuesday. Oh, and she camed home with a red thing on her arm. A big red bandaid cause she gaved her blood today. She says think about giving blood, you beans. You can help save so many lives and it only costs you a little bit of your time.

And oh, yes. She told a nice lady on the bus about the Cat Blogosphere. She showed my mama a picture of her kitty. Dressed for Halloween. Think she would fit in? I do to.

Love, and keep warm,

October 8, 2007

Monday, Monday

Yup, the trees are changing. This weekend it was over 80 degrees. Now it's in the 50's. The windows are open a little bit so I can smell fall outside.

Mama has to give her blood away tomorrow (like in the past, she does this every couple of months cause she says it helps others who need blood). Then she goes to a doctor tomorrow and then a doctor on Wednesday for her toe. Whew. And we have a surprise for you that's coming later this week....
Suspense. Gotta love it.

love to all,

October 7, 2007

Yes, it has been a week since we posted. Mama has just been busy. Doctor appointment, errands, paperwork, a liberry run, and grocery shopping with one of her friends. A local church decided to celebrate their anniversary by giving little baskets of stuff away to the neighbors. So we got something called mouth wash (eww) and toothpaste, and some vitamin kinda stuff to drink for mama, and green beans for mama, and THREE cans of tuna. Yea tunie juice coming up. Mama took the basket and filled it with kitchen utensils and put it on top of the frigermater. And of course, mama has been spoiling me this week, too. So, there you have it. The last couple of days have been really hot and humid for October (it is now 81) so mama put the a/c back on. For me.
And, oh yes, even the grocery store had pink plastic bags for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Mama had a scare several years ago, but she is okay. We just recognize it is VERY important!
We are having a repairman coming tomorrow, Tuesday mama has to give away her blood again, and Wednesday she has to go to a podiatrist about her toe.
We will post some fall pictures from my windows soon.
Love to all, and a smoochie for my hansome Sugar Pie,