November 30, 2009

Monday, Monday


Another Monday, another day on the daybed.  Lots of pillows and space to hang out.  Mama has to go run a couple of errands, so this afternoon will be lots of nappie time. On my quilt.
I love this quilt.  I think it's very considerate of me to let my mama use it, too.
love to all,

November 29, 2009

Annual PurrfurMance Review

Review of :  Mama Carol
Date: 11/30/2009
Reviewed by: brandi

1.) Quantity of Output:
     No, mama has NOT posted to my blog daily.  TWO SWATS
2.) Quality of Output:
     In general, mama has done decent pictures (although I hate to see my picture, my fans seem to require more of  them). I hope the rest of my blog is enjoyed by many.  I DO.  FOUR PAWS
3.) Client Pawticipation:
     The only way my fans get to contact me is by comment.  I DONT have my own email address. Ok, I'll be nice. Not efurryone has their own. TWO PAWS
4.) Pawticipation Part II:
     Mama doesn't seem to be up on special events and parties and contests.  I don't get to go to anywhere near the events I want to. TWO SWATS
5.) Client Satisfaction: 
     Content, yes.  Pictures, they want more.  But we do have a new camera now, so mama will be obnoxious  taking more pictures now. TWO PAWS.
4.)  Overall rating and Comments and Suggestions for improvement:
Overall, mama provides me a nice home and a choice of napping areas and nice scritchies, and my favorite foodies.  She could provide more Stinky Goodness, however.  She needs to type my blog more, and provide my fans more pictures. I don't get to go anywhere much, and she should let me go to more events
Four Paws for love and affection and care. Two paws for the rest of her purrfurmance. 
I'll keep her.  There is hope.

November 27, 2009

Giving thanks

We hope efurryone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We were not on line.
Cornish chick-hen is scrumptious. 
I also got some salmon Stinky Goodness.
I am thankful for those things. And for having a good home and a nice mama. And for all my furrends. And for all the nice beans who help make lives better and safer--for beans and us.  That takes care of a LOT of nice beans. And a lot of jobs. Think about it. That's lots of thanks!!
love to all,
and thank you for being you.
And the picture is me and my new daybed! Another thing to be thankful for.

November 24, 2009

November 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Rainy, foggy nap day.  Although mama was up early washing floors and taking garbage out, I napped. She read part of the day and I napped.
Wednesday the management is going to be testing our new fire alarms in our apartments. So the noise will be going on ALL day.  Whoa.
Tomorrow mama will be gone most of the afternoon.  She has doctor appointments. And it's going to rain again. Poor mama.  She takes three buses to and from the clinic.
Thanksgiving we will be having Cornish game hen.  I hope that's the same as chick-hen. Maybe chick-hen that loves games and comes from Cornish? Where ever that is.
Cross your paws.

November 22, 2009


Of course I did my duty waking up mama this morning. She is fairly well trained, but sometimes it takes a few loud meows. She gotted up and filled my water dish and my foodie bowl.  Then she turned on the computer for me. Course she has to do her medical stuff first, check her levels and take her shot, and take her pills.  I understand that.  But here she is, helping me read some of the blogs and typing this for me.
Yesterday she cleaned the pantry out. Today she says she is going to do that silly thing called ironing.  Honestly.  If humans would only grow some furs they wouldn't need clothes and grooming would be easy with a little help from us!
It's foggy and there seems to be chances of showers today, so I am going to stay warm and dry and take lots of naps.
Mama still hasn't found her camera disc, but it hasn't stopped her from taking lots of pictures of me.  They are waiting to get out, mama.  Show them and be done with all this silly paparatzie stuff!
Remember the Coalition of Cats Against Cameras!
We will try to add some new linkies today.  The last few days Blogger hasn't let us.  Could we have too many?? Never!!
 p.s. if you know how we got the pictures in our regular bloglist and none in the favorites (we prefer none. Our lists are long enough), please let us know.  The bloglist code for each is the same. First we can't add links and now we get pictures. Thanks.
p.p.s. never mind the bloglist problem.  My silly mama actually figured it out herself.

November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

After several days of merky weather, the sun is out.  It's been in the 40's and 50's here, which is really nice for November, but having the blue sky and the sun is even better.
Mama hasn't been feeling good the last few days.  She wented to the doctor and gotted some medicine changed and some new stuff for her swollen parts. She had swollen feet, ankles, legs AND fingers. And she has been having problems with her diabetes. She is doing better, now, and we have been slowly moving stuff around and redecorating.  She hasn't got the new camera disc for the compooter out yet, so no pictures yet.
Guess there are a few pictures in the camera waiting to get out.
love and kisses to efurryone,
and special ones for my Sugar Pie,

November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

To all the brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers
who serve or have served their country
We may have not have always believed
 in the political actions of
why you were called to arms,
but we believe in
and know that that is an
honorable duty for
a soldier to fight for..
We salute you, we thank you.
We do not forget
your bravery.

November 6, 2009

Friday Update

The former bedroom is a little hideaway, now.  It has my rocking chair, two lamps, my footstool, a little table with a smelly candle and fake flowers, and a pretty- music player.
The living room is still in process, but coming along nicely.  Mama took lots of naps today with me cause it's all so comfy. And we both have been having a lazy day. 
Mama has to go downtown tomorrow and run a couple of errands at Target (Dentabite time).
So, more this weekend.  She says maybe she will find the stuff for her camera so she can post pictures.
She has been putting smelly candles everywhere (Clean Linen Glade in the bedroom and living room, and a cherry candle in the bathroom. *Sniff. Sniff*.  Okay, but not as nice as tuna smell would be.

November 4, 2009

Wednesday Words

We have my daybed together!  And a new shade for the lamp! And tomorrow we work on getting this place more clutter free. And Friday. 
I think I will hide again.
But I love my bed! Even though it doesn't have the new covers on it, it does have my favorite quilt, so I am happy.
As soon as we can find the disc for the new camera and set it up on our computer there are pictures in the camera.  There will be more coming, too.
Mama doesn't even know where the old camera is right now.

November 1, 2009

Sunday SNooze

Hope the goblins didn't get you last night!
Our night was fairly quiet.  Mama watched the Ghost Hunters for hours.  But she took time to pet me and pay some attention to me. And share her foodies.
Yesterday she unbagged some of her stuff. Laundry. Just had to. There's only so long beans can be without "things". Okay, it was blankets, throws,  towels and bed linen, and it meant a lot more room in here and the linen closet is full again. I get it.  And it did mean my kitty lounger was unpacked. We had our laundry done, cause it was every piece of cloth material in every shape and form that we needed done.  Bags and bags of clothes, linens.... and items that mama donated to the needy.
We still don't have our daybed.  Supposedly it will be delivered Tuesday. If F***x  feels like it.
The more important news is that new kitty litter and kittycat litter liners are coming Tuesday! Oh, and about the fifth or so attempt to do our radiator covers is Tuesday.
Wednesday mama goes to the clinic again.
So Thursday we will probably get the bed, maybe, huh? If we are lucky?? Then mama has to put it together. I think I will hide.