December 31, 2009


Well, it's that time of year when the beans reflect on the past stuff and make resolutions to do better in the future. Some beans get drunk about the whole thing. Hrrmpff!
It has been an ok year.  We have a nice place to live.  We have some nice bloggie friends. I have my mama and she has me.  I also have one of the nicest boyfriendcats around. I guess my reflections on past stuff is a lot of thankful stuff. So my resolutions have to do with having the same next year.
No need for drunkeness, right? Just dreams of another nice year.
See you next year, all my friends.
Keep safe. If your beans drink, make sure they leave their keys at home!
A little catnip is ok.
Oh, I forgot: find someplace nice and safe from the fireworks tonight!

December 30, 2009

Wednesday Words

It's snowy today.  More nappies, I guess. It's also grocery day, and delivery day for kitty stuff.  We have a service in town that delivers litter and foodies and stuff and they don't charge for delivery! So mama buys big bags of litter once a month, and every other month, litter bags. I don't care for their food (I like my dry Friskies, they don't have it) but I think they have some of my favorite stinky goodness.  But mama gets that stuff from the  regular store herself.
One of the things that grocery day will bring is batteries. Why is it you haven't seen my face for a while? Camera batteries!! I promise more pictures soon.
Mama wasn't feeling very well yesterday, with her my-grain, but she is better today.  So grocery day commences.
See ya latter!
brandi and the Squillions and the VSquilliion.  We're a Fambly!

December 27, 2009

It actually was sunny part of today.  The rest of the day was snowy

and gloomy. Good nappie weather!
 love, brandi, Fraxie, Maxie and little Paxie

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas~

even if you are not of Christian faith, it is a beautiful story.
with love from
brandi, Fraxie, Maxie and Paxie
Happy Holidays

December 22, 2009

Tuesday Winter Storm Watch

Yup.  A storm watch.  Just in time for Chrissymouse! Good for Chrissymouse, bad for beans who are traveling. Here is something to cheer you all up.  It's mama's very favorite carol:

Keep safe, those of you who are traveling! And, no, we don't know who the Moores are. We just liked the purrty light show.  God rest ye, merry gentlecats and beans!

December 21, 2009

Early Pressie!

Yes! Fraxie and Maxie (and me, of course) gotted an early Chrissymouse pressie.  We gotted a little sister named Paxie!

Now Maxie isn't the little sister any more (which she likes) and we have a purple VSquillion (which I like), and Fraxie has someone new to train (which she's good at) and Paxie has a new home and three sisters (which she is excited about).
The weather today is kinda blah, but this made up for it.
**dance dance dance** We have a new sister. We have a new sister. **dance dance dance*

with love,
brandi, Fraxie, Maxie, and our new little sister, Paxie,
who just arrived in time for Chrissymouse

December 20, 2009

Sunday Stuff

It's not exactly Sunny today, but it is warmer. We are anxiously awaiting Chrissymouse.  We have a couple more videos to play if you like.  We're having a hard time trying to post them, however. Here's one (we hope):

Yea!It worked. Mama sang this version in her high school glee club a squillion years ago. Enjoy

December 19, 2009

Christmas Spirit!

Mama loves these Celtic Women! We'll put more on.

December 18, 2009

Friday Update

Well, mama cancelled her pointments and meeting on Tuesday.  But she was on the phone all afternoon fixing her nshurants again. She gotted it fixed, and the nice clinic called her to see if she was doing okay.  After the nshurants got settled, yes she was. It was smart of her to cancel cause it was sooo cold on Tuesday.
Wednesday we mailed our pressie to my Sugar Pie, in hopes that it gets to him by Chrissymouse.
Thursday mama wented to a short meeting about our partment.
That catches you all up.  Today mama has some more phone calls to make.  Tomorrow is grocery day.
And, oh yes.  The sun is shining today (yea) so far. And it is a bit warmer out, but not much.
Today I climbed up on mama's side when she was sleeping. It woked her up when she decided to turn, cause I digged in a little.  Just a little.
lots of purrs for all and a big nosekiss for my sweetie,

December 15, 2009

Tuesday Toesies

Mama finally got a toesie picture! But only one foot--tee hee!

Mama gotta go outside today, and there are windchill advisories! Sounds really bad. Hope she is ok. She has lots of standing around and waiting for busses to do. She has her boots and hat and scarf and gloves all ready to go.

December 13, 2009

Sunday Snooze

Sunny. 14 degrees. Time to nap.
 Hope you all have many good Sunday Snoozies today.
And don't forget Dolce's Story Chair begins today.

December 12, 2009

Traffic Jam!

This is actually a picture from Wednesday. We had pictures of the snow, but mama didn't choose this one. Thern she thought differently. We had a traffic jam on our side street! There is seldom more than two or three cars on this street at a time.  Mama just had to take a picture, as this was really unusual, and she decided it had to be posted.
It has been very cold here, but improving a little.
They predict a very cold day on Tuesday.  That's the day mama has to take her three busses to the doctor and another one to a meeting. She will have to dress very warm, and take care. I will be home, of course. Making myself snuggly warm.  For mama, of course. When she comes home.

December 9, 2009

I Got an Award--Wordy Wednesday

I got an award from beautiful Huffle Mawson:

I am supposed to list seven unknown or little known facts about me.  I have been blogging a while, so this might be hard, but here it goes:

Sometimes, as I get older, my tummy gets upset.  Never used to when I was young.
I love snuggling with mama, but only tolerate petting for a couple of minutes.
I like to be vaccummed with our little mini vac!
I'm beginning not to mind other beans in my apartment, as long as they don't make noise, or invade my room.
Yes, I do have my own room now.
The bathroom shower is my hidey place.
I never like to see the bottom of my foodie bowl.  It needs to be covered! With foodies!
Now I would like to pass this award on to some other bloggers:
Hendrix, My Sugar Pie
Jan's Funny Farm
Meezer tails
The Day in the Life of 2 Fat Cats
The Big Piney Woods Cats. 

Thank you Huffle. You are sweet.

Holy catnip, it's 9 degrees out!

December 4, 2009

Finally Friday

Twenty Fourty in the morning. And I got the remote!
Today mama has a doctor's appointment, so she is bundling up cause it's gonna be in the low 20's here.  Can't wait until she gets home. 
Tomorrow is grocery day. She's putting in her order for Turkey early for Chrismouse! It's not a whole turkey, but it is good with dressing. Yumm!
It's getting a little colder in here cause we don't have the couch to block any sneaky cold air coming in the windows.  Mama got out a nice blankie, which is just the thing!
love to you all,
ps. It SNOWED today.  Not much, but still....

December 1, 2009

Neighborhood Rainbow Bridge News

Our little neighborhood newspaper had an office cat. His name was PD the Copy Boy. His predecessor was Extra, the Personnel Director. Thus the name PD.
PD was born in the summer of 2001. He came aboard the newspaper  September 8th of that year.
He had been hungry and thirsty and tired of dodging cars in the parking lot, had a talent for amusing humans, offering lots of love, affection, and  friendship in return for food, water, and shelter.
PD died November 28th, possibly of pancreatis and related complications.
There will be more on him in the paper soon. They want to do a whole article about him.
He lived two blocks away, and looked like a wonderful friendly kitty.
We didn't know him, but thought a newspaper office cat should get the honor of an article in the paper, and a mention here, too.
With love, and a lit candle to light his way,
May he meet lots of sweet kitties over the Rainbow Bridge, and continue sharing his love with all the animals there.