February 25, 2016


Tuesday morning I was very very upset. I wished very hard that I was a service cat like Dezi and Lexi. You see, my mommy had fallen and she had hit her head and while she was awake, she couldn't get up. All I could do was meow and meow and meow. It was early in the morning and Mommy had gotten up to clean the kitchen, which was the last thing she had to do before the annual inspection. When she had gotten up off the floor with the help of her walker, I could tell she was shaky. Her elbow hurted her, and her back and head and even one of her thumbs. I meowed to her that she better sit down. So she didn't even bother to clean. She sat down. She was afraid to take a pill for her pain because she thought she might have a concussion. She said she was dizzy. She called her clinic as soon as they were open which they almost were and talked to one of the nursies. They talked to one of her doctors and changed a couple of her pills she had recently changed. Then she called the guy in the building who helps her once in a while and asked him to finish cleaning for her. He agreed to come the next morning. When the manager came she explained she wasn't ready and explained she had hurt herself that morning. And she was having our place cleaned the next day. And she already talked to her clinic and had some pills changed. Her pharmacy would deliver it the next afternoon. The manager agreed to come back on Friday.
She got the rest of her stuff taken care of and they are doing the inspection tomorrow. Now, she is doing okay, but uses her cane whenever she gets up, and is taking her blood pressure a lot and her back still has twinges.
Now you know why I wished very hard that I was a real service cat. I'm not trained to help Mommy if she is seriously hurt. We came through okay, but it was really crazy and scary.
The way I am helping? I am curling up tightly next to her when she goes to bed and purring her to sleep at night, and curling up in my SleepyPod next to her when she is in the living room.
I still regret not being a service cat, but I know my purrs are helping her heal!

Hope you have had a better week than us.
love ya,

February 15, 2016

Short Update

Short update:
Mommy has had a bad cough. Never felt bad, but she's still coughing! Our friendly local pharmacy sent us some cough medicine which has helped. Oh, and we wanted to let you know that after several calls to the company that sells Kindles, 2 very nice but not very helpful calls to our local library, and a zillion minute call to our cable company, who decided, I guess, that they couldn't help us either so they decided to hang up, we called the techie department of said cable company, and guess what! 10 minutes and our Kindle was up  and running!
Tuesday Mommy has to go to WallyWorld for her insulins again, So this is actually late Monday.
Anyway, we're here. Until Mommy picks up her insulins. And then we're here again.
love ya,

February 4, 2016

Thankfully waiting til Friday

Mommy is sorry. We wanted to post something earlier today, but she has been calling Amazon, the public library, and our internet provider for about 6 hours. This screwed up our entire day. At least this morning i got a beautiful brushie with my furminator and mommy gave me some of her chowder gravy stuff. So I am grateful for those things.
I am very thankful Mommy put everything away for the day and is going to turn the tv on and we are going to relax the rest of the *gulp* evening?
She did not use one bad word. But she certainly yelled at a few people.  The most kind were the people at the library. Thank you for your kindness, Minneapolis Public Library. The highlight of this whole mess!
What were we doing? Trying to download books from the library on a Kindle Fire without using wi fi. We were told we can't. This was almost at the 6th hour. Really??
Can't wait for tomorrow!
Mouses am I glad she's done for the day on this stupid Kindle Fire problem!

February 2, 2016


love the puppy, too!