August 28, 2013

August 26, 2013


Yes, we know.  Mommy hasn't been too great at typing my blog lately. Not that I haven't had lots to say. Just Mommy has had the sads a lot. And though she let me comment on your blogs, she didn't even let me read them for several days. Monies has been a big worry for her, and she is also missing brandi and her friend Lou, both over the Bridge. And she has been very sad for some of the mommies and daddies who have had their kitties and woofies run over the Bridge, too.
We are having another horrible heat wave. Hot and humid and horrible.  Mommy hasn't gone anywhere too much, and that's partly the heat and partly her sads and the monies problem.
The a/c coolie thing has been running for a few days, so we are okay here.  Mommy occasionally turns a fan on in the living room, and there is a big fan that is constantly on in my room, too.
Thursday some of my foodies are coming and some of my kitty litter.  We have a neat free delivery service here, and you just order on  line and you get a delivery date. I only need my crunchies, but Mommy isn't ordering all of my litter.  You see, I am spoiled.  I get two kinds normally. But Mommy can't pay for both right now.
Oh, the neatest thing: My toys arrived from Nip and Bones! We play two or three times at least every day!  The laser red dot thingie is much better than my old one. Bigger and it goes all over! And what can I say about Da Bird?? Love, Love Love! And it makes Mommy laugh and smile.
Mommy has had too much fun watching me play to take pictures. But she did take this one of me NOT playing, and I think it's mean cause it makes me look fat!
Mean, mean Mommy! It's bathtime, for Mouses sake! Can't a girl have her privacy?
Apparently NOT.
Stop following me around, Mommy!

ps. Let me explain the two kitty litters.  The kitty litter that goes in first is general litter. Then, since I am declawed, Mommy puts in a litter that is finer and doesn't hurt kitty paws so much. And yes, Mommy wanted a declawed cat.  So she could spoil me!

August 13, 2013


Another Angel over the Rainbow Bridge
Abby from Manx Mnews
an old friend of Angel brandi has decided to join the ones we miss.

August 11, 2013

Get Your Ease On!

Overcast and boring here. So a purrfect day to snooze.  Well, actually every day is purrfect to snooze. Anytime, anywhere.
Have an Easy Sunday.  Hope yours is full of Sunshine.

August 8, 2013

World Cat Day!

I have some good news on this World Cat Day.  Even though it isn’t about me, exactly.
Mommy is getting to go to a special warehouse where they have meat and veg packets for at least 50% less than regular grocery stores a couple days a month.  And anyone can go!  No fee to get in! That’s next Monday afternoon. That should help her with her groceries. A  lot.  Enough to get some more sweet potatoes?  I hope so! Yummy stuff!
Mommy found a walker for 50% less than others she’s found.  Oh, not at the same warehouse. But it is on sale, and she’s hoping the sale lasts till she gets her monies later this month. Then she can maybe get it!
The shoes and pizza she can’t do anything about. I hope she can do something about the shoes before it gets cold here in Minnesota. I don’t understand pizza. But the sausage sounds interesting. And maybe the cheese.

Now to cat stuff. After all, this is a CAT blog and it is World CAT Day.
Miles has been visiting Minneapolis! He is a very lovely cat. He even rested on my new bed with me! He’s told me all about Hamm and about something called French toast. And brosures  brothers. Pretty scary! Maybe Waffles can join them? Sweet Katie would say YES.  But I don't know about the Glogirl and Gloman.  I think they would miss Waffles.
National Night Out Tuesday was cut short in our neighborhood.  We had another torrential rain storm. Yes, that’s kitty news! It meant Mommy was here for the yucky part of the storm. And shut the windows till it stopped. And it was nice to be able to protect her. Really, she needed lots of comfort. So I let her pet me, and that helped her. Really.
I pleased my Mommy very much last night by pawing her when she was at the computer just like brandi used to do.  Well, after all, brandi DID tell me to do it, and I try to listen to her and do what she suggests! 
Angel brandi is seeing more and more of her old blogging friends, and says they are all doing quite well, and are looking down on us and sending lots of love. We are sad for those left behind, but isn't the love wonderful? And of course, we send love back. We don't forget them, ever.
Hey, EVERY day is World Cat Day.  Humans just haven't figured that out yet!

August 5, 2013

Monday Mumblings

We had loud thunder boomers again in the middle of the night. Mommy asked me if I was okay, but I decided not to come out of my box until the boomers were done.  Mommy had already fallen back asleep by then.
And now the sun is out.  Go figure.
I think this is going to be a long post. So get comfy.  Have some snacks.
Mommy has been bugging me all morning. Petting me and giving me scritchies. Picking me up and kissing me and petting me. This is such a hard life!
I know Mommy has been worried about monies lately.  She bought the chair and now is behind in her insurance and can’t afford stuff like foods for a while. She doesn’t regret buying my bed, cause she knows it was a good thing to do for me. And she needed the chair. The only place she is going is to the doctor later this month and she is now only spending monies on medicines. Food shelves have cut waaay back on the food they give out, cause more peoples are in need and they have to make it last for more peoples.
What she would like to do is buy a walker that, when her legs get tired, she can turn around and sit in.  It would be particularly nice when she is downtown and waiting for her ride home.  There aren’t that many places to sit outside and they removed the concrete thing that people used to sit on by Target because peoples were sitting on it and the store thought that was unsightly. So peoples like Mommy can’t sit, either, and she can’t stand that long sometimes. She also needs new shoes.  Now, not like most ladies need new shoes.  Her legs and feet swell and she can’t wear most of her shoes.  She couldn’t even wear her boots last winter. And peoples need boots in Minnesota in the wintertime! She actually gave a bag full of shoes she couldn’t wear to the Salvation Army a couple months ago.
What she thinks is totally unfair is all the ads on tv about pizza, cause she can’t afford it.  Angel brandi used to like Hamm pizza (ham + nom—did you know that??? Angel brandi told me). Mommy likes sausage and cheddar cheese and she definitely can’t afford stuff like that. So it’s like every other add is for some pizza delivery place. And every other other ad is for restaurants or fast food places.  Not fair! At least she doesn’t mind the car commercials. She doesn’t drive anymore. Or the beer commercials. She doesn’t drink beer! But the Soda Stream ads….
Pet food ads she still thinks are cute. Thank Cod!
If anyone can help us, that would be so welcome.  And if someone wants to put a little something into our paypal account for my next vet visit, too, well, I can go without!! Right, kitties?
Love to all, and special purrayers for those who are sick,

August 4, 2013

Easy Sunday

All curled up:
It's supposed to be sunny.
But it isn't.

August 3, 2013

Sunny Saturday

Mommy says I'm getting fat.  She said something about a wide load.  Huh! She should talk!
I think she's just mad because I turned the litterbox on it's side during the night. Artistic license, I keep telling her!
She just doesn't understand.
Not many kitties have this talent and SHOW IT!
And she didn't even take a picture!!!

August 2, 2013

Finally, a Post!

Mommy, it's been waaaaayyy too long!  Post today!
We I got an award from Cat Wisdom 101 a bunch of days ago.  Thank you, and sorry this took so long!
Now a little about this award.  It was originated by our handsome friend Nerissa. And has been passed around a bit. And WE I got it from our lovely friends at Cat Wisdom 101.  Visit the blog, by the way, and they have lots of kitty information and giveaways and stuff you want to read about.
Any-whoo (I think Nerissa would say that, don't you?) this is the original way to accept this award as Nerissa stated in his blog:

There are some things one must do in acceptin' this award but they're pretty simple things.  All one must do is thank the blogger who gave you the award and put in a little linky to their blog, on yours.  Then post the award on your blog and tell all your readers what your six favourite things are.  And finally, pass the award on to as many bloggers as you would like.  It could be just a couple or lots and lots.  Whatever tickles your whiskers.
So, my six favorite things (Nissy is Canadian, after all, and we live in the States, so we spell different):
1.  My Mommy, cause she's turning out to be an excellent slave guardian.
2.  Feline Rescue in St. Paul, cause they opened their door to me (literally) and to lots of other orphans.
3.  My Furminator!
4.  My massages and scritchies and rubbies. I count all of these as one. Maybe I should have said, stuff  that makes me purr?
5.  My friends in the Blogosphere (you, too!)
6.  Food! What else?

Now to pick out some blogs: (these need reading, if you don't already)
1.  Little Cat Feet (they live in the Twin Cities and are a lovely family. And Mommy loves their blog name--from a poem she had to memorize when she was a little kid human)
2.  Everycat (cause they are lovely cats, and Angel Whicky Wuudler was someone brandi especially liked--go meet Gerry and Mungo!)
3.  Mr. Pip (cause he's a good dog with kitty siblings)

There are lots more, but Mommy is tired of typing and I want a nap). Consider yourself awarded!