September 24, 2017

sunday with quinnie

last week one day it was in the 90's and the next day, when  mommy had another appointment, it was in the 50's and raining. she didn't take an umbrella or a jacket, and she said she was frozen when she came home.  since it was lunchtime for her she had a bowl of chili to warm up.  she likes it a little spicy, so i didn't want to share it with her. but I did like snuggling with her afterwards.
and it was 90 degrees on saturday and really muggy. someday soon it will be cool enough to open the windows again before we have to leave them closed for winter.
mommy is going through her exercises with her therapists and relying more and more on correctly learning her balance again, and also correctly using her chair.
she has been told she has to get back to a cleaner as soon as she can and stop falling (and that is basically what she's doing with her therapists--they come to us and they are two really sweet ladies and they are helping her physically and also helping her with ease of access here) or she will be forced to go to a special place permanently and I can't come with her.  Waaaah.
we need your prayers again.
love ya,
ps. still don't like riding on mommy's lap on the chair. and there are rumors my chair is on its way out. Waaaah.

September 8, 2017


We've been hit with bad news and good news again. Mommy's port is gone, but she has another deadly infection. They put her on yet another anty bye otic and she has an appointment on Monday.
So that's the news. Good and bad.
She was at the hospital for a few hours yesterday. too. This time when she fell she hit her head really hard.
The only good thing I can think of other than that is that the weather is beautiful. Windows open, gentle breezes, wonderful smells. That part of life is good, And we are thankful.
love ya,