January 29, 2015


We have lots to be thankful for. Well, at least it is something that has been bugging us since we got this puter last week? Was it only that? Felt like an eternity!


That's right. WE HAVE SOUND! So we are going to be catching up on a lot of stuff on the puter. Birdies! Kitties! Mommy's stuff! Mommy talked to the place that we got the puter from, and the receptionist told us an easy fix. AND I MEAN EASY! Woo Hoo!
We are so grateful, so thankful. And why didn't Mommy call them first?????
I guess we have to pity our poor pets.  They have no sense of logic, now, do they? Wasn't that my first suggestion? Peoples!
So that is our top to be thankful for this week.
On to the birdie songs! Toot Sweet! 
love ya,
Still guessing my middle name??

January 28, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Thanks for all the suggestions about our speakers. No, our puter is still deaf. Mommy is past irritated and upset and mad. Me, too!  We have checked everything (except she won't let me buy that on line program to get new "drivers" cause she says it is a scam). We hope nothing else breaks down around here! I wish we could afford that geek squad to come and help us (from Best Buy). Mommy said when she was working she had them come once. But we don't have the green papers for something like that.
It gets really quiet around here if the tv is not on! I keep mommy happy with our conversations especially if she is watching tv!
Once again, help!!
Mommy has been very busy reading a lot, and I have been very busy being cute. At least that's what she says! What can I say? I AM cute!
It has been warm here, but we are losing warm again, and it is going to be very cold again. Where is spring???
We are so sorry for our friends on the east coast who have been whacked with all the snow. A little snow is fine (especially for woofies who like that kind of stuff) but blizzards that knock out power and force everyone to stay inside  cause everything outside is covered with snow or they'll blow away with wicked winds or get buried in the snow is definitely NOT fine. Here it is gray and cold and it "snizzles" a bit. I guess we're lucky (except the sun puddles don't stay very long).
Ah, yes. I DO have a middle name now. Care to guess? LOL No one will!
love ya,
stay warm and safe,

January 24, 2015

Saturday Stuff

We have spent most of the morning unplugging our old speakers (lots of tangled wires!) and plugging in the ones that came in the mail. System says everything is okay, but still no sound.
Does anyone know if you have to actually program your speaker thingy on the computer so it recognizes it?
That is our question for the weekend. Mommy and I are at wits end.  We've tried some websites that deal with "no sound" and they are either no help or too techy to understand (and no help).
Mommy has other stuff she wants to do, and we haven't even read my blog friends. Looks like we will be slightly behind again!
Enough. Please help! Someone out there should be techy enough to solve our problem!
In other news, mommy has a headache (wonder why) and it is pretty and sunny out. And 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Nice!
I think we need a tech to come to our door and fix our sound. And while he/she is at it, serve a nice meal for both of us! And maybe wash the floor? Too much?? I don't think so! I mean, the litter box is clean, so we aren't asking for someone to take care of that!
love ya,

January 22, 2015

Just Another Thankful Thursday

Here begineth the thankful:
We caught up on reading blogs at last. So I can start commenting more on yours!
The new (used) speakers should be here either today or tomorrow. Thankful, thankful. All these kitty movies to watch with sound! Hope that solves the problem with this puter.
The bug guys are coming today. They haven't been here all year! MOL
I will be ordering from Chewy.com some new Cat Attract for my litter box. Yea!
Mommy is petting and scritching me lots.
I am also thankful for you sticking around and still reading my blog! We value each and every one of you.
Thus endeth  the thankful. But there's always more to be thankful for!
Teaser: Did you know I have a middle name?
love ya!

January 19, 2015

Under 200!

Hey, Happy Monday, people! And guess what? I am down to under 200 blog entries to read and I will be caught up.  That's right. I'm on January 16! So Mommy said I could take time out to do a blog entry myself. Whew! That was some long reading, let me tell you!
Yes, I still have more to go, but I'm on the home stretch now.
I made mommy take a little  green paper out of my PayPal account and order some new (used) speakers from Amazon. Everything on the computer says this thing is working perfectly, so I assume that it is the speakers themselves (they have been dropped hundreds of times, so this is a good possibility).
If it is not the speakers and it IS the computer, well, we'll just have to wait for my real computer to get fixed and then I'll have Mommy plug in the new ones there!
So I hope those of you who are celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day have a wonderfully enriching day, and for those of you who have to go to work or school, hope your Monday is not too stressful.
We hope to be blogging a bit more (even with no pictures) and to be commenting on more blogs now.
love ya,
I told mommy she can take the rest of the day off. To read(!) her book from the library.

January 16, 2015

Saturday Stuff

Dear Friends,
It is so wonderful being back on the internet, even though we have no pictures. Hopefully we will get our own computer fixed at some point. But without pictures, well, we can still be here!
Now for another problem (!) we need help with:
Mommy, not being that computer savvy after all these years, doesn't know how to get the sound to work on this puter. Everything we check says it is on and stereo and at maximum volume and even the light on the speaker works as soon as the puter is turned on.  But all we get is ~~silence~~.
So we have to program this puter's speakers somehow? It says we are using a specific brand of speakers and that is not what we actually have. Do we go to some magic web site and download something? Both computers are the same brand, Dell, although several years different.
Where do we go from here? ??
I can't even get birdy sounds!
If you know how to help, please let us know. Do we just need new speakers? Did they malfunction along with our old hard drive? What are we missing (besides ~~sound~~)?
If not, well, that's okay.  We all aren't techie. Mommy sure isn't!
There are some things we are missing on this puter. We put a calendar gadget on our desktop that comes and goes (it is definitely not supposed to do that), along with time and temp and we can't get Weather Underground to work (it keeps saying copy the code, but we have no idea WHERE). And Mommy liked the analog clock she put on the desktop and she can't find one on the internet. Minor problems.
Now one of the main problems we have is catching up with all our reading on here. We still have over 600 blog entries to read! It is going to take days!!!
So pardon us right now. I am making Mommy read ALL of them to me, and I think it is going to take DAYS. We need to find out about all the things that have been happening on the blogosphere! You know, the good things and the sad things. You do know we did keep purraying for all of you even when we couldn't  be on here! Yes we did!
Have a very sweet Saturday, all.
love ya,

January 13, 2015

Back Again Sort of

Just a note to tell everyone our computer broke and till we can afford to get the old one fixed, we have another to use finally. Like today we got it. Yuck. Blogger would not let us sign in for the longest time today, and we had 1586 messages in our email account. And we cannot get comcast back as our front page. And we have no way to access our bookmarks. And we don't have Microsoft windows.  And WE MISSED CHRISTMAS!
Yes, we woke up Christmas Eve day with NO COMPUTER. 
And now we have no wireless phone hook up. How did THAT happen?? We do have an old phone to use, but our phone numbers for people and stuff is gone, of course. We're using an old antique phone with a cord, after all. When Mommy unplugged our dead computer today she did something to our wireless phone....
No pictures! No wallpaper, no access to writings, recipes, manuals, updated passwords, how to's, our 120 solitaire games (purchased eons ago), quotes, the weather information and calendar, personal family stuff, NOTHING! All are locked in our old computer! Waaaaaaa!
So thank goodness the Christmas Elves came to our house! Otherwise we would have had a really bad Christmas!! At least Mommy had some hot chocolate to soothe her tears! Thank you again.
Bear with us as Mommy slowly figures out stuff on this silly puter. Help with fixing our old one, if you can. Our rent just went up Big Time, and the increase in SSI is less than the new rent!
Yuck, yuck, yuck. Blaaaahhh! Waaaaaa! Sniff! Lots of that going on in our place.
I sort of like the Sleepy Pod, by the way. It is very comfy. Mommy tripped over the box it came in and squished it yesterday. So far she has left it out, and it makes a great fort! No one can see me!
We want our computer back!
We'll see if we can sign back on to Blogger again. Cross your paws! Hopefully we will be back!
love ya, and boy did we miss our friends!  Wonder how long it is going to take to catch up on our reading list on Bloglovin'?
and Mommy Carol
Send fixit money, please?