March 23, 2020


Another Saturday.   ⃗😷   And this is how everyone looks.
But we are not crazy  yet
no, cable was out for 2 DAYS.
YES this is MONDAY!!!
And now Mommy has some stuff she needs to do on here so I have to let her.

March 14, 2020

Saturday night.

Well,  hello!
Mommy and me are settling into our new home. We don't have everything unpacked yet, but enough that we love it. And they are so far really cool here.  Mommy's birthday was Thursday and the management here put a birthday greeting on our door!
We need a few things. Of course. More lamps. A new bathmat. A new comforter or spread. A recycle bin. New sheets (we have a twin), A vacuum  cleaner (we have carpet) and one of those floor washers for carpet.
Mommy doesn't even  have a light in the bedroom.
Her glucose monitor and blood pressure machine did show up. So those are cool and working.
Well, we love it here, And this is finally HOME.
Now if Mommy could find her camera you could see everything......