August 14, 2015

Finally Friday

Mommy's sister survived the surgery and is doing pretty good. She is a very strong lady for being in her mid 70's, and has a very strong faith, herself, so she thanks our Heavenly Father for the chance to still be here, although she is ready to go to Heaven any time she is called, and  she says thanks all for the prayers and kind thoughts.

Very late posting. Sorry. We have over 300 blog entries to read and catch up on! We really haven't been on the computer a lot this week because Mommy's been busy  and there has been some family stuff (with her sister) and now it is very humid again and Mommy gets hot facing the computer instead of the rest of the room. Humans! Do you believe all the excuses?
Yes, it is humid again, and very hot, so I at least have Mommy all day, as she says she doesn't want to go out in the yucky weather. Fine for me. I get extra scritchies and Furminating! It is sposed to be extra humid all weekend, so Mommy is definitely staying home! Next week is sposed to be cooler and less humid, and that means open windows for me, and I hope Mommy stays home, too, to enjoy the window whiffies!
As for our food, my Chewy box will be mailed out the end of next week, and Mommy has some good foodies thanks to our friends on the internets. Thank you, thank you! We have FISH! Mommy said the spinach has to come maybe next week. She didn't get a lot of foodies, but enough to get by for a little while.  Although I have more kitty litter than she has bathroom tissue! MOL THAT wasn't on the list she had!
Have a wonderful weekend, and if you are in the hots, stay as cool as possible and drink lots of water!
love ya,
QUINN and Carol

August 9, 2015

Easy Sunday with a Special Request

Mommy has a request for you all. But not for her. One of her sisters is having an operation Tuesday morning because she has bladder cancer, so please we need the power of the paw for her. Please keep her in your prayers and kind thoughts. Her husband died of cancer a few months ago, and her children and grandchildren really want her to stick around. Especially her little Molly. That's her sweet little dachshund. Molly already really misses her daddy and we don't want her to lose her mommy, too. Thank you for your help!
Back to Easy Sunday after a full week: We saw Barb this week, and Mommy did a med check at the clinic (a new prescription is working out--yea!) and, oh, yes, Mommy had one of her-grains. And it was a very very bad one.  But it meant a whole day of naps, and as you all know, naps are good. I let her sleep and only checked on her now and again, and by evening she was lots better. She did make an effort to make sure I had foodies and waters and stuff. And that was so special, cause she was really hurtie.
So we weren't around much, and haven't read any blogs. We'll try to catch up now.
It's supposed to be less humid this week, and Mommy has to go to WallyWorld for her insulins. And some very generous and kind peoples sent us green papers so she could get some foodies. Thank you. I think she was getting sick of chicken. Or should I say that? Waffles would have been in heaven if he visited last week. Lots and lots of chicken around here! I think they call that "hitting the sales" we had so much!
So thank you soooooo much for helping Mommy with her foodies! It is soooooo important for her to eat her foodies. Unlike others who can not eat (humans are weird sometimes, aren't they?) once in a while, diabetics have to maintain their "levels", and take their insulins and eat proper foodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! She kept saying all her bills were paid, but there wasn't much left over for groceries at all for August. Maybe that's why she had a her-grain. She was kinda worried. So now she can get some other foodies. Hamm, maybe? Or FISHIES! Yum! Spinach for salads! Yummy, yummy! Yes, I like spinach!!
That's about all. A full week, but not really that busy. I did get some awesome massages and lots of Furminator time ( I love my Furminator!), and lots of good nappies (and lots of chicken smells around here-MOL!).
Keep cool and have a good Easy and rest of the week, and please keep Mommy's request for her sister in your hearts.
love ya,

August 2, 2015

Easy Sunday Good and Bad Stuff

Lots of good and bad news.
Our cable tv doesn't work. The cable company is shipping us a new "box" and a new remote. This saves Mommy from having to pay for installation. Bad news again? I have to suffer from her trying to "install" by herself. I think I will quickly disappear when she starts.  I might  (might? who are we kidding! Will) like the box the box comes in! So now Mommy has lost all the movies she "dvr-ed". Good news for that? She's watching Netflix. New different movies! And while she mourns the loss of her EastEnders, and all the movies she had wanted to watch on the dvr, she has to watch Netflix on the computer. And she has to sit in the office chair. Which leaves the comfy chair for me. Which just happens to be within scritchie reach for mommy and me.
Whew! Life gives us a lot of ups and downs fast, huh!
We are still waiting to get some foodies for Mommy. Tomorrow Barb is taking her to a food shelf. But we still need help. Please, somebody? Diabetics need foods as well as insulin to maintain their "levels". And lives.
Tuesday she has a "med check" at the clinic. This is normal. She's on some new meds and they need to see how they are working. Other than "expensively" Mommy says fine. The insurance doesn't pay for much of this, and WallyWorld can't help. Sometime this week she has to go to WallyWorld and get her inexpensive insulin again. Another of the reasons she isn't spending money on food. But those new meds are something more she has to pay for.
More nice news: someone very kind is giving Mommy a used printer so she can print coupons and stuff. Oh, goodie. More "installation"! Kitty is gone for that!
Oh, and really nice news? I got an awesome massage this morning! Mommy is pretty cool, don't you agree?
I am taking the rest of the day off. It is Easy Sunday after all! Bring on the movies, Mommy! (and lots of scritchies)
Love ya,
QUINN Makayla.