Observed each year on August 9, (and sometimes on the first Saturday in November) bibliophiles get to celebrate on National Book Lovers Day! A day for all those who love to read, National Book Lovers Day encourages you to find your favorite reading place, a good book (whether it be fiction or non-fiction) and read the day away.

(This was copied from the internet.)
(this was on her niece's Facebook pages. She's a librarian)
So Mommy has been reading this morning, of course.  As usual. She even furminated me to prove she wasn't ignoring me. And made sure I had fresh water and foodies. Then she started a cat mystery book. Borrowed from the library and on her Kindle. I still get occasional scritchies and short conversations.
She thinks it's kind of ironic that the manager here said to get rid of her books because they drew bugs. Mommy muttered something about Fahrenheit 451 But it is not that hot out. Getting muggy, yes. Oh, that was a book by Ray Bradbury.
Actually the lady picked up one of the books and flipped through it and said "this one doesn't have bugs".  Well, duh.
Now, our books are in bookcases. Two are full. One has only a partial row of books. The remaining one has "knick knacks". If Mommy has to destroy her books (including, she says, some first editions and special printings) then she wants to know why all the libraries and bookstores in the world don't have to do the same. And while they're at it, get rid of all the paintings, too, as bugs MUST like canvas. Bye, Mona Lisa! See you on the internet!
She gets carried away sometimes.
The lady told her to get rid of her ironing board because it was dirty. Can anyone say "wash it"? It is the same ironing board one of the ladies of the blogosphere sent her years ago. Yes, through the mail!
How about a new cover, instead?
She also said Mommy had too many clothes. Really? Just a normal closetful. Only the closet here is 25 inches wide and she has to fold a lot of her clothes and put them in tubs or dresser drawers
Okay, we're done. Mommy's done.
It is going to be very hot for a few days and very muggy. And did I mention our a/c totally died? The fans are out in force!
MOUSES! kind of day.
Stay cool,
love ya,
p.s. oooooooh We might get the a/c fixed today!!!!! Maintenance has been here. They said they never saw such a clean filter. Well, Mommy washes it once a week like she is sposed to, and even does it with the shower head! But the rest of the a/c inside looks terrible.
Tomorrow is sposed to be ugly muggies (our weather lady says muggies, and that's where we picked it up) and if the a/c is working we will finally be able to use the oven without dying!