August 30, 2006

Such a beautiful day, and mama was so so sad. That dark place where it is so scary? That is where she was today. Her EBT is ending, her medical assistants is ending, and being off of one of her meds for a couple of weeks now (that they wouldn't pay for) has really started to affect her.

I couldn't help.

She talked to several someones on the phone today, trying to get help. She gets to see the nursie one last time tomorrow.

I don't like this at all.

So, I am staying close, and making her play with me and cuddling with her and everything I can.
The insurants jobbie did not call her for a second interview. Another place emailed her today to say they didn't want to even interview her.

She is having other problems too. We still are behind in the rent, and now the utilities. Sigh. Thanks, all of you bloggers for being here for her. She needs lots of help right now. Money for food and rent and utilities so she can catch up with those. A job. And all of you friends out there giving us a little bit of your hearts.

Hire her, somebean nice!!! Then she can have good insurants for her meds and stuff and money for stuff like rent and stuff she needs, and new furniture and food and hamm pizza at least once a month! She'd share!

Love, brandi

August 29, 2006

So mama had this interview today. She told me it was in a very historic building with really neat elevators. She met the ladybean and gave her two writing samples and did the interview. The ladybean was nice. My mama does not know how to use transcription machines, so she might not get this jobbie. She said they make lots of money there, she didn't ask how much she would make, and they have NO medical insurants. If they pay her good enough, she can get her own, but it would be very expensive. Sigh.

She is going to go to the nursie bean on Thursday to see about medicines. The doctor is going to be giving her a different med, it was one she was on several years ago (medical assistants denied one of her meds, and this new/old one will be okay. So while she waits for a jobbie, she can take some medicines to make her ok.

Friday she will no longer be on the insurants, and the nice nursie bean will help her get some assistants. Nursies are always nice (like me).

I was being sad today. I was going to see dear Trixie today. Last night I did go over for a short time to offer my snuggles for a little while. I didn't want to stay too long, cause there was lots of others who wanted to do the same.... We will miss her.

Love, brandi

August 28, 2006

Monday, Monday

Nothing big today. A little rain. A few clouds. A lot of naps. Mama worked all afternoon on preparing for her interview tomorrow. They wanted some professional writing samples, so she printed out the fall schedule for her old university department (she did all the work for it), and had a copy of the handbook she wrote for the coordinator there that she "prettied" up and printed that. She knows sort of what she will wear (she has about three or four special outfits she chooses from). And she hopes she never has to do this again. But probably will.

Sigh. Hire her, already. I want that hamm pizza. Please?? I love hamm. I slept through mama's lunch today, and she didn't save me any.

Haven't checked the other catblogs out to catch up on the news, so I will do that. If anything is up that I should spread to other kitties, I will do a p.s.

Love, and be safe,

p.s. Oh, this is soo sad. Our beloved gracious senior catizen, Trixie, has gently passed from this world over the Rainbow Bridge. Send thoughts to the Meezers, cause they will miss her so much. Little Miles is crying for her, and everyone has such a heavy heart at their house.

August 27, 2006

For Lunita

This candle is to help guide Luna on her way. She is lost and alone and in a forest in Spain. Please pray that she is okay, and someone finds her before something terrible happens to her. It sounds like her vet was totally irresponsible. Her human pets are very distraught. Pray hard. And snuggle just a bit more with your own.

August 26, 2006


Mama and me are so humbled by all of you out there trying to help us. The Meowers of Missouri are just the latest. We think they gotted in touch with Robyn (the HOT(m)BC mom) and Oreo's mom, Heather, and did this really sweet thing for us. They have set up a website for me to help my mama.

It maded my mama's eyes leek again, but in a good way, I think. She doesn't feel so alone and helpless. I can only do so much nursie stuff, and I love her. It helps her to know that others want to help, and send encouragement and purrayrs.

If you can't donate anything, we don't want you to feel bad. Your words DO help, and your purrayrs, too. Without you all out there, we would be in a much worse place emotionally. Truly.

Our financial update is this:

1. We aren't able to pay September's rent, and that is scarey. We have just almost caught up on August, so we won't be evicted yet. The owner has accepted all those checks that came, and is being extraordinarily patient, but he wants us to be up to date SOON, and not late. The unemployment checks leave us half a month behind, it seems, and we can't catch up.

2. We are only a little late with some of the utilities.

3. There is only one credit card to worry about, and we are ignoring it until we are able to do something about it. Well, it doesn't have a squillion dollars on it, so that is okay. Other things need paying first.

4. Mama will see what the clinic can do about the medicines she needs. That is scarey, too. She needs her meds cause she's a diabetic and stuff, and wants to be healthy so that she can get a job and work hard again.

5. She has $14 left on the EBT card to use before the 1st. She has already gone to the food shelf, and can only go once a month. I have food, so I am okay, but I worry about her.

6. She has about 15 rides or so on the bus cards she has, which will get her to interviews and the grocery store for awhile.

It's kind of sad that life boils down to this mess we are in. The jobbie interview on Tuesday is for a consulting place for rich people. That's ironic.

There you have it, the latest update on us. Thanks again for listening..errh reading.

brandi and
my mama, Carol

August 25, 2006

Friday Update

Mama had the interview. She did her best, as usual. She found out even more about the building this time, and it is furry furry nice. The ladybean was furry furry nice. Mama said she really sold herself. She investigated the place on line and asked good questions of the ladybean, too. The ladybean said she will know about second interviews by Wednesday next week.

When she gotted home, I climbed up in her lap and she told me all about it. Then, later, she gotted another phone call for an interview next week from yet another company. This one kind of scares her, cause it is a "executive position". And she needs to submit some professional writing. Whew. But, she WAS an english major way back in the dark ages.

Oh, okay mama, before I was around. Sheesh.

She also put in a call to her clinic to talk to them about getting medication help. They did free insulin for her several years ago, and maybe she can get the other meds she needs too. They have not gotten back to her, but probably will next week. It is Friday, after all.

We are still scared, but the first "fear" of what is happening with the EBT food card and the med insurants is over.

Wet and dark and rainy today. Lots of naps and purrs for mama. That's my job.

And waiting for the hamm pizza. When mama gets hired. Thank you everyone for caring about us.

Love, brandi

August 24, 2006

Bad News

Mama gotted some furry furry bad news. She gotted letters from the county now terminating her medical plan and her EBT card as of September 1. They say she makes too much money on unemployment to be covered for medicines and to get food! The limit they give is $613 total income a month, and she does make more on unemployment than that, but we can pay the rent and most of the utilities, but not anything else. Her medicines alone total much more than $600 a month without insurants! That means no medicines. No food. Including my food( I have at least a month's worth, don't worry, mama said). We is scared, now. More than ever. Mama's face has been furry furry wet.

And this comes the day before her interview. She really needs to get hired now, and she needs to be as upbeat as possible tomorrow. And she needs them to let her know by next week that she can start right away. Oh, help, efurry one. Please pray furry furry hard.

Mean bad old job to do this to her. It is not fair. My mama is a nice lady. She worked very hard for them and loved her job.

Please help pray hard.

{I am so sorry this blog has been about my drama instead of my sweet lady cat. But thank you all for being here for me. When I get that job and life gets back to normal, brandi will once again be able to just be loved, and take naps, and visit with the squirrels, and not have to worry about her mama and if we will be okay and healthy. This will be a much happier blog, as it was meant to be.}

August 23, 2006

Middle of the week

Okay. No jobbies to apply for today for my mama. Rain earlier today, and I think it's coming back. Oh, well. Nappies. Lots of nappies.

Mama hasn't given me any hamm lately, although she says she has some. She just said she doesn't want hamm for lunch efurry day. What is wrong with that???? Sheesh.

Mama said she might treat herself to a coffee or something after the interview Friday. If it goes well. Then she said, most all of my interviews go well, they just never hire me.

Anyway, so hire her!

And, yes, a didgital camera would be nice to add to the list. Jobbie, new furniture, hamm pizza, vacuum cleaner (her idea, not mine!), daddy, more hamm, camera, she wants new clothes and new glasses, a condo, a new flat screen computer and then a lap top, air conditioning, hamm, pressies for me, more hamm.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

August 22, 2006

Some News

Mama had a phone interview today with a local college. She said she had applied there several years ago, and several times. She never gotted anything but emails saying they accepted her information, and if they thought she fit the jobbie they would contact her. She said it was something to at least get a phone interview out of them. The jobbie is better than at her old college that let her go. Now if they just call her for a come in interview! She says it pays much better than her old jobbie!!! Wow! Lots of hamm and Temptations!!

Then, THEN, she gotted another call from a law office accross the street from the other college that didn't want her (the one where one of her old bosses works), and they scheduled a come in interview for this Friday morning. YES!! She likes the building where she would work. She checked it out when she was early for her interview with that college.

We are happy for her. She is in a much better mood. Earlier today she was not so happy.

Now, thanks efurrybody for thinking of mama, and let's all hope that someone hires mama!! Soon. Think your bestest thoughts and purray hard.

I want that hamm pizza, mama.

I'm gonna hang out and see what everyone else is up to.


August 21, 2006

Monday is Here

Wow. No new jobbies in the paper on line, but TWO, count em TWO at Craig's List today. Yeah, mama is happy! Now if you all would call and give her interviews and see how nice she is and how good a worker she is. I know, I know, be patient. Well, first the jobbie, then maybe the high speed internet, then the daddy and the house and then maybe, maybe, I don't know. Can't dream that far yet....

Mr. Squirrel is really cute. He is soooo in love. Sigh.

Nap time. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

August 20, 2006

Nice day

Another nice day. Lots of sunspots to sleep in. Cool morning to cuddle. Wow! The birdies are out and flying around catching updrafts, and YEAH! Mr. Squirrel is back! It seems he gotted himself a little friend by the church down the street. A lady friend. Mr. Chitterer is a little jealous. That's why he wasn't talking! She is shy of us puddie cats, but he is trying to show her we are all nice (and can't get out to chase her). Mr. Squirrel is a little what my mama calls "besotted". It means he likes his new lady friend furry much. Thank goodness that is all that was happening. We were fearing for the worst, that something deadly happened to Mr. Squirrel. It was only "love". Sigh.

Mama applied for 4 whole jobbies today. Yeah! Okay, guys, now call her for an interview and hire her!!!

Gotta catch up on all you bloggers out there.

Love, brandi

August 19, 2006

Veggie Meat


The candle is one for National Homeless Animals Day. Please, if you can, adopt a homeless animal, or help your local shelter either by volunteering or giving food and things they need (ask) or money. Remember to spay or neuter your pets.

And give your loved ones extra hugs tonight.

And now, back to brandi:

Hey, the veggie meat is not bad. Smells good. Tastes good. I kinda like it. Mama says there is no meat in it, just veggies, but, really, I do kinda like it. Whaddya know??

It is nice out today, but mama has been bugging me. I think she was bored. I think she wanted to play with me just cause she was bored. I randed away for a while cause I didn't want THAT much attention. Sheesshh.

We need to have a daddy. And she needs a job. The daddy could play with me and she could work. I love daddies. We need one. And a house. And the daddy could play with her when I was tired of playing with them both. And I would get extra treaties. Yumm.

We need to work on the jobbie thing. There was none today. But then, we need the daddy. And a house. Oh, and high speed internet. My job is never done.


{yes, dear}

We need stuff.

{I know, sweetie}

First a jobbie, then a daddy and a house and then high speed internet and then Fraxie wants treaties all day long.

{Fraxie does?}

We'd share.

{I see}

We promise.

{First things first, dear. I really need a job}

So, somebody out there hire my mama!!!


The candle is one for National Homeless Animal Day. Please, if you can, adopt a homeless one, or give to your local shelter. All the animals thank you. Lots of us were homeless once, too.



August 18, 2006

Friday again

Oh boy. It has been cool today, but a little muggy. Win some, lose some, mama says. Still no sign of Mr. Squirrel.

Another jobbie sent Mama an email saying they hired someone else. She is sad again.

Her bean nursie asked the insurance company about the medicine that insurance denied her, and the insurance said they have no "contract" with that medicine. So the bean nursie is going to check with the doctor next week about it. Mama's doctor is currently out of town. When he gets back he can decide what other meds she can take in replacement of that med. He knows her better than the other doctors there. Whew. Complicated! No wonder she has had a headache for the last two days!

Mama gotted some veggie meat when she went to the food shelf, and she said it is furry good. But I haven't gotted to try it yet. Hmmm.

It arrived in a plastic bag, with no name, so she doesn't know what brand it is. She said she would buy it when she has money again if she knew what it was.

The bags she brought home have some other stuff she said I might like. Like some stew. That sounds good. Beans? No, mama, yuck. Mushroom soup. Yumm. Tomato soup. No, that's one of mama's favorites. I'll be nice and let her have that. Bread. Nope. Veggies? Nope. Oh, well.

I'll stick with Alley Cat, Friskies, and Temptations, I guess.

Love to all,

August 17, 2006

Thursday Update

Okay. Firstest, I would like to thank the Crew's mama for her suggestion about Craig's List. Thank you, thank you. That is the latest helpful thing that has been given us. Not to mention all of your purrayers and good thoughts and love and money for the rent and toys and stuff for me. Oreo's mom is to be commended (right word, mom?) for all her help, too. We put Craig's List on our jobbie looking list. Yeah!

Rainy day today, and I have been napping a lot. Mama gaved me special rubbies this morning for being a good nursie to her, and treaties. She is upset that the medical insurance won't pay for one of her druggies she needs, but has called and left a message with her doctor to see if there is another one that they would pay for.

No new interviews for her. Sigh.

I am worried about Mr. Squirrel. Still no sign of him. And the Chitterer is still not talking about it.

I had trouble getting on to blogger today to do this update. Mrowwwww!

Love to you all.


August 16, 2006

This is Wednesday

Mama went out this morning with one of her friends and they wented to the food shelf. Mama shared the food with her friend, who is retired and doesn't have a lot of money for stuff. They went to the dollar store and spent a little money, too, on food. The food shelf gave mama skabetti sause, and she found skabetti really cheap at the dollar store (59 cents, she said). She said she has been hungry for skabetti. So she was happy today. Until... the beans at the mansion sent her a letter saying they hired someone else. And there are no interviews this week. And we checked before we came to my blog, and there were no new jobs listed. Mama is getting sad again. I'm gonna check the other blogs and go help her not be sad.

Love, brandi

August 14, 2006

Hello, it's Monday

Monday and all is quiet. The sun is shining. The Chitterer is still not talking about Mr. Squirrel. The birds are happy. Lots of good napping to do... The phone rang a couple of times today, but it was just friends of mama. No jobbies. And she's already checked today's listings, and no jobs to apply for. Sigh.

She shared her sandwich at lunch, though!


There is this tag game going on, and everyone knows the rules and almost everyone has played, so, since we have been tagged a couple of times, I will tell you 5 things about me:

1. Shhh. I am afraid of real mousies. Please don't tell.
2. No belly rubs hardly at all. Pats are okay.
3. I purr very quietly.
4. When I was a kitten, I would not eat anything given me by hand. Boy, has that changed.
5. I hate collars, and get rid of them as fast as I can. Mama has given up on them. Yeah.

And about my mama:

1. She doesn't like real mousies either. What a pair we are.
2. She reads too much. We need more pay attention to me time.
3. We need a daddy. More attention time for me.
4. Sometimes she forgets she's a diabetic. Bad mama!
5. She hates to clean.

Anyone who hasn't played and would like to, go ahead.

Love, brandi

August 13, 2006

Rainy Day

Mama went to the coffee house today and left me all alone all afternoon. She said she finished her book and drank a mocha latte. Is that like the kitty Latte?? Or Mocha?? Oh, yeah, it's a coffee drink. Whew! Thanks for xplaining that, mom!

It rained all afternoon, and I couldn't share that with her. Hmmm. She did give me part of her sandwich before she left, though. So I can't be totally mad. Hamm and turkey. Yumm. And lovely naps all afternoon....

She came home and job hunted, and only found a couple of jobs to apply for. Sigh. But we'll keep searching.

Have a lovely night, all. I have to catch up on some blogs!

Love you all,


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August 11, 2006

100th posting

Hello. Hopefully there will be a picture with this, if Blogger behaves! This is our 100th post! We started this in February of this year. And our very 1st day we had the following commenters:

Crew's Views
Mia and Ghost
Whippy Curly Tales in the Toasty South

Thank you all for making this fun. And, in the last couple of months, for helping us survive a really bad time in our lives. Mama has gotten much needed money to pay the rent and not get evicted, and I have got a lot of mousies and stuff. And, oh, we reaally needed the love that has been shown us. Really, really, thank you all for your best wishes and purrayers. You have no idea how much that has helped us maintain a more positive outlook in dark dark times.

We will continue to blog, and hopefully there are better times ahead.

Today Mama received word from the blood place they didn't want her. Cross another off the list. Sigh.

p.s. Please say a purrayer for little Lucas (Prince Diaper). He was sent to the Rainbow Bridge after his health really went down hill. The ladybeans did everything they could, but they had to send him to the Bridge when he was really suffering. Goodbye, sweet boy. Be happy at the Bridge.

August 8, 2006

99th Posting

Whoa! This is my 99th posting! I guess I better make it good.

The weather here has been much more nice. Drier, cooler, in the mid 80's. Mornings it has been a lot cooler, too.

Yesterday mama let me try some Key Lime Yogurt. It was good. Really. I didn't get sick or anything. Then I gotted a whole can of Fancy Feast, but I couldn't eat it all. And I just don't like it the second day, cause mama offered it to me this morning. Yuck.

This morning we had playtime with all my mousies and my pink heart. It was fun.

Mr. Squirrel has been missing for a couple of days, but his young friend is around. The Chitterer has not said where Mr. Squirrel is. Hmm.

Mama's been doing better the last day or so. But still no job offers!!

Thank you for all your kind thoughts. Keep us in your purrayers... :-)

I tried to upload a picture (not of me, sorry, but soon) but blogger won't let me. :-(

August 6, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

Just wanted to update you a little. Mama has not been feeling well this weekend, and we are working hard doing nursie duties. Mama's diabetes is out of wack right now, and she is trying to get healthier. She thinks it is all this stress from being unemployed and the heat and worrying about bills and stuff.

After we finish this, we are checking out some of the other kitties who blog, and then mama is going to job hunt for awhile. If we haven't splained it before, she is an administrative assistant and that is what she is hunting for. That, and a combo of reception and admin assist, so that she has more options.

The park is full of people this weekend. There are at least 3 art fairs going on this weekend, but mama is staying home. There are two in different parks, and a big one called the Uptown Art Fair.

Bet all the animals are hiding from all the noise and stuff.

Take care of your beans, and stay cool.


p.s. Mama's job hunting is kinda limited, in a way, cause we don't have a car monster. She has to be able to bus to the interviews and to the job when she is hired. That rules out some nice places to work, I guess. But we applied to a couple new places today. And when she thinks of a place that's close or on a bus line she checks their internal postings.

August 4, 2006

Another Friday Night

Well, today is almost over. Mama didn't hear from any one about her interviews. She went to the one today. It was in an old mansion, but she only saw the entrance and one room. But she said it was really beautiful. The interview was short, and the ladybean said that it would be a while before they would have second interviews. Mama doesn't think they will call her, after such a short interview. They could have done it over the phone it was so short.

Mama isn't feeling well, so I am playing nursie real hard. So, we are going to read some of your blogs and then I am back to nursie duty.

August 3, 2006

Thursday already

Hello! It may be a little humid out, but the temperature now is 85. 85, not 101. Big difference. Hope everyone else gets a little rain and a little cooler weather. It IS 85, but at night is fairly cool. The birds and Mr. Squirrel are soooo much happier. I still sleep a lot, but I play a little with my new toys, too. Just don't have a good appetite. I can't wait for fall!! a squillion zillion naps from now!

When mama camed home the other day she had a phone interview, and then another call yesterday from someone else for a real live interview on Friday. And guess what. It is 4 blocks from home, she said! Wow.

So she goes to another interview tomorrow morning. I just wish someone would just hire her. The clinic has never called back. No one else has either. She got a couple of rejection emails, but those were for other jobs she applied for and never got called for.

Mama has been very tired lately with the heat and all, and I hope she's taking care of herself. I remind her to drink lots of water, and to eat properly. Still have to take care of her, I guess. A nursie's job is never done.

August 2, 2006

Wednesday already!

Mama has been too tired to let me blog the last couple of days. Monday was HOT. 101 degrees. She took a frozen block of icewater to her interview, and when she camed back it was just sort of cool water. The interview went well, though, she said. She went to bed early, very tired cause of the heat.

Then yesterday she had another one, at the blood bank. She said that went well, and she had to take a test and she did furry well on it. She was one day short of being able to GIVE blood, though, cause she asked. Oh, and it rained and rained yesterday, and cooled off. Yeah!!

After mama did the jobby thing she took her EBT card and went to the grocery store, and brought some foodies home. No hamm though. I tried to snuggle with her when she gotted home, but she had a phone call to make, and it was a jobbie interview. Another one. Over the phone. Afterwards, she snuggled with me. :-)

She was tired last night, but we did play with the pink heart I got. I loves it, it has my stinky and my hairs all over it! Thank you, Grr, Midnight, Cocoa and Karen!

And, Oreo gaved me a secret paws pressie! Wow. The feather toy is fun. And Temptations and Fancy Feast. And mousies. I have soooo many mousies to play with. Thank you!!!!

Now if only someone will hire mama, we will be soo much better.

Thank you everyone who has helped us. We are only a little short for July's rent, and all the utilities are paid up to date. Much better place than where we were. We thank you for all your assistance, and wouldn't be here without all of your purrayers and help. And, I love all my pressies!! Thank you for the foodies and the toys and the nip and all the love. Especially the love.

brandi. and mama, Carol