December 24, 2013

Meowy Catmouse

for all our friends, 
love and peace
QUINN, Carol, and Angels (Suki, Sasha, brandi)

December 15, 2013

Another Easy Sunday

Oh, dear. Another week has gone by. And the Mommy hasn't let me blog. Well, yes, she was busy. Insurants problems, cleaning, and she had to see the human v-e-t and she just wasn't feeling that great (but I was here giving her lovies).
I have about eleben-hundred blogs to read. And Mommy has a list of stuff she wants to do today. Yikes!
But I will try to catch up on some of you. Promise.  I even have an award from Nissy.
All of you please have a sweet Easy Sunday.
Even if you have to sit on your humans so they can have one too.
And stay warm!
It's way below freezing outside here, but at least the sunbeams are warm! 
Glad I'm an indoor kitty!

December 8, 2013

Easy Sunday

It's cold.
It's snowing.
Nuff said.
Keep warm, sweet friends!
Have a lovely Easy Sunday!

December 7, 2013

Some Good, Some Bad

It is COLD OUT! It was below 0 F. this morning!! Yes the sun was out, and that was nice for me (I'm indoors, and sunpuddles are sunpuddles), but for anyone going outside (some have to do stuff like buy their animals foods or go to work to get the green papers to go get the foods, so we feel sorry for them) is CRAZY.
PLEASE ADOPT and NEUTER so that more animals can be safe in these horrible weathers, hot or cold!
I will jump off my soap box (really, mommy, do they have soap boxes and where can I get a real one and besides, who would want to leave a nice box except maybe for dinner) now.
We do have some bad and good news.  First the bad:
Mommy could not afford her insurants and got behind.  The peoples at the insurants called her and said they were cancelling her. She called someplace named Medicare and they gave her information on what to do. Very technical information, and she never worked in insurance so she was kinda lost. Then she called someplace named Senior Linkage and they were VERY helpful.
Now the good news:
She no longer has medicare advantage insurants. And lots of things aren't covered.  Like the glasses she needs and the dental work and walkers and some medical supplies. BUT.
No copays for doctors, including specialists. The premiums (what she pays every month) are a lot less than what she was trying to pay before. And the drugs she needs are not quite half of what she has been paying! Thank goodness.  Maybe now she can stop agonizing so much over groceries and bills.
Oh, there is still some bad news.  She still needs to pay off what she owes. Yuck!!
All this has been the last couple of days.  She was crying for hours as she tried to find out what to do. And if you are in Minnesota, the Senior Linkage line is a great resource for older peoples.  They listened to my mom. They helped her. They even stayed on the line while she was connected to the insurants plan she chose. They had her calm and hopeful and she even smiled!
Like I stated before, good and bad stuff.  Now if they could only do something about the cold.....
ps. I want to find out what hamm pizza tastes like some day. Maybe there is a chance????

December 3, 2013

A Different Take on Tuesday

As usual, Mommy and I have taken most of the morning to do things other than blog.  But one of the things we did was READ some blogs, so I think that's okay.
It started snowing yesterday. And today. So mommy did try to catch snowflakes with her camera, but I don't really think she did.  She said some of the snowflakes were big and fluffy, the size of a silver dollar or bigger!
Khyra, please come back and play in our lovely snow!!!
I think she's done now!
And, no, I don't have snowshoes on! I'm an indoor kitty!! And it's Toesie Tuesday!

December 2, 2013

Monday Mutterings

Hope those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving had a good one. And those of you who are celebrating Hanukkah continue to celebrate the Lights.
Mommy's turkey was good.  She had cornbread stuffing, which she had never made before, and gee, she only set off the smoke detector once (and broke her favorite cup running to the kitchen).  There was no fire or anything. Just too warm with the oven on that long, I think. So we spent the last hour or two of cooking with two windows open!
Yes, this is ours.  Looks burnt, doesn't it? Well, mommy took all the skin off of it, cause she doesn't like that part. So inside the skin it was yummy.
So were the sweet potatoes.
Mommy said the pan she had didn't fit in her oven right, and the oven door didn't close all the way, so that's why she set off the alarm. Uh-huh.
She isn't going to be home for part of today, has to run an errand. NOW who's out of toilet paper, Mommy? You??? Tee hee. That's the errand!
She wishes it was something more exciting than t.p., but that's all she can afford.  I hope she at least gets some coffee or something for herself. It's hard watching all the festivities when you can't do anything but get essentials.
This is the time of year when people go crazy spending money. And those who can't, well, it's kinda hard. If any of you can help us, we would appreciate it. But those of you who can't, that's okay.  Spend something on your loved ones and local shelters and charities, instead.  But please don't overspend. That only leads to unhappiness, not joy.
Mommy has a wish list.  But that's all it is.  It's the same list she has had for several years.  I know some of the rest of you know how that feels.
Well, anyway, I am going to snooze a bit and wait for mommy to come home. Have a safe and warm rest of the week. It's gonna start snowing here any time... and get colder!!