September 30, 2006

Saturday Fun

***You Are: 40% Dog, 60% Cat***
You and cats have a lot in common. You're both smart and in charge - with a good amount of attitude.However, you do have a very playful side that occasionally comes out!
Are You More Cat or Dog?
So much for mama.
Oh my, before I forget, please visit Sir Sidney's blog. He is new and ladies, he is very hansome!! We haven't found out if he's got a girlfriend yet!

September 29, 2006

Friday News

Well, mama had her interview. I sat on her for the whole thing so she wouldn't be nervous or anything. And I think she did fine! The manbean sounded nice, and said that she would have to do a phone interview with the director of human resources and then meet the CEO for an interview. Whew. But then the director of human resources didn't call her back. Hmm. Maybe she left for the weekend??? So mama wented out for her medications from the clinic. She was gone for squillions of naps, too. She said she sat in the coffee house with some pumpkin spice latte and read her book. She is reading one about a cat! How intelligent a pick is that! Thank you, Sue, she said. And Meowers from Missouri, her mama was a norwegian lutheran. She said you would know what THAT means.

So, she was gone till it got kinda dark out, and I had to catch up on scritchies and headrubbies, and tell her my octopus is missing. She didn't find it, either. And my pink heart is gone too. Do they get tired of me playing with them and hide cause they wanna rest??? Hmm.

Anyway, it did rain when mama was out and she didn't have to walk in the rain on the way home. Not that she minds rain. But she did have a nice long walk to the clinic and from the coffee house home (the coffee house is on the same block as the clinic). And her back is finally doing lots better.

So the weekend is here. Hope everyone takes care. Purrayers for the ones who need them, and gentle headbumpies and purrs to you all.


September 28, 2006

More News

Not a bad day today, a little cool. Mama gotted a weird call from somebody who saw her resume on Monster and said they would "keep her in mind"??? And another call from somewhere she applied yesterday. They set up a phone interview for tomorrow morning. It's a job that is a "big stretch" for mama. Not something she has really done before in a big way, but she has a little experience in. It is close to home, a nationally established company, but she says a "big stretch" means its more in depth and with more control over things than she has ever had. She would be an "administrator/assistant" for a CEO. Whew.

After the interview she has to go to the clinic cause they have some medicines for her. It is going to be cold and rainy tomorrow. Brr. I bet she stops for coffee on the way home! Or has some waiting for her here!

My pink heart has been missing for a couple of days. Mama found it by the couch in the living room. Yeah!!!


September 27, 2006

Rainy Day and Some Sad News to Share

Lots of nappies today. On and off rain and sunshine. Blah. Did get lots of rubbies and attention today. Even Temptations--chicken, my favorite! And I got the brush, too! Lots of itchies to take care of, ya know!

No notice from the bank jobbie. Yuck! Come on and call! Mama started at another search engine (toot, toot?) and applied to two more jobbies today. It's called Monster. Sounds devious!



Rainbow Bridge Update

Say goodbye to little Ullrick in Sweden as he speeds his way to the Rainbow Bridge. He had been with us for too short a time, and was so ill in such a short time that his mama and sister are in shock and miss him so much already.

September 26, 2006


Ooh, it was nice today. Sunny spots this afternoon to sleep in, Mr. Squirrel and his lady AND Chitterer were all together and visiting up a storm out back with all us kitties. The birdies were out. A very nice day! And rain is coming tomorrow....

No news about any jobbies. Makes mama a little anxious and worried. And her back still hurties. I sit on her a lot.

Off to catch up on the other bloggers!



September 25, 2006

Another Monday

Lots of nappies today. I got stinky goodness really early this morning! No news about jobbies or interviews. Mama's back still hurties. That's why I got the stinky goodness early. Mama had trouble sleeping. Oh, and for an excellent translation of Luna's being found, please go to the Meowers of Missouri's blog.


September 24, 2006

Some Excellent News!


September 22, 2006

The Interview

It was dark and rainy and chilly and I curled up in a ball and slept through most of the day. Mr. Squirrel was running around looking very wet this afternoon. His lady friend must have been keeping dry somewhere, cause she wasn't around. He didn't stay out back too long, either.

Oh, and last night mama shared her chicken with me. Yummm.

Oh, the interview? It was waaay up in the corporate tower of the bank. The manbean did most of the talking. He was very nice. She met two of the other administrative assistants on that floor. And she is not sure how well she did. She will find out hopefully by next Wednesday. She knows she looked very nice and presentable, especially with her new glasses. Everyone there was dressed for casual Friday, including the manbean. He is a senior vice president and covers several areas, including a similar area like mama used to work for before her last jobbie. She just honestly can't figure this interview out. We will have to wait and see.

There. That's all I know. Cept mama went to Target with a gift card (thank you!) after the interview and brought back two huge bags of food and stuff. Mostly food. They had a sale on soup, so that is some of what she bought. She likes it for lunches. I get the cans to lick after she puts the soup in the microwave. Yum. And I know I saw bread, and peanut butter. And a bunch of other food for mama. It's not like going to the grocery store, but sometimes they have sales on stuff, like the soup, so even though she can't buy fresh veggies and stuff, she can stock up on other good stuff.

Another box came for me yesterday, and it was foodies for me. Wow! Lots of canned foods and Temptations from California. And the day before it was some stuff for me from Edsel and his mom, and some nice stuff for mama, too. That was really nice for her. We are soo grateful for all the help we have been given, and all the purrayers and good thoughts. Next week we will be able to pay our rent up to date, but will not be able to pay all the utilities. But being up to date with the rent is a good feeling! That's what we decided to pay first.

Gotta go. We will check in tomorrow.

Hope your weekend isn't as wet as ours probably will be!


September 21, 2006

I told her so...

I did. I told mama the bank would call. And they DID. Today! She has an interview tomorrow afternoon! And she has her nice new glasses (for that professional look). I could hardly wait to tell everyone! They called around lunchtime, and I was sitting on mama for the whole conversation. Yeah! I knew they would call.

Other than that, it's been chilly and rainy here, and I have been napping a lot (sometimes on mama).

Blogger is going to go down, so I am going to be brief. I may come back later. I will definitely update you all tomorrow on the interview!


September 20, 2006

New Glasses

Well, mama got her new glasses today. She took her back pillow with her, and she said she was glad she did, cause on the ride home she hurted a lot. No one called while she was out today except the mailman, and I'm not allowed to answer anyway.

It was really pretty out, and kinda cool but the sun was warm, so it was a good day today for me. Mama said she thought it was nice out, too. And I think we got rain coming the rest of the week! Mr. Squirrel was out and about today with his lady friend, and Chitterer was out back, too. And lots of birdies came by. Very very nice day. Pretty fall. Hope your day was as nice.


September 19, 2006

Chilly Tuesday

I have had to sit on mama a lot today. But not cause it's chilly, even though it's nice to be able to snuggle with her when she has one of her blankies, and not cause she didn't get the jobbie at Olivia's office (they sent her an email!). Last night she hurted her back. Right now with no insurance, there is not much she can do. Keep it warm. Relax. That's where I come in! She did get a short phone interview with the bank (told you) and they will call her by Friday if they want to interview her. I bet they do!

Nothing else going on. Just chilly, and snuggly. Mama gets to go to the eye place tomorrow, and cause of her back she is getting a ride instead of having to ride the bus.

That's it. That's all the news.



September 18, 2006

Rainy Day Monday

Well, the office with the kitties did not call today, either. :-(

The law office that mama applied to a couple of weeks ago (not the one in the mansion), called to let her know that she didn't get the job. Well, duh! She figured that out when they never called her back. The lady bean said she had great skills, but someone else had better.


Rainy and cooler today. Lots of nappies. I had to remind mama that I needed water this afternoon. I meowed and meowed, and she finally got it. Gee, Mom. Way to take forever to figure out that I was saying "Water, fill my water!"

Nothing else going on. Just dark and gloomy.


September 17, 2006

Sunday Report

Well, if the jobbie doesn't want my mama, they are crazy. And Olivia is missing out on a really nice lady bean to work with!

Mama has applied for several more jobs today. She found a better website and found four jobs there and two with the newspaper on line. Two of them are with the bank that she had two interviews with before, so maybe thats lucky. We move on.

So many parties this weekend. Charlie and Ayla and Skeezix, you all had marvelous parties to attend. Thank you for the good times. I am glad mama let me attend. I get so wrapped up in nursing mama and helping her sometimes that it is good to play sometimes.

Today I have been napping a lot, and letting mama work on her job searches and applying. This morning I had a little fight with my octopus. No, the playing kind, with my feet and my mouth. Then I took off and did some running through the partment.

I have not forgotten MomToni, of the Calico Girls, and I will be adding my purrayers for her operation and speedy recovery.

A new week begins.


September 15, 2006

Friday Night

Mama says this is a cute picture! Ok, so it shows my front paws all curled and some of my pretty belly fur. And my red octopus. Can't seem to get the eyes right, but the fur is better, more like me. And you can see the pretty spot between my eyes. But not my bib. Oh, well. I even put it and one of my other pictures on Catster :-)

No news about the jobbie today. Mama waited and waited. I guess maybe they hired someone else. Mama is sad about that :-(

Nothing else going on. It was warm today. Took lots of naps in the sun in the window.

When mama gets a job she says I can have a party. With tuna water and hamm pizza and Temptations and fevers and mousies and music, too. Woo who! No alcohol, though. And niptinis only for the responsible puddies. No over indulgence will be allowed, or all nip will be removed. Whew. But necessary to look out for the younger ones.

Off to other blogs (and I think a party or two?),

Love, brandi

September 14, 2006

Another Thursday, with no news about the job

That's right. No calls today except from a couple friends of mama. The jobbie hasn't called back. That could be a problem. Mama is going to wait until tomorrow, and is not planning on going anywhere until the evening, tomorrow, in case they call.

She wants to be able to work with Olivia. With all the kitties out in the internet pulling for us, wouldn't this be sort of kismet or something? If mama gets the jobbie, she will take a picture of Olivia and post it here! And sneak her whatever her favorite treats are. Every day.

About her glasses. She founded a place that will give her a eye exam (a test to see how good she sees), and glasses for no charge. Xcept she won't have much choice as to the frames, and she says they might be a little mad at her cause her lenses are trifokal, and that is more work for them. She might have to pay some. And then, we will be behind again. *Sigh*

Wet weather coming, and then cooler. Was very nice today. Mama even turned one of the fans on.

I'm gonna check out my friends' blogs and then let my mama use the computer. My friends are listed to the right, by the way. We love you all.


September 13, 2006

Back to warm weather

Yes, we are back to warm weather. Sposed to be in the eighties Thursday and Friday, and then Rain again and cooler. Wish the weather would make up its mind! Mr. Squirrel and his lady friend were here today. She's getting to know the area, and is not as afraid of all us kitties here. The Chitterer was here, too, but all alone. I think he's jealous of Mr. Squirrel. Well, no one likes to be alone. I kinda feel for him.

Mama has not heard anything yet about the job. Still hoping. Ooh, I am purraying so hard! I hope Olivia sends good thoughts about her to the beanbosses!

Mama has pre-per-skrip-shun glasses and the frames is all broke. Right now she is wearing an old pair of glasses that give her headaches. They are way out of date, but at least she can see most things. She really can't see without her tri-fokals. She has an appointment for next Wednesday.

I really want that hamm pizza, mama! And you beanbosses, she would be perfect for your company! Olivia liked her!

She should know by Friday. I hope the answer is yes, cause we deserve to go back to normal around here!

September 12, 2006

The Interview

We could hardly wait to tell about what happened to mama yesterday. First, she didn't get a job yet. So no celebrating. But this is the story:

The bus let her off right in front of the building. That was nice. When she opened the door there were a few steps. As she started up, the receptionist/administrative assistant (who is leaving Friday) said hello, and gave her a job description. Then the official greeter came. She was suave, sofisticated, beautiful, soft spoken, and her name was Olivia. And mama says she loves scritchies. That's right. Olivia is a cat! They have not one butTWO office cats! Olivia liked mama. Of course. My mama is furry nice. Mama didn't get to meet the other cat. The other one was kinda laid back (I think it was nappie time, myself).

When the two beans came out to get her for the interview, they said they hoped the cat didn't bother her, and she said, no, she has one at home.

They didn't shake hands very well. Mama said a good handshake is important. She talked to them about a half hour about her job history, and then the subject of the cats was brought up. It seems that one of the beans has four cats at home that were homeless and adopted him. And they have the office cats. So mama told them about her being adopted by me.

After the interview they shook hands again, only this time they were nice firm handshakes. She said even if they don't hire her, she is glad she got to meet Olivia.

The other thing about yesterday is that after she came home, mama broke the other side of her glasses, and she can't get the assistance for new ones until next Wednesday. That is the furry bad news.

But wasn't the office story neat?? Office cats! And a beanboss that loves cats!

I hope she gets that job. I won't even be jealous of Olivia.

Is this a sign????

September 11, 2006

September 10, 2006

I got an Honor!

Lookie, lookie. Here's my furry first honor! I am now an honorary Hot(M)BC Catizen! Bean Robyn and her owners have givin me this distinguished award. It's sooo cool and such an honor to be considered a part of their family! They are the coolest cats, and the nicest BeanMom!

Maybe more later today.


My mama has an interview tomorrow at noon, so please cross your paws and purray or think good thoughts. We will attempt to do a 9/11 tribute tomorrow if blogger lets us, in which case we will report back on Tuesday.

September 8, 2006

Rainy Friday

We has good news and bad news. First the bad news, to get it out of the way: The nice beans who could possibly get glasses for mama never called back yet. :-( So no new glasses yet.

The good news: Mama has another interview next Monday. Broken glasses or not.

That's it. Just a rainy dark day, just right for snoozin away. That's all I have been doing. Haven't seen Mr. Squirrel today. The birdies have not been flying around too much out back. Boring and quiet.

Oh, mama did want to say thank you to everybody. This is the first time in three months we have been up to date on some of our xpenses. Mama is sleeping a lot better. There still is so much--medicines, glasses, a loan to pay off, a credit card, food. And the nicer stuff like a new vacuum cleaner (yuck), new clothes for a new job, she wants a spot bot, new furniture--well, some time in the future. But for now, we appreciate having a roof over our heads and lectricity!

Fall is coming. Snuggle weather is coming.


September 7, 2006

Thursday Morning, with update

Yes, mama is going to be gone this morning. Errands. She better give me treatsies first!

Anyway, it is supposed to be a very nice day. So she can enjoy the nice weather outside, and I will enjoy it inside. I plan lots of lovely nappies today in nice sunny spots.

Thanks for the nice compliments *kitty blush*

Someday mama will get the pictures right....

If anything special happens today, I will update.

Be safe,


p.s. All the monies we gotted (including from Oreo's mama) have been turned over to the rent and to the bank. We are waiting for a call about the glasses thingy. And the utilities are going to be up to date by next week. Oh, and mama camed home today with a few groceries. That was nice. Except no hamm. But there is hamm in the frigerator, so that is okay.

Mama said there was a dead mousie in the hallway outside our partment when she camed home today. I didn't do it. I don't like real mousies. Only my toy ones. And my octopus. And my pink heart.

The weatherbean said rain tomorrow, and cooler this weekend. Snuggle weather! Yeah!

love, brandi

Below is an updated picture better than the washed out one. Mama did it with photo editor to make it not so washed out. She is trying to get my furs to be pretty like they really are. I am not fat. Just foofy. I promise. Maybe.

September 6, 2006

The picture's kinda dark. Makes me look almost a black tuxie (not that I don't love black tuxies, of course, sillies). But mama wanted to show more detail on my face. It does have a lovely sheen, though, huh? And can you see the pink heart I like to lay on?

Mama saw the landlord today. Some monies arrived in the mail after he talked to her, so she is going to pay the rest of the rent tomorrow!

Yes, we are late again, but we are up to date! Yeah!! So now we can concentrate on utilities and food for the month. And maybe those new glasses. Oh, my, is my mama happy. Tomorrow she is going to run errands. She has to pick up some medicine that medical assistants decided to pay for, and I think she needs to go to the bus place and replace a bus card that doesn't work properly.

I think she should take the camera with her and take some outdoor pictures for practice. I really am tired of the flashies.

Lovely day at home today. Lots of my favorite chicken Temptations (okay she spoiled me, but she had hamm for lunch and I missed it again, till the tale end of the sandwich), and sunny naps, and Mr. Squirrel and his lady came to visit. I was on my best behavior, so she didn't get frightened.

Love to you all,

September 5, 2006

Beautiful day

Nothing new, no jobbies for mama. Beautiful day. Mr. Squirrel visited without his lady friend. Sunspots and nappies. I lost my pink heart for a while. I know it was on the footstool with my red octopus, and then suddenly it wasn't. I don't carry it arround, so I wondered where it could be. I like to lay my head on it. Mama found it under the footstool. How'd it get there??

Absolutely nothing going on, just a beautiful day. Not too warm, cozy. Warm nappies. Tomorrow mama goes out on some errands I think.

Please somebody, call her for a jobbie???

Thank you all for the compliments for my pictures. I do have a pretty spot, and nice white paws and a nice white bib. You just don't see efurrything in the pictures.

She can't figure out how come it is so washed out when she takes pictures in one room, and too dark in the other.

She needs help. But I suppose she'll figure it out. *sigh*


September 4, 2006

photo update

As you can see, there is no photo. Or photos. Right now mama hasn't said any bad words, but she can't get the camera to download into the computer. She is going to rest for a while and think about this. She installed the program (twice), and hooked up the cable to the USB port, turned on the camera and....nothing. If you can help. please do.

Stay tuned for updates. :-P


new update. Got a couple of not so good pictures (thanks mama), but blogger isn't uploading them. THEY ARE COMING! At least one of them. When ever blogger lets me. Whew, I'm excited. Mama has only been working on this for squillions of naps!
This is the most unattractive picture, mama! It looks like I am winking or something! It shows my furs as darker and not as silver as they are. But we made it, and here is the first look at(sort of, *sigh*) what I look like.

Ok, now I look washed out. Can we get this right, mama?

Mama will keep working on this.

September 3, 2006

Holiday Weekend

Hi, everybody. Hope you are doing okay this weekend. It is raining here. Lots of nappies!

Mama had a good and bad day yesterday. She broked her glasses, so she called a friend and they went to the mall to the glasses place. The beans there said they couldn't fix them. It was the ear thingy. So they shrink wrapped the broken earpiece on with plastic. She tried a bunch of glasses on while she waited. And wished she could just buy a pair, but she can't. And the glasses look kinda dumb, now, but what can she do? She has a number of a place that may be able to help her, and she will call on Tuesday. I guess that is bad and good.

The other thing they did was get a free makeover, just for fun. Mama's face sure smelled funny when she came home! Good for her, but yucky for me, until she washed it all off! Yucky smells!

Oh, and the pictures. I think they are coming. I've had just about enough flashies! She says they are too small to see if she got anything good, but she keeps trying. She said she is a little afraid to put them on the computer, and that is next, and then getting them on blogger.

Our puter is old, so she has to hook stuff up on the back of the hard drive, instead of the front which is easier. We hope to succeed!

Hope you all are having fun with your beans this weekend!

More later.


September 1, 2006

News, news, news

Not a jobbie. But good stuff.

1. Lynne sent mama some stuff in the mail. Thank you thank you.
2. Charlotte send me stuff in the mail. Friskies, and treatsies and LITTER. And a mousie just like my lavender one, and sparkle balls, and a toy for the door. And an OCTOPUS. A red and white one!
3. Debra sent us a digital camera. So, before the weekend is up, we will try to put some up here so you can see my sweet face! Yeah!!
4. Mama is in the process of getting some free medicines. Right now she has enough for at least a month. Whew!
5. She passed the audit for unemployment this morning. Yeah.

We wish we could go to our church for help, but last time we asked for help they tolded my mama to go away, and she has never been back.

Thank you all for helping my mama feel so much better. And remember, if all does go well this weekend, we will have pictures!

Love to you all, and be safe this holiday weekend.

brandi and Carol