December 31, 2009


Well, it's that time of year when the beans reflect on the past stuff and make resolutions to do better in the future. Some beans get drunk about the whole thing. Hrrmpff!
It has been an ok year.  We have a nice place to live.  We have some nice bloggie friends. I have my mama and she has me.  I also have one of the nicest boyfriendcats around. I guess my reflections on past stuff is a lot of thankful stuff. So my resolutions have to do with having the same next year.
No need for drunkeness, right? Just dreams of another nice year.
See you next year, all my friends.
Keep safe. If your beans drink, make sure they leave their keys at home!
A little catnip is ok.
Oh, I forgot: find someplace nice and safe from the fireworks tonight!

December 30, 2009

Wednesday Words

It's snowy today.  More nappies, I guess. It's also grocery day, and delivery day for kitty stuff.  We have a service in town that delivers litter and foodies and stuff and they don't charge for delivery! So mama buys big bags of litter once a month, and every other month, litter bags. I don't care for their food (I like my dry Friskies, they don't have it) but I think they have some of my favorite stinky goodness.  But mama gets that stuff from the  regular store herself.
One of the things that grocery day will bring is batteries. Why is it you haven't seen my face for a while? Camera batteries!! I promise more pictures soon.
Mama wasn't feeling very well yesterday, with her my-grain, but she is better today.  So grocery day commences.
See ya latter!
brandi and the Squillions and the VSquilliion.  We're a Fambly!

December 27, 2009

It actually was sunny part of today.  The rest of the day was snowy

and gloomy. Good nappie weather!
 love, brandi, Fraxie, Maxie and little Paxie

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas~

even if you are not of Christian faith, it is a beautiful story.
with love from
brandi, Fraxie, Maxie and Paxie
Happy Holidays

December 22, 2009

Tuesday Winter Storm Watch

Yup.  A storm watch.  Just in time for Chrissymouse! Good for Chrissymouse, bad for beans who are traveling. Here is something to cheer you all up.  It's mama's very favorite carol:

Keep safe, those of you who are traveling! And, no, we don't know who the Moores are. We just liked the purrty light show.  God rest ye, merry gentlecats and beans!

December 21, 2009

Early Pressie!

Yes! Fraxie and Maxie (and me, of course) gotted an early Chrissymouse pressie.  We gotted a little sister named Paxie!

Now Maxie isn't the little sister any more (which she likes) and we have a purple VSquillion (which I like), and Fraxie has someone new to train (which she's good at) and Paxie has a new home and three sisters (which she is excited about).
The weather today is kinda blah, but this made up for it.
**dance dance dance** We have a new sister. We have a new sister. **dance dance dance*

with love,
brandi, Fraxie, Maxie, and our new little sister, Paxie,
who just arrived in time for Chrissymouse

December 20, 2009

Sunday Stuff

It's not exactly Sunny today, but it is warmer. We are anxiously awaiting Chrissymouse.  We have a couple more videos to play if you like.  We're having a hard time trying to post them, however. Here's one (we hope):

Yea!It worked. Mama sang this version in her high school glee club a squillion years ago. Enjoy

December 19, 2009

Christmas Spirit!

Mama loves these Celtic Women! We'll put more on.

December 18, 2009

Friday Update

Well, mama cancelled her pointments and meeting on Tuesday.  But she was on the phone all afternoon fixing her nshurants again. She gotted it fixed, and the nice clinic called her to see if she was doing okay.  After the nshurants got settled, yes she was. It was smart of her to cancel cause it was sooo cold on Tuesday.
Wednesday we mailed our pressie to my Sugar Pie, in hopes that it gets to him by Chrissymouse.
Thursday mama wented to a short meeting about our partment.
That catches you all up.  Today mama has some more phone calls to make.  Tomorrow is grocery day.
And, oh yes.  The sun is shining today (yea) so far. And it is a bit warmer out, but not much.
Today I climbed up on mama's side when she was sleeping. It woked her up when she decided to turn, cause I digged in a little.  Just a little.
lots of purrs for all and a big nosekiss for my sweetie,

December 15, 2009

Tuesday Toesies

Mama finally got a toesie picture! But only one foot--tee hee!

Mama gotta go outside today, and there are windchill advisories! Sounds really bad. Hope she is ok. She has lots of standing around and waiting for busses to do. She has her boots and hat and scarf and gloves all ready to go.

December 13, 2009

Sunday Snooze

Sunny. 14 degrees. Time to nap.
 Hope you all have many good Sunday Snoozies today.
And don't forget Dolce's Story Chair begins today.

December 12, 2009

Traffic Jam!

This is actually a picture from Wednesday. We had pictures of the snow, but mama didn't choose this one. Thern she thought differently. We had a traffic jam on our side street! There is seldom more than two or three cars on this street at a time.  Mama just had to take a picture, as this was really unusual, and she decided it had to be posted.
It has been very cold here, but improving a little.
They predict a very cold day on Tuesday.  That's the day mama has to take her three busses to the doctor and another one to a meeting. She will have to dress very warm, and take care. I will be home, of course. Making myself snuggly warm.  For mama, of course. When she comes home.

December 9, 2009

I Got an Award--Wordy Wednesday

I got an award from beautiful Huffle Mawson:

I am supposed to list seven unknown or little known facts about me.  I have been blogging a while, so this might be hard, but here it goes:

Sometimes, as I get older, my tummy gets upset.  Never used to when I was young.
I love snuggling with mama, but only tolerate petting for a couple of minutes.
I like to be vaccummed with our little mini vac!
I'm beginning not to mind other beans in my apartment, as long as they don't make noise, or invade my room.
Yes, I do have my own room now.
The bathroom shower is my hidey place.
I never like to see the bottom of my foodie bowl.  It needs to be covered! With foodies!
Now I would like to pass this award on to some other bloggers:
Hendrix, My Sugar Pie
Jan's Funny Farm
Meezer tails
The Day in the Life of 2 Fat Cats
The Big Piney Woods Cats. 

Thank you Huffle. You are sweet.

Holy catnip, it's 9 degrees out!

December 4, 2009

Finally Friday

Twenty Fourty in the morning. And I got the remote!
Today mama has a doctor's appointment, so she is bundling up cause it's gonna be in the low 20's here.  Can't wait until she gets home. 
Tomorrow is grocery day. She's putting in her order for Turkey early for Chrismouse! It's not a whole turkey, but it is good with dressing. Yumm!
It's getting a little colder in here cause we don't have the couch to block any sneaky cold air coming in the windows.  Mama got out a nice blankie, which is just the thing!
love to you all,
ps. It SNOWED today.  Not much, but still....

December 1, 2009

Neighborhood Rainbow Bridge News

Our little neighborhood newspaper had an office cat. His name was PD the Copy Boy. His predecessor was Extra, the Personnel Director. Thus the name PD.
PD was born in the summer of 2001. He came aboard the newspaper  September 8th of that year.
He had been hungry and thirsty and tired of dodging cars in the parking lot, had a talent for amusing humans, offering lots of love, affection, and  friendship in return for food, water, and shelter.
PD died November 28th, possibly of pancreatis and related complications.
There will be more on him in the paper soon. They want to do a whole article about him.
He lived two blocks away, and looked like a wonderful friendly kitty.
We didn't know him, but thought a newspaper office cat should get the honor of an article in the paper, and a mention here, too.
With love, and a lit candle to light his way,
May he meet lots of sweet kitties over the Rainbow Bridge, and continue sharing his love with all the animals there.

November 30, 2009

Monday, Monday


Another Monday, another day on the daybed.  Lots of pillows and space to hang out.  Mama has to go run a couple of errands, so this afternoon will be lots of nappie time. On my quilt.
I love this quilt.  I think it's very considerate of me to let my mama use it, too.
love to all,

November 29, 2009

Annual PurrfurMance Review

Review of :  Mama Carol
Date: 11/30/2009
Reviewed by: brandi

1.) Quantity of Output:
     No, mama has NOT posted to my blog daily.  TWO SWATS
2.) Quality of Output:
     In general, mama has done decent pictures (although I hate to see my picture, my fans seem to require more of  them). I hope the rest of my blog is enjoyed by many.  I DO.  FOUR PAWS
3.) Client Pawticipation:
     The only way my fans get to contact me is by comment.  I DONT have my own email address. Ok, I'll be nice. Not efurryone has their own. TWO PAWS
4.) Pawticipation Part II:
     Mama doesn't seem to be up on special events and parties and contests.  I don't get to go to anywhere near the events I want to. TWO SWATS
5.) Client Satisfaction: 
     Content, yes.  Pictures, they want more.  But we do have a new camera now, so mama will be obnoxious  taking more pictures now. TWO PAWS.
4.)  Overall rating and Comments and Suggestions for improvement:
Overall, mama provides me a nice home and a choice of napping areas and nice scritchies, and my favorite foodies.  She could provide more Stinky Goodness, however.  She needs to type my blog more, and provide my fans more pictures. I don't get to go anywhere much, and she should let me go to more events
Four Paws for love and affection and care. Two paws for the rest of her purrfurmance. 
I'll keep her.  There is hope.

November 27, 2009

Giving thanks

We hope efurryone had a nice Thanksgiving.  We were not on line.
Cornish chick-hen is scrumptious. 
I also got some salmon Stinky Goodness.
I am thankful for those things. And for having a good home and a nice mama. And for all my furrends. And for all the nice beans who help make lives better and safer--for beans and us.  That takes care of a LOT of nice beans. And a lot of jobs. Think about it. That's lots of thanks!!
love to all,
and thank you for being you.
And the picture is me and my new daybed! Another thing to be thankful for.

November 24, 2009

November 23, 2009

Monday, Monday

Rainy, foggy nap day.  Although mama was up early washing floors and taking garbage out, I napped. She read part of the day and I napped.
Wednesday the management is going to be testing our new fire alarms in our apartments. So the noise will be going on ALL day.  Whoa.
Tomorrow mama will be gone most of the afternoon.  She has doctor appointments. And it's going to rain again. Poor mama.  She takes three buses to and from the clinic.
Thanksgiving we will be having Cornish game hen.  I hope that's the same as chick-hen. Maybe chick-hen that loves games and comes from Cornish? Where ever that is.
Cross your paws.

November 22, 2009


Of course I did my duty waking up mama this morning. She is fairly well trained, but sometimes it takes a few loud meows. She gotted up and filled my water dish and my foodie bowl.  Then she turned on the computer for me. Course she has to do her medical stuff first, check her levels and take her shot, and take her pills.  I understand that.  But here she is, helping me read some of the blogs and typing this for me.
Yesterday she cleaned the pantry out. Today she says she is going to do that silly thing called ironing.  Honestly.  If humans would only grow some furs they wouldn't need clothes and grooming would be easy with a little help from us!
It's foggy and there seems to be chances of showers today, so I am going to stay warm and dry and take lots of naps.
Mama still hasn't found her camera disc, but it hasn't stopped her from taking lots of pictures of me.  They are waiting to get out, mama.  Show them and be done with all this silly paparatzie stuff!
Remember the Coalition of Cats Against Cameras!
We will try to add some new linkies today.  The last few days Blogger hasn't let us.  Could we have too many?? Never!!
 p.s. if you know how we got the pictures in our regular bloglist and none in the favorites (we prefer none. Our lists are long enough), please let us know.  The bloglist code for each is the same. First we can't add links and now we get pictures. Thanks.
p.p.s. never mind the bloglist problem.  My silly mama actually figured it out herself.

November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

After several days of merky weather, the sun is out.  It's been in the 40's and 50's here, which is really nice for November, but having the blue sky and the sun is even better.
Mama hasn't been feeling good the last few days.  She wented to the doctor and gotted some medicine changed and some new stuff for her swollen parts. She had swollen feet, ankles, legs AND fingers. And she has been having problems with her diabetes. She is doing better, now, and we have been slowly moving stuff around and redecorating.  She hasn't got the new camera disc for the compooter out yet, so no pictures yet.
Guess there are a few pictures in the camera waiting to get out.
love and kisses to efurryone,
and special ones for my Sugar Pie,

November 11, 2009

Veterans Day

To all the brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers
who serve or have served their country
We may have not have always believed
 in the political actions of
why you were called to arms,
but we believe in
and know that that is an
honorable duty for
a soldier to fight for..
We salute you, we thank you.
We do not forget
your bravery.

November 6, 2009

Friday Update

The former bedroom is a little hideaway, now.  It has my rocking chair, two lamps, my footstool, a little table with a smelly candle and fake flowers, and a pretty- music player.
The living room is still in process, but coming along nicely.  Mama took lots of naps today with me cause it's all so comfy. And we both have been having a lazy day. 
Mama has to go downtown tomorrow and run a couple of errands at Target (Dentabite time).
So, more this weekend.  She says maybe she will find the stuff for her camera so she can post pictures.
She has been putting smelly candles everywhere (Clean Linen Glade in the bedroom and living room, and a cherry candle in the bathroom. *Sniff. Sniff*.  Okay, but not as nice as tuna smell would be.

November 4, 2009

Wednesday Words

We have my daybed together!  And a new shade for the lamp! And tomorrow we work on getting this place more clutter free. And Friday. 
I think I will hide again.
But I love my bed! Even though it doesn't have the new covers on it, it does have my favorite quilt, so I am happy.
As soon as we can find the disc for the new camera and set it up on our computer there are pictures in the camera.  There will be more coming, too.
Mama doesn't even know where the old camera is right now.

November 1, 2009

Sunday SNooze

Hope the goblins didn't get you last night!
Our night was fairly quiet.  Mama watched the Ghost Hunters for hours.  But she took time to pet me and pay some attention to me. And share her foodies.
Yesterday she unbagged some of her stuff. Laundry. Just had to. There's only so long beans can be without "things". Okay, it was blankets, throws,  towels and bed linen, and it meant a lot more room in here and the linen closet is full again. I get it.  And it did mean my kitty lounger was unpacked. We had our laundry done, cause it was every piece of cloth material in every shape and form that we needed done.  Bags and bags of clothes, linens.... and items that mama donated to the needy.
We still don't have our daybed.  Supposedly it will be delivered Tuesday. If F***x  feels like it.
The more important news is that new kitty litter and kittycat litter liners are coming Tuesday! Oh, and about the fifth or so attempt to do our radiator covers is Tuesday.
Wednesday mama goes to the clinic again.
So Thursday we will probably get the bed, maybe, huh? If we are lucky?? Then mama has to put it together. I think I will hide.

October 25, 2009

Sunday SNooze News

It's awful foggy here.  It's like living in a cloud.  Friday night mama and I didn't have a couch or bed, so mama had to sleep on a chair. So did I. I can do it better than she can. They took the bed and the couch out on Friday and sprayed for buggies again.
Saturday she was watching the tracking for the delivery of the mattress.  She stayed by the phone all day, including taking it into the bathroom!  Then she read that the customer was not home and delivery would be next Tuesday.  She gotted very mad.  She called the shipping company and said she was in front of the phone all day, no one called, they just returned the shipment and it wasn't like it was a frivolous thing it was a mattress and she had a heart problem and couldn't sleep on the floor for 4 nights.  The manager was at a meeting.  Hmmmph.  So she called the daybed place and they got a hold of the shipper and they worked out a second delivery! Then it took her a couple of hours to take it out of the box and bag and into the vinal cover and put a sheet on it.  It's a neat sheet.  It is flannel and green plaid. Warmies! But mama accidentally hit a lamp and it broked to smitherines when she was doing all this. It was 28 years old and part of a pair. Mama said it's a small price to pay, it was inexpensive in the first place, and put her old bedroom lamp in it's place until we can afford to buy another one.
She called and left a message for the daybed place to thank the lady who talked to the  shipper for her. Mama's like that.   She used to work at customer service a few years back, and knows how good it feels when a customer gets back to you and says thank you for going above and beyond your job. And that lady did.
Since the rest of the daybed isn't here yet, the mattress is on the floor.
Monday her nice cleaners are going to come back and clean and help arrange stuff.
Oh, did I tell you?  She found a daybed cover and dust cover in blue and they were on sale at Overstock dot com! So the lamp really will have to wait. She bought them on line before she broked the lamp.
Mama's feet swelled up really bad last night and hurtied so I am being extra good today.

October 23, 2009

Freaky Friday

Somebody camed to the door today and I runned into the bathroom.  Mama shut the door on me, so it was me, my water, my foodies and my litter box for a couple of hours. There was lots of noise in here for awhile, and when she finally let me out, there was no bed.  There was no couch. The rooms smelled a little funny.  I sat on her lap for awhile, and then I investigated. The bug guys were here again! And it is freaky without furniture that has been here since we moved here.
Now we only have a rocking chair and an office chair until the new daybed arrrives.
Mama is going through a lot of books to see what she can give away cause we are having to declutter.
And then, and then, it snowed!!!
It's too warm to stick (34 right now) so it is just wet out.
We gotted another knock on the door and the nice brown uniformed bean brought our new vinal cover and mattress pad for our new daybed.  The daybed is elegant, isn't it?  It is a twin size.
Mama has been pricing dust ruffles for daybeds.  Some of them cost almost as much as our daybed did! She thinks we'll have to wait a little on that...
That's our Freaky Friday news.
So far.

October 20, 2009

This is not our living room.  This is not our bedstuff (pillows, bedskirt, comforter).  This is my new daybed.  It is called Camelot.  Mama ordered it this morning. We will be using my pink quilt for a top for awhile.  Even though it is "not livingroom" style.
They haven't picked up the old stuff yet, but maybe on Wednesday.
Oh, and this picture's colors are approved by me, but the website said they weren't available.
Mama will be gone tomorrow. Part of what she is doing is getting her yearly mamogram.  Make sure your lady beans do the same!!

October 19, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, we found a purrty daybed.  One that has a good steel base and includes a mattress, too.  We are going to get rid of the bed and couch I think tomorrow, and this daybed can be delivered in 3-5 days, we think.  We haven't ordered it yet, but we shopped around and the one company has the bestest deal--including free delivery and free mattress.  We do have to buy a plastic cover for the mattress (now required in our building) and then a regular mattress pad for it.  A nice gentleman who sells the mattresses said the plastic cover would be hot, so adding the mattress pad would be a good idea.
Sooner or later we have to get a purrty daybed cover and definitely a skirt for the thing.  Mama likes the daybed she found and the name they gaved it--Camelot. I think she should just use the pretty pink quilt we already have, but she wants something "more sofisticated" for the living room.
Such bad news about the couch and bed, but mama has wanted a daybed just forever.
As for being a "long seat", mama likes putting her legs up anyway, and we are getting rid of the footstool. So she thinks she won't mind.  And we have pillows.  We might get one of those long ones sometime for the back...
That's the news. 

October 17, 2009

Sad news

Miss Bed and Miss Couch have to leave.  We gotted buggies in them, and too many.  Friday we gotted fumigated and had to go to the lounge (more on that later). Monday they are going to do the regular spraying for normal bugs, which doesn't make sense, but maybe the chemicals interact or something.  Next Friday and some following Fridays we will be getting heat treatments to make SURE buggies don't come back. Part of what we had was bedbugs.  Yuck.  I got bitted.  The vet says if it hurts to take benadryl 10mg, but I am going to be brave. We also have beetles and roaches.  It seems somebody brought all this in to our building and lots of people are going through this. Mama heard lots of talk on the elevators. She is thinking of getting a daybed.  Anybody have any info on pros and cons? If we rap the mattress, we won't get buggies, and mama is leary of getting a couch cause you can't protect it.
Now for the lounge. Think PTU.  We went all the way up to the 25th floor only to find that not only do you need a key to get in (it's currently only for remodel people and bugged people), it's down on the first floor. Back in the elevator (not only do I not like elevators, only two of three were working so they were stuffed with beans).  When we were in the lobby we caught the manager and we gotted a key.  Back up 25 floors in a crowded elevator.
Then the lounge.  There was a couch and some tables and chairs.  And there was foodies for mama and a fridge with diet coke in it.  She brought a bowl for water for me and my dentabites.  Somebodies camed in (three other beans) and they watched tv while mama read and talked to me and petted me and fed me dentabites. If we have to go back on Fridays for awhile, not a bad vacation....
I think mama needs monies for new furniture.  I'm sure she will figure it out.  My bed can be washed on hot and dried, so I am okay.  Cept I will miss the bed for nappies.
That's our news.  I guess it is sad for my nappies, mama's monies, and those bad buggies.

October 13, 2009

The Info

We don't know what they call the buggies, but there are several different kinds.  Kinda anty for the most part. Some are beetle type bugs.  Sure glad we have help.  We still don't believe the last buggy guy did anything in here, and that caused all the buggies to say: free party in this apartment, and, hey, the radiator is warm, too. Woo-Hoo.
Remember we just had the partment cleaned, so it's not that we are dirty and the bugs really like dirt. We think the bugs weren't treated the right way, and they thought it was the right way and decided to multiply here.
The cleaners are coming tomorrow.  When this is all over, and we have a nice partment again mama's gonna take pictures.  Even before the kitchen gets done!
She's taken some pictures of me, but hasn't figured out how to upload them into the compooter.  ScaredyBean!

October 12, 2009

Buggy update

Mama founded out today that she has to bag up everything personal in the partment, empty drawers and every thing out of the cupboards, wash all the clothes in hot water, and scrub the floors and vaccuum the radiators (that are still without covers). Since she just gotted out of the hospital, she called the cleaning place she used last and asked if they could help.  The answer? They will be here on Wednesday.  They asked if they could give us as a reference, and mama said, definitely. They won't wash all the clothes, we'll have to do that. Then Friday we both have to leave and the bug guys are coming.
Oh, in the middle of this, on Thursday, the charity is coming to pick up our kitchen stuff we don't need.  Mama doesn't know if she should cancel or not.  We need the space, and all the stuff is packed in plastic bags. So it probably will be okay.
Friday we will be in the upstairs lounge.  We've never been there.  They have a tv in there and I have to be in the PTU all day. I think it will be loud, don't you? Meooooowww!!!
I have some buggy bites, but I am doing okay.  Mama is letting me sleep on her special bedpillows. Wooo-hoo!!
And oh, yes.  It wouldn't be Minnesnowta if we didn't have some snow.  That's right.  And this stuff is sticking.  I am safe and warm, so I don't care.
oh, yes, happy Columbus Day, even though we all know the Vikings found America first.

October 10, 2009

News Update

Well. It snowed this morning!!! But it melted away!!! But it's coming again on Monday!!!
My mommy was in the hospital for a couple days cause her heart had troubles, but she gaved me food and water before she left. She is at home again. They gaved her different medicines in the hospital.
They haven't finished the radiator covers in our apartment because they founded bugs in it, and we have to be debugged. 
Mama *gulp* gotted a new camera.  I have to be prepared to run a lot.  She'll be ruining my nappies!!
We haven't put much back til they come debug and finish the covers.  It's like living in a warehouse, with all the furniture in the middle of the place!
We will probably see on Monday what they will be doing for the bugs and radiators now.  Mama was in the hospital Friday, so she couldn't get that information.
That's the news. Oh, yeah, the camera is really small and pink and turns on real quiet.  The other made noise. Now she can be sneaky!

October 7, 2009

Sunny Day

Just like the Sesame Street song! Whoo-hooo! Actually saw the sun come up this morning!

October 6, 2009

Rainy day

Mama had a nice wet day today. She gotted to go to the eye doctor and have lunch at the Starbucks down the street from that office.  Oohh, they have the wheat bread she loves!!
Then she wented to Target to get some stuff (boring stuff like tissues and  folders and a dumb day planner for next year--she thinks she is getting organized).  Then she camed home and the cleaning lady with the smelly good ecological cleany stuff called and is coming on the 22nd. 
They we get to see who we like better.
Mama stays home tomorrow and I hear sun is coming for tomorrow. Then, when she has to go out on Thursday it's gonna rain again.
I like having her home in the rain.  Phooey.  But she IS home tomorrow. Moving stuff again, for the radiator guy.  He's picky.  There can't be anything within 3 feet of the radiators when he works.  And we have a little tiny apartment.  Sheesh. Are we gonna be squished.  He better show up and get it over with is all I can say!

October 5, 2009


Would you believe mama got a pointment for tomorrow for her eyes? She thought she would have to wait quite a while.  And in a couple of weeks she will be getting her mamogram. Good mama, huh?
We snuggled today and she shared her chick-hens tonight.  She moved a couple of things, too.  The radiator guy is coming back, so she is getting things ready to move around.  And also for the give away next week.  She says she hasn't changed where the kitchen table  is since she got it, and she hates where it is.  So it's getting moved.  She already moved the tv and put the rocking chair in the living room.
Thursday if the radiator guy comes after mama leaves for another pointment, I have to stay in the litterbox room. Otherwise she says I won't feel safe and it will be too noisy.  It is only for an hour.  Ya think that the radiator guys could let me out when they are done??

October 2, 2009

Friday Stuff

a Quick hello from the Squillions, Fraxie and Maxie (picture taken on a sunnier day!)


Cold, wet and rainy again today.  Mama met some nice ladies on the busses today. She doesn't go back to her doctor for awhile (this is her new primary doctor).  She passed her tests and everything.  But she has to schedule a mamogram soon, and and eye appointment.  Whew.
Speaking of mamograms, this is breast cancer awareness month, so contemplate helping out.
And don't forget the flu shot, either, beans! We need you healthy to take care of us!


October 1, 2009

Nasty Weather

Mama had to go out today to the diabetes clinic. It is cold (well, it must be), windy (I can hear the wind howling) and wet (rain is pelting the windows).
She ran some errands, skipped the outside farmers market and bought a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee. Then she camed home.
She has to go to her regular doctor (the new one) tomorrow.
We are getting things ready to give to charity.  The managers of our building said we look cluttered.  But they actually asked if mama had a pet, even though I was laying on the bed, so we have, I think, conquored any complaints about smelly cats around here.  Except for Mystery down the hall (tee hee).
They don't like her Apple Custard Glade candle, so she bought a new one called Clean Linen Glade. And she boughted some more file folders, a little file thingy for small stuff, and she swears she is putting all her figurines and stuff away.  Except for the Squilliions, of course! They belong here!!!

September 29, 2009

Tale of Tuesday

This time two cleaning ladies arrived!  I didn't have to hide! I got to take naps!! One cleaned the kitchen and one my bathroom really good--even mama's part!! Above and beyond the call of duty!!  Before they came I had some of that gourmet fancy feast salmon florentine.  Since I was such a good kitty (as always) I got Dentabites after and then, and then and then for dinner?? HAMM!
They can come back anytime if I get treated that royally.
They were really sweet ladies.
Really, mom.
Just load up on the fancy feast, dentabites, and hamm!!
They can come back.

September 28, 2009

Monday is a GOOD day?

Okay, it was nice to have mama share her tuna with me.  Tunie water! I love Tunie water.  But then when she was cleaning around the kitchen and I was trying to talk to her, she was so busy she told me to shut up.  I was just saying thank you for the tuna and was she getting me anything else to go with it.
Sheesh.  Don't you just hate it when they just don't understand?
The cleaning lady called in sick.  Another one is supposed to come tomorrow.  We got an estimate from one that cost about 4 month's rent. They wanted to completely redo the whole place. And we like our place. We don't want a designer.  Just a clean place.
And the nice smelly one can't come til the 15th.  She only charges half a month's rent. But when she sees how small this place really is, I bet it will be less. We are still very interested in eco friendly nice smelly stuff.
So mama hasn't given me any Dentabites today.  Since this morning, anyway.
At least I got tunie water....

September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning

Ahhh.  Sunday snooze!

course mama is going to continue her little project later this afternoon, but oh, well. Some of the give away stuff she put in bags last night.She plans to shift them all out of the living room.
She moved my little cuddle cup, and I hope she doesn't think it's permanent there.  I want it moved back where it was! Just stay away from the mopping, and the vacuuming with that little monster (it seems to be her new little toy) today, huh? Oh, if the pile goes away, maybe you can move my cuddle cup back???
She's having someone in tomorrow to help her clean.  I hope this lady bean doesn't mind sweet lady cats!

September 24, 2009

Oh, NO!

We have another inspection next week!  And mama is going crazy!  She has spent most of today rearranging part of the living room. Making a little office area, a living area, sortin stuff to give to charity. It still is a MESS!  She says it will be pretty when it is all done. Yeah.  Every time I come into the living room the last few days furniture has been in a slightly different place.  Now a lot of things are going to be different. 
The charity beans are coming on the 15th to pick up a huge bunch of stuff. Mama could auction it off, or something, but this way she is "paying forward" for the help we received when we needed it.
We will have pictures when she stops rearranging the apartment, but the kitchen won't be redone for ages yet. Yuck!
What else.  Oh, she is negotiating with a cleaning bean to come in once a month.  This lady uses eco-friendly natural stuff, so the place will smell good, not like chemicals, and she is owned by a cat. Mama volunteered to do some of this lady's office work. We will see what happens.  I think it would be a good trade, don't you? Or at least for a good discount on the cleaning. Hmmm. Nice smells.
That's it. Now where is ....

September 23, 2009


Mama got my DENTABITES!

September 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, thank goodness it isn't a 100 degrees out.  Our AC just fried. Belly up.  It isn't supposed to get very warm today, or the rest of the week til maybe the weekend.  Thanks, weather! We appreciate the cool.
Mama gotted more (!!!) pillows for the couch.  And found out our old vacuum devil died, too. Since she just does the couch cushions and the rocking chair cushions, this isn't major.  And she found a handholded refurbished one on for around $20 and ordered it.
She goes to the doctors tomorrow for a check up.  She's on some new meds and they wanted her to check in.  On one paw, they are okay. On the other paw, they are creating a mess with her glucose levels. We will see what the doc says.
Today she had problems ordering one of her insulins.  The insurants beans said it was too early to refill.  We thought if you needed it it got refilled. Sheesh.  So mama called the diabetes clinic and explained the problem and they faxed a new order to the pharmacy so the insurants will be happy.
Mama has to stop at Target tomorrow on her way home besides the pharmacy cause we are out of Dentabites.  Right now I am just getting regular Temptations, which are okay, but I really like my Dentabites, mom.
If you noticed, we have a pumpkin and some gourds and leaves on one of the sidebars to celebrate autumn.  We love autumn.  Such beautiful tree colors!  It's snuggle weather, too. The sidebar picture is supposed to be animated, but we don't know what happened to make it not.  But it still is pretty.
Autumn starts tomorrow.
My Sugar Pie's family has been sick, but they are better. That's why they haven't been around for the longest time.  A whole week I had to gaze at pictures of my sweetie and wonder how he was.  Speaking of my sweetie, did you see the new sign I made for the side bar?  I am really learning to write good, huh!
The color is much better with the colors on the blog now.
See you soon,

September 18, 2009

We did it!

Through the suggestion of a neat website for cool templates (by Max's mom), and a beautiful new banner (designed by Ann of Zoolatry), we have made a successful transition from a blah looking blog to a blog deserved by a sweet lady cat named brandi. We would also like to thank Skeezix for his suggestions, and the caution that changing column numbers is not to be done by just anyone--He's RIGHT. Codes are not for just any kitties!!!


and Mama Carol

September 15, 2009

Coalition of Cats against Cameras!

no you are not getting a tummy or a toesies picture!

September 14, 2009


We are in the middle of redoing  our blog.  And it is DIFFERENT than Mystery's.  We like purple and plum and pink, so here we are.  We have a lot of widgets to figure out how to put back, and if anyone could help us with a new header, we would be xtatic.
We didn't think we had so many linkies, but its way over a couple hundred, so it might take some time to do our linkies. We did about a third of them today. Linkies are more important than just about anything, cause it means going to your blog.  So we will worry about badges and stuff later. 

September 13, 2009

Dear beans who are computer savy: please see below for update
I am begging for help. Mama has been lending our computer out to another lady down the hall with an all gray kitty named Mystery. Mystery has a real atitude. And she has a crush on my boyfriendcat. Anyway, Mystery's mom has been trying to change to a three column minima blog, and we encouraged her, as we want one too. We asked Skeezix, we looked at the Cutest Blog on the Block, Mystery's mom checked out a "dummies" book from the library that no one could understand (guess we are below dummies), and we can't do it. If you look at Skeezix's directions on his help blog, we get to this is how your blog should look on the layout page, and it shows a squished three column blog, and tells how to go on from there and then TA-DA, a three column blog. But our layout page at that point still is two column.
We can't ask Skeezix again. We can't add comments to his help blog. We don't know where else to go.
Mystery wants a three column blog.
So do we. :-(
Mama Carol
Mystery and her mom

ps. please also let us know if the music on here is annoying. We are kinda getting annoyed at it. Is it stopping bloggers from reading our blog??? If so, we will get rid of it. We can always save it on the playlist site and play it there for ourselves if we wish. We just don't want to irritate others. Thanks.

Dear Max. Bless you. First we had the wrong site. Then Mystery took a long time to figure out what template she wanted and how to get the template on her blog. Now, she's pretty in pink! I guess she has to get the widgets back she wants, and when she is finished, it's MY TURN! I am so xited!!!!! Just mad that we picked the same template, but oh, well. *sigh*

September 7, 2009

Different Kind of Help Needed

Yes, Mystery and I would still like to know what is wrong with her supposed 3 column blog that only lets her do two. Please, Please, if you know anything, help.
But mama needs another kind of help right now. Her brother-in-law Bill just had a triple bypass heart surgery and is in a nursing home. He and her sister live north of here. They need lots of purrayers right now.

September 6, 2009

Help Needed

Our friends down the hall are trying to get the three column look on their blog. Mystery's pet thought she had it all worked out, but something is wrong with the html. All the info still is on the right side, although the space is open on the left. If she succeeds, we will follow her, but right now we are not touching anything. She followed instructions from a book in the library, but something is missing in the code to let her move stuff to the left. She has the new look where she can just shift stuff, I still use only html code. But I am only a follower when it comes to stuff like that. Can anyone give advise? Cat on the Keyboard is her blog.
I don't have a clue. Help???
oh, and we are updating our new linkies. Have we forgotten you? We tried to list all the new ones (and some old ones we just forgot to link to), and will be shifting some to the regular list, too. Did that make sense? Anyway....

September 4, 2009

Friday Update

Well, we made it through the week. Whew. Mama's home for the long weekend, so we will probably be able to do some updating on here. She went to physical therapy today for her back, and she says she is in more pain than when she went! But she also said it is a good pain, cause it means they know what is going on.
I think she may be planning to take some pictures. I will do my best to avoid them.
She brought a smelly candle home, and says it smells nice. Apple Custart or some such thing. Wish she'd buy something decent like tuna or cheese.
She did buy some new cheese balls that have no glutens or transfats and low in sodium (she needs that), and she gaved me some. Snikiddy it's called. Yummmm.
I have to catch up on efurrybody this weekend. Now you know there are a lot of beans and fever and furry ones that need our purrayers. Remember them this holiday weekend!
I purray efurry day. And send good thoughts and lots of hugs. We shouldn't stop just cause it's a holiday. Even if you don't purray, sending good thoughts really does help. And efurry one needs hugs. Beans and furry and fever ones.

August 30, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon is for snoozes, mama! Cut out all that cleaning! You ought to be grateful I have chosen NOT to walk on your wet floors and get kitty paw prints all over.
The men are coming to adjust the radiators tomorrow (and they will hopefully figure out that our new ones aren't installed yet). And Tuesday the nice bug guy comes again. Wednesday mama goes to the clinic again, and Friday she is going for physical therapy for her hurtie back. Busy week. Like I said, Sunday afternoon is for snoozes!
But thank you for the clean floors. :-)

August 29, 2009

Oh more stuff

They are coming to adjust the new heating vents on Monday. Mama says she is going to laugh when they discover that we don't have them installed yet. She left messages and talked to the lady in the office, but they never came. So I don't think they will adjust anything, unless it is the old radiator vents.
Then Tuesday the bug guy comes again to this floor. Yea! He's always nice, and really quick.
If they still want us to get ready for the radiator covers again, I guess we will. It's a pain, though. Mama wants her donation stuff to leave soon so she can put the rocking chair in that place. Right now the chair is in our doorless pantry. Which is a wonder, since it used to be soo full.
Mama decided to go to a regular doctor for her back and found out that she has a strained muscle in her back and bursitis in her hip. They gave her pain medications that totally knock her out. She slept a lot today.
But she asked the new doctor if he was accepting new patients, and he said yes, so she decided to make him her doctor. She has been thinking hard about this, cause her old doctor IS old, like in his 80's. So now she has a new one. Her old doctor has known her over 30 years. She needs to find someone who will be around a little longer.
We gotted to nappy a lot today. Tomorrow I have been told mama will sweep and wash the floors, pick some stuff up, dust and then clean the bathroom. These are pretty normal things.
Yes, mama, I promise not to walk on wet floors. Much. (tee hee).

August 25, 2009

Thunder Boomies

Early early this morning there was LOUD thunder boomies all over. They lasted leventy seven hours and the lightning even longer! I hid under the bed, although for a while I cuddled with mama, seeing as how she got waked up by the storm too.
This afternoon it is sunny and nice out, so nappy times....
Oh, before I take another nappy.
The reason we don't have pictures right now is because with all the commotion here on the remodel mama doesn't know where the cord thingy that runs from the camera to the puter USB port is. Does anyone know if these are universal or do we have to get one just for our camera?
This is after mama bought a bunch of batteries so there was no excuse for not taking pictures. I won't even tell you what she took a picture of today. Only it involved *shudder* vishus deers. But now she doesn't know where the cord thingy is.
Off to take another nappy,

p.s We were asked what camera we have. It is an older camera, an hp photosmart 120. And the plug in for the camera end is smaller than the USB plug in.
Update: We found the cord!!! It was behind the computer. Duh.
oh wait, that means more pictures....

August 24, 2009

Hello It's Monday

Monday again. Mama had to do errands today. Her comment was hey young people on the bus can be so nice or really thoughtless. Most of the beans who were giving up seats to the ladies who got on the bus were older gentlemen. But one young man moved his groceries so mama had a place for hers, so that was nice.
There are some really nice younger beans who ride the bus. Who refuse seats when someone older needs one, who offer their seats to older beans. But today it was the older beans who were being nice, and there were younger people sitting in the "reserved for the elderly or handicapped" (mama uses a cane when her back hurties) who refused to move. There were other older beans than mama who had canes who were standing on the bus. It was the older beans who were giving up their seats to help them out.
Some beans are raised right. Others we can be grateful don't have twins.

August 19, 2009

Rainy Day

Mama had to go out today in the rain. It rained very hard. When she camed home the weather sirens were going off. I was glad she was home. She smelled wet.
She said Lizzie couldn't go out for her walk cause it was raining so hard, so they were waiting downstairs (Lizzie is my neighbor woofie). Lizzie just got her furcut and looks beautiful, but I think she always looks beautiful. She is a woofie poodle, and very sweet.
Tomorrow mama has to go out again. Then Friday she is home. Yea!
That's the news for today. Rainy rainy and dark. But no thunder boomers! Yea!
Nappy times today.

August 15, 2009


Ah Saturday. And it is supposed to be hot and muggy out and mama is not going out. I think we are in for a little cleaning today. Something tells me (well, the floor is dirty again, mom, and think of my little white feet!) she should be doing a little cleaning. After all, tomorrow afternoon is grocery day! Should bring groceries into a clean place, right? And my foodies are on the list, right? And litter, right? Gotta remember the portant stuff. She did already get a good stash of Dentabites for me this week.
We have a place nearby that delivers, so she can rest her back and stuff.
She does see the practor for her back again next week, and two regular doctor humans, and her check up at the diabetes clinic (they take her bloods and run tests on them--yuck--every few months). Then she has a special farmcology call. The farmcology bean discusses her meds and advises her as to when the best times to take them is, and about compatible suplmints, what ever that is (like catnip for beans??? Catnip is part of the mint family).
And so far no remodel stuff next week. Yea.
Mama does have to talk to a social worker next week though. She wants to know how to donate some stuff we don't need to other beans who do need. Like extra cooking containers and stuff. NOT my stuff. NOT me. Right mama? Just checking.

later: Brandi, did you just walk on my nice clean wet floors?

No, mama.

Then why are there little paw prints everywhere? I thought you didn't like wet feet?

Well, ah. It was the Squillions. You know Fraxie and Little Maxie were running around this afternoon. Yea, it was them.

brandi, they are on the bookcase and they are completely dry, feet included.

Sorry mama.

August 13, 2009

Thursday Update

Mama had to go to the heart doctor today, and run a bunch of errands. She has to go to the practor doctor tomorrow and run a bunch of errands, too. And it is really muggy out, so she isn't really happy about it all. Today was Farmer's Market day, so I bet the farmers were happy with the weather, cause mama said people came, saw what they wanted, bought and left. Nobody wanted to dawtle, she said.
Tomorrow she has a bunch of busses to ride cause of her errands. But she will come home to me. And I will be cool. :-)
Mama doesn't have to go back to the heart doctor for 6 months now. But the practor tomorrow and 5 doctor pointments next week. At least. One of them is the diabetic clinic. Two at the practor clinic. Two at the newer clinic that her other doctors have moved to.
As soon as everything settles down again mama found out she can go to her women's group again. She hasn't been able to go for a couple years, and she still misses them. She just has to make time on Mondays, soon.
Me? I gotted chick-hen for dinner (mama shared). Mama met Lizzie, my woofie neighbor, in the hallway when mama was taking out the garbage after dinner. Lizzie smelled the chick-hen.
And, oh yes, no remodel stuff this week.
Mama losted her insurants card today. It blew away in the wind. But a new one is on the way! She already called.

August 11, 2009

Hello, there

This is mama's day at home. Well, actually, today and tomorrow. So she has been good with her back (she wented to the practor doctor yesterday for it) and has been doing some updating on my bloggie for me.
Check out the new linkies. I know, I know. Some of them by now are OLD linkies, but at least they are finally listed!! We even have a woofie bloggie on there. You know we love Bogart, the airedale, and I am fond of schnauzers (Maggie is my special friend), so we found a schnauzer bloggie. And more kitty bloggies, of course, some that we just missed before, some fairly new, some--well, mama hasn't been updating regularly.
Thursday she goes to the heart doctor, and then Friday to the practor doctor for her back. And next week she does more doctors, and the diabetes clinic.
We want her to be healthy, right?
Better her to the doctors than me to the vets.
Speaking of which, I had a bitie on my ear from some kind of buggie, and mama has been cleaning it and watching it and I think it is getting better. Every time she looks at it she gives me treaties, and she is so careful I would rather have her than an old vet any day.

August 7, 2009

Update on the Remodel

Well, everything made me think we were moving. All the closets were empty. Paths to everywhere. Boxes and stuff all over. I don't like jumping everywhere, ya know. I'm a little old for that kinda stuff all day long. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
They camed in and were loud. They took the closets apart. They painted. They did something called mud. They put in new shelves and stuff. It smelled. Mama and I were stuffed up. We stayed here and shouldn't have. But mama put me in my soft prisoner unit, and half on her knee so that I had a comfy sort of pillow to put my head on. And gaved me Denta Bites. And chick-hen.
We tried to put stuff back. Then mama hurted.
She wented to two doctors. She gotted pills to take that made her sleepy. I sat on her most of today while she napped.
She goes back to a doctor on Monday for her back.
Most of the stuff is put back. Not all of it.
They didn't put in doors. So I can go in and out of all the closets. That part is kinda fun.
That's it.

August 1, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Mama put almost everything back! The loveseat is by the window! My office chair is by the computer!
I gotted to lay on my red pillow (from my sweetie) by the window. Awsome. I know I don't get to see many birdies, and I am too high up to see squirrels, but the sky is nice.
The bad news is, all the stuff will have to go back soon, cause they haven't done the radiators, and we have only been waiting over two weeks.
And, even badder news, all the stuff has to come out of the closets, cause they are tearing them apart and redoing them. And that starts Monday. And maybe Tuesday and Wednesday! And I have to leave with mama for the days cause we already know it is too loud. They did across the hall Thursday and Friday. LOUD.
So mama wented to the library for books to take with us, and we will be in one of the lounges during the daytime, and I have to sit in my carrier all day. Woofies get to be on leashes (I have one, too) but kitties have to be in carriers. NOT FAIR.
Mama will have to leave in the afternoon for a pointment on Tuesday, so she is going to have to leave me in the shower with the curtain closed and in my carrier.
Once the closets get done, and new doors, and the radiator covers then comes the kitchen sink, counter tops, cupboards, stoves, and bathroom sink. Then we will be DONE!
Well, now I am sneaking away, cause mama put new batteries in the camera, and I am on the lookout. Some of you like your pictures taken. I don't. Even though I am adorable. That's sort of why I don't put pictures on my blog very often. I am good at hiding!
love to you all,

July 30, 2009

Celebration Day

It's my Gotcha Day!
In 1994 I was about a year old. I lived on the streets, and somewhere I think I had some babies, but that was too long ago to remember. Anyway, I was rescued. I had just gotten my shots,my ladygardenectomy and was on doption day duty, hoping to find someone to take me home. I was still a little skinny, and small for my age, but I was enjoying getting foodies without fighting for it, and plenty of it. Then I found my mama, and we have been together since, through thick and thin, as they say. So today I got my floor washed, and my litter box cleaned, and Dentabites. We don't have any hamms, but mama gived me chck-hen florentine from Fancy Feast. And my sweetie came to give me snuggles on my special day.
A special thank you to all of the mamas and daddys who dopt. You love, and you are loved in return, and the world smiles a little at each rescue.
Go see Mila's new kitties!! New Siberian kitties! Babies!

July 28, 2009

Hello, there

Mama was home today, but she was gone yesterday afternoon. She straightened out her medicine insurants, but lost her dental insurants. Uh-oh.
But everything else is okay with us. She is feeling better today. I had lots of naps inbetween checking on her. She made me a little mad at lunch cause she had something in a can called Glucerna, which is a special meal replacement drink for diabetics. I know it makes her glucose levels better, but I don't like it. So she can't share.
And dinner wasn't shareable either.
But I did get Dentabites.

July 26, 2009

Nice Weekend

A bunch of beans with uniforms were here Friday night and mama left with them on a bed. And she didn't come back til late Saturday afternoon. She left me all alone (okay, with plenty of food and water, but still). I was afraid it was going to be for days like when she wented to the hospital last time.
Well, she wented to the hospital, but was only in overnight. Whew. She was having chest pains and light headed, but it wasn't a heart tack, and they observed her overnight. Her blood pressure was up.
She goes downtown tomorrow to do some straightening out of her insurants, and pick up some more medicines. They increased her blood pressure stuff.
One of her sisters called her today, so that was nice for her. Her sister didn't know about her hospital visit, just called. Pretty nice timing though.
My sweet Sugar Pie is over today, so mama gets extra kitty snuggling. Well, and so do I.

July 21, 2009

We're Still Here

We have been all discombobulated (mama's word) for the last week. Sorry. We have had to move a lot of stuff around for more of the remodel. Our loveseat is in the middle of the living room, which isn't big in the first place. I can't get any time next to the windows cause we had to move everything away from them. Oh, and yes, The office chair is sitting in front of the pantry. Mama decided she better let everyone know what is going on, so she is sitting sideways on a folding chair, which is the only thing that fits by the computer. So we won't be on line a lot for a while. But, my Sugar Pie wants to come over on Sunday, so we can do a lot of investigating the new situations with the furniture.
It won't last long, this re-arrangement. We have new radiator covers and blinds coming.
Mama has been standing by the windows a lot this afternoon, watching a storm come in. Watching nature is kinda cool for beans. We know it's cool, but sometimes we have to remind our beans. It makes them happy, too, just like us.

July 14, 2009

He's Here!

Joel William, my Sugar Pie's baby brother!
Go concatulate them, if you haven't already
mama is going squeeeee!

July 12, 2009

Sunday Stuff

Kinda a lazy Sunday. We heard from mama's friend who had a stroke. Her voice sounds better, and she has a hand that still doesn't work, and she is in a nursing home recouperating. Thanks for your purrayers and thoughts!
We found a cute blog about a famous cat, and are waiting to hear back from them to see if we can link to the site and their store. We have to be polite, ya know.
We hope they let us.
Mila, who just turned one, is expecting. Concatulations! Alternate website:

July 9, 2009


Some of you have asked who Maggie is. She is my "friend of another species". Recognize the couch? That's ours! Maggie comes over with her mommy Robin (that's the bean in the picture). She has a kitty sister, so she is very well trained and very nice to kitties. She plays nice with my toys, cause she learned how to share toys with her kitty sister. Her mommy works as a volunteer with a rescue schnauzer organization, and Maggie does doggie trials where she jumps over and through things.
Mama and I think she is too cute for words.

July 5, 2009

After the 4th

I hope efurryone was safe yesterday. Our day started out with the fire alarm going off (and some pretty mad residents, even though mama and I had been up and awake for quite a while). Of course it was nothing, but it was kinda irritating. I don't mind the alarm in this building. It is loud but not too bad on my ears. The last partment's alarm was so shrill I couldn't stand it, and hid in the back of the closet behind the laundry basket! But I suppose some people wanted to sleep in a bit. Anyway, like I said, it was nothing. I don't even hide when it goes off.
Then last night we had fireworks across the street and all over. We have a panoramic view of the east part of the Twin Cities, and mama said it was really pretty. I happen to NOT like fireworks. Even if they are far off and not noisy. I hid under the bed. I got Dentabites after.
Mama has cardio rehab tomorrow and a pointment, so I'm thinking of asking Mr. Hendrix, my Sugar Pie, if I can come keep him company.
my mama is very proud of the 4th of July. She said that she is 2nd generation American on both sides of her family, and is very happy that her relatives came here. We wish for more tolerance for immigrants here, because, as my mama says, lots of beans come from families that were immigrants, and need reminding.

June 28, 2009

Sunday stuff

Didja see Goma on Cats 101 today? Didja? Didja? If not, why not???


June 25, 2009

hello from the heat

The last few days it has been very hot here. If we were in the old partment we would be really suffering. But here we have a nice air cooler thingy, and it is comfy. I keep trying to tell mama not to leave here, but it doesn't always work.
If you are in a hot place, please remind your pets to give you lots of water and shade, and a fan, if not an air cooler thingy.
And remind them to drink lots of water, too.
Gotta take care of your beans.

June 23, 2009

A new award

My awesome boyfriendcat at Mr. Hendrix gave me the International Blogging Award! I am very honored and enjoy all my friends from around the globe.

The rules for this award are simple:

1. To link to the person who passed you this prize.
2. Display the badge, the rules and the questionnaire in all or one of your blogs
3. Come back to BLoGGiSTa iNFo CoRNeR (PLEASE DO NOT CHANGE THIS LINK) at and leave the URL of your Post in order for you/your Blog to be added to the Master List..
4. Have fun!
Also post the following Questions & Your Answers:

1. The person who tagged you: Mr Hendrix
2. His/her site’s title and url:
3. Date when you were tagged: June 23, 2009
4. Seven friends you tagged:

June 20, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Nice day today. For being inside. For having the air cooly thing on. For dentabites. For scritchies. This is definitely living.
On the other paw, we gotted bad news that a bean friend of mama is in the bean hospital after having a stroke. But she is doing okay, and it is the same hospital that mama wented for her heart attack, so we know they will take good care of her.
On Friday when mama was leaving her cardio rehab she ran into one of the nurses who had helped her when mama was in the hospital, and he remembered her. Actually some of the nurses in the rehab unit also work "on the floor", so she is in constant contact with some of her caregivers. She thinks it's kinda nice.
Hope box day was fun for you.

June 17, 2009

Wednesday Woes

We don't usually pick political topics here (unless it's something like prevent child abuse, or animal abuse, or hunger, or cancer, or stuff like that which we think is just common sense and unfortunately things that need talking about), but our governor is cutting the state's budget here. He doesn't want to raise taxes on the rich (they are the ones who he needs to help him run for the presidency the next term) who can afford it. He's decided to cut the budgets for child protection, fire and police services, general assistance, medical assistance for the poor (it's gone entirely by next year, so no medical help for poor families and the elderly at all), hospitals and libraries. Next year we have a new baseball park in our city. Does this make sense??? This governor let the time run out for balancing the budget in congress so he could make his own budget. This is, we thought, a democracy. Since when does the governor get to decide stuff like this without representation of the people? He can do this! Isn't that scary?
We'll get off the soap box now.
Mama will be gone this afternoon to her cardio rehab stuff. It is going to be something like 86 degrees or something today. But rain is in the forecast.
Nappies today.

June 16, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

Well, a nice quiet day today. It is a little rainy right now, and we had lots of cuddle time today. I heard the noisy beans this morning, but mama said they were not coming here. So I relaxed. I trust mama.
The next thing they will do is the radiator covers. Mama said we might leave for that one. Then the closets remodels. Then the kitchen remodel. Whew. I hope it's all over soon!
If you look, you will see a new thingy on our sidebar. It is from ChildAbuse USA. Little human beans as well as us animals should be abuse free and safe.
If you see abuse, bean or animal, please please report it.

50 Years of Hope and Healing
In 2009, Childhelp commemorates 50 years of bringing the light of hope and healing into the lives of countless children. CEO and Co-Founder Sara O’Meara and President and Co-Founder Yvonne Fedderson started Childhelp in 1959, establishing it as a leading national non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of child abuse and neglect and at-risk children. This year, Childhelp will build on 50 years of fighting back against child abuse and neglect and will be embarking on a cross country public awareness campaign. Though Childhelp has accomplished much and made an impact in the lives of millions of children, much more needs to be done. --from the Childhelp USA website
love and be safe,

June 15, 2009

We Survived

They came. They were cat lovers. They were still loud. Mama took me downstairs to get her Schwan's order after they had been working for a while (one of them kept telling us when it was going to get loud so that mama could cover my ears--told you they were cat lovers), and only one elevator out of three was working (in a 25 floor building). So not only did it stop on almost every floor on the way down, we had a lonnngg wait to get back upstairs. Mama was supposed to have me in a carrier (house rules), but she didn't, she had me wear my halter and leash and she carried me anyway. So we got very hot together.
But by the time we got back upstairs the nice beans were actually sweeping up and done with the work.
So I got to get down and I wented under the sink in the bathroom. Oh, and one of the nice (but loud) beans said I deserved treats. So I camed out from under the sink and mama gaved me dentabites.
Kinda sweet.

June 14, 2009

Oh, no!

Mama says they are coming tomorrow to install the sprinklers! If it will be like Friday across the hall, it will be LOUD! If I am really spooked (they are going to be all over the partment) she will take me upstairs to a special lounge.
If they don't come first thing, mama won't be able to go to rehab, cause she promised to stay with me.
We will let you know what happens.
Meanwhile, all the stuff in the tops of the closets had to be taken out. So it is all over the partment. That's because they will put some of the piping in the closets. So it looks weird around here.
It reached 84 degrees today and mama put the air blowy thingy on!
That's about it for Sunday.

June 8, 2009


Hey, I made mama update our new linkies. There are soo many new bloggies out there! Check them out!

June 7, 2009

Sunday Again!

Mama had a busy week last week. Going to her rehab thing, a ppointment with a bean vet, and her sisters camed to visit. So we have not been checking in or blogging. I even camed out to see her sisters. They sound a bit like mama. One of them has a woofie named Molly. A dachshund. And they are nice, like mama.
Hope to catch up on efurryone this week.
I almost forgot. I did get a message from royalty last week. Her name is Leia. Mama was really impressed with her blog, soo we are linking to her blog and her delightful maid, Lady Katharine's blog.

June 1, 2009

Monday, Monday

Mama wented to the rehab place today and she is a little sore, but she said it was kinda fun. I spent most of the time snoozing on my little heart pillow (a pressie from Mr. Hendrix) and when she camed home, she sat down beside me and kept me company. And, oh yes, gaved me Dentabites.
Tomorrow she has stuff to do, and her walk to the library. My Sugar Pie has asked to come over tomorrow, and mama has said yes. He gets a little lonely sometimes, and we certainly can't have that!

May 28, 2009

First Day

Mama's first day at Cardio Rehab. She said it wasn't bad. She got a lot of information and then had to walk 6 minutes and that was it for the day. They took her blood pressure before and after. She goes back three times a week for 3 months or less. She also gotted a pointment with the Doctor that put her stents in her, but that isn't for a while yet.
Then she wented to get a cold drink and wented to Target for some stuff. She even bought me some Dentabites. Hooray!
She said the stents that were put in her heart are on the back of the heart, not the front.
She thought it would be warmer today, and it was in the sun, but she turned the air thingy on and shut the windows and it actually got cold in here. I told her off when she camed home. Mama, too cold!