June 25, 2017

short update

Another trip to the ER for Mommy last week. She is getting closer to her operation, though. It's supposed to be on July 11, now.
She lost her cell phone on the way home from the hospital she thinks, only it costs to get another one. And it is a free government phone. But replacements cost.
She is so far behind in bills she's worried a lot. Can anyone help?
I have been a good girl, of course.
Jackson Galaxy had a cute black and white tuxie on the last show.❥
love ya,
Praying for ya,

June 11, 2017

Still here.

We have been very quiet because Mommy hasn't been feeling well.  She has to get healthier to have surgery, so we are working on that. I check on her all the time, too. And she is doing better. She really doesn't want to do anything much of the time, though. She has been in the hospital again, and just Thursday saw her doctor.
Oh, about that, she got on a crazy ride home Thursday.  She was with a couple other riders and went  to the southwestern part of the twin cities on the way (we are northeasters). Normally this would be kind of an adventure for her. Lots of rural areas, lovely houses. Pretty.  But it was over 80 degrees and they had no air conditioning. Oooh, she was tired when she finally got home!
There was one bright light on this trip. There, on the side of one of the roads, was a deer! How cute!!
No camera on hand, though.
It is really hot this weekend, but our little a/c unit is taking care of us. May you all have ways of staying cool.
We pray for everyone every day and hope you are praying for us.
Mommy's tired again.
Love ya,

please if anyone can help, we are short money right now, and we get $35 overdraft fees. We get our money on the 21st.