October 25, 2009

Sunday SNooze News

It's awful foggy here.  It's like living in a cloud.  Friday night mama and I didn't have a couch or bed, so mama had to sleep on a chair. So did I. I can do it better than she can. They took the bed and the couch out on Friday and sprayed for buggies again.
Saturday she was watching the tracking for the delivery of the mattress.  She stayed by the phone all day, including taking it into the bathroom!  Then she read that the customer was not home and delivery would be next Tuesday.  She gotted very mad.  She called the shipping company and said she was in front of the phone all day, no one called, they just returned the shipment and it wasn't like it was a frivolous thing it was a mattress and she had a heart problem and couldn't sleep on the floor for 4 nights.  The manager was at a meeting.  Hmmmph.  So she called the daybed place and they got a hold of the shipper and they worked out a second delivery! Then it took her a couple of hours to take it out of the box and bag and into the vinal cover and put a sheet on it.  It's a neat sheet.  It is flannel and green plaid. Warmies! But mama accidentally hit a lamp and it broked to smitherines when she was doing all this. It was 28 years old and part of a pair. Mama said it's a small price to pay, it was inexpensive in the first place, and put her old bedroom lamp in it's place until we can afford to buy another one.
She called and left a message for the daybed place to thank the lady who talked to the  shipper for her. Mama's like that.   She used to work at customer service a few years back, and knows how good it feels when a customer gets back to you and says thank you for going above and beyond your job. And that lady did.
Since the rest of the daybed isn't here yet, the mattress is on the floor.
Monday her nice cleaners are going to come back and clean and help arrange stuff.
Oh, did I tell you?  She found a daybed cover and dust cover in blue and they were on sale at Overstock dot com! So the lamp really will have to wait. She bought them on line before she broked the lamp.
Mama's feet swelled up really bad last night and hurtied so I am being extra good today.

October 23, 2009

Freaky Friday

Somebody camed to the door today and I runned into the bathroom.  Mama shut the door on me, so it was me, my water, my foodies and my litter box for a couple of hours. There was lots of noise in here for awhile, and when she finally let me out, there was no bed.  There was no couch. The rooms smelled a little funny.  I sat on her lap for awhile, and then I investigated. The bug guys were here again! And it is freaky without furniture that has been here since we moved here.
Now we only have a rocking chair and an office chair until the new daybed arrrives.
Mama is going through a lot of books to see what she can give away cause we are having to declutter.
And then, and then, it snowed!!!
It's too warm to stick (34 right now) so it is just wet out.
We gotted another knock on the door and the nice brown uniformed bean brought our new vinal cover and mattress pad for our new daybed.  The daybed is elegant, isn't it?  It is a twin size.
Mama has been pricing dust ruffles for daybeds.  Some of them cost almost as much as our daybed did! She thinks we'll have to wait a little on that...
That's our Freaky Friday news.
So far.

October 20, 2009

This is not our living room.  This is not our bedstuff (pillows, bedskirt, comforter).  This is my new daybed.  It is called Camelot.  Mama ordered it this morning. We will be using my pink quilt for a top for awhile.  Even though it is "not livingroom" style.
They haven't picked up the old stuff yet, but maybe on Wednesday.
Oh, and this picture's colors are approved by me, but the website said they weren't available.
Mama will be gone tomorrow. Part of what she is doing is getting her yearly mamogram.  Make sure your lady beans do the same!!

October 19, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, we found a purrty daybed.  One that has a good steel base and includes a mattress, too.  We are going to get rid of the bed and couch I think tomorrow, and this daybed can be delivered in 3-5 days, we think.  We haven't ordered it yet, but we shopped around and the one company has the bestest deal--including free delivery and free mattress.  We do have to buy a plastic cover for the mattress (now required in our building) and then a regular mattress pad for it.  A nice gentleman who sells the mattresses said the plastic cover would be hot, so adding the mattress pad would be a good idea.
Sooner or later we have to get a purrty daybed cover and definitely a skirt for the thing.  Mama likes the daybed she found and the name they gaved it--Camelot. I think she should just use the pretty pink quilt we already have, but she wants something "more sofisticated" for the living room.
Such bad news about the couch and bed, but mama has wanted a daybed just forever.
As for being a "long seat", mama likes putting her legs up anyway, and we are getting rid of the footstool. So she thinks she won't mind.  And we have pillows.  We might get one of those long ones sometime for the back...
That's the news. 

October 17, 2009

Sad news

Miss Bed and Miss Couch have to leave.  We gotted buggies in them, and too many.  Friday we gotted fumigated and had to go to the lounge (more on that later). Monday they are going to do the regular spraying for normal bugs, which doesn't make sense, but maybe the chemicals interact or something.  Next Friday and some following Fridays we will be getting heat treatments to make SURE buggies don't come back. Part of what we had was bedbugs.  Yuck.  I got bitted.  The vet says if it hurts to take benadryl 10mg, but I am going to be brave. We also have beetles and roaches.  It seems somebody brought all this in to our building and lots of people are going through this. Mama heard lots of talk on the elevators. She is thinking of getting a daybed.  Anybody have any info on pros and cons? If we rap the mattress, we won't get buggies, and mama is leary of getting a couch cause you can't protect it.
Now for the lounge. Think PTU.  We went all the way up to the 25th floor only to find that not only do you need a key to get in (it's currently only for remodel people and bugged people), it's down on the first floor. Back in the elevator (not only do I not like elevators, only two of three were working so they were stuffed with beans).  When we were in the lobby we caught the manager and we gotted a key.  Back up 25 floors in a crowded elevator.
Then the lounge.  There was a couch and some tables and chairs.  And there was foodies for mama and a fridge with diet coke in it.  She brought a bowl for water for me and my dentabites.  Somebodies camed in (three other beans) and they watched tv while mama read and talked to me and petted me and fed me dentabites. If we have to go back on Fridays for awhile, not a bad vacation....
I think mama needs monies for new furniture.  I'm sure she will figure it out.  My bed can be washed on hot and dried, so I am okay.  Cept I will miss the bed for nappies.
That's our news.  I guess it is sad for my nappies, mama's monies, and those bad buggies.

October 13, 2009

The Info

We don't know what they call the buggies, but there are several different kinds.  Kinda anty for the most part. Some are beetle type bugs.  Sure glad we have help.  We still don't believe the last buggy guy did anything in here, and that caused all the buggies to say: free party in this apartment, and, hey, the radiator is warm, too. Woo-Hoo.
Remember we just had the partment cleaned, so it's not that we are dirty and the bugs really like dirt. We think the bugs weren't treated the right way, and they thought it was the right way and decided to multiply here.
The cleaners are coming tomorrow.  When this is all over, and we have a nice partment again mama's gonna take pictures.  Even before the kitchen gets done!
She's taken some pictures of me, but hasn't figured out how to upload them into the compooter.  ScaredyBean!

October 12, 2009

Buggy update

Mama founded out today that she has to bag up everything personal in the partment, empty drawers and every thing out of the cupboards, wash all the clothes in hot water, and scrub the floors and vaccuum the radiators (that are still without covers). Since she just gotted out of the hospital, she called the cleaning place she used last and asked if they could help.  The answer? They will be here on Wednesday.  They asked if they could give us as a reference, and mama said, definitely. They won't wash all the clothes, we'll have to do that. Then Friday we both have to leave and the bug guys are coming.
Oh, in the middle of this, on Thursday, the charity is coming to pick up our kitchen stuff we don't need.  Mama doesn't know if she should cancel or not.  We need the space, and all the stuff is packed in plastic bags. So it probably will be okay.
Friday we will be in the upstairs lounge.  We've never been there.  They have a tv in there and I have to be in the PTU all day. I think it will be loud, don't you? Meooooowww!!!
I have some buggy bites, but I am doing okay.  Mama is letting me sleep on her special bedpillows. Wooo-hoo!!
And oh, yes.  It wouldn't be Minnesnowta if we didn't have some snow.  That's right.  And this stuff is sticking.  I am safe and warm, so I don't care.
oh, yes, happy Columbus Day, even though we all know the Vikings found America first.

October 10, 2009

News Update

Well. It snowed this morning!!! But it melted away!!! But it's coming again on Monday!!!
My mommy was in the hospital for a couple days cause her heart had troubles, but she gaved me food and water before she left. She is at home again. They gaved her different medicines in the hospital.
They haven't finished the radiator covers in our apartment because they founded bugs in it, and we have to be debugged. 
Mama *gulp* gotted a new camera.  I have to be prepared to run a lot.  She'll be ruining my nappies!!
We haven't put much back til they come debug and finish the covers.  It's like living in a warehouse, with all the furniture in the middle of the place!
We will probably see on Monday what they will be doing for the bugs and radiators now.  Mama was in the hospital Friday, so she couldn't get that information.
That's the news. Oh, yeah, the camera is really small and pink and turns on real quiet.  The other made noise. Now she can be sneaky!

October 7, 2009

Sunny Day

Just like the Sesame Street song! Whoo-hooo! Actually saw the sun come up this morning!

October 6, 2009

Rainy day

Mama had a nice wet day today. She gotted to go to the eye doctor and have lunch at the Starbucks down the street from that office.  Oohh, they have the wheat bread she loves!!
Then she wented to Target to get some stuff (boring stuff like tissues and  folders and a dumb day planner for next year--she thinks she is getting organized).  Then she camed home and the cleaning lady with the smelly good ecological cleany stuff called and is coming on the 22nd. 
They we get to see who we like better.
Mama stays home tomorrow and I hear sun is coming for tomorrow. Then, when she has to go out on Thursday it's gonna rain again.
I like having her home in the rain.  Phooey.  But she IS home tomorrow. Moving stuff again, for the radiator guy.  He's picky.  There can't be anything within 3 feet of the radiators when he works.  And we have a little tiny apartment.  Sheesh. Are we gonna be squished.  He better show up and get it over with is all I can say!

October 5, 2009


Would you believe mama got a pointment for tomorrow for her eyes? She thought she would have to wait quite a while.  And in a couple of weeks she will be getting her mamogram. Good mama, huh?
We snuggled today and she shared her chick-hens tonight.  She moved a couple of things, too.  The radiator guy is coming back, so she is getting things ready to move around.  And also for the give away next week.  She says she hasn't changed where the kitchen table  is since she got it, and she hates where it is.  So it's getting moved.  She already moved the tv and put the rocking chair in the living room.
Thursday if the radiator guy comes after mama leaves for another pointment, I have to stay in the litterbox room. Otherwise she says I won't feel safe and it will be too noisy.  It is only for an hour.  Ya think that the radiator guys could let me out when they are done??

October 2, 2009

Friday Stuff

a Quick hello from the Squillions, Fraxie and Maxie (picture taken on a sunnier day!)


Cold, wet and rainy again today.  Mama met some nice ladies on the busses today. She doesn't go back to her doctor for awhile (this is her new primary doctor).  She passed her tests and everything.  But she has to schedule a mamogram soon, and and eye appointment.  Whew.
Speaking of mamograms, this is breast cancer awareness month, so contemplate helping out.
And don't forget the flu shot, either, beans! We need you healthy to take care of us!


October 1, 2009

Nasty Weather

Mama had to go out today to the diabetes clinic. It is cold (well, it must be), windy (I can hear the wind howling) and wet (rain is pelting the windows).
She ran some errands, skipped the outside farmers market and bought a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee. Then she camed home.
She has to go to her regular doctor (the new one) tomorrow.
We are getting things ready to give to charity.  The managers of our building said we look cluttered.  But they actually asked if mama had a pet, even though I was laying on the bed, so we have, I think, conquored any complaints about smelly cats around here.  Except for Mystery down the hall (tee hee).
They don't like her Apple Custard Glade candle, so she bought a new one called Clean Linen Glade. And she boughted some more file folders, a little file thingy for small stuff, and she swears she is putting all her figurines and stuff away.  Except for the Squilliions, of course! They belong here!!!