April 29, 2006

Slow Saturday

It is rainy and cold and yucky here. So mama and I are being lazy. That black thing hasn't reappeared (the harness??), and mama gave me HAMM this morning. Last night she said she had shrimpies and stuff in what she called a salad, but it didn't smell like it. She said it was the salad dressing, but I didn't like the stuff at all. But the hamm this morning was very nummy.

I woked her up really early this morning. I walked all over her and purred in her ear and licked her chin. She tolded me "It's Saturday, kid" and "why don't you do this during the week?" I tolded her I woked her up so I could spend more time with her, but she didn't appreciate my love! Oh, wait. She did give me hamm!

I'm gonna check in on the other kitty blogs and take another nappy.

April 28, 2006


It's a harness?? But, I haven't been outside for years and years!!! And then only by myself so I could run around and do what I want. Don't these things have LEASHES????

She wouldn't do that to me in the rain, would she??? *shudder* It looks like rain today. Maybe I should run and hide when she gets home! I'm all warm and comfy in here. I don't want to be cold and wet!

But I might not get my scritchies! They are important!! And I love my mama when she comes home! And what about lappies??? And brushies??? And treatsies?

Think, brandi. Think.

Well, maybe after my napppppppppppppzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

April 27, 2006

Something's Up

Last night mama came home with a thing that she put on me. It wasn't a collar, it was a black thing. It went around my neck like a collar, but then it went behind my front legs. It wasn't a bad thing. It didn't squish me or anything. What the heck was it???

April 26, 2006

Awesome Day

It is beautiful out. The sun is shining. The birdies have been chirping away. Mr. Squirrel has been here already this morning. This afternoon there will be a nice warm window to lie in and have nappy time. Oh, my. And beans have to work!

Mama brushied me last night again, and got even more fur off me. I'm really getting ready for warm weather. Poor Sweetie doesn't like brushies and combie things, and she is unhappy. Think positive thoughts, Sweetie. You would look so delicious brushied! It does feel good. It's like a rubbie! And if you were brushied every day, there would be no more tangles to hurtie you!

Last night mama saw two gooses fly over our building when she was coming home. They were honking and everything, and she thought they might be headed for our little lake. She also saw some awesome purple tulips. And some yellow ones. Some of the flowers aren't so pretty cause the nights have been cool here, and they gotted too cold.

There is some sadness in the kitty world, I understand. One of us has goned to the Rainbow Bridge. But this kitty had a buddy waiting. That is so nice for the kitty! Old friends can be united over the bridge! Just think of the warm homecoming waiting for all of us!

Love and peace to you all. Very important!

April 22, 2006


Mama is better. She went out today with one of her friends. She was got a loooonnnng time. But that's okay, cause she brotted home kitty crunchies! She brotted home some other stuff too, but she remembered ME! Oh yeah, oh yeah, crunchies are good. Oh, yeah, oh yeah, crunchies are great! Thank you mama for remembering me! *ppurrrr*

Acktually, I was the one who didn't feel good this morning, and she got up early to make sure I had food and water and stuff, and she petted me til I felt better. I think it was a bad dream or somethin, cause the sickies sure didn't last long. :-)

Last night she brushied and brushied me, and a whole lotta fur came off me. I like that. It's cooler.

Many birdies out my window today. And a nice cool breeze. And now mama is home!

April 20, 2006

A sick day

Mama is home today, and she feels sickie. I have been doing nursing duties all day. I sit on her and bread and butter, and even pat her face to make sure she is ok. She is really warm, and tired, and she said she is achey. The weather is dark and gloomy, too, and not as warm out, too. Not a nice day at all. But I am doing my best to help!

April 18, 2006

Hey, lovely day

Ooh, mama had to go to work today, and it is soooooo nice out. The birdies are here, and I heard there was a sqabble out front today. Mr. Squirrel is a long time resident, and there was an interloper today, trying to get his food. The people in the building are very nice about putting out food for him, and also birdie food for the birdies. But a new squirrel tried to get Mr. Squirrel's food today, and he did not ask Mr. Squirrel nicely. Mr. Squirrel ended up making the stranger leave. One of the birdies helped him.

We live in the back of the building, so I didn't get to see everything. But Mr. Squirrel is a neighborhood friend, and he came around to tell us the story. There are lots of kitties who live in the back of the building, so he makes his rounds.

Mr. Squirrel is very nice, middle-aged, and he has only half a tail. He won't tell how it happened, he just says it was very traumatic, and sad. He lost his wife a few years back when he lost his tail. And his kids have moved on and don't visit him. Mr. Squirrel spends his time at our building and down the street at the church. If someone asks nicely, he will share his food with other squirrels, but only if they ask nicely. Manners are important, he says.

Anyway, I hope the good weather lasts, but something tells me (mama) there are some rainy days ahead.

Hope your day goes well. Wishing you lots of birdies to sing to you, nice weather, and friendly neighbors (like my Mr. Squirrel), and lovely naps.

The cartoony is something new. I am grey and white, but this kitty has plenty of catitude, like me. :-)

If you like this, let me know. Thanks.

April 17, 2006

Easter Monday

Hope efurrybody has had a nice Easter. Mama is still home, she goes back to work tomorrow. She has given me extra scritchies today, and she brushed me this morning. My fur is shedding again, cause the weather is definitely warmer. It's 70 out right now!! So I really need the brushies, not just cause it feels good. My summer coat can grow now. It is lighter and more comfy. We shared breakfust and lunch today, and I am ready to nap again.

So take care, and have fun today. I think the window is calling me to watch the birdies, maybe, or just nappppppzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter Greetings

Happy Easter everyone! Hope efurry kitty has lots of love today, and efurry bunny, too. And to all the beans and even the V-E-Ts, you, too. Any all the beans that make sure we are adopted into our forever homes, many blessings to you, too.

And to mama, especially. Thank you thank you for the nice hamm! You are so nice to me! I love you, too.

April 13, 2006


I am crossing my paws that this gets posted. I can't see my own blog today. So we will wait and see. Anyway, it is almost the weekend for Mama, and she said Easter is coming. Said something about she has some days off. Yipeeeee!

Last night she brushed me for as long as I wanted. I love my brush. I even brush myself! She holds it for me and I rub my face back and forth. It is a wonderful brush!

We will work on pictures again this weekend, but it is kinda dark here and sposed to rain.

Oh, and the big box that came with the fridge? Mama flatted it!!!!!

Would have made a good party site, huh?


April 9, 2006

The Surprise

Ok, mama's surprise this weekend?

Food, toys, stuff for ME?

A BIG monster box. Huge.

When she opened it, it was.............. a frigerator.


Now if it came with catmilk, maybe.


And mama hurted her finger and it bled and bled, so she put a stopper on it and I had to comfort her cause she hurted. A kitty's work is never done!

A frigerator!

Update: So I just found out about the party today. I am going to sneak over and phooey with mama!

April 7, 2006

The Sun's back!

Yeah! The sun's back. The thunder bumpers yesterday were no fun!! Mama wasn't here for some of them, and I stayed cuddled up on the bed.

Mama said we are sposed to have a good weekend. But she told me she wasn't going to be here part of Saturday. And that she's bringing home a suprise. Stinky Goodness??? New Crunchies?? A toy???

Jeez, a zillion gillion naps til then!

No fair.

Oh, wait. Sunspot! OOh how warm and toasty. I think I will curl up and take one of those nappiessssszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

April 6, 2006

Grey day for a grey and white cat

Ok, somebody took the sun! Not fair. Boring day, grey, grey, grey. Nothing to do but nap, nap, nap, and eat crunchies and nap some more!

Mama came home last night and I did'nt take very good care of her, although she shared her dinner.

She has an owie on her arm. I think I have an owie inside me. Or maybe its the change in the weather. I am starting to loose a lot of my winter fur!

I heard mama say the sun was coming back this weekend. Yeah! sunspots! Warm and toasty naps!

No thunder bumpers!!!

April 5, 2006

Wednesday Blues

Ok, Mama gives blood today after work, so I have to take a zillion billion more naps til she's home. Then I have to be nice to her.

My work is never done.

Yawn. Mama, bring some hamm home, okey???

OOhh found another sunspot.


April 4, 2006

Sunny Days

Yesterday was sunny. Today is sunny. And once again, Mama is Working! :-(

I smell spring! Hurry up with the camra, mama! Maybe you should take pictures outside, too.

Mama is waiting for the Swan man to come tomorrow, but before she comes home tomorrow she has to do something called "give blood". She does this every once in a while. How could giving your blood away (shudder, thinks of V-E-T) make you happy???

Mama says it is a gift for others who need blood. Hmmm. Well, if it makes her happy and helps others, I suppose. Mama is good about that kind of thing. She brushed me last night and that helped me. She cleaned my litter box. That helps me. So, if giving blood helps others, why then more beans should!

Do kitties give blood??? I mean not just at the V-E-T. I wonder.

Have a sweet day. And you beans, give blood! It will make you happy like my mama, and help others!!!

April 2, 2006

End of the Weekend

Some kitties have commented their beans have lost time this weekend. Loosing an hour doesn't sound that bad. That's like a naptime... Anyway, it was rainy and blah this weekend, so we snuggled and stuff a lot. I stayed on Mama's lap for hours this afternoon. She brushed me and everything!

Hope efurry one had a good weekend. Lots of love and scritchies and crunchies and maybe stinky goodness!

And maybe some aventure???