October 28, 2012

Halloween furbabies

Couldn't resist. brandi loved furballs and furbabies. I love watching the gray and white kitty.
Please cross your paws that brandi finds me a new kitty to love SOON.  It's too empty around here, and my heart needs some more love in it.
I'm hoping it's not too expensive, but I appreciate all the assistance you all have given me in helping with brandi's last expenses.

October 25, 2012

Letter to my brandi

Dear sweet ladycat brandi, my angel,
I miss you.  We filled in each other a rather empty heart to overflowing. I had someone to love, and I had unconditional love given back to me. And that, ladies and gentlemen and kitties and woofies is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD.
I miss the little things. You waiting impatiently for your morning Denties while I did my meds and my shot and my levels. You standing by your dishes if I forgot them (I know, never let the bottom of the bowl of crunchies look empty—even though you ate that part first). Your little face turned up and your sniffing the air when I cooked. Your absolute delight in ham pizzas, bless you, and the paw on my arm to remind me that you were waiting for something while I was on the computer. Either making sure I was blogging, wanting a cuddle break, or wanting some Denties (you hussy, you). And your making the rounds of the apartment making sure everything was okay. Little things. And of course demanding your nighttime Denties not once but twice a night (and you got them, didn’t you)!

Yesterday I had to sign my new lease, and I met the manager in the hallway waiting for the elevator going downstairs to the community room where we were to get our leases signed and our new keys for our locks. I told him you were gone. He was very sympathetic. Did I want my deposit back? Somehow I answered no. And he was amazed that you were 19. He was so nice about it.
Remember that nasty landlord in our old apartment? What a difference!
You were with me for so long, and endured so much with me.  I was happily working at the university when my office mate directed me to a library cartoon site (she was studying for her library degree and knew I had a background in library science myself). From there I found Max, the Psycho Kitty and we were off and running. Catitude was born. And you were fun to write about.
We went through unemployment. And money problems. And a loving blog community ready to help. And moving finally to this apartment. And remodeling.  And my heart attack (the first thing I demanded was that someone take care of you while I was away). And my crazy new job and then finally staying at home.  I think you liked that part.  You got to be with me a lot more. You missed having a window ledge to sit on, and the birds and the neighborhood squirrel from our old apartment, so I suppose your entertainment became ME. And lots of naps.
You got older and older, and started having some problems.  The last year you started sleeping with me. You never used to even sleep in the same room with me, and now you were on the bed! And as you got older and older, you started creeping up from the bottom of the bed to lay next to me. I was so pleased! You loved the daybed. You OWNED it.
Did you remember you didn’t eat out of my hand for the longest time? I was so happy when you finally trusted me enough to take food from my fingers! It was such a gift to me!
When you got stiffer and stiffer and started to lose weight, I knew.  When you missed the litter box all the time, I knew.  When your nose got whiter and whiter, I knew. And when you started to stumble, chills went through me and I knew.
We talked.  I told you how dear you were. I told you I love you (well, I told you that every day). How sad it was that you were getting on in years. I knew. And it hurt. You needed to say goodbye.  And I did, too.
When you stumbled around the last few days, and stroked, I couldn’t see letting you suffer any more. I knew.
I told you thank you for your love.  Thank you for your life.  Thank you for everything. And that I didn’t want you to hurt any more.
I decided you would go over the Bridge in your own home. MNpets was called. Jennifer was understanding and so kind, and so sweet to you and to me. You were given a sedative and fell asleep in my arms. I kissed your ears and called you my sweet kitty. Then, when you were falling into a deep sleep, I could feel you purr. I think you were happy you couldn’t feel the pain, and you could sleep so comfortably. And in your mommy’s arms. Then, you were given another injection and slowly your heart stopped.
I think my world stopped, too. I find myself crying over silly simple things you did that I remember. I miss your paw on my arm, your sweet demand for Denties. I miss all of you. And so, every so often, I burst into tears. I'm sorry. I just miss you.
We were meant to be together from day one. Remember, you took one look at me at that adoption event and your paw went out of the cage you were in, and you meowed and meowed? And when I finally agreed to see you, you crawled up my arm and snuggled under my chin with the sweetest little purr. You got me. I was your mommy. And that was that.
When other cats I was adopted by ran away to the Bridge, I needed time to mourn.  This time, I think you are telling me that I need to fill some other little kitty’s heart with love. And soon.
So life will go on, and I hope a sweetie will come live with me. You’ll see to that, won’t you? I don’t think you want me to be alone. I don’t want to be alone.
Somehow, somewhere, you are looking for someone who needs a mommy like me. I am grateful.  The blogging community will welcome who ever it is. Catitude will go on. The world will start again.
I will always keep you in my heart. But my heart is big enough for another kitty.
Your ashes will be in an urn right next to Suki. Top of the bookcase, looking down at your mama. I just have to find the right urn. And be able to afford it. Your ashes will be with me soon. Your spirit is, already.
I love you, my brandi candi. My sweet girl.

October 22, 2012

In Gratitude

Thank you Ann, for this remembrance.
Thank you all for your thoughts prayers and financial assistance.
We, and I do mean we, appreciate each and every (and efurry) one of you.
At this point, I can't stop crying, so I will write more later if I can.
brandi went to sleep while I was holding her in my arms....
at home. 
Hug your animals for us.
Give them extra treats from brandi

October 21, 2012

Solemn News

It is with heavy heavy heart I have to say this. This is Carol, brandi's guardian. She has gotten very sick and is in a lot of pain. I will have to send her over the bridge shortly. She can hardly walk or eat, and has lost too much weight, and it just isn't fair to prolong her life when there is no quality of life.  She is 19. She has been with me longer than anyone I can name.  She has seen me through a lot of good and very bad times. Her cries of pain and the look in her eyes and her weak body tell me that she can do no more. Oh, you should see that look. It is tearing my heart apart. She has been going downhill the last couple of weeks, and right now she is looking at me and crying.
I have to do this alone, and that is hurting me so much. I need a companion in my life, and the hole she will leave will be frightening. But it has to be. I can't be selfish, if she is suffering.
I love her more than anything and I know you all know that feeling, yourselves.
If you could help pay for her final vet bills, that would be a fine tribute to her. It's around $400. I hate to ask, but this is way out of my budget. I am already still past due about $300 with my own medical insurance.  She will be cremated, and sit on my bookcase with her sister.
I can't write any more right now.
I will later.

brandi will be put to sleep around 8 pm central time tonight.
please remember us in your prayers

October 19, 2012

It's a Hard Life

Mommy has been very busy the last couple of days.  Wednesday she was out running errands (and forgot the Denties! Bad mommy!). But I forgive her cause her ride didn't come and didn't come and it was really windy downtown and it took her almost 2 and a half hours to get home. Normally it's about 20 minutes. Whew. She was really tired when she gotted home.
Then yesterday we were supposed to have the bug guys come, and that meant cleaning after she gotted home so late on Wednesday. Not too bad.  But she was already tired.  And of course, the bug guy camed in the late afternoon (all day waiting)  and then she had to make her dinner and go show her movie last night.  It was something about a bird, I think.  It was called Black Swan. Are they good to eat?  Oh, mom said it was about dancing. Huh?? Where's Billy when you need a explanation. Billy?? Billy?? I think he's busy dancing himself!
I have not been feeling good, and I snuggled with mommy last night. This morning I gaved her my look so I gotted extra Denties, but she told me we are almost out.  That means this weekend she has to grocery shop! I gotted the Denties this morning, though.
It is yucky outside today. Dark and gloomy and rainy.  Purrfect day to nap.  NO SUNPUDDLES! Mommy's allergies are driving me cuckoo today, anyway.  Hope she FINALLY takes her pills!
Someone is cooking something that smells really good on our floor. It's kinda interesting. Our building is so diversified. Lots of different foodie smells and talk from all over the world!
Hope you all have a brighter Friday than us, with lots of sunpuddles. I may not get sunpuddles, but I will get in LOTS of naps. 
Wish me more healthies, will ya? I still feel yucky.
Mommy, can I have some more cuddles and Denties?
I do know how to work it, don't I?
And more blankies around here, Lady!
Don't forget my litterbox.  and my fresh water. And, and, whatever else I can think of.
And what are you making for our lunch today??
Better take notes, little ones!
Mommee! Take your allergy pills!

October 13, 2012

Fog Comes on Little Cat's Feet???

We would show you a picture of what it looks like outside of our window. But we don't have any. Just imagine         nothing. We are fogged in. It's white. Like being inside a big (we're talking humungous) cloud. Mom says it reminds her of London. Like she was there in 1974. Mom, I think they still have fog there after all these years.  Unless they sent all of it here today.
You guys didn't, did you?  This is kinda spooky. Or is it early Halloween?? Come on.  It's afternoon, already!
I am just going to ignore everything and nap.  Hopefully when I wake up it will be in sun puddles.



October 12, 2012

Happy Friday

Mom's movie was kinda long last night.  It was Inception, and she said it was very good.  A dream within a dream within a dream. What ever that means.
Anyway, it was lonely all evening.  At least mom left the light on.  But NOT the Animal Planet. Sheesh. No fun!
Katie Isabella gaved me an award.  And I have to find 5 blogs to pass it on to. So here it is:
I guess it's because I am a sweet ladycat. Anyway, finding someone to pass it on to is a little hard, cause lots of blogs have this.  Hope I'm not accidentally giving you a duplicate. I think this should go to all of you, though.  You're all pretty sweet.  Even you grumpy ones! Here it goes:
 Betty the Bichon
 Perfectly Parker

I know there are two woofies in my list, but they deserve awards, too. And the award didn't say one sweet CAT award!
Have a (what else) sweet Friday, all!

October 11, 2012


We weren't feeling well this morning. Tummy was sooooo empty!  We complained and complained. Early.  When it was o'dark. So mommy gotted up and gave us fresh water and some foodies and then, after that,  even our Denties.
That's called "working it". The other phrase is "giving guilt".

Ah, the benefits of years of knowledge!

  Fancy Feast!

ps. Mom says it's 10,11,12. I guess that amuses her. WHATever.

October 10, 2012

October 7, 2012

Easy Sunday

As promised, pictures from the files of "Miss brandi" can tell a story:

You lookin at ME?

Life is but a dream, right?

Mama, GO AWAY! (but this is kinda a cool one)

The world is much more interesting out here

See? Told you!
 Okay, mom. Put the files away now.
Hope you enjoyed our  old pictures.
I'm going back to sleep now.
Have an Easy Sunday, all.
Please go to Brian's Home. A kitty needs our help! Desperately needs a home!!

October 5, 2012


Oooh, how time flies.  Mommy has been busy.  I told her to slow down, cause Nerissa gaved me a award, and I wanted to share. I need to complete this sentence: A good reader is.....
Well, a good reader reads to learn and or be entertained or both. A good reader knows that not only the world, past and present, is in the books she reads, but the whole universe. A good reader is, therefore, a traveler of the universe. We say she only cause mommy and I are girls.
Now as to presenting this award, hmmmm.  We wouldn't all be bloggers if we didn't read, right? So that makes choosing kinda tough. So I am gonna kinda say, this award belongs to all of us, so any one of the bloggers can choose to put this on their blog. And that should mean woofies and kitties, okay? And then I will present this award anyway, to some newer and older friends of mine. Just remember, you all are special! Not just the following friends:
Busy Busy Buttons a woofie, a new friend
The Cats Meow, Milo and Alfie, English friends
Cotton's Candy, another new friend
Derby and Ducky  Derby we've known for a long time
Eric and Flynn some more English friends
Little Cat Feet, They pitter patter around across town from us
Meezer Tails Sammy Miles and Nicholas
Perfectly Parker's little Ricky, a new guy
The Kitties at Prancer Pie's house
BOTH of the kitties at Troublin' Times
Tucker from Tucker Tells All A woofie, and of course his kitty sibs!
 And now I'm done.  Have a nice weekend.  Mommy has been going through some old pictures (since we don't have a camera right now) so maybe some pictures this weekend?

October 2, 2012



Robin, we miss you. Mom, too. And Suki,  the original sweet lady cat.

And Dad, this is for you too, I celebrate your life every October,
so, no it wasn't cancer, but it still means you're gone. And need to be honored.
July 27, 1908--October  1, 1984
You loved fall, too. And your funeral was beautiful, and the country cemetery, filled with fall leaves.

October 1, 2012

In My Life

This is just a little song that mama has been humming today. Sorta pretty. And the Beatles are still cool stuff after all these years!  Enjoy your Monday! (This means mom is kinda sorta old, but even I like this.  And I'm only 19!)
Unless this goes on all day. Like Annie songs yesterday.
I'm just sayin....
ps. Oh dear.  We decided this would become our tribute to all the recently departed friends.