July 29, 2016

Hi, Again!

Well, we were sposed to have an inspection Thursday. But then Mommy read the paper wrong and it's next Thursday. The new manager stopped in and asked us if we needed to be sprayed for bugs, and wanted to know why we had dead bugs outside our partment (We baited?? And it worked???  And we will be doing it again, too!). So they said they would be back on Thursday to spray. Fine. Wednesday we had our friend in the building clean our floors and take out garbage. Thursday afternoon the bug guy came. He pulled open the pantry (well organized now) door and got on the phone and said Mommy kept garbage in the pantry. Mommy immediately said there was kitchen stuff, lids and stuff in a bag, not garbage! Well, we still have a few bugs (we wouldn't have to bait if you came once in a while and did a good job spraying!). Just not very many. And the guy then said, well you still have bedbugs, too (how could he tell from standing in the kitchen??? Besides, we don't!!!) He said take everything down off the top of the frigermator and he would try his best. And put the cat up and leave for an hour. He'd be back. Aren't we on assisted living?? Well, we aren't really qualified, and Mommy doesn't want someone else managing all her money, which they do on assisted living. We made that decision a long time ago. So it was none of this guy's business.
And the guy kinda did insult both of us. Not only the remark about garbage in the pantry and bedbugs in the partment without looking or the crack about assisted living, but the remark that he would be back.
Well, he wasn't! Now, that was purely rude!
At one point he asked where I was, and didn't like Mommy's answer ("I don't know"). Like I can't be an independent cat and have to be watched at all times? I don't come when called, either. Well, sometimes I do, if there is food involved! I have several places to be in the partment!! Even though it is small. So she doesn't always know exactly where I am.
Mommy and I are kinda pissed. I was in that kennel for a lonnnnggggg time waiting for us to leave!!! Mommy didn't think she could do much besides waiting for them to come back, so she wasted a lonnnnnggggg time, too. Finally she got up and let me out of the kennel.
So we didn't have a lot to be thankful for on Thankful Thursday other than the day was actually a lot cooler than it has been in quite a while.  And it's going to get hot again, but we loved being cooler for even a little while.
Mommy had some interesting smelling pasta last night for dinner, but she didn't let me have any. That was unfair, too, to me. She said it was good. Oh, really???
Well, it's Friday today, and Mommy said we won't have to be insulted again until next Thursday.
Believe me, that is a plus! And maybe she'll share her food?
Have a good weekend ya all!
love ya,

ps. NEWS!!.Well, the bug guys work for the place we live, so I can't really complain. They know them and trust them (we don't know why). There was a really nice outside place that had the contract before and they were good. I guess the budget got cut!
Mommy lives on her social security and we make things stretch, but we are not going to let anyone take all our money and put us in assisted living (well, we wouldn't have to move, cause part of this place is assisted living, but still).
We got a phone call this afternoon from the new manager. She's siccking the social worker on us next week. We don't like her, either. She will tell us to give me up, give up cable and the computer network, give up most of her stuff, and live in poverty with people telling mommy what to do. That is what we are facing. Oh, and the people who pay her salary are the assisted living place's owners.
We really want to move!!!
I don't want to lose Mommy!!!!!!
Wish someone could get us out of here. We already live in public housing and there is nothing cheaper. Help!!!!!
We have faced this time and time again, only this time the manager is meaner!

July 19, 2016

Remember me? It's Tuxie Tuesday!!

Whoa! We have been gone too long, Mommy! At least we have been reading blogs and commenting once in a while, though, but gee, it's been too long!
Well, Mommy has been busy and stuff. And a couple of nice bloggers have helped her get her insulins she couldn't afford. THANK YOU, kind lovely bloggers!
Monday morning, once again, it was recycling day and someone forgot. Not Mommy! The peoples that pick it up! And Mommy had all her food cartons broken down and junk mail and cans and stuff all ready.  The stupid container is still sitting outside our door!
And we are getting yet another inspection coming up in the partment building.
Mommy decided that enough was enough about the bugs and she bought some stuff with her own monies to deal with it some time ago. So we have no worries there! We were tired of all the creepy crawlies that were around after being sprayed (I have to leave the partment when they do spray). It's like they have been just spraying water. And complaining all the time.  So now, with the help of Home Depot and Target we have no worries in that department! And I don't have to leave. Yea! But it really is the duty of the building to take care of, and that's not exactly fair.
Now Mommy has been counting down the days until we get her monthly monies from Social Securities. She is so tired of 97 cent balances in her checking account! And that happens Wednesday. Isn't it good that Chewy is coming and we don't have to worry about the monies??
And one more month till she gets evaluated for her wheel chair.
I guess now you are caught up.
Oh, yeah, mommy wanted me to tell you that I woke her up twice last night for no reason. But, really, it was because I love her and she was talking in her sleep or making weird noises with her nose and mouth!
It is going to be very hot the rest of the week (heat index over 100) so I am hoping mommy stays home!
You all that are experiencing the same hot weather take care and try to stay cool!
And yeah, TUXIES RULE!
love ya,

July 7, 2016

Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday was really sunny. It made up for the big storm we had.  But guess what. They are predicting heavy rain for latter today! The storm we had damaged a lot of people's property and a whole lotta trees. Who knows what today will bring? It is sunny now anyway!
If it thunders in the night mommy loves it. She likes the sound of rain.

I feel good, now. Yesterday I was zooming around! What ever mommy had is gone too. She doesn't zoom, though. Maybe if she gets her wheelchair she will! ;-p
Now mommy's worried about her monies, cause her check comes the third Wednesday of each month, and she can't do anything. She has no milk. Other foods are okay. Next week for sure (maybe?) she has to pay for her insulin.  What a life we live!
This morning mommy made herself a cup of coffee. The machine didn't work. So she poured another cup of water in it and it worked. It also gave her a half a cup of hot water. She thought something like that would happen! It did. Where'd the other half go????
Today we are thankful that injuries from the last storm were not a lot, and I am thankful mommy and I are feeling okay.
Have a beautiful day.
Love ya,

July 5, 2016

Tuesday Tuxie

A little late and very short. Our water thing was this morning (Tuesday) and the nice man said I was sweet. It took only a couple of minutes. But before that I had an upset tummy and so did mommy. What was that? We don't eat the same food! Mommy said I had a hairball. I've never had one before. But she doesn't get hairballs!
Last night somebody shot off fireworks directed into our parking lot (safe, cause it couln't start a fire) until 1 am. Didn't bother me much, but it kept mommy awake.
Now it's storming like crazy. While its calm for a bit we wanted to update you all on the happenings of the day.
Gotta go,
Love ya,

July 2, 2016

Saturday Stuff

We are in July already, Mommy! And, even though it has been cool, well at least comfortable with low humidity, it's going to come back. Yucky humidity! But this holiday weekend is sposed to be nice.
Mommy took her hairdryer and blew it inside the motor of our a/c unit and took the filter into the shower and used the shower head to clean it. Boy, was it filthy. Now it doesn't do that much in the cooling department, but it does remove the humidity. So we are doing okay.
Mommy had to go downtown on Thursday to run some errands and the weather report said it was going to rain. She said people asked her if it had stopped raining and she hadn't even noticed that it had rained. She was inside for two of her errands in the same building, and when she got out and waited for her ride the sidewalks were wet. She missed all the rain.
Friday we caught up on some of the blogs and mommy caught up on part of the things she hadn't read for a while on Facebook. We were happy to hear that everyone enjoyed the BlogPaws get together. It looked like a lot of fun from what we saw on some of the pictures. And some very neat people won  some very nice awards. Concatulations! We have lots of good bloggers! Yay!
Don't forget to make sure your animals are safe this weekend. There is going to be lots of fireworks around America and some animals are scared of the loud noises. Make sure they are in a safe place and comfort them. Other than a few in our neighborhood most of the fireworks are at a considerable distance and mommy can watch the nice colors of the exploding whatevers and I'm not that upset with just a few loud fireworks and then some that are farther away from us I can barely hear.
On next week's schedule we are going to be interrupted either the fifth or the sixth for water testing in our apartments. Don't know what that's about, but they are supposed to enter all the apartments and it's supposed to take less than 10 minutes each. They are just not going to tell us when on those two days they are coming. The two days are for only our floor and the next floor. Since we have 25 floors we feel sorry for those people that have to do this testing because it's going to take forever to do all the floors. We've never heard of this testing and mommy said we already have those things that reduce how much water you use. Maybe they're just going to give us new ones???
Well, anyway, be safe this weekend, keep cool, and get some loves from your peoples, okay?
love ya, as always,