December 25, 2015

And Now

 We hope all your wishes and dreams came true!
Mommy Carol
Angel brandi who oversees them
 Angel Sasha, who came before, and was black and beautiful and a sweet cuddler and LOUD purrer and looked exactly like her daddy and
Angel Suki, the healer who was a real nursie, absolutely definitely and oddly looked like Sasha's Mommy, but was no relation other than as the adopted sister of Sasha, but Suki came first!
and sweet Angel Nicki, Mommy's college roommate's fluffy grey kitty a long time ago, who kept them warm and mousie free! (got a little chubby, too, the mousie free-ier the place was!)

December 23, 2015


Mommy, Mommy, Angel Sister, Internet friendz, guess what? Guess what? No, GUESS!
Look out the windows. Look, look, oh, Mommy!
For Christmas!!!! 

We are so lucky! Santa's gonna just be so happy, and the reindeer. They get to land on nice soft snow!


December 22, 2015

A Modern Christmas Story

In The Market For Some Christmas Cheer

| London, England, UK | Holidays, Theme Of The Month
(I’m a cashier in the food hall. We’ve been busy with older customers as it’s the last ‘pension day’ before Christmas. A husband and wife come and stand close to my till. The husband begins cherry picking older customers, those with ‘lonely’ looking trolleys, and directing them to my till.)
Wife: *to first customer* “Merry Christmas!”
Customer: *huge smile* “Merry Christmas!”
Wife: “I hope you won’t be offended, but my husband and I would like to pay for your shopping.”
(The customer is stunned and can only stammer a thank you. The wife helps pack the shopping and pays on her card. They stand in the store for almost two hours and must have paid for about thirty people’s shopping. They chat with everyone and even hug people who ask! Watching customers leave with big smiles on their faces made me tear up more than once. My manager came over before they left to thank them for their generosity.)
Manager: “I have to ask, why do you feel the need to do such a thing?”
Husband: “When you give money to charity, you never know where it’s going. This way we know we’re helping the people who need it most.”
(Before they left they bought a case of wine which they left behind for the employees. From everyone they helped, and from all my colleagues, I’d like to say a massive thank you!)
from: No Sale, Not Always Right

How's that for a sweet heartfelt couple!

December 21, 2015

Monday, Monday Christmas is Coming

Just a quick post as Mommy is going to the hospital. No, not because she's sick (strange, sometimes but not sick) but because she has her semi-annual checkup with her heart vets. Ever since her heart attack a few years ago she is supposed to go twice a year, and that's where her heart vets are, not at the clinic. Since that's where she went when she had her attack she's sticking with those doctors for her heart.
I'm trying to get her to post every day at least through Christmas. Cross your fingers!
All Mommy wants for Christmas is a way to pay all her debts off and a day with someone called Jackie Chan. Guess that means any little thing will make her happy, cause she isn't getting those two things! Except maybe some Jackie Chan movies. MOL I know she has dvr'd a few!
All I want is mommies and daddies everywhere to be healthy and have warm homes, and furs everywhere (and fins and feathers) to have safe homes with them!A little catnip couldn't hurt. I mean for all the kitties, of course.
(I know, I know, but may the force be with you AND live long and prosper!)

Mom--The REAL Jackie Chan! LOL

December 20, 2015

The Mad Russian

The Mad Russian! South Minneapolis home.
ps. The Mad Russian is what the music is called!

December 19, 2015

Saturday Lights

This is quite long, so sit back with your peeps and let them drink hot chocolate while you enjoy!

December 18, 2015

My Favourite Time of Year

You don't have to donate or anything. Just enjoy this English group sing this lovely song!

December 14, 2015

Monday, Monday

As you can see, Mommy started trying to change my blog. The frosted glass is an old picture from where Mommy used to work (too much time on her hands at work?). We changed the font style (isn't it prrurty?) and color. And we got a Christmas header/card from sweet blogger friends and took out that old Christmas one from a couple of years ago (!). We were going to change the header, but we like what we have and couldn't quite push that button. So the card is in our sidebar. We're still thinking about that.
That took all morning. And part of the afternoon.
Well, we did get a couple of packages TODAY. One was Mommy medical stuff. The other was CHEWY! Hooray for CHEWY!
And this weekend Mommy got a package from other sweet blogger friends filled with Mommy stuff. She is amazed that so much stuff filled that box, but they mostly were little things. Drinkables and some chocolate and stuff.  And some pretty shower gel (now, how did they know we don't have a tub and Mommy loves shower gel?) And oh, yes, I got some monies in my PayPal account. So thank you one and all! We don't feel so forgotten!
We know we don't have a big following, but that's okay. The ones we have are super special.
Thank you, thank you!
Love ya,
QUINN and Mommy

December 12, 2015

Christmas is Coming!

Sorry the video isn't great. But this is my very favorite version of one of my very very favorite Christmas songs. That's what counts!


It is Sweet Saturday!
Mommy's home!
I've been getting lots of lovies!
Someone save me from being overloved!!
What am I saying?????
More, Mommy, more!!!!!!

Have a happy Saturday, all! Here's to everyone getting more lovies, too! Mommy doesn't have to go back to the human vet for one whole week! So I have my week planned. Lovies, lovies, lovies, and more lovies!
See ya,

December 6, 2015

November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday??

Hi, there. Lovely snow crashed Mommy's errands today. Everyone was waiting for the Metromobility buses and one poor gentleman was waiting two hours. He had to go to work. After an hour one lady cancelled. After 45 minutes Mommy did. She had two stops to make, and would have had to get off one bus at her first stop and immediately get on the second. That wouldn't work at all. So Mommy has to leave tomorrow for her bank errand and go separately another day to her second stop to pay rent. She just doesn't trust her rides right now with the snow. Hey, this is Minnesnowta. We are supposed to be able to deal with snow!
No Cyber Monday for us. And Mommy didn't go shopping for Black Friday. She stayed home with her sweet black and white kitty!
Did that make sense? Well, anyway, I got extra scritchies when she came back to the apartment this morning. For me the day is a plus!
Thanksgiving Mommy wasn't feeling well, so she had soup for Thanksgiving. But she's better. Her eyes are bothering her a bit. But it has only been a week since her "pro-see-jer".
I am doing fine. Mommy still needs some green papers, but that isn't new. We're almost afraid to ask for help, cause so many others need green papers for important stuff, too. And then there are those who need to buy Christmas and Hanukah presents for children (and you can't short the children out of  their presents).
We aren't having a tree (there really isn't enough room in our tiny apartment). So we hope we get to see a bunch of yours in the next couple of weeks. And Hanukah lights, too.
But could Mommy have just a little help? Or a present? That is what I wish for.  I don't eat treats and I have three wand toys and a laser and a TicklePickle and my new cat tree, so I really don't want anything. Maybe an extra can or bag of foodies, but nothing else. We have a wish list at Amazon, but that is all it is, a wish list. We don't expect any of that stuff. I don't even have an idea of what Mommy really wants. A gift card for Coborn's (that's our grocery store)? A nice new throw for my chair (okay, it IS Mommy's too)? Oh, I know. A day with Jackie Chan! MOL! A new header for my blog??
We are together. We are family. And besides you, that is all we have.
Not bad at all, really.
love ya,

November 26, 2015

Happy Fanks Givin!!

Happy Thanksgiving
(I swear I'm being good)
(I swear, Mommy)
nomm nomm

Quinn Makayla!

Hey Mommy, it's snowing out!
nomm nomm nomm

November 14, 2015

Caturday Sadurday Again

Good Caturday Morning!
Mommy was missing yesterday. She had to go to the human doctor who looks at eyes. And this brings some problems. She has a hurtie on something called a retina in her right eye. She needs to see a specialist.
Mommy is thinking about doing a YouCaring page because she needs surgery on one of her eyes so she doesn't go completely blind in that eye. That is definitely serious, dear readers! She also needs a couple of surgeries on her leg. And dental work. If we set up this page do you think we could raise green papers for her? The last illness of hers wiped us out.
This is a very important thing. Has anyone else used this crowdfunding idea? This is more than "we are late with the rent" kind of request (which, yes we are). This is for important medical stuff. I love my Mommy and want her to be okay.
If anyone has any information, please let us know! If you would want to help with an auction or help us with the special page please let us know!
Now I have to interrupt this post so Mommy can give me let and paws rubbies. Purring helps her, you know. So at least purr for us!
love and kissies,

November 12, 2015

Feline Rescue

This slide show was published on YouTube on November 9th. That just happened to have been my Gotcha Day. And this place is where Mommy and I met!
Enjoy. Ooh and Awe and Squee. And if you can, give to your local shelter!
Good luck to all the animals that are waiting for their forever home!
And Mommy Carol

November 11, 2015

Venterans Day

To all our Veterans in our countries
we are so proud of
your service 
and so honored

November 7, 2015

Caturday Sadurday

Oh, dear. We wonder if anyone can help us.  Our rent is due by Monday and we do not have enough green papers to pay it (or buy Mommy's insulin). Can anyone help? Mommy's health insurance took a chunk out of her checking account to pay for 3 months of insurance without telling her. And she spent a bunch of time today trying to call them only to be transferred from one automated system to another and back again. When she got someone to finally talk to her in customer service she was told to call back Monday because they only sell insurance on weekends. They can't help her. OMC! What a waste of time! She could have been petting me and brushing me and telling me I'm pretty.
She agreed to taking her policy payment out of her checking account once a month, because that fits in with her budget. She was not aware that they had problems with that. So three months insurance  almost equals her rent payment.  And that and insulin were the last two things to pay this month, and she had green papers for one month insurance, one month rent, and one month of medications and insulin.
Mommy is going to Wally World tomorrow to pick up her insulin (she is almost out) and can't wait another week and a half (when she gets her monies). That has to be done!
We know there are lots of you out there who can appreciate our dilemma, and budgets are tight for many people. This was unexpected.
Mommy's doctor appointment yesterday went very well. That was the good news we were going to tell today. She is much better, but still sickie. She is on new medications, too.
We did have cable problems this week, and our internets and tv were out for a while. But they are back!
Mommy had planned to wait till Monday for her insulin, but the "bug guys" are coming Monday and she has to take me out of the partment that day and can't plan a trip to Wally World when she doesn't know when the guys are coming. And by Tuesday she won't have any insulin left.
She about had a fit when she found out today what the insurance had done. And she only found that out when she checked her balance at the bank before planning her trip to Wally World (they do have a grocery store there and she was going to maybe pick up something to make for dinner).
At this rate we will never get a pizza delivered ever again or even bacon! MOL
Can anyone help? Please? Are there any guardian angels out there?
What's that saying? When life throws you lemons-- DUCK!
Well, quack quack!
love ya,
ps. my Gotcha Day is MONDAY!!!

November 1, 2015

Easy Sunday

Fear me, woman!
Okay. That is the last Halloween-type picture we will put on here, Mommy.
But it does look kinda cool I have to admit.
Halloween included fireworks. What???
And in the middle of the night someone knocked on our door. Really. Insistent knocking. Mommy stumbled to the door, looked through the peep hole and said something about they had the wrong people. The person went away. She said it was a foreign woman who dressed sort of Muslim (which isn't that weird around here--there are people living here from all over the world, which is kinda cool) with the head covering and all. Mommy went back to sleep right after that, which was good for her not to ruminate (fancy word, but remember she reads to me a lot) on it.
So we are having a very lazy Sunday. A late Sunday. At least I got my foodies and water! And I made sure Mommy takes care of herself. Remember, lately she has been kinda ill and when she has a rough time of it I come sit on her and purr her better. And I hate laps! But, for Mommy....
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and a very Easy Sunday. Send love to everyone you know and some you don't!
Love ya! (of course)

October 31, 2015


 Happy Halloween!

Free Black Cat Clipart - Public Domain Halloween clip art, images and...

October 25, 2015

Easy Sunday

Hey, this isn't me! Mommy just thinks it's cute.
Hello again. It's Easy Sunday around here again. Well, we've been easy for a while, cause of my Mommy's been sick. She still wishes someone would come and deliver hot meals, but that's not happening. And she checked out the meal delivery plans for seniors and they are much too expensive for our budget. But a couple who live here in the building have come over and cleaned the floors and taken out the garbage, and that is a big help!
The weather has gotten cooler here, but we still have one window open a little in the living room. Fall whiffs are certainly interesting!
One of Mommy's old school friends (from way back in the dark ages) is sending us something, but isn't telling us what.  Wonder wonder what it is???? Probably a silly thing from their school or something.
Mommy is on some new medicines now, but the doctor said it will take a while to notice anything, and if there is bad stuff happening, let the clinic know immediately.
That's all the news we have, really. Thank you all for your patience and good thoughts and prayers. We will try to keep up with my blog. Anyone know if those Dragon things that you can talk into and it writes what you say in your puter  speaks Cat??? Wow, that would make a lot of us do happy dances!!!
Love ya,

We apologize for our linkie saying Caturday Calling. Our USB cord   connection to the keyboard  in the back of our computer refused to work this morning. Now we have a second keyboard, but when that wouldn't work either we switched USB ports.  This has happened to our sound once before so we thought of this right away. Mommy hates this keyboard but didn't want to change it back cause she got tired.. This was sposed to be an automatic publishing, and that worked, but the keyboard didn't work this morning.
Computers are WEIRD!

October 17, 2015

Caturday Calling!

Meow again. Mommy said I could blog today!
She had two human vet appointments this week and new medicines to take (and an old one to NOT take). She is still very tired all the time, but some friends in the building came and cleaned the floors and took out the garbage for us. And, yes, they are Quinn Approved! They have a sweet kitty of their own!
Speaking of foodies, my Chewy order came today! We like Chewy delivery days! I guess humans don't get this kind of service. Mommy orders foodies to be delivered to her, but they come from the grocery store and you have to cook them yourself. I mean the humans do, not me.
I wish somebody would bring Mommy some prepared food, but everyone who lives in this building is a senior and on a fixed income themselves. But she says it would be nice.... Can you mail dinners to humans like you can kitties and woofies? MOL Incoming! One pot roast dinner! MOL Incoming! One fish dinner! And don't forget Mommy loves meat loaf! And salads. And mashed sweet potatoes. And lots of veggies (we love spinach stuff). Sometimes I crack myself up!!
My new tree is fine. Mommy is thinking about moving furniture around so that I have "easier access", but that's Mommies for you. They mean well. Mommy has now moved my SleepyPod in front of the little table which is by my chair and in front of my tree. That way I can always have some place to hide and be comfy (and play with my pink Tickle Pickle). Either in my SleepyPod or the cute little home on the bottom of my cat tree. Or my linen closet shelf. Or my bed. Or "mommy's" bed. Or the shower stall. Or the pantry (that is if she EVER lets me in there! Tee hee)! For now everything is pretty much staying where it is cause Mommy is too tired.
Mommy needs another nap. Yes, you do, Mom! So let's curl up together!
love ya,

October 11, 2015

Simply Sunday News

We have been gone a long time (for us). We need to explain. You see, Mommy got very sick and I have been taking care of her. Since I'm the only family she has (the other members are too far away and/or simply do not care) I have to do a lot of loving her.
She has two more ppointments this week and has to pass some tests at her human vet's office. She is lots of tired all the time and other stuff. And I am the only one helping her.
She has several medical bills and we are always short of green papers these days, but too many others have needs, too, so we are kinda lost and bewildered.
There have been a couple of good things along the way. At least for me. When we were told by management here that the boxes have to go someone (who chooses to be annonymouse) has seen to it that I finally got a cat tree. It is great for stepping down off my chair (works like stairs) and the little house on the bottom is comfy. I fit! Mommy tries to get me to stay on the second step so she can pet me easier, but we're still working on that. For now it is another spot to look out the windows! Hooray! Thank you, thank you. This is lovely!! I don't even miss my box!
As soon as Mommy figures out how to get pictures downloaded on this weird puter we will show you. It has blue steps and they are furry blue, and the top of the house has a white footie print! And although I do have white paws, I DIDN'T DO THAT!
Oh, yes, the other good thing. Mommy had a nice chat with a lady at Chewey yesterday. So you know that my foodies are coming, no matter what!
And that lady reads my blog. Woo-hoo!! I feel special. Chewey peoples are so special and their service is fantastic! Lots of us use them, and if you don't, check them out!
Time to go.  Love ya all,
QUINN Makayla
and her mommy.
Oh, and all the windows are open today and it is sposed to be 80 degrees or better today! And it is autumn! Nice gift, Mother Nature!

September 19, 2015

Merowwww! Ahoy!

Oohh, Ahhhhh! Argh!
Pass the milk grog and the nice kitty foodies! Merowwww! And somone to pet me and make me purrrrr!
 00 TCC Talk Like A Pirate Day 9_19_2015

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day
love ya

September 13, 2015

Simply Sunday

Have an Easy Sunday!
Love ya,

September 9, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

We will be needing a new secretary if this keeps up!  Of course, this is wordy Wednesday!! We haven't been blogging on a regular basis! Mouses!
Mommy and I watched movies on the long holiday weekend.  It has been hot and humid lately. Yesterday Mommy had to go downtown and it was lovely out, she said. A little rainy looking today, but you know weather. It can change whenever it wants to! At least it is cooler and not as humid out! Mommy said she can get back to her coffee drinking! It was just too yucky out for her to want any the last week! Yesterday was a coffee day, and so is today.
Last night Mommy fell to sleep in her office chair. I had to meow and paw at her forever to get her to put her jammies on and go to bed.  Finally happened around three dark o'clock! What we do to protect our pets! Things need to be organized and run smoothly! Mouses again!
Friday we think Barb is coming over.
And the worst news? We need help.  Management says we need to get rid of BOXES! I really and truly need a cat tree or perch or something! We can't have boxes!! WE CAN'T HAVE BOXES! Anyone have a spare perch or cat tree???? This is serious!! 
Well, Mouses! I think I am ready for lots of scritchies and naps today....
And yes, before we forget, today is Mommy's brother's birthday (the one that passed over the Bridge this spring). And yes, yes, it is

love ya,

September 3, 2015

Anyone there?

Just a quick note for those of you who may be wondering. Mommy has been very busy and our internets went down after we got a new cable tv dvr installed cause the old one wasn't working. I don't count the "busy", but the internet downs have been real. No internets, no blogs, no email, no nothing!  We have had the internets guy in and we needed a new modem. Which we now have. He also added wi-fi to our plain and simple Kindle, and now Mommy can't figure how to download books from the library again. Mouses! She is not good without her books.
The bug guys are coming, and Mommy is just about ready for them (she cleaned before the internets guy came, so there is not much to do).
So we may be back on Friday. Repeat may. Who knows what will happen next!
love ya

August 14, 2015

Finally Friday

Mommy's sister survived the surgery and is doing pretty good. She is a very strong lady for being in her mid 70's, and has a very strong faith, herself, so she thanks our Heavenly Father for the chance to still be here, although she is ready to go to Heaven any time she is called, and  she says thanks all for the prayers and kind thoughts.

Very late posting. Sorry. We have over 300 blog entries to read and catch up on! We really haven't been on the computer a lot this week because Mommy's been busy  and there has been some family stuff (with her sister) and now it is very humid again and Mommy gets hot facing the computer instead of the rest of the room. Humans! Do you believe all the excuses?
Yes, it is humid again, and very hot, so I at least have Mommy all day, as she says she doesn't want to go out in the yucky weather. Fine for me. I get extra scritchies and Furminating! It is sposed to be extra humid all weekend, so Mommy is definitely staying home! Next week is sposed to be cooler and less humid, and that means open windows for me, and I hope Mommy stays home, too, to enjoy the window whiffies!
As for our food, my Chewy box will be mailed out the end of next week, and Mommy has some good foodies thanks to our friends on the internets. Thank you, thank you! We have FISH! Mommy said the spinach has to come maybe next week. She didn't get a lot of foodies, but enough to get by for a little while.  Although I have more kitty litter than she has bathroom tissue! MOL THAT wasn't on the list she had!
Have a wonderful weekend, and if you are in the hots, stay as cool as possible and drink lots of water!
love ya,
QUINN and Carol

August 9, 2015

Easy Sunday with a Special Request

Mommy has a request for you all. But not for her. One of her sisters is having an operation Tuesday morning because she has bladder cancer, so please we need the power of the paw for her. Please keep her in your prayers and kind thoughts. Her husband died of cancer a few months ago, and her children and grandchildren really want her to stick around. Especially her little Molly. That's her sweet little dachshund. Molly already really misses her daddy and we don't want her to lose her mommy, too. Thank you for your help!
Back to Easy Sunday after a full week: We saw Barb this week, and Mommy did a med check at the clinic (a new prescription is working out--yea!) and, oh, yes, Mommy had one of her-grains. And it was a very very bad one.  But it meant a whole day of naps, and as you all know, naps are good. I let her sleep and only checked on her now and again, and by evening she was lots better. She did make an effort to make sure I had foodies and waters and stuff. And that was so special, cause she was really hurtie.
So we weren't around much, and haven't read any blogs. We'll try to catch up now.
It's supposed to be less humid this week, and Mommy has to go to WallyWorld for her insulins. And some very generous and kind peoples sent us green papers so she could get some foodies. Thank you. I think she was getting sick of chicken. Or should I say that? Waffles would have been in heaven if he visited last week. Lots and lots of chicken around here! I think they call that "hitting the sales" we had so much!
So thank you soooooo much for helping Mommy with her foodies! It is soooooo important for her to eat her foodies. Unlike others who can not eat (humans are weird sometimes, aren't they?) once in a while, diabetics have to maintain their "levels", and take their insulins and eat proper foodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! She kept saying all her bills were paid, but there wasn't much left over for groceries at all for August. Maybe that's why she had a her-grain. She was kinda worried. So now she can get some other foodies. Hamm, maybe? Or FISHIES! Yum! Spinach for salads! Yummy, yummy! Yes, I like spinach!!
That's about all. A full week, but not really that busy. I did get some awesome massages and lots of Furminator time ( I love my Furminator!), and lots of good nappies (and lots of chicken smells around here-MOL!).
Keep cool and have a good Easy and rest of the week, and please keep Mommy's request for her sister in your hearts.
love ya,

August 2, 2015

Easy Sunday Good and Bad Stuff

Lots of good and bad news.
Our cable tv doesn't work. The cable company is shipping us a new "box" and a new remote. This saves Mommy from having to pay for installation. Bad news again? I have to suffer from her trying to "install" by herself. I think I will quickly disappear when she starts.  I might  (might? who are we kidding! Will) like the box the box comes in! So now Mommy has lost all the movies she "dvr-ed". Good news for that? She's watching Netflix. New different movies! And while she mourns the loss of her EastEnders, and all the movies she had wanted to watch on the dvr, she has to watch Netflix on the computer. And she has to sit in the office chair. Which leaves the comfy chair for me. Which just happens to be within scritchie reach for mommy and me.
Whew! Life gives us a lot of ups and downs fast, huh!
We are still waiting to get some foodies for Mommy. Tomorrow Barb is taking her to a food shelf. But we still need help. Please, somebody? Diabetics need foods as well as insulin to maintain their "levels". And lives.
Tuesday she has a "med check" at the clinic. This is normal. She's on some new meds and they need to see how they are working. Other than "expensively" Mommy says fine. The insurance doesn't pay for much of this, and WallyWorld can't help. Sometime this week she has to go to WallyWorld and get her inexpensive insulin again. Another of the reasons she isn't spending money on food. But those new meds are something more she has to pay for.
More nice news: someone very kind is giving Mommy a used printer so she can print coupons and stuff. Oh, goodie. More "installation"! Kitty is gone for that!
Oh, and really nice news? I got an awesome massage this morning! Mommy is pretty cool, don't you agree?
I am taking the rest of the day off. It is Easy Sunday after all! Bring on the movies, Mommy! (and lots of scritchies)
Love ya,
QUINN Makayla.

July 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Okay. I am thankful the internets now work! Mommy gave up this morning on both Foxfire and Internet Explorer and said it was our "cable provider"! She got up extra early, too, and it's her lunchtime now! She waited all morning! Well, okay, she read, Furminated me, and did other stuff.
My Chewy box is about three weeks from now, but I have plenty of foodies, so that's no problem. But Mommy doesn't have enough green papers for her foodies. We don't qualify for Medicaid or Senior NAPS (what a funny word--it means boxes of peoples food for older peoples, not sleep), and food shelves only give out enough foodies for a few days. And you are only allowed to go once a month. If somebody could help us, that would be something we could be VERY thankful for! Mommy paid all the bills she could and didn't have enough for foodies. And her check doesn't come till around the same time my Chewy box does.
Oh, yah, our a/c coolie thingy still isn't fixed (long waiting list), but the next several days are sposed to be a lot less humid and more comfy. Hooray.  I love sleeping by an open window! That is a good thing to be thankful for!
If someone can help us, Mommy would be appreciative and I might get extra Furminator time.
Thanks, if you can help. Love, if you can or can't help, either way. Pizza? We wish! MOL!
Love ya,

July 26, 2015

Easy Sunday?

Happy Easy Sunday. Yup. Mommy was so easy she slept in. She doesn't do that that late unless she's ill, mostly. So my brekkie was late, late, late. And I was starving. All I had was water.  I was at death's door! So I jumped up on her chest and sniffed her face and did some biscuits on her and settled down to make a loaf on her. She woke up and started to pet me. It was the soft lovey kind of pet. I enjoyed it for a bit. Yes, I did! Unusual for me, but it was kinda nice. But then I remembered I was at death's door, and sang the song of my people and jumped down. When she didn't get up, I jumped on her again. She finally got the hint! Finally I can get back to my Easy Sunday.
And my Mommy wasn't sick.
Take it easy!
love ya,

July 24, 2015

Friday is Here!

And it is sposed to be very hot and muggy. Blahhh!

Not a bad way to stay cool! More fan, Mommy!

Mommy closed the blinds all the way in the living room (except for the missing slat) because we get the morning sun, and yes, it did help keep us cool!
She took one of her pain pills yesterday evening and it was hard to wake her up this morning. Oh, she was awake, just enjoying the painless-ness. As you know, she has the arthur-itis, and it really really bothered her yesterday, and the doctor gave her pain pills. He doesn't want her to have corti-something shots (thanks a lot. Mommy already gives herself two insulin  shots a day) because they raise her glucose levels. So, if the pain is mild, she takes what she calls TargetTylonol, over the counter stuff. But yesterday it was really really bad, so she took a pain pill. She was so relaxed this morning after a comfy night with little pain I really had to work hard to convince her to get up. And when she did finally, she went to sit on the recliner. I jumped up on her lap (I am NOT a lap cat) and kept up the song of my people until she got up again and fed me. THEN  she took her levels and took her pills and gave herself her shot and THEN she made her coffee and made her own brekkie.
And the next thing? She got out the Furminator! Nice to lose some furs in this weather plus the thing makes me tingle all over like scritchies do!
Do I have her trained or what? Well, to be purrfectly honest, I usually am polite and wait for her to take her levels and her pills and give herself her shot before I demand my brekkie. Gotta keep her healthy so she DOES feed me and give me water! But she didn't get up for hours and hours [Mom: 7:30?? That's my usual time!]
Keep cool this weekend. If you are outside, find some good shady spots! And drink lots of water even if you are indoors enjoying the a/c coolie thing. Water is good for your insides! Come on, you've heard that before on the blogs! And peoples, YOU drink lots of water, too. Alcohol does NOT count! MOL!
Love ya,

July 22, 2015

July 19, 2015

Easy Sunday

Okay, it is summer. And I am rusting in the sunpuddles. What else is new? Nothing.
Have a beautiful Sunday, and stay cool! Our a/c coolie thingy is still sick. But the humididity is low! Some things are going well!
love ya,

July 17, 2015

Friday Stuff

Okay, it is finally Friday. Mommy was gone for hours yesterday (Carol: checkup time and an interesting visit with a nutritionist) and when she got home she fell asleep for hours. At least that part was cool. Cats LOVE naps!
Back to what cats love best (besides foodies and scritchies):
Have a great Friday. Yaawwwwnnnn.
love ya,

July 14, 2015


Happy Tuxie Tuesday!

Love ya,

July 12, 2015

Sunday Stuff Again

Mommy has been busy this week, so I wasn't even ON the puter the last couple of days. Lots of catching up to do.
We have oppressive heat and humidity this weekend.
And guess what! Yup, a/c coolie thing died!
I like indoor weather. Cool indoor weather!
Fans are out in force. Maintenance will be called tomorrow!
I hope they have a spare a/c coolie thing that works....
No, I don't need a belly rub.  I need a belly cool!
Stay safe and cool this weekend.
Love ya,

July 5, 2015

Sunday Stuff

The 4th was kinda nice. I got to lick the tater salad bowl (no onions), we had BBQ beef, and very few menacing boomies. Mostly it was sort of light shows from afar that Mommy could enjoy and I wasn't bothered with. Distant fireworks are okay by me!

Blogger is being weird again and not letting me size or move my picture. So phooey. I'm special enough to not be "sized" Mommy!
Friday Mommy had to go to Wallyworld for her insulin. Due to the "holiday" (it was NOT the 4th!) she got stuck there for 3 hours by her MetroMobility. Three hours when you don't have much money is not the time to be stuck in a large retail place. Luckily the Subway people were okay with her sitting there for a couple of hours. She read and people watched. And brought a sandwich home to share. She did call to see if she could get a ride sooner, but that didn't work. It seemed that everyone was going to different Wallyworlds and malls throughout the metro area and they were quite busy. On the way home they picked up a couple of people in wheelchairs at one of the malls. Almost home she said the driver looped all over the "Quarry" (its a little shopping area about a mile from home. They have a nice PetSmart and a Cub and a Home Depot and a couple other places ). He didn't pick anyone up or anything. They just rode all around the parking lot. Strange driver.
So now it is Sunday, and we are staying home. We recently got our Chewy box and Mommy decided that ordering 40 pound bags of litter (CatAttract is wonderful and nice on toesies) was just not the thing to do. She can no longer pick up stuff like that. So we are going to go to the smaller bags. It was nice to see the foodies, though. I was down to nothing in the crunchie department. Seriously. Chewy saved the day once again.
Oh, yes. You've probably heard of Nip and Bones having a Blowout Sale for the holiday. Lots of kitties have been talking about it. Someone better order that blue princess dress! I'm not hinting. I don't wear clothes. But somecat would be very pretty in it. They also have some cute doggie PJ's. Mommy took a little of my PayPal account and ordered one of those kitty bowls. The one shaped like a kitty head and it's pink (I hope. They were almost out). So if you can, go help this amazing store out and go buy something! I didn't spend much, but every little bit helps that on line store out (and Baby Patches, too!).
It is sposed to be very hot and humid here today, so we are staying inside with the a/c cooley thing. Maybe Mommy will actually turn it up! We don't pay for electric, so there is no excuse, Mom!
Everyone have a safe and snoozy and cool-ish Sunday!
Love ya,

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th

For your enjoyment, a musical version of the start of a new nation:

June 30, 2015

Tuxie Toosday!

Oh, Cod. Mommy has been messing around with her grocery list this morning. All morning. She cut a bunch of stuff, but she did get a 24 pack of water for free. Woo-hoo!
Any contributions to the food fund are welcome. Just use PayPal (at the side).
Sad to say the Tilapia was crossed off. That's fish!!!
Another one of her meds is not carried by her insurants. Should we go Canadian Pharmacy folks?
Mommy is on her way SOMETIME this week to pick up her insulin at some place called WallyWorld? Wal-something.
We had a brief but intense storm last night. Lots of lightning. Not a whole lot of thunder. I sat by Mommy's chair so she wouldn't be afraid.
Now, on to better stuff:
  it is Tuxie Toosday!!

thought you might want to know
love ya,
Even though blogger hates me today.


June 26, 2015

Today is A Very Special Day!

Today is Jan's birthday, and we all are celebrating and paying honor to this sweet, loving, funny lady who is guardian of several cats and dogs and helps them blog and do wonderful interviews, and all sorts of things "blog"!
We hope Jan has a wonderful (and yes, crazy) day!
Come join us and say Happy Birthday Jan at Jan's Funny Farmers
We love you, Jan, for all you do!

June 25, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Yesterday and the day before Mommy had 'pointments. She definitely wished she had a camera with her yesterday! And her phone isn't connected to the internet so she couldn't upload anything. But she told me what happened:
Her MetroMobility ride suddenly was stopped by the truck in front of them at a green light. What in the world was happening? Was he in the wrong lane to make a left hand turn? Engine trouble? Illness? Nope. There was a mommy duck and several children crossing the road. How thankful we are that everyone stopped for the ducks crossing! No babies lost their mommy, and the mommy didn't loose her children. It was duck walk time!
I was told the little ones were very fuzzy cute.
And no one honked their horn and scared those sweeties! They all waited from all directions!
There are small miracles in this world.

June 21, 2015

Dad's Day

Happy Dad's Day to all the CatDaddies out there. We are dad-less, so we hope you all really preciate your Dad.  I get my mommy is also a stand-in for a daddy (like others of you). So I am going to be nice to her today (and every day). So I suppose the following are no no's:

Instead, I'M going to be a sweet girl:
 And I am not going to be saying anything bad about blogger not letting me place or even size my pictures today!
love ya,

June 19, 2015


Yes, it is here. International Box Day (as apposed to Boxing Day, which is something entirely different, falling on December 26, and not celebrated in the USA).
We are sorry we are late posting. But blogger had lots of fun deleting our post after we already put it on the Cat Blogosphere!
Since we don't have any current pictures in our 'puter we are relying on old ones, as you know. So this box was from shortly after I came to live here:

love ya, QUINN

June 18, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Mommy finally opened my special delivery! Thank you, sweet friends who sent this!
Guess what? Yes there was catnip. A boingy thing. Canned Cat food to try. And oh, oh, oh, Catfood for the Catlover's Soul (my absolute fav canned food--I started on it way back when I was in Feline Rescue) has crunchies! I get to try these!
No other packages to open, but
Cat foodies, and a toy boingy thing, and crunchies and catnip!
Almost makes me want Mommy to photograph them. Almost.
The catnip is made for humans with opposable thumbs. They need to twist the top to grind fresh catnip. But... CATNIP!
Today I am thankful for lovely friends who shared some swag from BlogPaws. And my Mommy for grinding the fresh catnip.
And all of you, of course!
love ya,

June 13, 2015

Caturday, Finally

 Sorry we haven't been really blogging lately. Computer has been ccrrazzy. No, Foxfire has been ccrrazzy. Sheesh. Internet Explorer did work, but we have used Firefox for years. So far what we have come up with is our Adobe download is the problem.  We uninstalled all versions of anything that said Adobe and just went to the website and downloaded the latest version. So far cross your fingers, everything is okay.
You see, all of a sudden the hourglass thingy wouldn't stop going around and around and our pointer was blinking really fast all the time. And then we would "hang". This was limiting our time on line and we couldn't watch any videos because it was too frustrating to do either. We haven't tried videos yet.  Was this Firefox's problem or Adobe? We honestly don't know. Cross your paws, and if it starts again, anyone know another solution?
So, anyway, this week Barb came and Mommy disappeared with her. So no scritchies from Barb! Other than that, it was 92 degrees Fahrenheit one day and Friday was really gray all day. Nothing much else to say.
Mommy scritchied me and Furminated me and I got my foodies and had lots of nappies. Usual days, really Hope everyone has a great weekend. Maybe now we can stay on line long enough to actually catch up on Bloglovin'.
 Mommy has yet to figure out camera pictures on this thing, can you believe?  We're still using old ones. Maybe that is next??? THEN she can figure out how to get her game on this puter (she bought it years ago). Oh, wait. I don't have to run away from pictures any more! Mommy, go ahead and figure out how to get your game on this puter!
Pictures can wait. ;-)
Lovely weekend, all

June 4, 2015

Thankful Thursday!

Well, this week has been really something. Mommy had clinic appointments (mostly just medicine adjustments--no worries). Then we had a maintenance thing (it took two days to get our kitchen ceiling light fixed so mommy only had lights over the stove, over the sink, and in the pantry and of course the fridgiator so it wasn't too bad). But yesterday was really really stormy. And that brings up why we are so grateful on this Thankful Thursday.

Yesterday at lunchtime it was really storming bad. Then all at once


We swear it was inside our home it was so loud! Mommy jumped and gasped and I took off for the safety of one of my boxes! Mommy said it was the loudest she ever heard! Of course, I came back quickly to check on Mommy, and she was okay, just frightened a little. But then the sirens went off! That means tornado warning! And we live on the 16th floor!


Oh, wait. It was the first Wednesday of the month. And it was 1:00. That's when they check the sirens every month. Whew! Couldn't have come at a worse time--in the middle of a bad thunder storm! Talk about a little upsetting!
Today it is gloomy out (no sunpuddles again), but so far no rain. No thunder. No sirens.
Are we thankful? Well, as they say here in Minnesota


So, that is why we are so grateful today! No storms today, no sirens, just Mommy and me.
And a ceiling light in the kitchen that works!
We are also so glad that everyone had such a good time at BlogPaws. It was fun reading about all the events and fun things, and everyone getting together. We wish we could have gone, but reading was the next best thing. Seriously. Mommy calls it armchair traveling. But it doesn't move like a frying pan or an egg beater or do any space traveling at all!
You all got lots of swag! Now, I just like my Beyond salmon and rice and a little Chicken Soup for the Catlover, and I don't like Fancy Feast or other stuff, and I don't like treats. And I just like my feather toys, so crinkle balls are not my thing. I do like my pink Tickle Pickle! So you all really lucked out and I hope you got lots of stuff YOU like! What a cool experience for you all!
Our Christmas Elves gave me some healthy treats, and no, they didn't go to waste. They were mixed a little at a time with my regular crunchies and that was kinda good. Add spice to my foodies, so to speak. Thanks again, you sweeties!
Mommy gets her check in a couple weeks, so we don't have too long for her to get some more groceries. She did a bad thing and forgot to put away her fishies so she has to wait to get more. They were out a whole day. Silly Mommy. And no, I don't care for that kind of fishies. How could she miss the SMELL? Blaaaaahh!
Barb isn't coming til next week cause she has a bad cold and didn't want to give it to Mommy. But next Monday she will come. Yea! One of my favorite scritchi-ers! So we have lots to be thankful for today. Sunpuddles can wait. We are safe!
And yes, we are thankful for you!

Bring pizza?

love ya,
ps: the story behind brandi versus Quinn. No biggie. brandi was a sweet little kitty and that's the way she wanted her name. After all, she named herself! And I am a big girl (larger bones--really, and a little tiny bit chubby), and Quinn is what I was named at Feline Rescue. My middle name Makayla is mine and mommy's choice. I'm just not the tiny kitty brandi was. But just as special.