December 31, 2007



December 30, 2007

Sunday Stuff

I had to wake mama up this morning. I needed my foodies and I needed them right away. I complained loudly, and mama gotted scared that I was hurt. Well, I was. My tummy was empty! When I can see the bottom of the bowl, it's time to fill it up!

[Her bowl still had food in it. It's just that she eats down on one side, and when she can see the bottom of the bowl she thinks she is going to starve. The rest of her bowl was almost full]



December 29, 2007

Hey, it's Minnesota

Oh, yea. Snowing on and off all day. Snuggled a lot with mama, though. Lots of good scritchies and a warm lap and Chickies for lunch.

Mama has to work New Year's Eve Day, but then she gets of on New Year's Day. Can't wait

Love to all,

December 25, 2007



December 23, 2007

Chrissymouse is Coming!

Mama had a great time at the Nutcracker, and today she played the music on her CD player for me. It was very purrty music!

We need to show you what today looks like outside:

It is SNOWING! It's not just dark and gloomy. That is SNOW!
Stay warm out there and snuggles to everyone.
Oh, did you know that my sweetie, my own SUGAR PIE sent me a picture of him in his Santa Cape (I get to stare at it whenever I want to. **sigh** Mama left it out for me), but some more stuff, including lots and lots of TEMPTATIONS! And Edsel's mom sent my mama some neat stuff, including some warm sock slippers that are exactly like ones she lost when we moved.
And we've got some Chrissymouse cards and all sorts of stuff from friends and family (including a quite cute picture of our friend Maggie (the woofie) and Santa!
Mama has to work tomorrow, but she will be home afterwards until December 26.
Oh, and Dear Sugar Pie, I donated some red and green mousies to one of the shelters here in your honor!
Love to all,

December 18, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Mama had to go to class today, but she did get a lunch break and her team had a lunch "for the season". She brought some lemon bread (from Schwan's). They had some good food, but she didn't save any for me. But we did have hamm and cheese samiches for dinner!

And she's bringing more lemon bread on Chrissymouse Eve.

I get her for one whole day on Christmas, then she goes back to work. And this Saturday she won't be home in the afternoon cause of the Nutcracker thing she's going to watch. Why anyone would want to watch a nutcracker instead of snuggle with their kitty is beyond me. But I guess having Sunday and Chrissymouse is okay.



December 16, 2007

Sunday Already?

Wow, last week went fast! One day mama put Chrissymouse music on and I curled up and fell asleep it was so purrty. A couple of days mama gotted home late cause she had stuff to do. Saturday we curled up in the morning, but she left to go off with her friend Pat for the afternoon. And she brought a little gold sparkly cone home and said that was my very own Chrissymouse tree. It doesn't look like a tree though, but I guess it's purrty.

This week mama has a pot luck at work. Then next Saturday she gets to go to something called the Nutcracker. Chrissymouse Eve day she has to work, so efurry body stuck working on her floor are going to bring in another pot luck.

That's the week. Mama didn't even turn the puter on the last few days, so I gotta catch up with the news and stuff.

Have a good week!

December 9, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Il Gato di Henri Matisse
Mama likes this picture. That's the reason it is here. Anyway, Saturday was very quiet. Mama read a book, and we snuggled. It was a nice day. And last night she shared her dinner with me (chickies again!) and we curled up on the bed to nappy. Well, actually I curled up on the bed and she curled up around me. It's my bed after all, right?
Today has been pretty mellow, too. It sure makes up for missing mama during the week!
Hope you like the picture. Hope you have a good week!

December 5, 2007

Another late night

This time mama didn't come home for hours and hours.

She made up her time from yesterday at work. Then she had to get some stuff for a special lunch at work for Friday. So she stopped and had a salad for dinner first. Wow, she was late! But she said snow is due again tomorrow and she might not want to stop tomorrow night on the way home. So she will probably be late AGAIN tomorrow night! But maybe not as bad as tonight.

So, not much time to spend together. I can't wait for this weekend!

Oh, and now two people have dropped out of her training class. One was asked to. The other just didn't like it. Mama's hanging in there. She got to go to an interview with a client and observe today.


December 4, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Oh, my. It has been snowing all day.... Mama had to go to the doctor and ...yea... get new meds. Her insurance is finally here! It took her almost an hour and a half to get home, she told me. The busses weren't running on time, traffic was yucky, and all I know is I waited a squillion long time for her to get home!

She has to stay late tomorrow to make up the time, so I will see her really late again.

The book we are reading? Why, We are the Kitties and We Writed You this Book. What else would mama and I be reading??

Warm home, snow, snow, snuggles, and sweet dreams of my Sugar Pie! Wow!

Love to you all,

December 3, 2007

Monday Monday

Sunshine some of the day. Mama put her boots on this morning before she left for work. Then she took a lonnng time getting home. There was a lot of traffice, she said, and two busses didn't even show up. And another snow storm coming, maybe.

She shared dinner with me tonight. Then she swept the floor. She said too much of somebody's cat fur around. Hmmph.

And, oh, yes. She got our book today. So it's story time tonight.... and a lot of nights to come.


December 2, 2007

Sunday Snooze

Fuzzy picture for a dreamy girl. We had chickies for lunch, and .... zzzzzzzzzz

December 1, 2007

Really, Really Snowy

This is what it looked like outside our windows this afternoon. Lots of snowy stuff out there. Mama gotted a friend to give her a ride to the shoe store and she got some nice boots for her feeties. She also gotted to go to the Swedish Institute this afternoon, which is a mansion and a museum near the college where she used to work, and they are all decorated up for the holiday season and very very pretty. And then she gotted a ride to the grocery store so she could buy some foodies. So now we are all snuggly here, and she doesn't go back to work till Monday

And oh, yes, sorry mama for waking you up early this morning. How was I supposed to know it was not a work day for you. I just wanted you to not be late for work!

And somebody at mama's work decided she wanted a Blogosphere Calendar, too. In honor of her grandbabykitty.

Stay warm, and

"If you come to Minnesota, bring warm clothes" and good booties!


November 27, 2007

Tuesday Stuff

Brrr!! And it's gonna get even colder. At least in this apartment it is still warm. Much better than the old place!! That was really cold!

Mama found out that she lost her boots in the move. So she has to go boot shopping this weekend (and it's supposed to snow) cause she doesn't get paid till Friday. Booo!

She dug out the scarf and the mittens for tomorrow....

I have all the luck. Warm lounger, blankies, quilt on the bed, cushion on the rocking chair, a nice love seat... and oh, yes, the rug in the bathroom!

Keep warm,

November 26, 2007

Monday, Monday

Mama camed home today with stuff. But it was only a bag with paper towels and shampoo in it. Phoey.

She said training wasn't too bad today. And sat and pet me for a while.

They say it is getting colder out now. Right now it is 30 degrees. And I have the time and temp in my sidebar, now. If it would behave, it might stay.

Thanks, that's it. Waiting for mama to make us dinner.


P.S. We are sad to relate that Eclair has gone to the Bridge. Farewell, sweet Eclair.

November 24, 2007

Saturday Stuff

We are still eating turkey, which is fine with me! Hope all of you are having a great weekend. I hope that mama wll be able to update our linkies tomorrow.

She has class again next week. So who knows when we will get to blog. And the week after, we better get the insurance stuff, cause she has two doctor pointments, and medicines to get! We are waiting impatiently for that stuff!

I got to snuggle with her a lot today. And she had to sweep the floor about a zilliion times cause she broked a glass, and she didn't let me walk on the floor til she was done.

That's Saturday!

love, and bunches of headbumpies to my Sweetie,

November 23, 2007

Hey, Guess WHAT???

I am so happy and proud of mama. She just ordered a copy of THE BOOK and some stuff from CafePress, including a muggie and a couple of calendars and a print, and she is so happy. The monies go to helping other kitties, and we are sooo happy to be able to give back a little, finally. Check out the CatBlogosphere and order the new We Are the Kitties, and a calendar or two, and muggies, and so much more. You will enjoy the stuff you get (and the neat pressies you give will give pleasure to the ones you give to) and monies will go to helping other kitties.

Our turkey was wonderful, and the hamm pizza today was great! And check out the Tower Hill Mob! They are back with a new addition, little Lydia has come into their household. We have missed them a lot. And welcome Lydia!

That's it right now. Hope everyone has had a good holiday and lots of good food.

Love to all,

November 22, 2007


Mama has been busy at work, learning stuff and getting to help her team. Last weekend she did some shopping, and a friend gave us........a turkey! A real turkey! So, guess what. Mama is going to put it in a bag (?) she gotted from somebody at her work and cook it in the oven. She has never cooked a real turkey before like this, but has cooked a roast in a bag before.... She said we will have hamm this weekend just in case it doesn't turn out. A HAMM PIZZA!! Even if the turkey DOES turn out!! And mama will be home for FOUR DAYS!!!!

I will try to blog again today, but just in case mama gets busy and won't be my typist, here is stuff I am thankfull for:

First of all all the kind wonderful bloggers on the cat blogosphere. Your kind words, hopeful purrayers, and pressies and monies has helped us out of a horrible situation. We hopes this does not happen again to us. We are eternally grateful for you all.

We are grateful for getting a brand new place to live that is safe and comfy. Even though I miss Mr. Squirrel and Chitterer, I get a great view, and birdies fly by sometimes. We are grateful for help getting moved and help replacing some furniture, and making us feel we are really home. And I am grateful for all the windows and the bathroom with my foodies and litterbox and a nice rug. And my mama, of course. Yes, I was once a homeless kitty. I am eternally grateful that I got to pick my mama and finally get this nice home. She has always loved me (of course), but we are finally in a really nice place. They other place was scary.

We are thankful for my mama's new jobbie. Oh, are we thankful. It was nice having mama home all the time, but we really needed this jobbie so we can get stuff like food and litter and stuff mama needs. And even though mama gets really tired when she gets home, we know she likes her job.

We are thankful that mama gets to get new insurance on the first of November. Yea!!! This is very important for medicines she really needs. I want my mama to be healthy!

And I am very grateful for my sweetie, Mr. Hendrix. He is the light in my heart, he makes me feel special, and I love him very much.

And I am grateful that I get turkey AND hamm pizza all in one lonnnggg weekend with my mama.

love, and blessings for all,

November 13, 2007

Special Information from my Mama

Yes, this is American Diabetes month, and one of my mama's special things, cause she has diabetes. And we want to let efurryone know that the Diabetes Blog listed in our sidebar has stopped blogging, but they will keep the information there and the blog won't be updated, but you can still access the old stuff if you need info.
Now, the Special Information from my Mama:
This concerns the vishus deer of Santa Claus. She explained to me that, since Santa is such a special person, all over the world he has magic powers (like he can deliver everthing in one night and knows when you move and stuff). It also means that he can mind control his reindeer so that they are not vishus and mean to kitties. Or anyone. And if you come up to them, they will paw the snow (or earth) to say hi only, and sniff quite politely to say how d'ya do. They will NOT hurt ANYONE.
Wish all the viscious deer could be mind controlled like them. But, Santa is really special and he can do special things.... and Santa is for children, and safety first, so HIS reindeer are not vishus.

November 11, 2007

Sunday Again?

I can't believe it's been soo long since my last post. But mama has been very busy at work and too tired when she gets home. :-(

Wednesday she had to redo our lease to adjust for our new income and verify where she's employed, so she had to go in late to work, so she had to stay late a couple of days to make up the time. And Thursday, she gotted home really late cause she stopped and got her hairs chopped off her head. Not all of them, but it is shorter. She hasn't been able to do that for a while.

Friday morning for a little while it snowed. Big fluffy pretty stuff. And mama wasn't here to enjoy it with me. But she said they all went to the windows at work and watched it for a little while and she wished she was with me.

Saturday I did the lap thing a lot, and also today. But, hey, we tried really hard to get on line tody and our dial up was crummy and kept freezing and not working. :-(

Oh, yeah, mama gets to stay home tomorrow cause it's Veterans Day holiday.

Hope efurryone is doing well, and CHECK OUT THE NEW LINKIES ON THE SIDE! Mama has been updating for me.

and lots of smoochies for the dashing five year old Mr. Hendrix, my special Sugar Pie,

and p.s. Don't forget this is National Diabetes Month!

November 4, 2007

Sunday Sweetness

I want to thank efurryone who made it to the party yesterday. It was soo much fun. Seeing the ceiling walks and the sliding and the dancing and partying, my, we have had some sad times on the blogosphere lately, so we need to party and remind ourselves that life goes on and we need to celebrate it once in a while. Sorry for the delayed start, but our puter monitor was not working right. It WAS dropped a couple of times when we moved, so I guess we should just be grateful it works at all. We decided when it started working to just do a Chatzy, as it was very quick and easy. Anyway, it was so fun to show off our new place, and celebrate with my mama her new jobbie, and then to be with my special Sugar Pie for all these celebrations rolled into one! I can't believe it has been a whole year since I was asked by this dashing young lad to be his. He is not only a sweet and thoughtful boyfriendcat, but he is brave and strong and wonderful. And then to be able to celebrate his 5th birthday, too. Gosh, I am soo proud of him!

Yes, he stayed over, but we were chaparoned by my mama, and we all slept in the same room. And this morning, we touched noses before he bid me a sweet adieu. ::sigh::

My tummy is full, but I hear there is another party today, and they did say pizza.....


November 3, 2007

Chatzy party!

Please join us for the party . All you have to do is follow this link:,,2694e


We are sorry to be late to our own party, but we had some technical difficulties with the puter. Really. The monitor didn't work. But it sorta does now, so let the party begin. Plenty of eats and nappie places, and hamm, etc. So glad you all can celebrate with us!


November 2, 2007

Friday Stuff

Because of the prayer vigil tomorrow, our party will start around 3 o clock Central Standard Time. We want everyone to be able to participate in the vigil, if they so desire, and then maybe get in a nappie or two before the party.

Remember we are celebrating mama's new jobbie, our new partment, Mr. Hendrix and my first anniversary as a couple, and Mr. Hendrix's fifth BIRTHDAY.

There will be hamtinis, tuna, Temptations, fresh water, a fresh litter box, and don't forget the nip and the HAMM pizza. There will be plenty of mousies and a cat dancer or two, and lots of places to look out the window, and lots of places to nap and chat.

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.


October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

October 30, 2007

Tuesday Update

Mama made it to the liberry today after work to get new books and turn in her read ones. It was a nice day out, and she left the window a little open for me, so I could get some nice smells all day.

Now, the Party is fast approaching. Saturday!! So.... we are celebrating a LOT!!! Our nice new partment. Mama's nice new jobbie. Our first paycheck (finally), Mr. Hendrix and my anniversary (one year, imagine that), AND my sweetie's gotcha day! Wow!

And it's HALLOWEEN tomorrow. So, this is the last day we will be pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

love to all, prayers for the ones who need them,

October 28, 2007

Saturday and the woofie

This is Maggie. She is a very nice woofie. She behaved very well on Saturday. I just got really shy. My tail floofed up a couple of times, but her mama picked her up and my mama picked me up and we touched noses and it was okay. She stayed in the living room, and I actually peeked out a couple of times. Robin (her mama) was one of the beans who was with mama when she adopted me. She now fosters rescued schnauzers and Maggie is a show dog. We tried to put up another picture of her, but blogger won't let us. Waahh!

Maggie was really good, like I said. She played with one of my cat dancers with mama, and played fetch a few times with a ball, and then just snuggled up with her mama and nappied. I mostly stayed in the bathroom on the rug, but, like I said, I did peek out a couple of times. And Robin talked to me, too.

Mama goes back to work tomorrow. She was so tired Friday she fell asleep as soon as she gotted home. But we promise that we will have our party next weekend! To celebrate our new home and mama's new jobbie, and Mr. Hendrix and my first anniversary!



Our friends at the ZOO gaved us this. We are sooo honored.

And blogger let us put it on. But still won't do the nice picture of Maggie at a show.

October 24, 2007

Wednesday News

Mama finished her training in St. Paul. Now she gets to go back to training in Minneapolis. At least for a couple of weeks. Then they all go back to St. Paul again.

The woofie that is going to visit us this weekend is a really nice woofie. She already lives with a kitty, so she knows how to behave. She's a schnauzer, so she isn't really big. And not only does she live with a kitty, her mama does rescue work with schnauzers, and has fostered them, so she is really special. She has gone through training classes as well as being trained by a kitty. They have both had to train quite a few fosters!


October 23, 2007

This is Tuesday

Wow, mama left really early this morning and camed back really late. She will do the same thing tomorrow, and then she will be back at her normal location for work for a while.

We just found out that we will have company on Saturday. One of mama's friends (Robin, who was with mama when she adopted me) is going to bring her woofie, Maggie. She is leaving her kitty at home :(

Love to all. Maybe someday we will get our sidebar to behave. Meantime, scroll down!


October 22, 2007

Monday, Monday

This is our view just before sunset. Lots of gold now! Mama camed home tonight and she gives me headbumpies. Acourse, I give them back! She has to leave really early tomorrow and the next day acause she has training in St. Paul. Today she said she gotted to actually work on a couple cases. She said it was pretty confusing.

That's it for Monday. Oh, and yes, have a good week.

love and hugs to all, smooches to my Sweetie,

October 21, 2007

My Easy like Sunday Morning

Nice rainy day again.

By the way, please note the new links. I think I have problems again with my linkies being way low down, but they are there! Anyone new, hello, and please feel free to link to me.

Love, and ::yeawn::


October 20, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Today mama and I have been snuggling. After days of rain, it is bright and sunny out and warm enough for the windows to be open. We still have a couple of weeks before she gets monies from her jobbie, so that is kind of rough. And she is out of insurance till December (after Halloween). And at her jobbie, they said that the next several months will be very draining on her energy cause of the stuff she has to learn, so they said everybody had to take care of themselves. Guess that means Nursie brandi has her work cut out for her, huh?

::sigh:: It is sooo nice out today. I'm glad mama has time to snuggle today!

Don't forget we are planning a party in two weeks!

Love and hugs to all, and smooches for my Sweetie,

October 18, 2007

Thursday Stuff

Not much to say, but I thought I should at least say hi. It rained all today, and I did lots of nappies. And mama finished all her stuff at work and had a nice day. Tomorrow she gets to do only 2 hours at her desk and is in a training room the rest of the day.

Have a good evening!

October 16, 2007

Tuesday Update

Mama spent yesterday at meetings not at her real building. Today she had some more meetings at her real building, but then she got to meet her co-workers and get a desk and a puter, and her co-workers are very nice. They helped her with the computer stuff, and even had some foodies out for her and decorated her cube for halloween, and gaved her a calendar. They are very nice.

Mama is just doing some on-line training tomorrow. All day. I have been napping, and when she camed home I gotted to spend some snuggle time with her. I am keeping her company for a while instead of haning out on the rocking chair.


October 14, 2007

Sunday Evening

Mama is getting ready for her new jobbie tomorrow. She has to make her lunch and get her clothes ready and then remember to put the stuff she needs in her purse, like ID and stuff.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow, and she has a long walk from the bus to the place where she is getting her Orientation. It is not in the building she will work in. That will be starting on Tuesday. There she will be about a block away from the bus.

Since it is going to rain, I plan on sleeping till she gets home....

love to all,

October 13, 2007

Hey, Guess What

I gotted an award from Missy Blue Eyes (of KC and Missy):

So, thank you Missy, and I am passing this award on to Missy at the Adventures of the M's, all the cats at the Big Piney Woods, Darling Millie, Parker at Perfectly Parker, and, well, I have to give it to my special sweet, Mr. Hendrix. Just have to. And all the Pink Ladies... consider yourselves sweet, too!


October 12, 2007

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

We are so happy. My mama wented downtown today to run a couple of errands. One was to get her glasses adjusted cause they were crooked. She has to get her picture taken for her work ID next week, and didn't want crooked glasses. She also gotted a phone call about Monday (she passed the background check), and cancelled her assistance, and left a message for the housing department about her income changing. Now, we do NOT have to move. Just our rent will change to market rate, or 30% of her new income, which ever is lower. She will be without insurance from November 1 to December 1, so that is not good. But we will figure something out.

We were so happy that the Pet Prayer and Praise Blog offered up our Praise and our good newses. We have been soo blessed by all the prayers and encouragement and stuffies that beans and kitties sent us. Thank you, thank you. I think this jobbie will last!

The Cattitude sign is hanging on top of the Cat Blogosphere Calendar, KC. It helps with luck!

Now, about a party. There is so much coming up, that we have decided to have a party November 3, which is a Saturday. We get to spend some of mama's first paycheck! We will have a fall theme, and have lots of foodies (Stinky Goodness, crunchies, Temptations, and, yes, HAMM pizza!!) and I will share my mousies and my dancer, and my fevers, but the nip ravioli is MINE, sorry, and there will be several places for nappie piles, and viewing our neighborhood, and just hanging out, and mama will be the litter box attendant. Haven't figured out a time, but save that date! And, oh, yes, no hard stuff to drink (so the littler ones can come), and nip will be used in moderation, and you mustn't mind the woofie down the hall. He barks loud, but he's okay. And some of the kitties are probably bigger than him, so even if he wasn't okay, we are a mighty group! And that Sunday is the one year anniversary of my sweetie and me! So the pink blankie is OURS. We might share with some other couples, but my sweetie gaved it to me for Valentine's Day! Have I mentioned the tile floors to slide on??

That's it for Friday.

Love to all, and a sweet smoochie for that dashing reporter, my Sugar Pie,

October 11, 2007

The Surprise Revealed!

Mama gotted a letter and part of it says:

Dear Carol:

We are pleased you are joining the team at Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department (HSPHD). Our department’s mission is to strengthen individuals, families and communities by increasing safety and stability, promoting self-reliance and livable income, and improving the health of our communities. Each of our staff- -whether fulfilling an internal support role or working directly with people in the community- - perform a vital role in the achievement of our mission and making a difference in people's lives. We welcome your knowledge, experience, energy and spirit!

That's right. Instead of getting help, mama will be giving help to people. We waited till we gotted the letter. They are doing a background check (mama is not a criminal, so that's okay), and Orientation is Monday. She will be working in the internal support area in the Family Services area.

A real jobbie! Helping others! Yea, Mama!

Oh wait. That means mama will be gone all day again. Hmmm.


October 9, 2007

Tuesday is COLD

Mama said there was a note on the outside doors of our building this morning. "Warning, high winds. Make sure the door shuts." It was also very cold out. Low 50's. And now it is high 40's. Brrr. When mama camed home today she gave me some Stinky Goodness (chicken) and then when she made dinner, she gave me tunie juice! Yummm. And tonight I played with my Nip Ravioli thing in the middle of the floor. Mama was making fun of me, but couldn't get the camera out quick enough. I wiggled and squirmed and moved around till I was in the other room. Ha Ha!

I am soo spoiled. ::sigh::

Sorry you all have to wait about the surprise. But you do.

Mama has to go to the doctor again tomorrow for her toe. She is getting a ride, otherwise it would be three different busses there and three back. Yuck.

So, that's Tuesday. Oh, and she camed home with a red thing on her arm. A big red bandaid cause she gaved her blood today. She says think about giving blood, you beans. You can help save so many lives and it only costs you a little bit of your time.

And oh, yes. She told a nice lady on the bus about the Cat Blogosphere. She showed my mama a picture of her kitty. Dressed for Halloween. Think she would fit in? I do to.

Love, and keep warm,

October 8, 2007

Monday, Monday

Yup, the trees are changing. This weekend it was over 80 degrees. Now it's in the 50's. The windows are open a little bit so I can smell fall outside.

Mama has to give her blood away tomorrow (like in the past, she does this every couple of months cause she says it helps others who need blood). Then she goes to a doctor tomorrow and then a doctor on Wednesday for her toe. Whew. And we have a surprise for you that's coming later this week....
Suspense. Gotta love it.

love to all,

October 7, 2007

Yes, it has been a week since we posted. Mama has just been busy. Doctor appointment, errands, paperwork, a liberry run, and grocery shopping with one of her friends. A local church decided to celebrate their anniversary by giving little baskets of stuff away to the neighbors. So we got something called mouth wash (eww) and toothpaste, and some vitamin kinda stuff to drink for mama, and green beans for mama, and THREE cans of tuna. Yea tunie juice coming up. Mama took the basket and filled it with kitchen utensils and put it on top of the frigermater. And of course, mama has been spoiling me this week, too. So, there you have it. The last couple of days have been really hot and humid for October (it is now 81) so mama put the a/c back on. For me.
And, oh yes, even the grocery store had pink plastic bags for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Mama had a scare several years ago, but she is okay. We just recognize it is VERY important!
We are having a repairman coming tomorrow, Tuesday mama has to give away her blood again, and Wednesday she has to go to a podiatrist about her toe.
We will post some fall pictures from my windows soon.
Love to all, and a smoochie for my hansome Sugar Pie,

September 30, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Hi. This is a picture of my Sugar Pie, Mr. Hendrix. He had his first year blogiversary a couple of days ago. I am sorry I haven't commented about it. But I decided I needed to meow up about it. My sweetie is a gorgeous rescuded kitty (like me), who has a wonderful mama and daddy and a good home. He is courageous and sweet, kind and understanding and furocious (mama, how do you spell that?), and has become a great reporter for the Cat Blogosphere.

I am so honored to be his girlfriendcat.
Catch him on his own blog or at the Cat Blogosphere.


September 27, 2007

Thursday News

Well, the storm was short lived yesterday, but it still was better to be safe in the bathroom (finishing up the tuna Wiska's pouch). And today, I found out how GOOD the Nip Ravioli is. Mama gave me one (thank you, KC).

That's it. Lovely fall day. Nip dreams.... Cuddling with mama... Sending smooches to my sweetie... Sunshine....


PS. I wanted to say happy birthday to Mu Shu but puter didn't let me:(
Hope he had a wonderful day!

September 26, 2007


My mama came back from the liberry today with some new books and not one but TWO packages for ME!! How cool is that?

Thank you KC, and thank you Parker!! Toys (already played with the feather toys) and foodies ( I already had the Wiskas tuna pouch), and catnip and even stuff for my mama.

It is starting to storm again, so mama said it's time to turn off the computer. I am heading for the bathroom again (and finish licking my Wiskas out of the bowl).

Thank you again, you sweet ladies!


September 25, 2007

Checking In

Mama had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. Her clinic is still in our old neighborhood, with all the cool old buildings and flowers and stuff. It was really hot and muggy. She left the a/c on for me.

On the way home she decided to pick up some groceries. It was supposed to storm, but it hadn't yet, and one grocery store is 10 minutes away by bus, on our busline. So she did her shopping, and when she left, the rain was just starting. In ten minutes it was really coming down, and I mean really hard. From the bus to our building is not that far, but she was soaked. So after she put the groceries mostly away, she had to get out of all those soaked clothes. Then my smart mama was rapped up in her favorite flannel robe, eating dinner, and then drinking hot cocoa. And, then, of course, cuddling me. And the a/c was off.

Today is kinda gray, and cooler. Lots of naps. One window is open a little bit for fresh air. And it's 55 degrees out! And, oh, yes. There is room on the rocking chair for ::blush:: my sweetie.

love to all, of course,

September 23, 2007

Sweet Sunday

Mama had to open the blinds and push them away cause with the windows open and the wind going crazy, the blinds were flying and making a lot of noise in here. She also got a couple of new pictures (and, yes, one was submitted to the Calendar!). But here are two others that she took, including one of my friend Fraxie (at last). She sits looking over my cat lounger most days.....

and she's my bestest friend. Mine is sort of in shadow, but that's cause of the sun from the window.

Hope your weekend has been good. I hear we are in for storms again. And right now fall has started and it's 84 degrees out. Doesn't smell like fall or feel like it.

Love, and hi to my Sugar Pie, the dashing reporter! Oh, yah, that's Mr. Hendrix to all of you,

September 21, 2007

Friday Update

Well, gee. Last night we had a really bad storm. It was booming and flashing and raining real hard. Mama said she was very proud of me, cause I went right to the safest room (the bathroom) until she brought me out when it was over. Well, with a room with my foodies and my water and my litter box and a nice rug to lay on, doesn't that make sense? Duh!

The picture of Fraxie has her face all washed out, so mama will try to capture her again. But mama has some nice pictures of me. This one is my favorite.

or maybe this one

or even this one, which is my rocking chair picture

You decide!

Have a good Friday night!

Love, and of course a smoochie for my sweetie,


September 20, 2007

Thursday Stuff

Well, I got asked how I became brandi. Well, that was simple. It's my name! You see, when I picked my mama out (Yes, I did. She walked by me several times at the adoption place at the Petco and I talked to her each time, saying "pick me, pick me" and she finally did) and she brought me home, she and a couple of her friends sat on the floor with me and tried to think up a name for me. One of the lady beans ( her name was Robin, by the way, and she is a nice lady and now has a nice woofie named Maggie) said my name and I went over to her and purred. Mama said my name and I went over to her. So she decided that was my name. Well it was, duh. So that's how I became brandi. I always was.
We had our foomigation and it wasn't bad. I sat on my wicker basket and the nice man came in and was done in a tiny bit of time. We found out one of the neighbors has buggies. Yuck.

Tiger Lilly gave me a Nice award. I am sooo honored. Thank you! You are nice, too!
Later today I will have more pictures, I think. Oh, and Fraxie (my Squillion friend) has finally allowed a picture to be taken.

Love to all, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie,


September 18, 2007

Tuesday Update

Mama has been cleaning all day. Well, not really. But almost. She rearranged the kitchen closet, the bedroom closet, did dishes, finished puting the bathroom cabinet up and stocked it, and swept and washed floors. And that means not the Swiffer, but a real mop and bucket of water. Whew.

It really smells like Mr. Clean in here. The orange smelling kind.

We don't have mousies here, and mama and I haven't seen any buggies in a couple of days. But it is nice of them to foomagate so we don't have problems.

Mama tried to put her CD player together again, but no sound comes out of the speakers, so she must have done it wrong. She will continue to work on it. We need pretty music.

If the foomagaters come and I need to leave, mama will have my harness and lead ready. If they come early enough, she is going to the library afterwards.

That's the update for today. Stay safe, all.

Love, and headbumpies for my hunky reporter boyfriendcat,

September 17, 2007

Monday Meows

Well, mama wented away today to do her Woman's Group, and they went on a picnic. It wasn't very nice out this morning, but as the day wore on the clouds disappeared and they had a very nice time. So I am happy for her. I got to look at my sweetie's picture and dream....

Tomorrow mama has to do some cleaning and finish the bathroom cabinet that one of her sisters gotted for her (she has had help putting most of it together). Then on Wednesday they are going to foomagate here. What ever that is. They kill buggies, I think. And mousies (and I don't like real mousies). Mama is going to be here to protect me from the foomagaters so they don't get me! We never had any foomagaters at our last place. Course, we never had many buggies there, but we sure had mousies! And they never did anything about them. They even ate some of my organic litter! And a whole bag of my crunchies! They really take care of us here!

We had the windows open today, but it gotted muggy, so mama closed them and put on the air. I am really getting spoiled, huh?

Love, and a bunch of nosebumpies for my sweetie,

September 15, 2007

Saturday Stuff

We hung out today. Mama finished reading a book. The sun was out. I took lots of naps. Yesterday mama's sisters came to see us, and I didn't run away and hide. I just sat on my wicker basket in the sun. One of my mama's sisters has a woofie, and I could tell. But that just means she likes animals, right? She did say hi to me a couple of times. And they brought a bath rug for us, and that means I get to have warm toesies when I eat and drink!

Hope your weekend is as nice.

Love, and headbumpies (especially for my Sugar Pie),

September 12, 2007

She got me

Okay, she got me. Here I am.

Wonderful Wednesday

Today mama opened the windows again, and I got to smell the fresh air. Sure is cooler out, now. In the 60's!. It actually got really warm in here this morning with the sun shining in. Mama wants me to pose on the couch or the bed or something, and every time she gets the camera out, I sit in the rocking chair and hide my face. Hmmph.

It is nice not having the a/c on. A lot quieter. And the fresh air is really cool. We are on the 16th floor, so we hear the street sounds, but don't get the yucky fumes from the cars.

We did a few moments of silence yesterday for the memory of all who lost their lives on 9/11/2001. I hope you all did too.

love, and bunches of smooches for my Sugar Pie,

September 9, 2007

Well, we still have a parking lot out back and down below, but it sure is far enough so that I don't get all the fumes anymore! Actually get fresh air and the morning sun! Mama had the window open again today, and it was cool out again.

Mama worked really hard on the living room today, and it sure is looking better. But there are still boxes in the bedroom....

We never got an apology letter from management. Just a bill for the next month (September). We still have our little frigermater and freezer, but we aren't using them. So mama is storing a few things in them (smart mama), and put a cream color shawl over the top of the frigermater. Pretty.

Tomorrow mama is going to the community center for her women's group. She hasn't gotten to go for a while. So I get the place to myself for the afternoon.

Hope you all have a good week. Blessings on all.


September 8, 2007

Saturday Stuff

Just a reminder of the view out of our windows. Mama had windows open today, and a cool breeze came through and all sorts of smells. But it is a lonnnng way down. We used to live on the first floor, now we are waayy up. If I clawed through the screen (yes, I did that once in our old place) I would really fall! Guess I won't try that any time soon! Oh, and the middle place in the upper part of the picture that is still ground is a shopping center that has a petfood store. Oh, yeah, and a Target and a peoplefood store.

I love the smells out there. Different from where we used to live.

Mama's friend Pat came over today again and I think I like her. Mama made a tuna salad for their lunch, and Pat fed me some of the tuna. Yummm. I also gotted the tuna juice from the tuna can. That was from mama.

Mama will do some pictures soon.

Well, that's todays stuff.

Love, and bunches of headbumpies to my sweetie,

September 7, 2007

Friday News

Mama did the interview yesterday, and thought she did well. She won't know for a couple of weeks, and the job wouldn't start till the end of October. She ran a lot of other errands yesterday downtown, too, so she was gone just for hours! She said that one of the things was changing the address on her driver's license. We don't have a car, though. But she has driven a friend's car a couple of times when the friend was sickie, and I guess a license comes in handy.

It rained last night and we had lots of lightening and stuff, but it is cooler today, and nice out. I wish mama had the money for a hamm pizza, but she does have some lunch hamm, and shared for lunch today, so I do get a little hamm.

When we gotted the hamm pizza, she gave all the hamm to me, and I left her the bready part. Maybe someday. We had lots of bills from moving, like hook ups for the phone and the deposit and part of the movers (we had help with some of that), and stuff, so mama doesn't have much moneys. But I do have lots of food and stuff, so it's okay.

I think she misses going out for her coffee. She can't afford it. And she has been soo busy that she hasn't had time to go to the community center, and she still has to pick up her new liberry card.

She thinks the liberry is nice in this part of the city. And the city liberry is on our bus route, too. And she said that is awsome.

Hope all have a safe and beautiful weekend.

Love to all and bunches of snuggles for my sweetie (you can come over any time and snuggle on the rocking chair with me),


September 5, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

Well, mama took today off. She hasn't done any cleaning or movin stuff around. She even took a nappie this afternoon (cause she had a headache). The only thing she has done is put a throw over the back of the couch, and decided her old table cloth doesn't fit in in this partment. Oh, and she went downstairs and got some stamps from the mail truck. But other than that, we just hung out. And mama shared her breakfast AND her lunch with me!

Mama wants me to explain my bureau. It is a plastic one with three drawers that mama bought a long time ago. It is called a "Rolling Cart" or "Chest" or something. I just think it's cool. And it's next to my wicker basket. She decided I could have it.

Since the couch is in the living room now, the rocking chair is in the bedroom, and I like sleeping there and hanging out there. Course, I come and check on mama once in a while and get scritchies. And I insisted she turned on the puter and let me blog. But the rocking chair is close to the bathroom, now, and that is where my foodies are and my water and my literbox. Talk about the Easy Life! And we have air conditioning now, so it is supposed to be very muggy today, but it is nice in here.

Mama has a jobbie interview tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing okay,
and love to my Sugar Pie,

September 3, 2007

Labor Day Check In

We have left the tribute up for most of the weekend. This was not only to honor those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (which we most heartfully wanted to do), but because we have been very busy here. Mama has done a lot of work on the partment so that when the furniture arrives we will be basically mostly "home". And that's tomorrow! She has put away most of the dishes and pots and pans and clothes and books, and do you know what? She gave me a bureau of my own! For my toys and my food and my blankies! I am so special! And the wicker basket thingy has stayed by the window for me to catch the morning sun!

Her friend has come over to help her a little, and I have been hiding. I keep thinking she is going to pack us up again and we will have to start over. But yesterday, when she helped put my bureau together, I kinda had second thoughts. She talks really soft to me, and yesterday I let her give me scritchies, and even stayed and watched her, and checked out mama and the rest of the partment. Hmmm. Not bad.

That's the news. Hope you all stay safe!

Love, and bunches of nosebumpies for that special reporter, my Sugar Pie!
p.s. Mama gaved me lobster this morning! And an extra mousie to play with! I losted it though.
She says she hasn't had any lobster for forever. Wow is she missing good stuff!

August 30, 2007

In Remembrance

For all the ones who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge, we post this tribute. We were not able to copy and paste the tribute that others have used, but we wanted to do something. For those who have lost dear ones, our hearts send you healing thoughts. You will never forget, but the pain will lessen and soon the memories will help keep you warm.

August 29, 2007


Mama was not able to pick out the furniture yesterday. The storms that went through the Twin Cities made a mess in places, tearing down trees and pulling down power lines, so the place she went to yesterday was dark and they said to come back on Friday. So that means no furniture today, we have to wait til after Labor Day.

Mama changed things around again, and I found the purrfect sunny spot in the mornings. Now if she just leaves the thing there! It is a really nice place, her wicker laundry thingy with a top on it, just the right height!

Love to all, and snuggles to my sweetie,

August 28, 2007

Good Morning!

We had a thunderboomer again last night, but the sun is peaking through this morning. Mama gets to pick out her furniture today. Yes, it's used, but I want a couch back, and she needs to stop sleeping on an air mattress on the floor.

Alas, my Sugar Pie, the box is no longer by the window. I'm waiting for the couch so I can sit on the back of it in comfort and stick my head through the blinds that way! We have vertical blinds, so it's not hard to peak through.

Last night I even slept with mama. That's something I normally don't do. It was nice for a change. I was careful not to wake her. Well, until morning, anyway. Then I gave her head bumpies and demanded to be snuggled and petted for a while.

Mama found out with the records that I am about three years older than what she thought. We don't know my birthday, but I was got in the summer of 1994, and at that time I was approximately a year old.

They thought I probably had babies at least once, but I can't remember that far back. I was living on the streets, and I choose to forget that time and remember my mama walking into the doption place and me picking her out. That is when life really started for me.

Have a good Tuesday, all, and enjoy being loved!


August 27, 2007

Checking in

Sorry I haven't been here for a couple of days. Mama has been busy sorting stuff out and getting ready for our furniture. Every day she moves stuff around and I have to find new places to put my stinky on. And she threw out a bunch of boxes, too. And the bookcases are almost done (a major operation with us). And sometimes I hide in the bathroom when she does this, but that is where she put my litter box and my food and water, and she has a thick towel on the floor by the shower and it is just right for laying on, so it's not so bad. Those tile floors can be cold!

She put some stinky candles out, and some poe-purry stuff, so it smells nice in here. She had them where we used to live, so it smells homey, now. And my sweetie helped her get some cleaning supplies, so we now have a much cleaner (and not so dusty) floor, and some bathroom cleaning stuff.

Tomorrow she goes to pick out some furniture.

We are busy!

And, oh yes, mama found some of my pet information from my vet, and do you know I am older than we thought? Hmmmpphh. Maybe I should get more Temptations! I deserve them!

I hope my sweetie won't care that I am a little older than we thought...

Take care, everyone (and yes, the rain came back!),

August 24, 2007

Sunbeams are BACK!

This morning the sunbeams are pouring in the partment. Lots of them! Yay! I've been sittin on the floor catchin the wonderful beams! After so many foggy days, this is a celebration!

More later, if anything else exciting happens!

Hope the sun is shining on you, too!

Love, and sunbeams to my sweetie,

August 23, 2007

In the Middle of a Cloud

There is nothing to look at this morning. We are in Foggy Middle! Fog, fog, fog, phooey!
Mama said think of it this way: We are living in a cloud.

But I don't want to live in a cloud, I want to live with sunbeams!

Mama heard that beans living in one of the other buildings have started to get apology letters. If we get ours, we will let you know.

More later, maybe.

love, and bunches of smooches for my sweetie,
p.s. Well, mama said it rained just as she was getting off the bus this morning, and rained until she made it home. Our furniture will be here by the middle of next week, so mama will have a real bed (instead of an air mattress) and we will have a little couch. Yeah!

She still has more boxes to unpack....

August 22, 2007

Foggy Middle

Mama says we don't live in Foggy Bottom (that's in Dee Cee), and we aren't in Foggy Top (that's the top of our building), so we must live in Foggy Middle. Fog, fog fog.

And tomorrow mama needs to go out and it's gonna rain. Phooey!

I'm all curled up and gonna nap this yucky weather away!

Love, and hi to my Sugar Pie,

August 21, 2007


That's right. We got a letter about being evicted. Don't panic. Half the people in the Minneapolis public housing did too. Computer glitch, anyone?

That was the scary thing today. But mama wented to the office and they said we were okay.

Oh, the other scary thing was a knock on our door this afternoon. They FINALLY turned the gas on in the stove. Now mama can boil water, she said. I think that's silly, but it makes her happy. She is still putting books away and dishes and stuff, and Thursday she goes to the doctor again.

And oh, yes. Another gloomy day. I found space on one of the end tables (it has three levels) to sit, but mama isn't very happy about it. She said something about it being an antique, and her gramma and granpa would be very upset with me if they knew I was sitting on their table. But they are over the rainbow bridge, so it's only mama who is upset.

But she said she understood that I need new places to be when I want to be alone, so she didn't yell at me. And she gave me part of her lunch, too.

That's the news from here. Except, mama tried to take a picture of me today, and the camera wouldn't work. Wonder if it just needs new batteries? And something is wrong with the shower head in the shower. It won't stay on the wall. Hmm. Got a little wet in the bathroom this morning, and hey, it's my bathroom, too!

Love, hugs, and a special smooch for that dashing reporter, Mr. Hendrix,

August 20, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

Dreary day. Lots of naps. Mama didn't do the picnic thing. She shelved more books, though. We have lots and lots of books!

Nothing else to say. Going back to my naps in the nice rocking chair (it has cushions!).

Love, and hugs for that hunky reporter, my Sweetie,

August 19, 2007

Sunday News

Mama got brave and plugged the monitor in. The colors are really dark, and she can't do anything to change that. She thinks she better make a call to a nephew who knows how to fix stuff like that. Or just put up with the weird colors.

Mama changed everything this weekend. She put up some of the bookcases, found some more dishes, shifted a lot of stuff around, so I get to learn all the hidey holes all over again. She still has lots of books to put away, and lots of dishes and stuff to take care of. Whew. Working hard!

Not ready for company, but she will do more tomorrow. Several boxes are taken care of, anyway, and one of her friends came over today (I hid) and helped her move some of the stuff around, so that the book boxes are all ready to be taken care of, and kitchen boxes are all in one place. The movers just piled stuff and it was really hard for Mama to move around much less unpack much. So now it's easier for her.

We need to do more work tomorrow. It has been a rainy weekend, and tomorrow I think it will rain again, so Mama has to stay home and not go to her picnic!

More stuff tomorrow,
love, and smooches for my Sugar Pie,

August 17, 2007

Hi again

The internet has been down where mama goes to blog in our building, so sorry we have not been here. We only have a few minutes today, cause mama was gone for a while today. She helped a lady shop today, a friend of hers who is blind, so that took some time. And several busses, cause we are farther away from her blind friend.

It is going to rain this weekend, so we plan on spending time doing some unpacking. Mama is going to move the box I sit on in the bedroom, I just know it. It gets the morning sun and I can look out the window if I want.

Oh, well. When we get new furniture, that will be worth it.

Love (and I might not be able to blog this weekend),

p.s. special smooches for my Sugar Pie!

August 14, 2007

Hello Again!

It's a pain having to go somewhere to blog and read the blogs. This place isn't open on the weekends, either. So mama is all moved in, and we have boxes and boxes and it is a real jungle in our place. Not much is unpacked, either. The footstool is back, but my blankie for it is still packed, so mama put another one on it. Yesterday she had to go to pick up some more meds, and she got invited to a friend's house for lunch, then she went to the community center. They had a nice Women's Group meeting that was real relaxing for her. They played soft music, had candles, and rubbed nice smelling lotion on their hands and wrote cards with nice things on them to take home and put somewhere to read when they need nice words. Then mama camed home. She said it was really hot out, but she left the air on for me, so I kinda like hanging out, now. Sugar Pie can come over any time to snuggle ::blush::

I am getting used to the noisy fridge, but still have to do guard duty with the sounds in the hall and the people walking by. Mama gotted her can opener. And let's see. Our monitor is not in good shape, but it wasn't the movers who damaged it, it was one of mama's friends. We still don't have a lot of dishes out for mama to use, but I really like my new litter box. Oh, and the Schwan man found us. Now we have chickens to eat! I really like their chickens! I missed their chickens.

Oh, well, enough for now. Mama didn't share breakfast with me, but that's okay. It was yucky cereal....

Hope to get back here tomorrow,
love, and sweet kisses for my Sugar Pie,

August 9, 2007

Hello Everyone!

We are almost moved in. Last weekend the movers came and moved most of our stuff. It is mostly all still in boxes, although I now have a new litter box (thank you mama), and my lounger is in the old place yet, and someone broke our monitor. We are borrowing a computer in the Senior Place in our building.

So no pictures until we get a monitor (and that might be a while). The county lost all our money for this month, so things are REALLY tight. They say it takes 25 days to get it back.

Mama lets me sit in the rocking chair now (we don't have my footstool here yet), and the frigerator makes loud banging noises and they haven't been able to turn the gas on for the stove. And mama keeps doing a lot of dishes, unpacking them, washing them and putting them away.

This weekend mama finishes getting stuff, cause that's when a friend can help her. Lamps, my lounger, my warmy bed for the winter (somehow I don't think it will be needed as much here), some kitchen stuff, the computer desk. Oh, and in a week and a half or so our furniture will be here. A new bed for mama, and a love seat (a small couch) and a small kitchen table. None of it is really new, but it is new for us. Mama does not like sleeping on the floor.

It's a good think that most of my Stinky Goodness comes with pop tops. Mama forgot her can opener at the old place. That's another thing she has to bring over!

Well, I am going to check up on you all, and try to get mama to go to the Senior Place again and keep you up on the news.

love, headbumpies, and a sweet nosekiss for my Sugar Pie (I've missed you),

August 4, 2007

Just to let you know...

We will be offline for a couple of days. Possibly Monday or Tuesday we will be back on line. The big M word is happening! We might find a coffee shop or something to get on line, but it is doubtful. Mama will be very busy, and I will be snooopervising.

We are off to a new adventure!

Take care everyone!

love, and a special ::nosekiss:: for my Sugar Pie,

August 3, 2007

The Bridge

This is the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis. It is near our new place, but mama has only gone on it once, a long time ago. There is a bridge we WILL take, and that is a little scary. But lots of people pitched in and helped when it happened. That's the good part. Bystanders, victims, police, fire and rescue, EMT's, everyone helped. Restaurants provided food, the Red Cross was there to give assistance, someone even put up portapotties for the rescuers! It's nice to say something good when this was such a disaster! So far none of our friends has been reported hurt or missing or killed!
Everyone take care,

August 2, 2007

A Thursday Update

Well, about a third of the living room and a third of the kitchen stuff left today. Whew! More goes on Saturday. That will give the real movers (whom ever that will be) a lot less to deal with. They will do the heavy stuff like the freezer and stuff.

Mama said there is an older gentleman who had to give his kitty away to a good home cause he couldn't take care of it any more in our new building. That is soo sad. But he made sure the kitty went to a very good home. He loved his kitty very much.

Other than that, mama is tired from all the stuff she did today with her friend. But she feels good about getting some of the stuff over there. Most of our frozen stuff went, and most of mama's fo0d.

Tomorrow she has to make a bunch of phone calls and pack more stuff.

That's what is happening.

love and hugs for all, and a sweet smooch for that dashing reporter!

August 1, 2007

Hello, there

Mama has been putting some stuff in boxes and crates. We still don't have the movers arranged, but we have to start doing something, I guess.

I am a little leary of this moving thing. What if she forgets me? What if I don't like it there?What if I really miss the carpeting, and my special foodie place and stuff? What if I can't find "my spot"?

I think I feel like Buddah did when they moved the first time. I have been here ever since I was one year old! I don't know any other place!

Some things to think about.

A purple heart? Hmmm. *blush*

love, and smoochies for my Sugar Pie and his blue heart,

July 31, 2007

Yucky Rule

Mama put a collar on me! Yucky. I hate collars. But the new place says that I have to to move in and live there. At least it is lavender but, but, it has a purple bell. Now I tinkle when I walk and when I stretch and when I take baths and, and after I use the litter box and, and, oh, yucky!

Mama's knee looks pretty bad. So I have been helping her. I walk in front of her when she goes into another room. I keep her side of the couch warm. I remind her to wake up. I let her eat hamm with me. I give her lots of head bumpies, and she tells me she loves me, and I do biscuits on her and, and, oh, lots of stuff.

We're still trying to move and pay every thing up to date. It's hard, though.

I can't wait till this is all over and we have our new home.

love, and kisses for my Sugar Pie,

July 30, 2007

Hello Again

Well, mama gotted help with the rest of the deposit on our new place, today (the county), and also the loan of an air mattress until our furniture comes (we are on a waiting list, and the community center mama goes to lent her the mattress), and only a little help with the movers, and we still have to pay up to date our utilities. Whew! We will have no couch for a while, but mama can sit in the rocking chair and I claim the computer chair! Well, it's already mine any way, and I just let her sit in it sometimes.

The bad news today is that mama fell and scraped her knee really bad and it hurts her. She also thinks she wrenched (?) her back. Wrenched??

That's all the news.

love, hugs and a special smooch for my Sugar Pie, Mr. Hendrix,

July 29, 2007

Some Pictures!

This is the view from our new windows. There isn't a window ledge for me to sit on, though. :-( But it is nicer than the parking lot and cement wall I see now.

And it is certainly a LONG way down! But the parking lot is not the main view, it is waaayy down. I get to see sky and trees and stuff. And mama said, won't this look pretty in the fall?

She took pictures Friday when she got the keys. So now all we have to do is figure out how to moove. Oh, yeah. Mama wented to bingo yesterday and won prizes. A new pair of scissors, note paper and a box of tissues. Maybe not real exciting, but nice for mama.

Mama had a picture of the kitchen, but I said, big deal. Then she said, no, small deal. It is tiny.

Love and hugs for all, and kisses for my Sugar Pie,


July 26, 2007


I know you all have been wondering about us doing the m word. We are. Finally. It is a much smaller place, but it has lots of windows and is on a good bus line for mama. By this time next week we hope we will be out of here. Finally. It will be a tight squeeze, mama said. And we still owe on the deposit a bunch of money. But it is a nicer place, she told me. Lots of closets. And we will take pictures, of course. We still haven't figured out HOW to move, though. But when we cleaned mama threw out a ton of stuff, so all we have to pack is kitchen stuff, books, and clothes.

Those of you who would like our new address, let us know. We still don't know the zip code, yet, but we will soon.

The new place doesn't have carpeting. Hmmm. Sliding time?

We will be up high. Anyone want a small refrigerator?? This will be acksiting and scary. But I don't like this place any more, it's scary scary.

That's the news.

love and hugs,

July 24, 2007

Muggy Day Two

Mama said it was even yuckier out today. And she didn't go to the library, she came home and stayed here. Which was really nice, cause she didn't want to cook for lunch and made a tuna fish sammich. And you know what that means. TUNA JUICE! In my new bowl, too.

Mama has a bunch of phone calls to make tomorrow, and Thursday she has an appointment in the afternoon, but a friend is going to take her cause it's soo yucky out. Saturday she definitely wants to go to the community center and play bingo again.

Hope you all take care, including the beans and kitties in England fighting the floods, and those everywhere dealing with heat, drought, air pollution, and all that yucky stuff!

Love, and smoochies for my Sugar Pie,

July 23, 2007


It is really muggy out. Miserable weather. I am glad I was inside by the fans today. Mama walked to the doctor this morning (an easy half mile walk) and she said three forths the way there she was really miserable. She brought her water with her, which was a good idea, but she said the air quality was really bad, not just too muggy. There is a warning out for air quality and heat and humdididy tomorrow, and she has to go downtown tomorrow. Like I said, I am glad I was inside by the fans today, and I will be tomorrow, too. I napped in the computer chair today, and mama left the little fan on by the computer to keep me cool.

Mama might just go to the library tomorrow after she gets done. Where it is cool and quiet. She hasn't decided. We have a really nice new library downtown.

Stay cool, all, and watch that humdididy!

Hey, did you notice I made mama update my latest links again?? Check them out. Oh, and if you aren't on there but would like to be, let us know!

love and hugs and a nosekiss for my Sugar Pie,

July 21, 2007

Okay. You really can't see this very well. But mama tried. The inside of this is lavender with the cat word all over it and paw prints. The outside is lavender with little purple squigglies. This is my NEW bowl and it is JUST for stinky goodness!

Mama cleaned the big mirror in the bedroom today, and I just had to supervise and look at myself. Not bad, if I do say so.

Maybe more later. I have been getting lots of scritchies and mama massaged my front legs and my shoulders. I don't like my back end touched or my tummy much. Ah, to be loved!

Hugs to all, and a smooch for my sweetheart on Saturday,

July 20, 2007

Friday's Here

Well, they haven't been back to fix that pipe yet! Mama wented out with a friend today and they looked at a couple of places for us to move to. Mama is thinking hard about one of them. It is in a more suburban place, and we don't have one of those metal moving things, but they like kitties and little woofies. And it is way cheaper. And one of mama's friend's friends lives in the building, so she got inside information on how the place is run. They even give rides to the grocery store.

Moving. Sigh. We need a cat deposit....

Anyway, they also wented to a dollar store and mama bought me a present. I will show you a picture of it tomorrow. It's color is my favorite color. That's the only hint I will give you.

Isn't she nice?

Hugs to all, and a smooch for my sweetie,

July 18, 2007

Wednesday Update

Yesterday we hung out. Today mama wented to give away her blood again. And it was very hot and humid, but it rained this afternoon and the boomies came and now it's way cool (70).

I was a good girl this morning and when mama started to eat breakfast (after my snuggles and scritchies and after my crunchies were checked and I got new water) I reminded her to take her shot. I bumpied her and meowed at her. Nurse brandi to the rescue! She said thank you, and scritchied me. Then she took her shot. I don't like eggs much, so I let her eat in peace.

We still need a new sucking monster, and rent money, but at least we have food and mama has medicine. She is doing really great on the new insulin routine. Yeay, mama. Yeah her doctors.

Thanks for reading us. Take care all. Mama will be updating my latest links soon.

Oh, sweetie, can you come out of the icebox and snuggle?? Soon??

That's our day.

July 17, 2007

Tummy Tuesday

Mama, I am a lady!

July 16, 2007

My Protest Picture

Here it is. Where I sat yesterday until mama plugged the computer back together! Yes, a picture!!! Mama founded the camera!!!

Sorry my silver color is dark, but it is a black chair after all! This is right next to the closet I hid in last week.

Love and hugs to all,


July 15, 2007


Yup! Mama connected the puter finally. FINALLY! I sat in the computer chair until she did it. Well, this afternoon, anyway. The workers are gone, but one is coming back sometime to fix the leaky pipe. I hid in the waaayy back of the closet and never came out when they were here.

But now mama has the puter back running, and I helped. So now I get to catch up on all you kitties out there.

Mama went to the community center yesterday and played bingo. She didn't win, but she said she had fun. And Max (the woofie) remembered her, and came for scritchies. He left some fur on her clothes, and I smelled him.

So, that's the news. I've been sniffing all the fixed stuff and changes. They helped mama move the kitchen table, and I approve of that. And fixed the heat pipes. And did a bunch of noisy stuff.

Gotta be nosy and catch up on what has been happening. And check in on my sweetie. I was definitely thinking of him when I was hiding out! It helped me not be so scared!

Love, headbumpies, and a BIG smooch for my Sugar Pie!