July 30, 2006

Sunday's a Repeat

That's right. A Hot repeat. Blaauugghhh!

The Calico Girls posted a picture of their home in the Piney Woods in Winter. How pretty and nice it looks! And COLD. Ooohh.

Eric and Flynn says it rained where they are in the UK and it's cooler.

Can we end this crap here?? Is there no end in sight?

Mama has an interview tomorrow morning. Can you cool it down so she is okay out there? She also has one Tuesday morning.

There is an opening where she used to work, and she is going to apply for it. Hee hee. Oh and the first girl who took that new position is already gone, and they are working on number two. The jobby where they are looking for someone is in another department.

Bet they regret making her go away. Maybe the other department will hire her back.

Stay cool. Oh, and once more with the wave^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

July 29, 2006

We're Havin' a Heat Wave

...A tropical heat wave.


It is 2:30 am and 80F Saturday morning. TTTOOOO HOTTT! Don't wanna eat, don't wanna sleep. The heat index thingy?? Don't ask. Fraxy is the only one staying cool, and I don't even want my mousie (still can't find the pink mousie). Mama is leaving me alone, although she puts water on me once in a while, to cool me down. I am just too crabby and hot and I think she is hot too.

I can't even purr.


Don't forget to check out the new kitties on the blogs. Sir Robin is from my neck of the woods (the twin cities), and the Two Black Cats are from the UK (like Fat Eric and Puff the Cat). Kaze the Cat and her brother Latte each has their own blog.

Mama, we gotta get high speed internet someday. Soo many blogs to read, so little time to nap!

July 27, 2006


Mama update: The clinic hasn't made a decision and won't till NEXT week. Mama has a face to face interview with that college that did the phone interview with her a while back. That's on Monday morning. Tuesday morning she has an interview with the bloodbank Whew! Hire her already! Tomorrow she gets to run downtown and do more stuff for the county, AND she says she gotted her medical insurance card number so that she can catch up on medicines before she actually gets the card (sometime within the next week).


It is hot, with a heat index warning for the weekend. Yuck! Mr. Squirrel and the chitterer are keeping a low profile. I am tired of this!! I am sure everyone else is too. Can we cool down soon???????

I was crabby with mama again. Sorry, mama.

July 25, 2006

An Update for Tuesday

Okay, okay. Maybe YOU don't like winter cause you can't go outside, but I am an indoor kitty, anyway. I like snuggling with mama and watching the snow fall out the window and nice naps on the comforters (we have three), blankets (a couple), and a lambswool warmy thing just for me. But ok, fall is nice, too. And comfy with my furs.

We have a zillion naps til FALL, okay? I just hate the heat and it's getting old fast! It's making me old fast.

Mama met with the owner today, and gaved him money for June rent. It is almost paid. Now we have to worry bout July and August. Medical will take a while, and the EBT will too. She said he was actually nice to her. Especially since she could give him at least part of the rent. He said if other people didn't pay the rent they would be victed, but she has been here a lonngg time, so he will be patient. The only thing is, he hates me. He hates all cats.


Other news about Mama: She is waiting "on pins and needles" (what ever that is. Haven't seen the pins and needles around here, well, maybe the needles--my mama's a diabetic) for the clinic to tell her she has the job. She should hear something by tomorrow. AND, you know that place where she gives her blood away to help people? She has an interview there next Tuesday! She said that was neat.

Hire her, someone! I want to give her a big pizza for a celebration and share the hamm!!

Love to you all, and gratitude for the assistance, prayers and love you give to us. Keep cool. And remember we pray for all of you in return.

(shower with mama??? *kitty shudder*)

Let's do the wave again, okay?? ^^^^^^^^^

Mama, it's HOT

I have been taking lots of naps. It was 96 today. Blaagghh. And mama was out in it, too. She said she opened one door downtown and the heat just blasted her, and it was like that everywhere every time she left a cool place. She had lots of places to walk, and even though she carried a liter bottle of water with her, it didn't even last and she had to get even more for the way home.

She gotted the card for food, but it hasn't been activated yet. They wouldn't help her with the medical stuff either. She has to give them stuff to verify everything is what she says. So she camed home in the heat with nothing to show for it. And I think more information to look up and give to them....

Anyway, we are back in the heat. I think all the feet and tail wagging gaved us a little breeze, but come on. We need every and efurry one to do this so that the whole country cools down. The weather ladybean here says we have had so far 13 or 14 days of this over 90F, which is the average for the whole summer, and we will have this hot weather until next week at least. We had a really bad storm this afternoon which caused a lot of problems (of course, mama loves to sleep during thunderstorms, and took a nappie with me this afternoon through the storm).

Animals and beans are suffering and even dying, so be very careful! Drink lots of water. Try to stay out of the sun( in this heat, it is just stupid). Eat lightly several times a day (hmm. We do that anyway). Don't do strenuous stuff (lots of naps). Go to somewhere cool (like in front of a fan, if nothing else). Get your mama to give you a cold towel or something.

Take care of the little ones and the elderly and sick. Furry ones AND beans.

Winter is coming. But many many naps away!

July 24, 2006

Early Monday Morning

Mama has some pretty weird hours. Her sleepies are all turned around. So we are up and posting here.

Thank you so much all of you who are trying to help us. Mama is soo relieved. So am I. We are not getting victed yet. We are still close! And I am trying to help as much as I can. Oh, and thank you for the pressies for me! The pinky mousie ran away, and we can't find it. But the lavender Mr. Mouse is consoling me! Mama lays him on top of me when I am sleeping so that he can keep Fraxy and me company. I miss the pinky mouse, though.

Mama is going out later this morning to try to get some stuff done, and maybe some food money and medicine insurance. We hopes so!

Other than that, the heat is coming back this week. Blaagh! 90's all week!

Hope that place calls Mama back this week and she has a job at that clinic. Pleaaaase, God. We've been good. We've been trying.

Anyway, this is Minnie-sota. It's supposed to be COLD. Not 90! Go away, heat!

Maybe if all us puddies and all the woofies wave our feet we can wave it away! Maybe the buns and everyone else, too.

July 21, 2006

Friday News

It is still kinda cool here, but our partment is kinda warm, so I have been taking lots of naps, and the tubbie hideout is nice.

Mama has not been sleeping well, but she took a lonnggg nap this afternoon. Hooray! Fraxy was watching her for me so I could nap too.

Thank you for all the help, purrayers and pressies. Mama spoke to the landlord this morning, and he will wait a little. Not long, but a little. I wish I had a pressie for her, but she says I am enough. Hmmm. More headbutts and purrs for her are definitely in order. And maybe someday a pizza, if I can afford it.... We don't have any money right now for stuff like that. We could share it. Especially if it had hamm!

Mama had to cancel the interview for Monday. She found out that they don't pay enough to cover our bills and mama's medicine. :-(

She said only if she was married and her hubbie paid some of the bills. But it's just us. Hmm. Maybe I can find her a hubbie?? And me a Daddy??? Then we could have a house with a/c. And maybe stairs. And an outside.

Mama said don't forget the flat screen monitor computer with high speed internet. Wow. That would be awesome!

Dream big, little girl, is what she said to me. I do!!!!

Job and bills paid first, of course! But a flat screen........

July 20, 2006

Sleepy day

Mama was awake all last night, so today she took a couple of naps. I think humans need more than a couple, though. I think she was worried about the rent money again.

She says to say thank you to all the beans and kitties trying to help us. We love each and efurry one of you. We don't know how else to thank you. But know that when we get everything back to okay in our lives, we will help others. We have done it before. When mama gotted her last job and stuff okay, she started to give to the food shelves and the neighborhood schools and stuff. There was a school by where she worked that didn't have a lot, and beans at her work helped raise money for textbooks and supplies for the kids. It made her feel good. There were collections for the needy, and they adopted families in need at Christmas. So, we will be getting back to stuff like that when we can.

Ok, nuff of the teary stuff, as my mama calls it. It was cooler today, but muggy. I gotted a little crabby at Mama, but she understood. I think.

I can't believe how nice Fraxy is. She is a little shy, but I really loves my Fraxy sisfur now. And the Temptations. I can't believe mama never gotted them for me before. They are soooo nummy!

Can anyone else see our links and our counter and our clock??? We can't.

Update: We can now see our links but 5-Cat and the Flyer and Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's links do not work. We had to remove one, and will be removing the other. So help us guys, with those links. Thanks,

Brandi's mom

Another update: We thank the Lone Star Purrs for their assistance with Grr, Midnight and Cocoa's links. What a simple fix!! What a silly mama!

July 19, 2006

Rainy Wednesday

Now, it is muggy out. But it is also a LOT cooler. Like in the 70's not the 90's! Yeahhh! Rained a lot today, and mostly everyone in the neighborhood was trying to stay dry. But the wormies camed up for drinks! Or maybe not to be drowned. Never figured that one out. And they don't talk.

My mama had an interview this morning at a place she likes (again, she likes every job she goes and interviews for). She met the ladybeans she would work with and said they were friendly. And when she camed home someone called her for another interview for next Monday for a different job!

Now if somebean would like her nuff to hire her!!!

Fraxy and I hung out and nappied together this afternoon. She sure is a quiet one! Fraxy is grey like me, and the insides of her ears are pink. She is ever so cute and sweet. A little shy, but maybe I'm a little too intimmydating. I have been the only kitty here for several years, and I have to get used to sharing again.

On my way to catch up on stuff here on the blogs, and then I will let Mama have the computer for awhile.

Just think. In a couple of months (and a squillion naps) we will be cool cats again!!

July 18, 2006


Mama opened the box. And out came FRAXY! I smelled the box and then her and then the box again, cause there was something else in it, but mama unrapped Fraxy and I sniffed her and rubbed up against her and gave her head rubbies and she is mine sisfer!!! I love her. Then other stuff came out of the box. A MOUSIE TOY, AND TREATSIES!!

Fraxy didn't want any treatsies, but I had some Temptations, Chickie ones, and they were nummy good. Never had them before!!!

Mama said the toy was for later. Fraxy shyly said the mousie was for me....

But FRAXY IS HERE. Oh, I love my sisfur!!!

Mama said to say thank you to Robyn and Sanjee, and Mini and Boni and Gree and Pepi, and a special thank you to Robyn for her pressie to Mama. You are sooo sweet, she said.

Past rent is due Friday. Mama is very sad about that, and scared. But she does have an interview Wednesday!!

July 17, 2006

Monday update

Ok. The humidity thingy is supposed to be dropping. It is only 88 here right now. How come I don't think it's any better? Mama keeps saying she likes winter, and fall and spring, but you can keep really hot days of summer. When it is winter it is snuggly weather here with mama. Yes, that is my favorite!!

Mama has another interview on Wednesday with someone else. The bankbeans didn't want her. The college has never called back. Hmm. This new one is a place she applied to last week.

The owner left another note about when are we going to pay the rent. *shudder*

We have a box today. It just arrived. Hmm. Mama said after she gets off the computer and I read all the blogs and catch up on the news I can see what's in the box. It sort of smells interesting....

Mama, hurry up!!

July 16, 2006

Cat in a sort of cool bathtub

Sorry we haven't updated in a few days. The phone cord thingy was broken, and we went to a local coffee shop Friday, but couldn't get in to Blogger from there... but it was cool there.

Mama did not get the bank job, and the college has not called back, and she has just applied for a few more jobs. Saturday it was 101 and she went out with a friend to shop for the cord and get some groceries. She left me plenty of water and food and fans. She camed back in the early afternoon.

She said she gotted more hamm. Yeah.

Then, early this morning the transformer blew. POP! For a couple of hours it thundered and raind a little and gotten MORE humid.... It seemed like furever before the fans camed back on!! Mama says to say two hours without lectricity.


Mama puts water on me when I am laying by the fan. It is extremely hot, with advisories out for something called the heat index over 100. Right now, early evening, it is 89 and really humid. At least another week of 90's. Blaaaagghh!

Haven't caught up on the blogs, so I am going to do that now and then take a napppp.

July 12, 2006

Woeful Wednesday

Ok. It is almost 7 here and still 85. I am going to hide in the bathtub till it's cooler! It is supposed to be over 100 this weekend. Blaagh. Fans are NOT going to help.

Mama didn't hear from the bank so far, so she is assuming that she didn't get the job and she is very sad. And hot.

Phoey with this weather. And the bankbeans!

July 9, 2006

Horrible News

Saturday Mama wented out early in the morning. Then, a bunch of naps later there was this banging on the door. It was Mama. She was breathing hard, and the door didn't open.... Then she lefted!

A bunch of time later there was a thundering noise at the door. Loud grindly sounds. I was SO scared I hid. It went on for ever! Grindly sounds. Banging! Horrible! On and on, and I was so scared!!!

Then, finally they stopped. I heard mama come in. It was quiet. I...I.... Ok, it was kinda nice in the window where I hid and I decided to nap the horrible loud time away.

About a nap later or two or three, I woke up and found Mama in the room with me. She asked me if I had been scared. Silly. Of course. She snuggled me and tolded me we had a new lock and doorknob on the front door. The old ones broke and hadn't let her in.


Now we really don't have any money.

Oh, the interview wented ok Friday. They will let her know next week. She took water with her.... It was really hot! She said the two menbeans were very nice and they would be her bosses if they decide on her. She also saw the place she would work and said it was a nice little area and she would like it there.

Please hire her. We need a job!!!

And she would like it there, too.

I guess that's not horrible news. The door thingy was!!! I'm still jumpy. Maybe. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

July 6, 2006

Thursday News

It was a little warm today, but not too bad. Taking lots of naps helps. The cool fans help. And Sanjee is stopping by??? Wow!

Mama had her phone interview today, and it was ok. She will hear back next week if they want her to come in for a formal interview. She said the money was nice :)

She is going to her second interview tomorrow morning with the bank (yeahhhh!!). I am purraying that they really like her. She is going to wear a dark blue pinstriped jumper and a nice blouse under it, very formal and buisiness looking. But it is going to be 90 degrees out tomorrow, so I don't know how that's going to work. Keep in the shade??

Keep cool everyone. And thank you very much for the purrayers!

The owner of where we live wants his rent money. He camed over today. :-(

July 5, 2006

Wednesday already!

Mittens came! She is soo pretty and polite and we had fun. Mama fed us crunchies and stinky goodness, and even put ice cubes in the water for Mittens, so she would have cold water to drink. I heard all about her travels, and she told me some stories about the catolympics, she met Mr Squirrel, and mama even brushed her.... I hated to see her go, but she missed her home and family, so we gotted her safely off.

News update from my mama: She gotted a phone interview tomorrow with a local college, and, ANNDD the second interview with the bank on Friday!!!!

Oh, cross your paws, my feline and woofie friends. Hope this is it!!!

I did try to upload some fireworks for the forth, but it didn't work. Sigh.

July 3, 2006

Happy 4th Efurryone

Happy 4th of July (a day early). It is the night before, of course, but it is 70!!!!! Good thing, cause my tummy wasn't doing well earlier. I don't like the heat. My mama always said she didn't move here for the summers, she moved for the cold winters....

Mama left a message for the bank to call her back. They didn't, so either the beanlady was too busy, was not there today after all, or mama didn't get the second interview.

She has found NO jobs to apply for, either, in the last couple of days.

This is very scary. We need rent money.

Anyway, please have a great holiday tomorrow. Hope the fireworks aren't too loud where you live, and can't wait to see Mittens. Tomorrow!!

July 2, 2006

Another hot one

Okay. Okay. 89. I HATE THIS!

I love fans and tubs, on the other hand.

Isn't it good that the bean pets are getting well (Edsel's mom, Mom Robyn's mom, to name a couple), Millie is on the mend, and Mistie (maybe they will end up furrends).

Now if Mama gotted good news tomorrow, that would be wonderful.

Oh, and Mittens Pollypaws is stopping by on Tuesday!!!

Back to mewing about the heat. Oh, phoey! Wake me up when it's cooler, or Mittens arrives!ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ