August 30, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoon is for snoozes, mama! Cut out all that cleaning! You ought to be grateful I have chosen NOT to walk on your wet floors and get kitty paw prints all over.
The men are coming to adjust the radiators tomorrow (and they will hopefully figure out that our new ones aren't installed yet). And Tuesday the nice bug guy comes again. Wednesday mama goes to the clinic again, and Friday she is going for physical therapy for her hurtie back. Busy week. Like I said, Sunday afternoon is for snoozes!
But thank you for the clean floors. :-)

August 29, 2009

Oh more stuff

They are coming to adjust the new heating vents on Monday. Mama says she is going to laugh when they discover that we don't have them installed yet. She left messages and talked to the lady in the office, but they never came. So I don't think they will adjust anything, unless it is the old radiator vents.
Then Tuesday the bug guy comes again to this floor. Yea! He's always nice, and really quick.
If they still want us to get ready for the radiator covers again, I guess we will. It's a pain, though. Mama wants her donation stuff to leave soon so she can put the rocking chair in that place. Right now the chair is in our doorless pantry. Which is a wonder, since it used to be soo full.
Mama decided to go to a regular doctor for her back and found out that she has a strained muscle in her back and bursitis in her hip. They gave her pain medications that totally knock her out. She slept a lot today.
But she asked the new doctor if he was accepting new patients, and he said yes, so she decided to make him her doctor. She has been thinking hard about this, cause her old doctor IS old, like in his 80's. So now she has a new one. Her old doctor has known her over 30 years. She needs to find someone who will be around a little longer.
We gotted to nappy a lot today. Tomorrow I have been told mama will sweep and wash the floors, pick some stuff up, dust and then clean the bathroom. These are pretty normal things.
Yes, mama, I promise not to walk on wet floors. Much. (tee hee).

August 25, 2009

Thunder Boomies

Early early this morning there was LOUD thunder boomies all over. They lasted leventy seven hours and the lightning even longer! I hid under the bed, although for a while I cuddled with mama, seeing as how she got waked up by the storm too.
This afternoon it is sunny and nice out, so nappy times....
Oh, before I take another nappy.
The reason we don't have pictures right now is because with all the commotion here on the remodel mama doesn't know where the cord thingy that runs from the camera to the puter USB port is. Does anyone know if these are universal or do we have to get one just for our camera?
This is after mama bought a bunch of batteries so there was no excuse for not taking pictures. I won't even tell you what she took a picture of today. Only it involved *shudder* vishus deers. But now she doesn't know where the cord thingy is.
Off to take another nappy,

p.s We were asked what camera we have. It is an older camera, an hp photosmart 120. And the plug in for the camera end is smaller than the USB plug in.
Update: We found the cord!!! It was behind the computer. Duh.
oh wait, that means more pictures....

August 24, 2009

Hello It's Monday

Monday again. Mama had to do errands today. Her comment was hey young people on the bus can be so nice or really thoughtless. Most of the beans who were giving up seats to the ladies who got on the bus were older gentlemen. But one young man moved his groceries so mama had a place for hers, so that was nice.
There are some really nice younger beans who ride the bus. Who refuse seats when someone older needs one, who offer their seats to older beans. But today it was the older beans who were being nice, and there were younger people sitting in the "reserved for the elderly or handicapped" (mama uses a cane when her back hurties) who refused to move. There were other older beans than mama who had canes who were standing on the bus. It was the older beans who were giving up their seats to help them out.
Some beans are raised right. Others we can be grateful don't have twins.

August 19, 2009

Rainy Day

Mama had to go out today in the rain. It rained very hard. When she camed home the weather sirens were going off. I was glad she was home. She smelled wet.
She said Lizzie couldn't go out for her walk cause it was raining so hard, so they were waiting downstairs (Lizzie is my neighbor woofie). Lizzie just got her furcut and looks beautiful, but I think she always looks beautiful. She is a woofie poodle, and very sweet.
Tomorrow mama has to go out again. Then Friday she is home. Yea!
That's the news for today. Rainy rainy and dark. But no thunder boomers! Yea!
Nappy times today.

August 15, 2009


Ah Saturday. And it is supposed to be hot and muggy out and mama is not going out. I think we are in for a little cleaning today. Something tells me (well, the floor is dirty again, mom, and think of my little white feet!) she should be doing a little cleaning. After all, tomorrow afternoon is grocery day! Should bring groceries into a clean place, right? And my foodies are on the list, right? And litter, right? Gotta remember the portant stuff. She did already get a good stash of Dentabites for me this week.
We have a place nearby that delivers, so she can rest her back and stuff.
She does see the practor for her back again next week, and two regular doctor humans, and her check up at the diabetes clinic (they take her bloods and run tests on them--yuck--every few months). Then she has a special farmcology call. The farmcology bean discusses her meds and advises her as to when the best times to take them is, and about compatible suplmints, what ever that is (like catnip for beans??? Catnip is part of the mint family).
And so far no remodel stuff next week. Yea.
Mama does have to talk to a social worker next week though. She wants to know how to donate some stuff we don't need to other beans who do need. Like extra cooking containers and stuff. NOT my stuff. NOT me. Right mama? Just checking.

later: Brandi, did you just walk on my nice clean wet floors?

No, mama.

Then why are there little paw prints everywhere? I thought you didn't like wet feet?

Well, ah. It was the Squillions. You know Fraxie and Little Maxie were running around this afternoon. Yea, it was them.

brandi, they are on the bookcase and they are completely dry, feet included.

Sorry mama.

August 13, 2009

Thursday Update

Mama had to go to the heart doctor today, and run a bunch of errands. She has to go to the practor doctor tomorrow and run a bunch of errands, too. And it is really muggy out, so she isn't really happy about it all. Today was Farmer's Market day, so I bet the farmers were happy with the weather, cause mama said people came, saw what they wanted, bought and left. Nobody wanted to dawtle, she said.
Tomorrow she has a bunch of busses to ride cause of her errands. But she will come home to me. And I will be cool. :-)
Mama doesn't have to go back to the heart doctor for 6 months now. But the practor tomorrow and 5 doctor pointments next week. At least. One of them is the diabetic clinic. Two at the practor clinic. Two at the newer clinic that her other doctors have moved to.
As soon as everything settles down again mama found out she can go to her women's group again. She hasn't been able to go for a couple years, and she still misses them. She just has to make time on Mondays, soon.
Me? I gotted chick-hen for dinner (mama shared). Mama met Lizzie, my woofie neighbor, in the hallway when mama was taking out the garbage after dinner. Lizzie smelled the chick-hen.
And, oh yes, no remodel stuff this week.
Mama losted her insurants card today. It blew away in the wind. But a new one is on the way! She already called.

August 11, 2009

Hello, there

This is mama's day at home. Well, actually, today and tomorrow. So she has been good with her back (she wented to the practor doctor yesterday for it) and has been doing some updating on my bloggie for me.
Check out the new linkies. I know, I know. Some of them by now are OLD linkies, but at least they are finally listed!! We even have a woofie bloggie on there. You know we love Bogart, the airedale, and I am fond of schnauzers (Maggie is my special friend), so we found a schnauzer bloggie. And more kitty bloggies, of course, some that we just missed before, some fairly new, some--well, mama hasn't been updating regularly.
Thursday she goes to the heart doctor, and then Friday to the practor doctor for her back. And next week she does more doctors, and the diabetes clinic.
We want her to be healthy, right?
Better her to the doctors than me to the vets.
Speaking of which, I had a bitie on my ear from some kind of buggie, and mama has been cleaning it and watching it and I think it is getting better. Every time she looks at it she gives me treaties, and she is so careful I would rather have her than an old vet any day.

August 7, 2009

Update on the Remodel

Well, everything made me think we were moving. All the closets were empty. Paths to everywhere. Boxes and stuff all over. I don't like jumping everywhere, ya know. I'm a little old for that kinda stuff all day long. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.
They camed in and were loud. They took the closets apart. They painted. They did something called mud. They put in new shelves and stuff. It smelled. Mama and I were stuffed up. We stayed here and shouldn't have. But mama put me in my soft prisoner unit, and half on her knee so that I had a comfy sort of pillow to put my head on. And gaved me Denta Bites. And chick-hen.
We tried to put stuff back. Then mama hurted.
She wented to two doctors. She gotted pills to take that made her sleepy. I sat on her most of today while she napped.
She goes back to a doctor on Monday for her back.
Most of the stuff is put back. Not all of it.
They didn't put in doors. So I can go in and out of all the closets. That part is kinda fun.
That's it.

August 1, 2009

Sweet Saturday

Mama put almost everything back! The loveseat is by the window! My office chair is by the computer!
I gotted to lay on my red pillow (from my sweetie) by the window. Awsome. I know I don't get to see many birdies, and I am too high up to see squirrels, but the sky is nice.
The bad news is, all the stuff will have to go back soon, cause they haven't done the radiators, and we have only been waiting over two weeks.
And, even badder news, all the stuff has to come out of the closets, cause they are tearing them apart and redoing them. And that starts Monday. And maybe Tuesday and Wednesday! And I have to leave with mama for the days cause we already know it is too loud. They did across the hall Thursday and Friday. LOUD.
So mama wented to the library for books to take with us, and we will be in one of the lounges during the daytime, and I have to sit in my carrier all day. Woofies get to be on leashes (I have one, too) but kitties have to be in carriers. NOT FAIR.
Mama will have to leave in the afternoon for a pointment on Tuesday, so she is going to have to leave me in the shower with the curtain closed and in my carrier.
Once the closets get done, and new doors, and the radiator covers then comes the kitchen sink, counter tops, cupboards, stoves, and bathroom sink. Then we will be DONE!
Well, now I am sneaking away, cause mama put new batteries in the camera, and I am on the lookout. Some of you like your pictures taken. I don't. Even though I am adorable. That's sort of why I don't put pictures on my blog very often. I am good at hiding!
love to you all,