April 5, 2015

Glorious Sunday

Christ is Risen
Happy Easter!
Mommy Carol
And Angel brandi

We don't mean to omit anyone who is not Christian, so
Happy Spring EVERYONE
This is a partial picture of the church Mommy went to when she was growing up--she lived next door (can anyone say Preacher's Kid?)

April 3, 2015

Good Friday to You!

Well, pressing F11 sort of did help! Yea! You have to move the curser up to see the "minimizer. maximizer and close" otherwise they aren't there at all. And neither is the entire bar up there NOW.  But that is better than seeing that black bar all the time. Thank you for the suggestion! Mommy can sort of deal with that! Those F buttons have always been mysterious to us! Wonder if there is a list of what they do somewhere!
It has been a little cooler again, so I think another "shot" at 87 degrees Fahrenheit is some ways off again. But it was nice.  Minnesotans get kinda goofy at the end of winter when it is the slightest warmer, anyway. 50 is cause for celebration! OMC 40 is, too, for that matter! And 87 (the weatherman said 84 I think, but our thermometer on the puter said 87!) is *happy dance* times elebenty eleben! Last year at this time we had SNOW!
Thank you once again for the help!
Mommy likes our little warm fuzzies kitty, so she caught it off of one of our blog entries and saved it to this computer. It seemed like a nice thought to thank everyone and efurryone for being there for us. Of course, we don't send the Evil ones, so no worries! Evil ones belong to appropriate mean and cruel humans I think. And bad computers! But black kitties are sweet....
Love ya,

April 2, 2015

News and more computer problems!

News: Mommy is getting her walker next Monday! Yea! *happy dance* Finally!
We just found out. Thank you for your prayers!
We have been experiencing Major Problems with Firefox today. We had to reload it (?) finally, and all our bookmarks are there. But we had to once again make our home page our home page (Comcast). And for some weird reason the box thing on the top right of the screen is Black.  That's the one that you can make the screen bigger or smaller, you can pull it down to the strip at the bottom of the computer screen (see how untechnified we are!) so you can see the desktop or check through stuff of your own before you continue on  line. And then there is the missing X that closes the internet. Where do we go for help? Our internet provider Comcast, or Firefox or some other great genius place on the internet? Inquiring Mommy wants to know. I want to know so she stops freaking out over it. We can work around that, but I think that's silly, and so does Mommy. Anyone have suggestions on where to go for some on-line help? Anyone even heard of this problem before??? We really don't want to be that kind of special. Really.
In other news, we are thankful for all of you (even if you don't have a solution to our problem), and the support of our friends through Mommy's hard time loosing her brother. You all are truly so kind! And I am definitely thankful that it was 87 degrees F. yesterday! Imagine. In April. In Minnesnowta! Mommy actually dragged out another fan yesterday! Yes, we have the A/C thingy, but in April??? Unheard of in Minnesnowta! Fans it is!
It is 67 today. Go figure! At least there were decent sunbeams this morning!
Well, we haven't even gotten around to reading blogs today. We are so behind in a lot of things on here! But we ARE thankful we now can even begin to catch up!
Hope you all have a blest day (as our friend Dezi says) today, and the weather where you are is sunshine-y at least!
Love ya

April 1, 2015


We are moving, and we are adopting more brothers and sisters for ME. I'm going to get a bunch of cat towers, too. The place comes furnished, of course, and there is a special cook and a maid just for me, and mommy gets help, too. She no longer has to worry about her medicines! And she has lots of closets, big closets. The potty room for her has a jacuzzi walk in tub and a huge shower with zillions of  shower heads! She can have them! We have an elevator!  I of course, have my own potty room and several litter boxes scattered throughout our 15 room mansion. Lots of room for THE for all of us (Thundering Herd of Elephants) any time of the day or night. Oh, what fun we are going to have! Several bird TV chanels! And I get to share with my new sisters! And brothers! And we get two little dog siblings, too! I love woofies! And a fish tank (oh, boy, oh, boy!) The movers are coming next week.

April fool's day!

Now back to reality.You didn't really fall for all that, did you? As if we could ever be that lucky!  Mommy heard last night that it was going to be warm today (in the 70's Fahrenheit) so she left one of the windows open. She checked two local weather casters, even. To make sure that wasn't a joke. Of course, that was sort of nature's joke, cause we woke up a little chilly today! But Mommy is still keeping the window open as long as possible. It's supposed to be a bit windy today, and rain :(  is coming. But it IS to be warmer today. For real!And this morning there are sun puddles! And I really do love woofies, by the way.
Hope you all have an interesting April Fool's Day, too.
Now about those Oreo cookies stuffed with toothpaste....
Love ya,