March 31, 2010

We used to live in this neighborhood, remember?  See the tall building in the background?  We lived 4 buildings to the left of it.  We kinda miss the lake and the park. But I can promise you it doesn't look like that today!
We would like to let you see what today looks like HERE, in our new neighborhood. Let's just say there is NOT a bit of that nasty snow!

Okay, it's an old picture. But the trees really are beginning to look like that!

March 30, 2010

Tuesday Update

Whew.  Mama had a hard time moving the daybed this morning.  She had to have it away from the windows so the guys could cawk.  Mama actually says that is spelled caulk.  I didn't even know it wasn't said cook.  Who knew?
So right now everything in the living room is basically moved back.  But the piggie lost it's snout again. Piggie's snout is a big cork.  The cork's job is to hold the jinglie stuff in the piggie. You know, jinglie stuff that's like green monies only not papers. [Mama: Piggie Bank]
It is in the high sixties at least this afternoon.  Our weather thingie on the puter says check your internet connection.  Before it said that, it said 67 degrees.  Hmmm. Nice.  Sunny, too. Nice warm smells outside, too.
Mama still hasn't moved the stuff in my bedroom back.  I suppose I could get used to having my bed by the litterbox room... After all, it is my foodie room, too (opposite ends of the room, don't worry).
That got her.  I think she's telling me she's done typing for me and she's gonna move the bedroom stuff back.  See ya.

March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

Mama left me today!  Well, for the afternoon, anyway.  And she camed home smelling like fish.  Without giving me any!
She had a ppointment at the clinic and said she has another one on Thursday.  Thursday is cause of her dema on her ankles.
Tomorrow we have to get up early and move stuff away from the windows.  It seems they want to cook the windows.
No, mama says, cawk not cook.  Whatever!
And mama said it is another one of the silly things that they do around here.  They put the lights in the hallways on motion detector to save on energy, so at night you had to stand in the middle of the hallway and wave your hands if you wanted to lock or unlock your door not in the dark (I think the fire department told them they HAD to have some light on in the hallways, cause that changed really quick).  Now tomorrow they are cawking the windows, something most normal beans do before cold weather, not before hot weather!!  Mama swears she's leaving tomorrow, and I can go sit in the shower (it's what I do when there is commotion around here).  But I bet she will stay with me. If only to see where they cawk, cause she can't see any evidence of any old cawk. And then she'll probably laugh at them when they leave, cause she thinks this is a pretty stupid project in Minnesota in the springtime. And hey, it is supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow!
That's our update for today.
love and special kisses for my manly Sugar Pie on Manly Monday,

March 27, 2010

Late Friday News

New Stove is IN!!!  Finally.  They had a lot of problems with installing it BECAUSE we have not been remodelled yet.  Serves them right!!!!
They cleaned the floor where the old stove was first.  We got the dust bunnys (lots) and they scraped the grease from the floor.  Considering the amount of cooking mama does NOT do, and never fries ANYthing, it was pretty obvious that under the stove was yucky BEFORE we moved here. Blehh!
Our cleaner was here after that, and was happy to do a lot of moving around stuff and cleaning.  We stuffed a lot of the bags of pots and pans in the pantry because we were tired of walking around them, so a lot more of the floor is free for me to walk around now and she was able to clean more.  She also washed the closet floors on her hands and knees! Wow!
Anyway, that's our exciting Friday news.
I like our cleaner.  She is nice.  She says she usually scares kitties cause she moves around so fast (yup, she does), but she talks nice to me, so I like her. She also makes sure my foodie  bowl is full. Tee Hee.

March 25, 2010

Thursday Sthtuff

Well, mama wented to a lunch this week for the partment building.  It was to demonstrate and show off some of the new appliances we have received or will receive.  Friday they will be in our partment to give us our new stove.  Well, maybe.  You never know around here.  But mama said the lunch was nice.  She didn't bring anything back to share, though.
It is a beautiful day out, but it's back to being cold again, so the window is open only a tiny bit.  Pfftt!
Me? I am sleeping a lot and of course, being spoiled by mama.
Okay, nuff, mom.  You can quit typing and give me some more dentabites.
I mean NOW.
Sign me off

March 23, 2010

Tuesday Cheese--enjoy

mama loves this.  I want the mouse AND the cheese!!!

March 21, 2010

Sunday snooze

Say, does it look like we have a lot of blankies? Yup, we do.  Pink, yellow, green, white, Native American design, not to mention three throws ( silver, purple, and blue and white with loons),  and a couple of afghans, and the quilt, and a Wedgewood cover for the daybed, plus a couple of blankies that are just my own. Whew.
Not even mentioning the pillows around this place! More than all my toes!
Just sayin.
biggie-fy my lovely face.  You know you want to.... tee hee.

March 20, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Here's a picture of me in one of my yoga poses.  Let's touch your tail, two three!
I got mama this morning.  When she woked up I was on the bed, too.  I don't normally sleep on the bed with her very often.  I usually sleep in my room and come bug her if she sleeps too late (I am hungry or thirsty). But she had the window cracked open, so I had curled up by the neat smells of outside to sleep. Then when she woked up, I walked up to her and demanded rubbies.  THEN, water and foodies.
I am so spoiled.  It's my right as a kitty cat!
It is beautiful out.  But a couple of days ago it was in the 60's and now it is back to the mid 30's. But the sun is still warm through the windows and the little crisp breeze is so refreshing!
Still no news about the remodel finish.  Only verbal stuff:  "we'll post you on the list" kind of non definite promises. Pfffttt.
I think mama has to do some errands soon.  Hope that means good stuff for me. Tee hee.
Hope your weekend is sweet.
love and purrs,

March 15, 2010

Monday Monday

Well, mama hasn't put everything back in the pantry yet.  She has to finish that today.  Most of the food is put away, but there are still other things like crock pots and stuff that haven't been put away.  And we haven't heard yet about whether our kitchen will be done this week. Cross your paws!
Mama has to go to the doctors tomorrow so I will be home alone when the fire inspectors come. I think they come to inspect a couple of times a year, or something.  And we just got a new system this year, so they are being careful with us. It is kinda cool. They can make announcements on it and everything.  Last week they told the whole building that the boiler was out for a short time, but would be back and not to worry.  That was pretty cool for a 25 story building! The assistant didn't have to run around and post signs on every floor and stuff.
It's another warm day.  Right now it is 45 degrees out fahrenheit. Did I spell that right? Anyway, spring is deffinitely sticking its toes in our part of the country!

March 13, 2010


It finally cooled down in here! Yea! We had to leave windows open most of the night.  Mama finally closed one by my daybed in the middle of the night.  But one is still open!
I was very smart last night.  I slept on the puter chair. By the fan.
The hamm pizza was good. And mama had the pineapple and fruit is good for beans! Right?

March 12, 2010

Mama's Birthday

We had to get up early today for the maitenance people. And go up to the 25th floor.  Mama brought my water and my Dentabites and her Glucerna.  They had diet Coke for her up there. I wasn't happy to be put in my PTU, but after a couple hours got used to it.  It's a big one--large enough for me to stretch out in and still have my water bowl. Mama read and watched the fog roll in. The lounge is on the other side of the building, so it was fun to watch.  It rolled on and on until we couldn't see more than two blocks! We were up in the clouds!!
It still is really hot in the partment. And we have windows open and a fan running, and we have been here a couple of hours! Whew! I am staying in the shower, where the floor is cool. I'm dictating this to mama.  But really, don't worry about her.  The puter is in line with the fan!
But she said it was a real pain plugging everything in again.  And this weekend she has to put everything back in the pantry and closets. Ow! Better her than me.
The best part of the day? There is stuff in front of the microwave and stove, so she decided to order PIZZA! Yup, I get my hamm pizza.  She gets to eat the pineapple.

March 11, 2010

News (we hope)

Firstest, I started shedding, so that means spring is coming. Yea! Secondest, we had thunder today. And rain. So that means spring is coming, too.
Oh, and they are coming into the partment tomorrow for our heat treatment. And we hear they are coming to complete our remodel next week! We can't wait!  Just think of all the extra tubs we can play in.  Mama said I could have a party when it's all done!
Oh, and mama took this cool picture of me.  Very princessy.
And oh yes, mama's birfday is tomorrow and she is old happy about it. We get to spend the day together up in the lounge on the 25th floor!
I just hope they don't reschedule again.

March 3, 2010

We're still here

Sorry we haven't posted, but several things are happening here.  They have raised the rent and declared we owe back rent, the kitchen keeps getting not completed, the manager hates me and dislikes mama's books in the partment, mama has had several medical problems and medicine problems to name a few.
We don't want to burden you all with our problems, so we are taking time off from blogging. We have been accused in the past of demanding help, and that is definitely not what we are doing.  So, in order to not drag our problems on line for someone else to "fix"  or to depress anyone, or even ask for sympathy, we have chosen to take a break. We miss you and love you all.
brandi, Fraxie, Maxie, Paxie and mama Carol
ps.we deleted some comments by accident, and I am upset with mama for doing that. We appreciate the kind thoughts. We will return shortly.  We recovered a couple, but they came as anonymous. Well, at least mama tried.
 all of us