September 26, 2013


Many of us are Rescue Animals! Rescuers ROCK, Rescue Animals are eternally thankful and hope that someday we will ALL BE RESCUED, and we will ALL BE SAVED and we will ALL FIND LOVING HOMES!
QUINN (a Rescue)
and Angel brandi (a Rescue)
for Feline Rescue of St. Paul, MN

September 24, 2013

Hey, You!

Don't you know 
It's Tuxie Tuesday!

September 21, 2013

Saturday Sunpuddles

Whew! Busy morning around here! Mommy got most of her groceries today, and they "missed a tote" of  food! So they will be coming back tomorrow afternoon.
It is too cool outside for the windows to be open more than a couple inches, but we have the morning sun, so the apartment is WARM.
Am I going to get sunburn stripes? The sun is so bright!  Hope it sticks around!

September 19, 2013

Talk Like a Pirate Day

From our files. Sorry. Mommy got interrupted by a phone call when she was beginning this post. From her brother, so I forgive her.
Arrrrrgh anyway, mateys! It be a wet day here so no plank-walkin needed!
Lady Pirate QUINN
(whose mommy doesn't have or know photoshop)

September 18, 2013

Relaying Request for Assistance

Please go to Cat Chat for information on how to help the animals who have misplaces their humans and have been taken in by various animal groups because of the nasty fires in Colorado and/or the floods.   Mommy remembers the devastation of the floods that happened when she was a little girl. Mommy had to leave her home by boat, holding on to her woofie. So she is specially sensitive about this disaster.
Earlier this year one of her nieces lost her home to the Colorado fires, so this cause is important and very real to her sister's family. Help the animals if you can! Her sister's husband (now deceased) was involved in search and rescue in the mountains there and had his own trained bloodhounds, please remember assistance is important for trained rescue and service animals as well as dear family pets! Volunteer some time at your local shelter if you can't donate anything!

And if at all possible, if you helped mommy and me it would be wonderful.  Mommy was at the human vet yesterday and her new medication (desperately needed) is very very expensive. Thanks!
 I wouldn't ask if I hadn't just found out from the pharmacy just how expensive this new drug is even with a co-pay! Medicine is indeed getting ridiculously expensive. This drug is two thirds the cost of my already very expensive insulin.
Prayers are accepted, too!
The Twinkletoes Gang said something about contacting the medical company.  I've tried with other meds, including insulin. Spent hours and hours trying to research and contact companies. If you have your own insurance most medical companies will not help. You basically are on your own. Even if the co-pays are high, the price of the medication they can charge insurance companies is quite profitable, and they don't want to lose that money if they don't have to. Yup, even on medicare co-pays can be high! Lovely, huh?

September 15, 2013

My Easy Sunday

The sun went away.  The warm went away (it is 58 degrees F,14 C).  There are two options for this for my Easy Sunday:

One of my BLANKIES
I tried to get these pictures beside each other (or Mommy did) but Blogger can be stubborn. In draft form they are. Published, no. Sorry. Mommy says for an Easy Sunday we don't fight Blogger. It usually wins, anyway. And it's really acting weird today!
Anyway, since there are no sunpuddles, I vote the box. I love my box.  Mommy saved it for me! It's MINE. And she already gave me my massages this morning (2 so far!).
Have a great Easy Sunday however you can. Mommy says if it rains today we really need it.  So, as long as it's gray it might as well rain.
Maybe I'll try the blankie later....
See ya.

September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday.

Whew! We have been having internets problems this morning! And I suppose I am grateful that I'm here now! Mommy hasn't even read my friends' blog posts to me. So I don't know what's going on with the cats of the Blogosphere. I will, as soon as I can.
 Not to be vain or anything, but I like this picture. And Mommy says it reminds her of brandi. So I am even thankful of the camera thingie this morning. This made Mommy happy.
Never fear, while we couldn't get on here Mommy found time to Furminate me.  And now I can recline in fashionable soft furminatored furs in the cool breezes. That's right! It is comfy out! Finally! No heat and humidity. I am truly thankful for that.  It's lovely this morning! The sun is out and the breezes are bringing their best smells!
Of course I have lots to be thankful about besides my Furminator, my mommy, sunpuddles and nice breezes. Lots, including you.
So good mornings and have a beautiful day where ever you are. And lots of whatever is the best thing you can think of.
Nice days just make me mellow sometimes.
Well, until I  see that evil red thingie.  Then the attacks begin! Girl WarriorCat leads the charge!

September 11, 2013


Please go to Jan's Funny Farmers to read one of the most awesome tributes to the men and women who died AND those that survived and/or were left behind during the 9/11 disaster--from the perspective of the animals of this planet!
We could not have said or done anything better.

September 9, 2013

Monday Muddle

We are once again sorry for not blogging.  It seems Mommy didn't have the time (!) but she had the time to read me YOUR blog entries. And write something on some of them. Thank Codness.
Anyway, to catch you up somewhat on HER stuff:  She had out of town relatives come last Tuesday and take her out to lunch (no, no leftovers, I don't usually eat them anyway).  They came and stood around and looked down their noses at our little apartment (they all have really nice homes) and when I came out to greet them they didn't even say hi or anything.  I found out they are all dog lovers. Well, so am I.  Didn't that count?  Anyway she had a free lunch. And she'd recommended the place they all ate. And they were happy.
Mommy has been busy (!) reading before her book is due back (later this week), and catching up on stuff she dvr-ed.  And Saturday she disappeared downtown so she could use the machines at the copy place (our printer does not work and is out of ink anyway). She said it was hot and sticky out. And actually had to buy a couple of bottles of water to drink! Eww! Must have been hot!!
So then last night she had to clean the apartment, cause our bug guy was coming today. So he is gone and so here we are. Talk about stinky. His stuff usually isn't. Today it was.  Are they chasing different bugs this time? Maybe.
Oh, and she plays with me and pets me and massages me and grooms me and makes me chase around that mean red dot and Da Bird.
And she says I am spoiled.
That's my stuff.
Now it's nap time! Of course.  It's always a good time to nap, right?
Oh, and Happy Birthday to Mommy's brother Roger! It's today. And he's a whole 68 eons old.

September 1, 2013

Easy Sunday My Way

Da Bird!

And it's cooler out!
Enjoy, all!

And guess what? I have received an award from my dear friend Nerissa! Thank you, you handsome wise one!
The Wonderful Team Leadership Award!
and now to pass it on to others:
(if you've received it before, well, you really deserve it!) 
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Whew! Thank you again, Nerissa! 
Please visit these wonderful friends and say hello!