July 31, 2010

Hello on Saturday

Yes, my friends, I had a good day yesterday. Despite mama yelling at the computer and the printer. Seems her printer isn't printing right.
I got some super snuggle time with really soft rubbies all over my face and head and neck. And more than once!
It's been a long time since I adopted mama.  But, like many of you out there, I was rescued by a nice organization and had medical help (including a lady gardenectomy) and food and care.
None of us can say enough thank yous and we love yous and please adopt more when you cans to all those we tricked into taking us home fell in love with the idea of rescuing an animal needing a home and gladly offered theirs.
I have lived a blessed life.  Even with all the troubles we have had, and the troubles we have now, I am in a home.  With a bean who loves me and takes care of me. Home.
As Billy Sweetfeets would say, dance to the music. There's no place like home.

July 30, 2010

July 25, 2010

Sunday Stuff

Mama was in the hospital yesterday, and she still is not feeling okay.  We are also having problems with green papers. And that's bothering her too.
So we will not bore you with depressing stuff like that, and we will see you, hopefully soon.
and mama Carol

There are many furry animals that need help.  Don't forget them. We will get by.

July 19, 2010

Monday Mellow

We thought we would add a couple of pictures from the lounge.  Didn't really have room yesterday to show them (ok, bl***er wouldn't let us). So far today it is a nice sunny day.  Hope it stays that way!  Got mama up early to enjoy the sunshine. A nice way to thank her for all the goodies yesterday (she even gave me another kind of treat last night).
We forgot to show you the neat painting we were sitting by in the lounge. And, although it's not very interesting, part of the lounge.
The picture is pretty.

Oh, yes.  They kept saying mama would get treats when she wented to the lounge, but all they ever had in the fridge was an open can of pop and a bottle of mayonaise.  She said, not even an ice cube.  And all the cupboards were either locked or empty. At least the microwave worked.  She brought her own food and stuff to drink. And cleaned the kitchen area. And the tv was not hooked up (guess they didn't want to pay the cable bill??), so she brought a book and gotted to talk to me (when I wasn't napping).  I had to hang out in the PTU most of the day.
Still, the chairs were sort of comfy and the view was interesting, and there was a nice breeze.
Now, off to lay in the sun!


July 18, 2010

Sunday Snooze

Last night we had a BIG storm.  Thunder and really hard rain and lots of lightning.  Mama said she would hold me, but I was brave.  I only let her hold me a little bit.  The city to our east--including the shopping center with the PetSmart lost power for a while! Our lights just barely blinked. We were lucky! Lots of people are still without power apparently, and there was a lot of wind damage.
When mama heard the storm was coming she shut the puter down and made dinner just in case something happened later. And it was SALMON.  And she SHARED. Yum!
So today I made mama take the pictures from her camera.  So these are from the lounge upstairs:

That's it.  Views from the windows upstairs and then pictures in the lounge. Mama and I thought you would like these pictures.  They are from the west side of the building, and you can see the tall buildings from downtown from up there.

Back to the snooze.

July 16, 2010

Friday stuff

Mama was on the phone alot today. So I was on the daybed alot today.  I did get my denties and shared breakies AND lunch with my mama. Oh, and dinner also. Chick-hen!
It is 91 degrees here, but the air is on, and I have a fan in my room, too. Comfy!
My mama was so busy today, that she promised she would put the pictures she took from the upstairs lounge on here this weekend.  She hasn't taken them out of her camera yet.
So you will see a couple of pictures they have in the lounge that somebody here painted, and then some of the downtown area from the windows. 
There is a lot of traffic noises and  commercial stuff on that side of the building.  We live on a more residential side, and I think that's nice.  We also get the morning sun on our side.  Love to push mama out of bed in the morning and get my rays.  Love summer cause the rays come sooo early! The daybed is so much more comfy than my room is.
Sorry mom. Yes, I know it's the same sun. I just love MY daybed.
p.s. please check out Nowzad!

July 13, 2010


Oh, my.  It has been a long day. When we left this morning and went into the lounge upstairs we found out that....there was no door knob!!! Mama couldn't get out.  Thank goodness she had her cell phone on her so that she could call the office!  This afternoon a nice gentleman came in to fix it.  And he was from some place called Jamaica, and he now works here and has a farm outside of the city and raises HORSIES! And he has cats at home, too! Wow!
I hate the elevator, but on the way down to our home this afternoon a nice older gentleman came in the elevator and he loooovvves kitties.  So I didn't feel so bad.
When we got in here it was HOT!  I couldn't find a cool spot anywhere.  All the fans went on and the a/c went on, and mama kept my water cool with ice cubes. Nice, isn't she???
It's at least 13 degrees cooler in here.  When we first turned the puter on, the monitor had a heat stroke and we had to wait for it to cool down.
So we are here now, and mama keeps putting ice cubes in my water.  I could get really used to this.

July 12, 2010

Monday Update

We will be gone from the apartment (again!) tomorrow for them to do some work in here (again--yes!).
I am to be locked into my PTU and we are going upstairs to the lounge again. At least it's nice up there. I am getting used to it.
Then, who knows when, we are getting a new floor in the kitchen.  Why they couldn't do that when they installed the kitchen---did I tell you this has been going on since last May??---we can't begin to understand. If it is just the kitchen, it can't be tooo bad.  I stayed here when they did the bathroom floor.  They were done in a couple of hours (or five).
The thing is, they let us know about more work (not the floor)  today.  Not last Friday.
Oh, and mama had to give a formal complaint to the post office about a package. It seems they held it for ransom since Thursday in the locked mail room here. They didn't give it to her. It was too big for the mail lockers in the lobby hallway.  Mama requested it to be delivered to her on Saturday, and gave up her plans for most of the day. They didn't do so.  So she filed a formal complaint to the US Postal Service by email and voice and called the local post office who told her they were only a block away and she could go get it from them (they are ten blocks away, mama has no car and has arthritis in her knees and ankles and problems with her back--how could she carry a box that far??). And when she said very quietly ( I listened in) if she should wait for the mail truck today and stand in front of it until the carrier gave her her package, they said they didn't want any damage to their truck or their mail carrier (what about mama??) and not to do that. After filing a complaint with the 800 number she informed the local branch she had done so this morning.
An hour and a half later, she received a call asking her to come downstairs and get her package.
What the ****? Cats could definitely rule the government better than humans!
Is it any wonder she was crabby all weekend??
Poor mama.
Let's see if we can be back on Wednesday. Here's another picture of me, and I actually like it:

With Catitude and

July 9, 2010

Hi Everyone! It's Fabulous Friday!

We have a BIG box now.  It will be emptied next week.  It is yet another mattress. *sigh*. And I heard mama say she is in a bit of financial mess because of it.  I hope this doesn't mean less Dentabites!
We gotted a comment from a nice bean who does rescues of woofies and kitties, and went to her blog and we give it all paws up.  It is in our special favorites list, cause I was a rescue, too.  Well, ok, I rescued mama, but let her think what makes her happy, right? This will get you to this cool blog:
http://dogsandcats.typepad.com/blog , Daily dose of dogs aka cats in your coffee. She doesn't have many visitors and would love some.
ps, and here's a picture of me.  You haven't seen me lately. Been napping, of course.

July 7, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

We thought we would tell you what some of the pictures are in the post below. The waterfall is in Minnehaha Park, and is, of course, Minnehaha Falls. The beautiful dandelion fountain is in the park near our old home. The park pictures around there are from the park, too, called Loring Park. The big pictures on the building?  That is the Guthrie Theater, which was named for Tyrone Guthrie, its just a few blocks from us, and across the river.  The river is of course, the Mississippi River. This theater is fairly new.  They tore down the old one which used to be a couple of blocks from where we used to live. I guess they followed us.  Or did we follow them?
Have you checked out the ducks?  They live in Loring Lake. Live feavers! Just before the Guthrie you see our famous Stone Arch Bridge. It is modelled after the roman viaducts and is, of course, of stone, as apposed to the rest of our bridges, which are just modern bridges. The dark pictures are of the bridges across the Mississippi River. And the church in the dark, all lit up, is one of our first churches, and is across a cool market place by the river. The one in the first part of the slides is St Mary's Basillica, which is on the north side of Loring Park. Oh and you saw a big mushroomy building in the pictures. That is called the Metrodome.  Our baseball team used to play there, and now they have an outdoor park. And if you look really quick at some of the restaurant pictures you will see Brett Favre, Number 4, who used to play for the Green Bay Wisconsin Packer football team, and now plays for the Minnesota Viking team. He is on one of the televisions in the background.
Sorry it's so jumbled.
You can show off your own city.  Milo and Alfie's mom have a slide show of their town, and we have to say, it is very beautiful and charming and we envy them very much!

July 6, 2010

Time out for a tour

This is a neat collage of pictures of our lovely city.  We don't know the people in the film, but their pictures are excellent.

ps don't forget to make the screen bigger. It's that thingy at the bottom right with the four arrows pointing in different directions.

July 1, 2010

The Reveal!!

old kitchen--boooo!

new kitchen--lighter
Cupboards! Yea!! And what's on top of  the fridgermater?? Denties!
homey, yes?

I hope we're done.