July 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Okay. I am thankful the internets now work! Mommy gave up this morning on both Foxfire and Internet Explorer and said it was our "cable provider"! She got up extra early, too, and it's her lunchtime now! She waited all morning! Well, okay, she read, Furminated me, and did other stuff.
My Chewy box is about three weeks from now, but I have plenty of foodies, so that's no problem. But Mommy doesn't have enough green papers for her foodies. We don't qualify for Medicaid or Senior NAPS (what a funny word--it means boxes of peoples food for older peoples, not sleep), and food shelves only give out enough foodies for a few days. And you are only allowed to go once a month. If somebody could help us, that would be something we could be VERY thankful for! Mommy paid all the bills she could and didn't have enough for foodies. And her check doesn't come till around the same time my Chewy box does.
Oh, yah, our a/c coolie thingy still isn't fixed (long waiting list), but the next several days are sposed to be a lot less humid and more comfy. Hooray.  I love sleeping by an open window! That is a good thing to be thankful for!
If someone can help us, Mommy would be appreciative and I might get extra Furminator time.
Thanks, if you can help. Love, if you can or can't help, either way. Pizza? We wish! MOL!
Love ya,

July 26, 2015

Easy Sunday?

Happy Easy Sunday. Yup. Mommy was so easy she slept in. She doesn't do that that late unless she's ill, mostly. So my brekkie was late, late, late. And I was starving. All I had was water.  I was at death's door! So I jumped up on her chest and sniffed her face and did some biscuits on her and settled down to make a loaf on her. She woke up and started to pet me. It was the soft lovey kind of pet. I enjoyed it for a bit. Yes, I did! Unusual for me, but it was kinda nice. But then I remembered I was at death's door, and sang the song of my people and jumped down. When she didn't get up, I jumped on her again. She finally got the hint! Finally I can get back to my Easy Sunday.
And my Mommy wasn't sick.
Take it easy!
love ya,

July 24, 2015

Friday is Here!

And it is sposed to be very hot and muggy. Blahhh!

Not a bad way to stay cool! More fan, Mommy!

Mommy closed the blinds all the way in the living room (except for the missing slat) because we get the morning sun, and yes, it did help keep us cool!
She took one of her pain pills yesterday evening and it was hard to wake her up this morning. Oh, she was awake, just enjoying the painless-ness. As you know, she has the arthur-itis, and it really really bothered her yesterday, and the doctor gave her pain pills. He doesn't want her to have corti-something shots (thanks a lot. Mommy already gives herself two insulin  shots a day) because they raise her glucose levels. So, if the pain is mild, she takes what she calls TargetTylonol, over the counter stuff. But yesterday it was really really bad, so she took a pain pill. She was so relaxed this morning after a comfy night with little pain I really had to work hard to convince her to get up. And when she did finally, she went to sit on the recliner. I jumped up on her lap (I am NOT a lap cat) and kept up the song of my people until she got up again and fed me. THEN  she took her levels and took her pills and gave herself her shot and THEN she made her coffee and made her own brekkie.
And the next thing? She got out the Furminator! Nice to lose some furs in this weather plus the thing makes me tingle all over like scritchies do!
Do I have her trained or what? Well, to be purrfectly honest, I usually am polite and wait for her to take her levels and her pills and give herself her shot before I demand my brekkie. Gotta keep her healthy so she DOES feed me and give me water! But she didn't get up for hours and hours [Mom: 7:30?? That's my usual time!]
Keep cool this weekend. If you are outside, find some good shady spots! And drink lots of water even if you are indoors enjoying the a/c coolie thing. Water is good for your insides! Come on, you've heard that before on the blogs! And peoples, YOU drink lots of water, too. Alcohol does NOT count! MOL!
Love ya,

July 22, 2015

July 19, 2015

Easy Sunday

Okay, it is summer. And I am rusting in the sunpuddles. What else is new? Nothing.
Have a beautiful Sunday, and stay cool! Our a/c coolie thingy is still sick. But the humididity is low! Some things are going well!
love ya,

July 17, 2015

Friday Stuff

Okay, it is finally Friday. Mommy was gone for hours yesterday (Carol: checkup time and an interesting visit with a nutritionist) and when she got home she fell asleep for hours. At least that part was cool. Cats LOVE naps!
Back to what cats love best (besides foodies and scritchies):
Have a great Friday. Yaawwwwnnnn.
love ya,

July 14, 2015


Happy Tuxie Tuesday!

Love ya,

July 12, 2015

Sunday Stuff Again

Mommy has been busy this week, so I wasn't even ON the puter the last couple of days. Lots of catching up to do.
We have oppressive heat and humidity this weekend.
And guess what! Yup, a/c coolie thing died!
I like indoor weather. Cool indoor weather!
Fans are out in force. Maintenance will be called tomorrow!
I hope they have a spare a/c coolie thing that works....
No, I don't need a belly rub.  I need a belly cool!
Stay safe and cool this weekend.
Love ya,

July 5, 2015

Sunday Stuff

The 4th was kinda nice. I got to lick the tater salad bowl (no onions), we had BBQ beef, and very few menacing boomies. Mostly it was sort of light shows from afar that Mommy could enjoy and I wasn't bothered with. Distant fireworks are okay by me!

Blogger is being weird again and not letting me size or move my picture. So phooey. I'm special enough to not be "sized" Mommy!
Friday Mommy had to go to Wallyworld for her insulin. Due to the "holiday" (it was NOT the 4th!) she got stuck there for 3 hours by her MetroMobility. Three hours when you don't have much money is not the time to be stuck in a large retail place. Luckily the Subway people were okay with her sitting there for a couple of hours. She read and people watched. And brought a sandwich home to share. She did call to see if she could get a ride sooner, but that didn't work. It seemed that everyone was going to different Wallyworlds and malls throughout the metro area and they were quite busy. On the way home they picked up a couple of people in wheelchairs at one of the malls. Almost home she said the driver looped all over the "Quarry" (its a little shopping area about a mile from home. They have a nice PetSmart and a Cub and a Home Depot and a couple other places ). He didn't pick anyone up or anything. They just rode all around the parking lot. Strange driver.
So now it is Sunday, and we are staying home. We recently got our Chewy box and Mommy decided that ordering 40 pound bags of litter (CatAttract is wonderful and nice on toesies) was just not the thing to do. She can no longer pick up stuff like that. So we are going to go to the smaller bags. It was nice to see the foodies, though. I was down to nothing in the crunchie department. Seriously. Chewy saved the day once again.
Oh, yes. You've probably heard of Nip and Bones having a Blowout Sale for the holiday. Lots of kitties have been talking about it. Someone better order that blue princess dress! I'm not hinting. I don't wear clothes. But somecat would be very pretty in it. They also have some cute doggie PJ's. Mommy took a little of my PayPal account and ordered one of those kitty bowls. The one shaped like a kitty head and it's pink (I hope. They were almost out). So if you can, go help this amazing store out and go buy something! I didn't spend much, but every little bit helps that on line store out (and Baby Patches, too!).
It is sposed to be very hot and humid here today, so we are staying inside with the a/c cooley thing. Maybe Mommy will actually turn it up! We don't pay for electric, so there is no excuse, Mom!
Everyone have a safe and snoozy and cool-ish Sunday!
Love ya,

July 4, 2015

Happy 4th

For your enjoyment, a musical version of the start of a new nation: