May 24, 2016

About my Mommy (again, sorry)

Mommy had a very bad day yesterday. That was until she finally got home (another doctor). It was wanting to rain, but she missed all of the raindrops. No she didn't necessarily feel bad.  It was just one of those days when mommies say they would have rather stayed in bed. Now, I think mommies should stay in bed when ever they want to, but she means everything just went wrong all day.
That meant this morning spending a lot of time on the phone concerning her request for a wheel chair. And getting madder and madder and more upset until she wanted to just give up and forget the whole thing. It has been three weeks and she is no closer to getting it than day one. She shuffles around here so she doesn't fall, holds on to walls and doorways and other stuff and uses her cane, and makes sure I'm not in her way when she walks. She still is trying.  But it is certainly hard to hear that she fell getting into her bank building, or in her own health store at her clinic even using her walker. She doesn't want to go anywhere for fear of falling again.  She doesn't want to break something when she falls (I mean a bone). Why can't people understand this and make the process of getting a wheel chair as simple as they can? And the language as simple as they can. And understand that older people are old and not entirely stupid, just out of their element.
I feel so sorry for her. She gets so upset. She is so unhappy. She was trying everything she could think of (changing meds, talking to her doctors, being overly cautious) and still she is falling.  A wheelchair seemed like the correct answer. It still does. But it sounds like no one else thinks so.
I am a little upset, too. My purring doesn't seem to be helping a lot right now.
So do us a favor. Would a clowder of you purr a little louder? Or bark? Or what ever will maybe help us a little?
my Mommy's little purr-er,

May 21, 2016

Saturday Stuff

Okay, guys and gals. Blogger ate my whole blog entry today.  Trust me it was a good one. But somehow I am not in the mood to recreate it.
I was in a good mood. Here, blog entry, here blog entry!
love ya all anyway,

May 14, 2016

Diary of a Kitty

I suppose you have heard the news. No internet till the 12th Our modem (NOT THAT OLD) bit the dust. So I told Mommy we could record the highlights and publish them when we got on line:
Friday May 6th.
The temp went up to 92 degrees Fahrenheit today. NOT early May at all. Whew! And we received notice today that next Wednesday they will be doing the spraying thing because one of our neighbors (NOT US) has ewww bedbugs. They plan on inspecting all the partments around the infested partment (now that is being SMART) so WE don't get them, and treat our partments, too, as a precaution. That means Mommy has to stay home because I have to be kenneled and removed for at least an hour and we have no idea when. Could be morning or afternoon. The cable guy (or girl) comes Thursday, so that very necessary pointment won't be bothered and the fixing of our internets can happen!
Saturday May 7th
The temp was much lower today, but still in the 70's. Nothing else going on. Mommy and I are making it through the no internets thing. Barely. Mommy doused her living room fan with something she calls WD-40 in preparation for yesterday. When it rotates it still makes horrible noise. Later on when it gets hot for summer we will have our a/c fixed, and won't need it. Mommy's thinking about putting the fan in my room, only it wouldn't be rotating and making noise.
Sunday, May 8th
Happy Mommy's Day!
Ours wasn't that great. Mommy fell and severely bruised a toe. Gee, she almost made it to the chair! She also managed to scrape the roof of her mouth and there was a huge blood clot. Lunch and dinner was good for her, though. And I did crawl up her arm this morning to sweetly say Happy Mommy's Day before I said NOW FEED ME!
Monday, May 9th
We are getting so desperate about our friends. Still no internets, of course, but we did make one payment over the phone. They said no charge! Now we have one bill left to pay, although we will have to really make two months payments. The first company we dealt with said we would be payed up till July!
Tuesday May 10th
Our friend in the building came and cleaned for us. They have a kitty, too. I, I mean we have a lot of boxes and stuff that is gone, too. They are a nice couple. Every thing is taken care of now.
We are making way for mommy's lectrick chair when it comes! Well, we hope it is lectrick. And the bug guys are coming tomorrow. Somehow they got the info that roaches are attracted to kitties. Not true! The roaches come under the front door from other partments. Now bedbugs I don't know' We do not have any!
As for Mommy, her legs are really not strong any more, and she falls a lot. Waiting for paperwork to get moving!
No! You can't take my chair!

Saturday May14th
Well, we missed a few days. Wednesday Mommy had the bug guys' appointment. They completely messed up the place, dragged (and left) a jacket in wet chemicals, left the floor a mess, told us my sleepy pod was bugged (we mean filled with bugs) and said my chair had to go, too.

Thursday the cable guy came. He told us one of the cords was not plugged in, and he plugged it in. We kept asking the phone ladies how many plugs were there and they kept ignoring us. Hey thanks for no internets for a dumb reason!
Now what about Friday. Well, that was an eye appointment for Mommy. And after that, home and she collapsed. I don't mean fell. I mean it was major nap time for us both! She took a nice long naptime today, too.
Now Mommy got brave and downloaded Windows 10. We are in learning mode. Mommy already found some gadgets that are not on 10 and downloaded them so that we have our little clock and calendar back on our desktop!
Oh, and now the fan "bit the dust" and the weather got cooler anyway so we didn't need it.
Whew! And Mommy asked Barb if there was any other place we could live cause she is tired of all the bug alerts that never seem to stop. She hadn't seen a cockroach in 30 years until she moved here, and never ever saw a bedbug. She's kinda done with all this.
Now you are caught up, sort of.
Oh how we missed you all!
love ya,
QUINN and 
Mommy Carol

May 1, 2016


We have been still mending Mommy at home. She still has a terrible cough and is kinda weak. She went to her own doctor last week and he prescribed an auntie bi ock  tick for her cause he said there is an infection the hospital didn't look at. Her cough is getting better now. After her doctor's visit she went to the health store at the clinic and some dumb kid had is bike in the way and she fell again. At least she didn't fall on her head like the day before! And what was this kid doing with his bike inside?
Her doctor said she needs a wheel chair and some therapy for her legs.
I think it is Mommy's Day today. Sorry we forgot. In case it isn't then well, we know every day is our special Mommy's Day.
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