June 28, 2007

Bowed Heads

Please go to ...and then there was four, eh for a wonderful story about the Bridge.

Rest in sweet peace, dear Buzzerbee!

With love to all, and hugs for all those left behind by loved ones who have gone before,

June 26, 2007

Sad News...

Please go to Buzzerbee and Meep's blog and say nice things to them and their mama. Buzzerbee has to go to the Bridge cause he's too sick. They are taking him Thursday morning.

Mama's eyes are leaking.

Their blog was one of the first we ever read....


June 24, 2007

Sleepy Sunday

Well, gee. Mama didn't get the phone call about the job! I know you were all wondering. So were we!

It has been really humid here, so I am planted in front of a fan most of the time. And oh, yes, mama tries to help by brushing me, so I have gotten some really awesome brushies and treats. And a lot of that fur has gone away!

Nothing new, other than that. It is supposed to be very hot tomorrow, too. Right now it is only 79, though.

If you noticed, mama has been working on the background of this blog. The sidebar fits, now, and, and she has moved some of the latest linkies to their spots in the regular kitty linkies! Now, she has to add to the latest linkies again. But check the latest linkies out from time to time. We will put our latest new friends in this list! Promise!

Love, headbumpies, and lots of kisses *blush* to my Sugar Pie, Mr. Hendrix,

June 19, 2007

Tuesday Update

Well, mama wented downtown to do some stuff she had to do, and it was really nice out. Very windy, but not humid or hot. So this place is comfortable today. Lots of nappies in the sun and stuff.

That's it. Nothing much else. We are one step closer to getting our EBT card and medical assistance back, though. That was her errand downtown.

Hope your day went well, too. Now, back to nappies before mama makes dinner!

Love, headbumpies, sunny thoughts to my sweetie,

June 18, 2007


Mama had the shortest interview today. 15 whole minutes. Afterwards, she wented to get me my Alley Cat Food! What a nice mama, as it began to rain on her when she went. Anyway, she wented to the coffee shop this afternoon, and the sun camed out. Yea!

She will know by Friday if she gotted this job, as they want someone to start next Monday!

That's all for now. Gotta catch some sunbeams for a nappie and a nice dream of my sweetie.

Love, headbumpies,

June 16, 2007

Checking in Again, from afar

Mama is doing this from the coffee place. She is trying to update some of our linkies. Never fear, we are halfway done! We'll be working more on them, with me helping at home.


p.s. Mama met a new kitty on the way home. Just a little one, 7 weeks old. Very pretty black kitty. And she told her bean mama about the Cat Blogosphere. So maybe the little one will be able to have her own bloggie! She is part Himalayan, and very cuddly--mama gotted to hold her and pet her.

pps. Mama and I are up to date on the newest linkies. Yea! Well, at least until we meet some new kitties on here!! And if you are not on our linkies, let us know!

ppss. If you can figure out why our sidebar is so far down, please let us know!!

June 14, 2007

Checking in again

Mama left today once, and camed back again with food from the food shelf. Then she left again and was gone for a lot of naps. A friend of hers took her to lunch to say thank you to mama for helping her. Then they wented to a community center to check it out for mama. She said it is a nice place. There was a woofie in the front keeping cool under the shade, but he was old and didn't even bark, so he was a nice woofie. She might go back there for visits.

Last night mama was doing a lot of laundry, so our place was filled with wet clothes drying on hangers. This morning she put them all away.

Oh, and yes, mama has a interview next Monday morning! It is for data entry, sitting in front of a puter typing numbers.

That's all our news. It is hot here, so I am going to take another nap after I read some other catblogs. And, oh, yes. I made mama promise to work on updating our linkies. SOON!

love, headbumpies, and hugs and
a special kiss for my Sugar Pie,

June 10, 2007

Hi Again

If you have been wondering where we were the last couple of days, well, the thing we put the computer on broke, so mama went out yesterday to some salarmy place (?) and bought a little table for ten dollars. It is very small, and too low for mama, but it will do for awhile. So now we are up and running again.

Beautiful day today. Nice sunny day. No news on any of the help that's supposed to be on the way, but, I guess we can be patient another couple of days.

As soon as the jobbie hunting is over today, maybe I can get mama to update our linkies. We have lots to linkie!

Love, headbumpies, and a smoochie for my sweetie,

June 8, 2007

Sunny Day

Mama gotted to go downtown today to check on stuff to help us. The medical stuff is not quite done, but will be by next week. We are working on getting low income housing rent instead of paying all this rent (which we can't), and are almost there. The only paperwork for that is out of our hands. We have done all we have to do, and just have to wait for 2 others to do their part. It was a beautiful day, so after mama was done she took another bus ride and went beyond our street and walked home.

Tomorrow she is going to help one of her friends find an address and run an errand with her. We have to do laundry sometime, too, so the bathroom will be full of clothes hanging on the shower curtain....

Mama cuddled me a lot today before she left. Sometimes mamas are good to have around....

love and headbumpies, and a sweet kiss for my Sugar Pie!


June 7, 2007

Checking in

No storms today! Nice weather all day!

We're just upset that we can't pay the rent and no one is listening to mama.

That's it. No good news. No real news at all. Just Hi!


June 4, 2007

Monday Stuff

Mama wented to the doctor today. That's about it. Dark and gloomy and some thunder boomies today.

Nothing else. Just thought we would check in. Mama is going to be running some errands tomorrow, so I will get to dream of my sweetie.

Love, headbumpies, and a big smooch for my Sugar Pie (good luck at your v*t, too)


June 3, 2007


I am HOME. It wasn't too bad, either. Oh, it was horrible having the harness put on, and put in my carrier, and being taken outside. I complained loudly. But once outside, waiting for mama's friend, mama made me turn around in my carrier and look. There were cars going by, there were doggies on leashes, there was lots of people walking and running, and a cool breeze, and it was cool. I complained a little in the car, but not much. Then we were at Petco. Lots of doggies!! Noisy doggies. My mama took me out of the carrier and held me and I was okay. There were some little doggies that I liked. They were friendly. But the big ones! Loud and louder! I just sat on mama's lap very quietly. People said I was such a nice kitty!

The shots weren't too bad. The vet gave me scritchies afterward. But before he gave the shots he said for mama to rub my belly. Wrong! Wrong! That is a no no! So she rubbied my chest and gave me chin scritchies. Afterwards, she let me down on the leash for a bit. And then I got to meet two tiny little kitties about 3 months old. One was a tortie and the other a marmalade kitty. Mama told the lady about the Cat Blogosphere, too. Mama held the tortie for a while. That was the girl kitty. I liked her, too. Her name was Fiona. The boy kitty was Doosty.

The doggies that camed in were too loud. But I did hear the birdies a little. They have them as pets! Imagine fevers as pets!

Now we are home again. And that was my adventure today. Mama says I needed the shots so that we could prove I am up to date with them.

I was a good girl!


June 2, 2007


Mama is taking me for shots tomorrow.