February 28, 2015


Yes, I know. We haven't been around. The first part of the week Mommy was kinda busy. And the last part of the week, well, she spent a lot of time in the human litter box room! She couldn't keep anything down, and what she did came out the other end!
So, here we are. Nursing duties once again over. Cod, was that fun. Not for either of us!
We are behind in our blog reading. Again. And behind in scritchies and petties and what in the world has been happening around the blogosphere. Maybe we can concentrate on those important things, Mommy? Hope efurryone else has survived the week okay. Please tell your humans to skip the"bugs" going around. And you, too! Only catch the fun ones that crawl or fly around! And I hope the s-s-s-now and c-c-c-cold misses you! Stay safe!
love ya,

February 17, 2015

Mysteries Solved or Not

Yes, we picked this picture of me because the sun is shining today!  Sun puddles!
Okay, the missing ring....
Oh, you wanted my middle name?
You get the missing ring mystery first!
Mommy found the ring in the back of the chair cushion. Yes, she got her ring back. But why was it found there in the back of the cushion? And why was the ring that stayed found on her other hand? Those are part of the mystery that we haven't figured out yet.  Ghosts? Goblins? Leprechauns? The place missing toys go? Maybe it will never be solved!
And on this beautiful (but still very cold) Tuxie Tuesday my middle name:
My name is Quinn Makayla.
Mommy calls me her little Quinnie Makayla. She says that sounds better. She says it sounds more sweetladycatlike. 
There you have it. My name is actually Quinn Makayla.
Think I should use that when I sign off on my blog entries? Let me know when you comment!
And enjoy Fat Tuesday!
love ya,
or Quinn Makayla

February 15, 2015

Mysterious Stuff Sunday

Well, we really don't have the camera thing figured out yet on this computer, but we are copying from our own postings. That way you at least have a picture you can sigh over  look at when you read my new  postings. Not really a mystery, a technical thing.  Just got to let Mommy figure it out. Someday.
We do have mysteries today:
The night before last Mommy was wearing her rings, as usually. She doesn't take them off at night, you see. They are just sterling silver rings she bought years ago, nothing real expensive or any thing. Anyway, when she woked up yesterday morning one ring was missing off of her left hand, and the ring that was usually on it was on her right hand. Follow me? She has not found the ring that should be on her left hand yet.  Now I didn't do it, it calls for thumbs which we all know kitties don't have and I don't think Mommy did it, even though she does have thumbs, cause she was sleeping, so where is it? A mystery, right?  Calling all the mystery solving people from movies, tv and mommy's books and our blogging friends. What happened??? We really don't know!!! But at least nobody was murdered! Right? Except maybe one of the rings....
Oh, the other mystery you've been wanting to solve? What is my middle name? Now that is solvable! Mommy knows. and I know. So it really is a mystery only to YOU.  Hmmmm. Should we tell?
Okay! It is..... to be announced soon! LOL Seriously, Mommy and I decided on it. I came here named Quinn, but we both decided on a middle name for me. We just haven't told YOU! LOL again! But we are going to tell.... soon!
Now for other my other news: When Mommy was sitting in her chair this morning I climbed in her lap and sat there for a whole 20 minutes while she petted me. Now I  have not been a lap kitty ever (usually I last a couple of minutes and then I am gone!) since I came here to live with Mommy and have my forever home. I will sit next to her and she'll pet me, or she can lean over the chair and pet me, or I sit on the back of the chair and she'll pet me, or anywhere on the bed, but I am not a lap kitty. I last eight minutes maximum! She's timed me!
But it was nice today!  A whole twenty minutes! Wow!
Think I'll get used to this??? Who knows!!!!!! Mommy has only had a couple kitties who were lap kitties. brandi really wasn't either. Maybe sometimes.
I'll have to think about this. I kinda liked it, and I know Mommy did. She loves to pet me! And lots of you are lap kitties. Hmmmm.....
Have a happy Easy Sunday, all.
Love ya,
Mommy Carol

February 14, 2015



February 10, 2015

Tuxie Tuesday

HEY! What's Tuxie Tuesday without a posting from ME???
Back again, sorta. Mommy's been kinda busy. Insurants is a bad word around here, It takes lots of green papers for insulin these days, and mommy is totally upset. She says she is glad I am okay and don't have that! Me too! She has to test her blood and shoot herself up with insulin twice a day. Shots EVERY day. *shudder*
Other news: While it has been nice for a few days we woke up this morning with an old familiar sound. The a/c thingy being attacked. By not rain, NOOOOO! Sleet! Wish it had been rain and winter was over!
Yup, not a nice day around here.
Next week we have our annual inspection. Mommy used to be written up for brandi's litter box. With me, well I'm not so stinky. Or maybe it is the Cat Attract litter? Or a more understanding staff here???
As you can guess by now, we are really behind again on Bloglovin'. *sigh*
Thank you all for your kind words for Mommy. She's not achy anymore. Just still OLD. And behind on bills. So what else is new? Lots of peoples are these days!
Tuxies RULE!
love ya  all anyway.
QUINN M. (hint--and it is not Queen Mother!)


February 4, 2015


Notice to all who have commented the last few days:
Mommy hit delete by mistake.
I had nothing to do with it.
We did read the comments. We love comments.
Thank you for being happy we have sound back. Thank you for guesses as to my middle name.
We will post more later. Maybe tomorrow.
As it is, we have been very busy. More insurants issues. A bill from the hospital.  And Mommy fell again.
She's okay.
love ya,
QUINN (????????)
no one has guessed my middle name yet!