October 31, 2016

October 26, 2016

Mommy has fallen again (once on Saturday and once on Monday). She has a big bruise on her chin and several little bruises. The one on her chin looks like one of those plums that Mommy likes. Deep purple. So we haven't really been around for a few days. She hurt her shoulder and bruised the inside of her mouth. Mommy has a pointment with the doctor to check out why she still has a headache. Mommy is getting pretty disgusted with Medicare. They only grant people who can't walk the wheelchairs. If you fall constantly, well, that's what walkers are for.  This makes no sense to her, but is the way it is.  She can't afford to buy one, and that's the end  of that. It makes her fearful of leaving our home, and that is not good for anybody but me (scritchies and long brushies).
So that is why we haven't been doing Halloween pictures like we said we would. We're sorry. Here's a couple:

That's almost all we have. So we have the rest of the week covered. Oh and the little kitten on the pumpkin is one of our all time favorites (the ewok is cute too).
Now just in case you miss me, here is one of me. Invisible costume!
love ya all,

October 22, 2016

Royalty, if you please

Well, today we have Royalty visiting. Lovely costume, isn't it?

Bow to your King, Peasant!
Halloween can be elegant. Not everybody likes scary!

Peace and love,

October 21, 2016

Halloween is Coming!

Twice in one week! Thank you, Mommy! Why, look who came to see us. Hello, Kitty. Happy Halloween to you, too!
love ya,

October 19, 2016

Wordy Wednesday

Hello! Mommy is finally getting updated on some things on the puter. Monday we had a guest and yesterday we had Maintenance come. They did the bug stuff, you know, spraying and stuff, and something amazingly nice (for once!!!). They noticed a tear in our bedbug defenders (they keep bedbugs out of your bedding) and REPLACED THEM! Not only that, they made sure the bed was properly on the frame and threw the packaging in the garbage and took away the old defenders! Now, they didn't remake the bed, but getting those bedbug covers on the mattress and box springs was really hard for Mommy when she got the new bed (yes, okay it's used). What a blessing! How nice!! Hope they keep this maintenance guy!!
We, of course, had to leave (that PTU again) for a couple of hours, so we had a little meeting downstairs and spent the rest of the time in the community room. I was fascinated with all the cars and trucks and busses going by, so that occupied my time very nicely. Remember we live on the 16th floor and I usually only get to see very small cars, trucks, and  busses from above on the other side of the building. It was exciting to see them at their level. Mommy said I did very well in the meeting and was very good in the community room, but the way down in the elevator I was LOUD. I'm working on it. The way up again I was very good, and went we came to our floor I was stretching my neck and sniffing cause we were almost home.
Mommy has several errands to run tomorrow (pharmacy and other boring stuff), so she'll be gone most of the day.
So there you have our update. Mommy's leg is still a little painful, but much better. I have mysteriously have had some hairballs lately, but Mommy thinks it's because I now get Furminated every day because my furs are preparing for winter. And oh yes, she complained to the cable company about the price hike for service and got them to take money OFF our bill. Now we can pay less than before! Mommy says, "whoooo who".
Please have a good day today. And my gotcha day is coming up! But before that, Halloween!

Love ya, lots of prayers,

October 14, 2016

Finally Friday

Whew! We can finally breathe a little. Management met us in our partment Thursday and said Mommy did a good job, but not perfect. They suggested we need an "organizer" more than anything. So, fine. As long as they leave Mommy's books and clothes alone and stop harassing us about them!
Last night Mommy got a big surprise in the middle of the night. All the power was off! She went to that box on the wall and flipped a bunch of switches but nothing happened. Now me--no problem. I have excellent night vision. But Mommy got weirded out using the powder room in the dark. At least the hall lights were on--they have emergency backup. Anyway, she went back to bed and the next thing we heard was one of those big drill things breaking up concrete. Before 5 o'clock! Back to sleep for Mommy! When she woke up at last everything was okay.  Mommy says she can't remember any losing power for more than a minute here. One of the only positive things about a tiny partment--can't get lost in the dark! At least SHE can't. I have night vision, remember? I could prowl a castle!
And, oh yes. Closer to Halloween I am having Mommy put some Halloween-ish pictures on my blog.
Have a sweet and safe weekend. Thanks for your prayers!
Love ya,

October 12, 2016

Unhappy news

Remember us? Well, crazy things are happening to our computer, first of all. All of a sudden the sound quit working although everything is A-OK when we check plug-ins and stuff. It worked for a few moments and then stopped again.  We have no idea how to fix it. We didn't touch any control except to check to see if it was working.
If there is a wizard out there who can help, PLEASE!
Then there is the major meeting with management on Thursday. Eviction is possible. This is beyond belief.
Mommy's leg is on the mend, however. Hooray!
Oh, and we have to keep all the blinds closed in case of peeping toms. No, seriously. We live up in the air above the trees, but the thing is they are doing some stuff on the outside of the building for about the next month.
Well, you know I can nose aside the blinds and look out anyway, so no problems with me.
Mommy has got to go to this meeting Thursday by herself, so please send encouragement.  She has to defend our "clutter" and the books Mommy has. Not every tabletop or desktop can be totally empty. They are insisting they can be. Mommy has already purged a bunch of stuff over the years, but cannot live with "declutter", Meaning nothing. Can you? Even my TicklePickle is clutter! And so are bookcases filled nicely with books (hey, Mommy was once upon a time not only an English major, but a library science minor). Most of her books have to do with her religion, literary criticism, history or classic books from both American literature and English literature. Does she read a book more than once? YES! Why should she throw it away?
If we have to move we have nowhere to go. I will lose Mommy and she will be homeless. Not good with winter coming to Minnesota.
We are totally stressed out and apologize about our absence. Please send prayers and good thoughts.
Thank you!
Love ya all.