June 8, 2011

Wow! HOT

Tuesday it made it to 107 degrees!!!!  Mama decided at that point the air stayed ON. This little kitty lived with no air thingy for several years. Since we moved here we (I) have gotten spoiled. And I'm older. And I am special. And and and--well, mama's ride home yesterday had no air thingy, and she really really appreciated it being cool in here!
I am sorry for the delay in giving you this important information about my well being. But our internets were not working, and we had a nice repairman come and help today. I was very careful to inspect everything he did. And gave my approval. So now we are back on line!
It is much less humid today and cooler. Yea!
And mama left the air thingy on anyway.
being spoiled again

June 5, 2011

Opinion needed!

Please help my mama make a decision:
Before Noon CDT Tuesday, let us know if she should leave the air thingy on when it is 90 degrees, or open the windows and turn the fans on if she is not going to be here.
Thank you for your opinion. Leave your opinion in the  comments  There is no prize or anything, just my gratitude if you say leave the air on...  She says she should turn it off and conserve energy for the planet.
So please leave your opinion in the comments, like I asked. She is leaving for the after noon on Tuesday and it is supposed to be 90 in the afternoon.
Love, (and please vote for leaving the air on)
P.S. We made it to 97 today! I think the air is staying on!!!!--(Monday)

June 4, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Oh, here it is again! Saturday! Only Traci didn't come over this week :{
Yesterday the temp hit 90 degrees. And once again, mama turned on the air thingy.  But it was so humid and hot, I really didn't mind the cool at all.
I waked mama up early (6 am) cause I wanted my Denties.
Now that she's up....
Hey mama can I please have some more? Oh wait. You promised to clean the litter box this morning. (She already wiped away my footie prints in the bedroom). And take out the garbage. And clean the kitchen.  Service, please!
Oh,  before she does, she wants me to tell you all the movie Ghost and the Darkness was a very good movie. 4 Stars if you want to check it out.
And her eye thingy won't go away for a long time. She's trying to train her eye to ignore it, but so far, it hasn't.