February 27, 2011

Sunday Stuff

I was a bit "norty" as Milo and Alfie would say this weekend.  So Mama didn't let me blog. Yeow! All it was was a very loud Yeow! Okay, over and over and over.  And I wanted mama's food. Yeow! Yeow! Yeow! She told me to stop and I wouldn't.  I was the demanding daring diva! Yeow!
So mama shoved me away a little bit too hard.   Well, okay, I landed on one of the soft pillows.She said she was sorry, and kissied me later.  After she ate all the food. Hmmmph!
So now I have to be very good. And she did share her sausage this morning.... And I didn't yeow once!

February 22, 2011

Good Day, Sunshine

Mama said there were song lyrics like this when she was young.  Must have been a lonnnngg time ago! Anyway, it has stopped snowing and it is cold again, but the sun is shining. We had snow and snow and then more snow. She is really thankful that yesterday was a holiday for most people, so they could watch the snow fall from safe inside their own homes The little poodle in the building is probably wearing his little booties and a sweater to go outside again. And I don't think he will wander very far off of the sidewalks.  They'd never find him in all this snow! Sweater or not!
Mama doesn't have to go anywhere til tomorrow. So while we watched all the snow, I had lots of lap time and snuggle time. As I grow older grow wiser, I like lap time more and more. Go figure.  When I was a kit, I wanted to go not sit in laps. Now I am more mature and I like being royal and serene.
Stay safe, all.

February 20, 2011

A White Nothingness

It has been snowing all day.  And this is what it looks like outside our windows:

Nothing but white. Not even worth mama taking a picture of. Why take a picture of a white nothingness? We had our annual inspection last week and I think we passed.  At the same time they also changed the batteries in our smoke /carbon monoxide detectors (we have one in my room and one in mommy's).  That's a pretty good way of reminding  them to change the batteries! Don't forget to tell your beans to think of a way to remember to change yours!
Nothing else is going on. We are all clean and tidy and I'm not going into the litterbox room with mama any time soon cause she might clean ME!

February 15, 2011

A Nice Day

We are having a nice February thaw.  The snow depth has gone down several inches.  It is warm out. It was in the 40's yesterday and lots of beans were not wearing coats.  Some were wearing shorts (but they were crazy). And one of the woofies here who has adorable sweaters (he's very hansome for a woofie poodle and has very hansome sweaters cause his mommy loves him and keeps him warm when it's very cold) was not wearing one for his walkies last night!.
I know my Valentines Day stuff was repeated stuff, but the Valentines Day Heart one was one I made myself, so it was very heartfelt, and I had to include something special for my Sugar Pie, and I love the Sugar Pie candies I got to help make. So it wasn't very professional, but it was definitely expressions that camed from my heart.  For all of you and for my Sugar Pie.
And my Sugar Pie  sented me a Pirate Valentine! I thought that was very clever since we all love Pirates, and it was very sweet, since I love my Sugar Pie, too. *blush* How lucky can a girlcat be with someone like Hendrix for my sweetie?  He thinks of everything!
I am certainly feeling much better. Mama has been cooking some lovely smells, and my appetite has improved  a lot.  Even though she's not cooking for me! That's not fair, I think.  But those Dentabites are a good second choice. And she's still giving me lots of good scritchies and kissies! That's more than fair, and very deserving, if I do say so myself!
Hope everyone had a very sweet Valentines Day and some wonderful new romances were begun! We ladycats just love romance... and the boyfriendcats we know are all so very heroic and romantic!
love and sweet kissies , of course, for my own boyfriend cat,

February 9, 2011

Wednesday Kitty Woes

Well, it isn't exactly Wednesday NEWS. But I am reporting it on Wednesday. That counts, doesn't it?
I was sicky last night. But I was a very good considerate sicky lady cat. I throwed up next to her boots not on them. That takes skill when all you want to do is get rid of the ickies in your tummy.  I slept on top of mommy most of the night, and I am better today. I even ate breakfast and my morning Denties! Only not a whole lot of both. I'm letting my tummy rest a bit.
My mommy is petting me waaaay too much today. I gotta find a place to nap.  We cats need our naps, you know.
But I kinda like the kissies.  Don't tell.

February 8, 2011

Sunbeams Today

Ooh the sun camed out today bright and early! Mommy gotted up early and let me have my sunbeams. And my Denties! She says I am a spoiled little girl. I say I'm a well deserving cat and that's that. Tracie already called this morning. She is coming over next Thursday! Yea!  And mama doesn't have any pointments till AFTER next week. Yea again!
I suppose I better let mama take over the computer and go suck up some 'beams. She just started a new book from the library.
Take care out there. Keep warm if it's cold out and cool if it's hot.
love (and pre-Valentine kisses for my Sugar Pie),

February 6, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Early this morning I decided to scare mommy.  I crept very carefully and quietly out to the daybed and let out a mighty ROAR. Watching mama jump and twist was as funny as watching a cartoon. I even  scared impressed myself with my voice.
Gotta keep them alert!
After all, the daybed is MINE.  Even if there are no sunbeams!
And I swear, mama, I didn't know you had left your hearing aids in last night.