July 19, 2018

Thursday Thankfuls

How about more good news than bad????
Mommy got her totes back, and Voila (that's French, don't cha know) the first thing that came out was my bed pillow!!!! Waiting to come out is Mommy's bed pillow (no more head on the crunched up flannel robe for her).
She hasn't opened anything else yet, cause we are waiting on the wheelchair guy to come back. Yes, Mommy's new wheelchair!!
He has to do some stuff with the footies on the chair.
Mommy got her foodie delivery from Mom's Meals. That's lunch taken care of for the next couple of weeks.  This is paid for by her new insurants. And I get to lick the remainder when she is finished eating (if there are no onions or stuff I can't have). According to Mommy she really loves these meals. She gets to make her own choices of what to eat and they are very tasty.
The rest of her groceries she has to order herself and pay for.  That takes care of Friday night. She has an order coming.
She is still waiting for her metromobility new card.  That's the bad news.
She needs it badly. Rides to medical appointments are now paid for by the new insurants, but we still need the metromobility card for Mommy to go other places. Like the library or grocery store  or Target or Walmart or museums and stuff. And it is important for her to get out and do stuff. And to see new places to maybe move to.
We don't have a housekeeper yet.  Maybe next week.
Tuesday when she was at another doctor's appointment was what the weathernuts here call a perfect 10 weather day, so that made her happy to be out.
Maggie couldn't come this week because her Mommy had to take her training. She is an agility pro, and needs to keep up her agility work.
She is such a cutie, and thinks she's another cat at her house, so she gets along great with us felines even though she's a woofie. She even loves our feather wands! Word with sister brandi is she loves Temptations, too. See? She really does think she's another cat at her house.
More of you can come over any time, really. This week has been fun,  and fun is a good thing to have. Salmon is still plentiful here (Beyond® crunchies,  of course).
Love ya,

July 13, 2018

Checking in again

As busy as this week has been (notice we haven't blogged or even checked in on other blogs yet) next week is going to be even busier for Mommy. She has doctors to see on Monday and Tuesday, a place to visit to see if we would want to live there, errands to run, foodies for Mommy to order.... Wait. NO! Mommy has been busy this week and she will be busy next week. Me???? I am a little spoiled kitty cat and I get to stay HOME.
Maybe, if anyone is free, you can come over and visit??
I'll break out the red dot machine and my tickle pickle and maybe some wands and a little catnip and my Beyond crunchies (salmon flavor, of course). There will be plenty of water, too. We even have some bottled water!
All you have to do is come.  And if you want pizza, you have to bring it  yourselves! We don't have green papers for such things. *sigh*
Up to you. You are invited!
Nice woofies welcome. I'm gonna ask my woofie friend Maggie if she can come.
Love ya all,
Quinnie-poo (that's one of my Mommy's silly names for me. You may call me Quinn, Quinnie, or Quinnie Makayla)
And yes, there are still a lot of bags to play on or under!
We still don't have our totes.