March 31, 2008


It has been snowing ALL day. You can't even see three blocks. Yucky. And mama had to go to work today. I was so happy to see her get home in that yucky stuff. And snuggle.

Spring??? Hey, guys, Easter is gone. It's almost April. We should have green grass and flowers and stuff.

Mama just said, hey it's Minnesota.

But mama, it was 52 degrees yesterday and we had the windows open!

Mama said, hey, it's Minnesota. It will change.

That's not an answer!!

Oh, and on the Squillion problem. We have been trying and trying to do our donation. Paypal keeps asking us to debug and won't let us finish putting in our information on mama's credit card. We let Beau know this weekend, and finally I was able to email Moki. But the paypal thing won't let us use it. We're offering to snail mail a check if we have to!

Fraxie (and mama and me) are getting frustrated, but we'll keep trying.

Stay tuned (and if you have any advice, help)


and make it stop snowing, somebody

March 29, 2008

Saturday News

So far, the couch has stayed put.
We heard we won a baby Squillion! Fraxie is sooo excited.
But we have had some problems with PayPal.
We can't wait for this to straighten out. Is is our computer?



March 27, 2008

Thursday already?

You know, I adopted the computer chair this last week. It's comfy. It's roomy enough to either spread out or curl up.

I forgot one thing. Mama is my typer and she needs to sit on the computer chair, too.


Mama had two client interviews this morning. They went okay. Her boss went through one of them with her, afterwards, to give her some hints about stuff. Mama likes her boss. This is the boss that has been on leave since mama started, so she got used to the inter-rim (acting) supervisor, so now she has to get to know her real boss.

The good thing about her real boss is that---she is owned by a cat, too! :-)

Mama has a project to do this weekend. So maybe it's moving my couch!

Love, everyone, and purrayers for those in need. My heart is sending them baskets and baskets of love and hope and as many healing thoughts as I can.

Hmmm. I think I need a nap. Healing peaceful thoughts work well when I nap, too. Isn't that cool?


March 23, 2008

Happy Easter, Everyone

This, of course, is from last summer in our old neighborhood. We just had more snow!
But, Happy Easter, everyone. We have this to look forward to!
Oh, and mama finished her classes. She is still on probation, but she's doing really good.

March 16, 2008

March 11, 2008

Tuesday Stuff

Mama has been home today being sick. Her head hurts really bad, and she keeps blowing her nose a lot. I sleep on my sweetie's pillow on the arm of the love seat in the sun and I hope she gets better soon.
I will check in soon.


March 9, 2008

Weekend Stuff

Mama and I spent yesterday together. She still hasn't moved the furniture around. But I did snuggle a lot with her, cause I never want to miss snuggling.

She did okay with her client, even though the interview took an hour and it took her an hour afterwards to get everything okay in the computer.

But she liked it, anyway.

They also had a luncheon for the workers in the building last week. Mama said it was very good and they had a nice motivational speaker, but she didn't bring me back any chicken.

My sweetie is snowed in, so I think I am off to Ohio.


March 6, 2008

Here Again

Sorry for the delay in posting. I have been sitting on the computer chair the last few days in protest. Mama has NOT moved the love seat. Just because I have my little space in the bedroom for looking out the window does not mean I don't miss the love seat in the living room!

Mama just has to move things.

Anyway, there was some guys in here on Monday, and they scared me a lot. I woopsied in the bathroom twice cause I was so scared. They moved the frigermator and the stove and cleaned behind them, but it was loud and they were loud and I just did not want them here.

Mama is still going to school at her work and working there, too. And tomorrow she gets to interview a client.

I guess sitting in the computer chair means my typist doesn't get to. Hmmmm.


March 1, 2008

Crazy Mama

She has been turning our place inside out. She and her friend Pat moved all the living room furniture around today.

The love seat is not by the window :-(