November 29, 2011

Just an Update

Today is bright and sunny and I love it.  It's in the 30's outside, but very comfy inside. 
Tomorrow will be different.  We are going to the lounge upstairs again while they do some work in my partment.  Upstairs all day without a litter box is interesting.   Mom carries paper towels. Smart mom!
Thursday I think Tracie is coming over (yea) and then it is movie night.  Mama is showing a movie called the Holiday. Next week she is trying to get the original Miracle on 34th Street. Then she gets a week off cause a really neat lady who lived here died recently and the community room will be used for a memorial for her.
This Friday she is going to be going to the doctor again. As well as next week.  She often wonders why she can't see 2 doctors on the same day.  So do I.  But for both it involves her not being here...
More snores.
See ya
crazy question from mom: if she puts dvd movies in the fridge, will it hurt them???
question from me: why would she want to do that in the first place???

November 28, 2011

Monday, Monday

Mama wented downtown this morning, and she is back. She didn't buy anything, just went to FedEx to get some stuff copied.  She wented into a store called Love from Minnesota (she has 2 coffee mugs from there and there are BEARS on them). She founded a Chrissymouse ornament of Santy Claws, and it had written on it "define good".  She said it was funny and she thought of me. Funny??
She also saw some pretty ornaments and they had an angel that was many many green papers--one hunderd and eighteen!  Really! The cute Santy was only a lot less green papers, she said 6 of them. Whew!
Thats a lot of Dentes right there!

November 27, 2011

Snoozy Sunday

It's sposed to be sunny today (after two days of dreary sleepy fogginess) but it sure is slow coming. Most of the snow is already gone. They started the Holidazzle Parade (Christmas floats downtown) and it was beautiful as usual (we watched it on tv), plus it was in the 50's and no one had to freeze if they came to watch it.  You see, one year it was soo below zero one night that they cancelled that night so no one would be hurted by the cold.  I bet even sweet Khyra would have stayed home that night! They do the parade Thursdays through Sundays up to Christmas. But the warmies have gone again, and its sposed to be colder from now on. 
I think I messed with mama's mind last night.  I sat in her lap for a looooonnnnnng time and let her pet me. Usually I don't like moosheys or petties for very long. I claim that as my Chrissymouse present to her! Early!
Back to snoozies.  Be sure to catch Jan's Funny Farm for a beautiful video from Percy.  Mama played it twice already.... it was pretty, and Percy did a good job conducting the music.

November 25, 2011

Black Friday

I don't know why everybody calls this Black Friday.  Only black cats allowed???
I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.  We had Hamm, of course. Mama waved it under my nose when she unwrapped it before sticking it into the oven.  And then it smelled and smelled and smelled until we could finally eat and eat and eat.  Didn't care for the peas or the stuffing or anything else that came with it, but let me at the Pumpkin Pie, please! You already know I love pumpkin muffins, don't you?  Well, pumpkin pie is just as good. Every time she opens the frigerator I hope she's getting out leftover hamm or pie! And oh, the smell of that pie baking was almost as good as the hamm that was cooked after it!
And today, Traci camed over.  Thanksgiving was her birthday, so she's going to a pot luck (leftover turkey anyone?) with her family this evening. And she's bringing deviled eggs. Yumm.
Mama sent her home with a piece of my pie!
Mama said everybody goes shopping on Black Friday.  For toys for black cats???  She doesn't go, so I suppose that's why.  But mommy, I'm faded black. Sort of.....
Guess I am lucky she's staying home with me the rest of the day.....
Cuddle time!
Check out Paper bag and String's ten tips for hosting a purrfect holiday party.  Keep it in mind for Chrissymouse!!

November 24, 2011

Have a Blessed Day

from our home to yours
brandi and Mama Carol

(We're having Hamm instead)

November 22, 2011

A Newby Cute Alert

Some of you know that my bestest woofie friend who comes to visit me for real is Maggie the Schnauzer. She doesn't have a blog, but her mommy and mine have been friends for many many years. And her mommy is the bean who figured out my name when I first camed to my furever home. Many many years, too. This is Maggie:

Anyway, there is a cute little puppy woofie that is fairly new to the blogosphere  (Pets Blogs United featured him).  His name is Rupert and his blog is Along Came Rupert.  Go say hi. I'm sure you will also say "aaaawww".
Sad news: Mama is not volunteering tomorrow at the food bank (in place of Thursday, cause of Thanksgiving).  She just got a call.  They ran out of food. We hope everyone who needed food for Thanksgiving got some. But we think there will be hungry tummies, and that is just wrong!

November 21, 2011


Mommy got this email today:

You have recently been selected as a candidate to represent your professional community in this year's edition of Who's Who among Executives and Professionals.

Your candidacy for membership was officially approved November 21st. You have been selected based upon your professional experience and achievements, and as such, we believe that your profile makes a fitting addition to our publication.

There is no fee or obligation to be listed in our publication. We must receive verification from you that your profile is accurate. After receiving verification, we will validate your registry listing within seven business days.

Once finalized, your listing will share prominent registry space with thousands of fellow accomplished individuals across the globe, each representing his or her professional field and geographical region. As a member of the registry, you are also afforded a unique networking opportunity with other professionals and potential employers across a range of industries, as well as business coaching opportunities from industry experts. Of course, this unique accolade would be a welcome addition to any resume.

Mommy, concatulations! You are a professional executive with achievements!
Professional..... WHAT?????????
Why are you laughing mommy?
Well, you ARE my executive caretaker and typist.  Doesn't that count???
She hit the delete button....

November 20, 2011

Something on Sunday

The left overs yesterday were lovely (mama scraped all the stuff off the chicken so I could just have chicken).  Tracie wasn't feeling good (her back hurtied) so she didn't come over. And this is what it looked like outside:

And this is what it looked like inside:

Sort of.  These are old pictures, cause our camera is still broke.  And the blue thingy isn't on the bed right now Just our pretty flowered sheets (to make us think of warmer sunnier weather), but my grey chanille blankie is! And that definitely is what it looked like outside!
Today is sausage and mushroom casserole left overs.  Whoo hoo!
It's just a little over a month till Chrissymouse! Oh, my.  It sure looks like it outside!
We're going to get very tired of this snow in a month or two.  But right now it's kinda pretty.
Have a snuggly Sunday!

November 19, 2011

Saturday Stuff

It's sposed to snow/rain today. And I hope Traci comes over anyway!  The dinner last night was very good.  I mean GOOD. As in we got leftovers! Some of it is too spicy for me, but at least someone heard me, and brought back stuff. Mama was one of the first helpers to arrive and one of the last to leave.  The dinner was sponsored by the food bank, and was Chinese food from LeeAnn Chin. Anybody else have this great restaurant?? Nummy foods!
I am worried. though.  We gots lots of leftovers in the frigiator, and I don't think there is room for my hamm dinner when it is cooked and there is leftovers for me.
Well, maybe there won't be a problem.  I know.  Traci can take some home.
Wait, that casserole in the frigiator is really tasty.  It's got sausage and mushrooms in it.
Well, we can just eat that and the leftovers from last night before next Thursday!
Only our gobble gobble won't be turkey.
Oh, and we gots punkin muffins in there.  I loves them.  That won't be a problem to eat them....
Happy Saturday, all.

November 15, 2011

It's Me this Time

Okay. Mama turned off the you tube stuff for a minute.  Time for me to say Meow to everybody.  I been moving kind of slow the last couple of days, and enjoying a lot of nappies.  We are sposed to get new smoke detector batteries today, so the guys will be in here for a bit.  Then, it looks like I am once again going up to the penthouse lounge sometime soon while they do some stuff in here. Don't know when, though.
Mama has a dinner on Friday.  The food bank she volunteers at is giving it. It is to thank people for allowing the food bank to do it's thing.  And of course, the volunteers are serving.  She better bring back some foodies!
It is getting close to turkey day, but mama said the suppliers of her grocery store can't get in smoked turkey legs (we don't need a whole turkey). No, I am not going to pout! We are having HAMMM!!!
If I was young enough, I would be doing back flips!! Hammm steak! Whoo hoo!!
And Thursday night's movie is Billy Sweetfeet's favorite--Mama Mia.
There has been kind of a dancing theme around here for the last couple of days, hasn't there. Well, all you youngsters, (and as Billy would say), DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!
And I will NAP, NAP, NAP (and eat).

November 14, 2011

Turn up the sound!


And another one catches on to the beat:

Mama spended too much time watching kitties on youtube.

November 13, 2011

Sunday Snooze

Google and Blogger do not like me today.. I tried to comment on the the Wild Westie's blog. He's SO hansome and I am one of his followers and I wanted to tell him I like his fall picture on his header and that kitties like burgers too and that I had part of one yesterday but I don't do smashy face cause I am a cat. But blogger says I can't. I signed in to my google account about a lebin times, and it says it doesn't know me.
Hoke is such a cutie for a woofie.
D**n blogger.
It should know me!!!
Sorry, Hoke. *sniff*  I really tried to leave a comment.

Sunday is Sick

Warning: this may give you nightmares!

Okay. This will make you squee to make up for the nightmares:

November 11, 2011

Lebin lebin lebity lebin

This is supposed to be a magical number.  Lots of beans around here have planned their weddings on this day! Or are celebrating birthdays and anniberceries!
But less we forget, it is also Veteran's Day and Remembrance Day. The day to honor the beans who defend us from bad beans.  Those noble boys and girls who decide to serve their country and come back to us (we pray) as proud men and women.
You are our heroes.
So to honor you who honor us by defending us:
'ten hut!
We Salute YOU!
At ease.
Well done, good soldiers,
and thank you from all of us.

November 9, 2011

Wednesday Wordy

Mama wented to her resident council meeting last night and she didn't bring me anything back! She brought orange slices! She claims that was all they gaved her.  Phooey.  Last time I gotted tuna salad! They usually have something after all their meetings, but orange slices? I bet she ated all the good stuff before she camed back!
We get an inspection next week.  It's battery change time in the smoke detectors, so they also check the partments to see if anything needs fixing.  That brings up something.   Have your pets/slaves/beans change your smoke detector batteries at least twice a year! This could save your life. You never know.
We have a friend coming over tomorrow morning, and then mama goes to her food bank to volunteer.  Then tomorrow night she is showing a movie about chipmunks. It's called Chipmunks, the Squeequill or some such thing. Why not something interesting like Milo and Otis??? What could be more interesting than a woofie and a kitty?
Beans. We love them when they bring back stuff anyway.
Next week is Mama Mia. My Mama.  Hmmm. Oh, mama says it's a musical. Something Billy Sweetfeets could dance to!
And Tracie is coming Friday or Saturday.
And we missed out on a big snowstorm today.  SNOW!  I guess it's that time of year again.
Anyway that's my wordy words today!
Be safe, and... isn't it wonderful to have a furrever home and lots of love? Even if they don't bring home good stuff to eat when they go somewhere.
I love you too,

November 4, 2011

November 1, 2011

Survive Halloween?

I hope you all survived Halloween and all the doorbell dings and "Trick or Treat"s. And the costumes some of you were made to wear!  Our community room had a party and that's where all the little ghosts and goblins went.
And mama didn't give me a whole bag of Denties!!!! Well, she got out a new one and opened it for me, and she said she didn't want me to be sick eating all those treats, but she gaved me some so there.
She was gone yesterday doing stuff. So once again my naps were not interupted with her teasing me and petting me and smoochies.  Well, she did have to make up some of the treaties when she gotted home, like I said.
I only threw up a little hairball.
Tee hee!

Just found this and had to share!