January 16, 2013

Wordy Wednesday

Decision  is still out on my new kitty food. Purina One Smart Blend Indoor Advantage. That's what was delivered by the nice college student.  I'm thinking I miss my Friskies, but, as I said, decision is still out.
The maintenance man came today to fix the door lock. I hid. As is typical, mommy says, they didn't really fix it, they just said turn the key before the door closes all the way shut.  Humans! She said they messed the new door frame up when they remodeled and it's showing it finally. She said hanging doors is a lost art form, apparently. Like painting. We have frame paint on some of the walls. Where it's only supposed to be on the door frames. Duh. Mommy said she painted houses the summer before her senior year in high school, and saw the correct way to do things. That was in the dark ages. Times have changed.
Mommy fell last night and crashed the tv stand.  The tv is fine, but the poor old wooden thing has one of it's legs just propping up it's side kinda crookedly. She has to figure out how to replace the thing (the whole inside of the leg broke to shreds) on no budget.
After all, she bought me kitty food first, right?
We are dipping into the freezer next week, the tv man said (before mommy broke the stand). I am so glad I have a warm home!'I guess this is my Wordy Wednesday!

January 15, 2013

Tuesday Update

I'm making mommy blog today or else.  Actually things are kinda happening here today, so she has to keep alert.  I understand maintenance will be here today to look at the lock on our door.  Seems to be having a hard time locking, which doesn't make mommy very secure. Or me.
And then tonight we will be getting a foodie delivery.  Not a very big one, though.  There is no money for lots.  But mommy said I am getting Purina One for my weight control, since I seem "to be getting piggy about food". Anyone try this dry kibble?  Am I going to starve??
I have also found a new hiding place behind the laundry thing on wheels.  Nice and quiet and dark and just the right size. But mommy says she is worried I am hiding too much.  Am I, kitties? Do I need a kitty therapist?
I have tried two human foods: mashed sweet potatoes and baked bean juice. I was interested in mommy's hot chocolate, but she said it was definitely NOT for kitties.
Mommy is doing better, but she is still having a bad time.  At least she is keeping up with my foodies and my litterbox and my water and my massages and my belly rubs.  But she has a hard time with her foodies and her meds. She misses her friend a lot. And with worries about paying for foodies and meds and doctors and insurance and other stuff and my health (? Oh, I get it.  She's a mom), she is not very happy.
If you could help financially, that would be wonderful.  If you can't, keep those nice comments coming.
We are supposed to be in a deep freeze outside, so I am really grateful for my nice warm home, and worried about outside animals. Anyone with warm temps, send them here for all the outside animals, okay?
Oh, and if you know how to make an avatar with my special nose, let mommy know?

January 12, 2013

Thank you

Hi.  Any one miss me? I'm still here!
Mommy has been very very sad.  We will get back to blogging.  We aren't going to go away permanently or anything.  But, Mommy is having a hard time with losing her best friend.  They talked several times a day, and knew each other for a long time.  They used to live very close to each other.
At first mommy cried a lot, and I was so upset as how bad she was I threw up.  And that was my first time ever here! And of course, it was on the daybed. Not the nice easy tile floor to clean up. Oops!
Today she gave me a nice long massage and a tummy rub and I purred really hard and think that helped her a lot (I was very pleased, too).
And I have been talking to her a lot. Meow! Meow! She needs another best friend.  I mean besides me. Any volunteers?
Anyway, I have been getting her to read your blogs and stuff, and I want her to do some work on my blog.  It's not Christmas any more!  But, paw by paw, things will get back to normal here.
Thank you for your lovely thoughts. You all are so kind here.

January 10, 2013


Mommy's very best friend passed away. We will be back soon. Mommy is very upset. She will continue to read blogs for me in the next couple of days, but we will not be commenting or posting.
 She requested a "welfare check" and ended up speaking to a medical examiner investigator.  Mommy needs time to grieve. This is quite a shock.  They won't even tell her how her friend died. 
No comments are necessary. Thank you for understanding.

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

The fireworks were kinda not, and I think it was because it was too cold out for humans to stay out long.  So New Year's Eve was not bad.  We have been very cold outside in Minnesnowta, and I am very glad I have a nice warm home inside.
Mommy has already given me my wet food today (Chicken Soup for the Catlover's Soul--Yum!) and a COUPLE of massages and rubbies and that is the way to start out the new year, let me tell you! Now all she has to do is clean the litter box.  A-hem. Okay, after I dictate this is fine.  Shoulda been this morning BEFORE the wet food and the rubbies and massages.
Anyway, it is foggy and snowy and white today. And not quite as cold as it has been, but whatever! It's Minnesnowta, right? And now that I have had my noms and my massages and what nots, it is time for a bath.

Really, mommy.  I know I am agile and you like to show me off, but do I take pictures of you when you are getting clean?
 Well, do I? Sheeshh.
Whatta ya know. A sort of belly shot! Well!
Well, anyway, I hope for all of you this year a little less sorrow, a little less pain, and a lot more snuggles. And I thank you all for being our friends, and making me feel welcome in my new furever home, and helping mommy with her monies for necessary stuff like medicines and doctors and foodies and insurance. We would not be as happy if mommy was continually worrying about such stuff. Definitely!
Yes, mommy, even though I don't like hamm pizzas (or any human food for that matter). I purr.  That should be enough for you. Now clean the litter box!
love to all,