August 22, 2011

Happy Monday

Mommy is sick today. So I gotta keep this short.  She woked up really early this morning and her tummy was upset.  She said something like "I got a bug" but I swear, I never saw her eat it.  She was sleeping!
It was more like a hairball. Or six. I had to keep checking on her (Nursey brandi to the rescue!). I offered to sit on her tummy for her and keep it warm, but she sorta said "Not on your life!"  She kept getting up and running into my litterbox room, so I guess I could'nt have got comfy any way.
She finally kept something down  besides water, and had some chicken soop.  And, ya know, I let her have all of it and didn't complain once! Somebody with that much stuff coming out needs to put something back.
Coming, mama..... (nursey duties never end)
Lets take a nappy now???

August 15, 2011

National Relaxation Day

My Pet Food Delivery place says this is National Relaxation Day.
Don't we do that every day?? Oh, with the exception of kittens with no off button, of course.
We have not been around lately. Busy stuff and also some medical emergency stuff.  Not me.  Mama. She has been having hypoglycemia problems.  That's low blood sugar.  Today she became semi comatose. BAD.
So I am back to being nursey. Sigh.  An owner's duty to her pet.  Gotta keep them healthy so they remember to FEED ME. SCRITCHY ME. CHANGE THE LITTER BOX.
We really don't want the police or the paramedics to show up at our door AGAIN.
Unless they are cute and like kitties.