September 29, 2009

Tale of Tuesday

This time two cleaning ladies arrived!  I didn't have to hide! I got to take naps!! One cleaned the kitchen and one my bathroom really good--even mama's part!! Above and beyond the call of duty!!  Before they came I had some of that gourmet fancy feast salmon florentine.  Since I was such a good kitty (as always) I got Dentabites after and then, and then and then for dinner?? HAMM!
They can come back anytime if I get treated that royally.
They were really sweet ladies.
Really, mom.
Just load up on the fancy feast, dentabites, and hamm!!
They can come back.

September 28, 2009

Monday is a GOOD day?

Okay, it was nice to have mama share her tuna with me.  Tunie water! I love Tunie water.  But then when she was cleaning around the kitchen and I was trying to talk to her, she was so busy she told me to shut up.  I was just saying thank you for the tuna and was she getting me anything else to go with it.
Sheesh.  Don't you just hate it when they just don't understand?
The cleaning lady called in sick.  Another one is supposed to come tomorrow.  We got an estimate from one that cost about 4 month's rent. They wanted to completely redo the whole place. And we like our place. We don't want a designer.  Just a clean place.
And the nice smelly one can't come til the 15th.  She only charges half a month's rent. But when she sees how small this place really is, I bet it will be less. We are still very interested in eco friendly nice smelly stuff.
So mama hasn't given me any Dentabites today.  Since this morning, anyway.
At least I got tunie water....

September 27, 2009

Sunday Morning

Ahhh.  Sunday snooze!

course mama is going to continue her little project later this afternoon, but oh, well. Some of the give away stuff she put in bags last night.She plans to shift them all out of the living room.
She moved my little cuddle cup, and I hope she doesn't think it's permanent there.  I want it moved back where it was! Just stay away from the mopping, and the vacuuming with that little monster (it seems to be her new little toy) today, huh? Oh, if the pile goes away, maybe you can move my cuddle cup back???
She's having someone in tomorrow to help her clean.  I hope this lady bean doesn't mind sweet lady cats!

September 24, 2009

Oh, NO!

We have another inspection next week!  And mama is going crazy!  She has spent most of today rearranging part of the living room. Making a little office area, a living area, sortin stuff to give to charity. It still is a MESS!  She says it will be pretty when it is all done. Yeah.  Every time I come into the living room the last few days furniture has been in a slightly different place.  Now a lot of things are going to be different. 
The charity beans are coming on the 15th to pick up a huge bunch of stuff. Mama could auction it off, or something, but this way she is "paying forward" for the help we received when we needed it.
We will have pictures when she stops rearranging the apartment, but the kitchen won't be redone for ages yet. Yuck!
What else.  Oh, she is negotiating with a cleaning bean to come in once a month.  This lady uses eco-friendly natural stuff, so the place will smell good, not like chemicals, and she is owned by a cat. Mama volunteered to do some of this lady's office work. We will see what happens.  I think it would be a good trade, don't you? Or at least for a good discount on the cleaning. Hmmm. Nice smells.
That's it. Now where is ....

September 23, 2009


Mama got my DENTABITES!

September 21, 2009

Monday, Monday

Well, thank goodness it isn't a 100 degrees out.  Our AC just fried. Belly up.  It isn't supposed to get very warm today, or the rest of the week til maybe the weekend.  Thanks, weather! We appreciate the cool.
Mama gotted more (!!!) pillows for the couch.  And found out our old vacuum devil died, too. Since she just does the couch cushions and the rocking chair cushions, this isn't major.  And she found a handholded refurbished one on for around $20 and ordered it.
She goes to the doctors tomorrow for a check up.  She's on some new meds and they wanted her to check in.  On one paw, they are okay. On the other paw, they are creating a mess with her glucose levels. We will see what the doc says.
Today she had problems ordering one of her insulins.  The insurants beans said it was too early to refill.  We thought if you needed it it got refilled. Sheesh.  So mama called the diabetes clinic and explained the problem and they faxed a new order to the pharmacy so the insurants will be happy.
Mama has to stop at Target tomorrow on her way home besides the pharmacy cause we are out of Dentabites.  Right now I am just getting regular Temptations, which are okay, but I really like my Dentabites, mom.
If you noticed, we have a pumpkin and some gourds and leaves on one of the sidebars to celebrate autumn.  We love autumn.  Such beautiful tree colors!  It's snuggle weather, too. The sidebar picture is supposed to be animated, but we don't know what happened to make it not.  But it still is pretty.
Autumn starts tomorrow.
My Sugar Pie's family has been sick, but they are better. That's why they haven't been around for the longest time.  A whole week I had to gaze at pictures of my sweetie and wonder how he was.  Speaking of my sweetie, did you see the new sign I made for the side bar?  I am really learning to write good, huh!
The color is much better with the colors on the blog now.
See you soon,

September 18, 2009

We did it!

Through the suggestion of a neat website for cool templates (by Max's mom), and a beautiful new banner (designed by Ann of Zoolatry), we have made a successful transition from a blah looking blog to a blog deserved by a sweet lady cat named brandi. We would also like to thank Skeezix for his suggestions, and the caution that changing column numbers is not to be done by just anyone--He's RIGHT. Codes are not for just any kitties!!!


and Mama Carol

September 15, 2009

Coalition of Cats against Cameras!

no you are not getting a tummy or a toesies picture!

September 14, 2009


We are in the middle of redoing  our blog.  And it is DIFFERENT than Mystery's.  We like purple and plum and pink, so here we are.  We have a lot of widgets to figure out how to put back, and if anyone could help us with a new header, we would be xtatic.
We didn't think we had so many linkies, but its way over a couple hundred, so it might take some time to do our linkies. We did about a third of them today. Linkies are more important than just about anything, cause it means going to your blog.  So we will worry about badges and stuff later. 

September 13, 2009

Dear beans who are computer savy: please see below for update
I am begging for help. Mama has been lending our computer out to another lady down the hall with an all gray kitty named Mystery. Mystery has a real atitude. And she has a crush on my boyfriendcat. Anyway, Mystery's mom has been trying to change to a three column minima blog, and we encouraged her, as we want one too. We asked Skeezix, we looked at the Cutest Blog on the Block, Mystery's mom checked out a "dummies" book from the library that no one could understand (guess we are below dummies), and we can't do it. If you look at Skeezix's directions on his help blog, we get to this is how your blog should look on the layout page, and it shows a squished three column blog, and tells how to go on from there and then TA-DA, a three column blog. But our layout page at that point still is two column.
We can't ask Skeezix again. We can't add comments to his help blog. We don't know where else to go.
Mystery wants a three column blog.
So do we. :-(
Mama Carol
Mystery and her mom

ps. please also let us know if the music on here is annoying. We are kinda getting annoyed at it. Is it stopping bloggers from reading our blog??? If so, we will get rid of it. We can always save it on the playlist site and play it there for ourselves if we wish. We just don't want to irritate others. Thanks.

Dear Max. Bless you. First we had the wrong site. Then Mystery took a long time to figure out what template she wanted and how to get the template on her blog. Now, she's pretty in pink! I guess she has to get the widgets back she wants, and when she is finished, it's MY TURN! I am so xited!!!!! Just mad that we picked the same template, but oh, well. *sigh*

September 7, 2009

Different Kind of Help Needed

Yes, Mystery and I would still like to know what is wrong with her supposed 3 column blog that only lets her do two. Please, Please, if you know anything, help.
But mama needs another kind of help right now. Her brother-in-law Bill just had a triple bypass heart surgery and is in a nursing home. He and her sister live north of here. They need lots of purrayers right now.

September 6, 2009

Help Needed

Our friends down the hall are trying to get the three column look on their blog. Mystery's pet thought she had it all worked out, but something is wrong with the html. All the info still is on the right side, although the space is open on the left. If she succeeds, we will follow her, but right now we are not touching anything. She followed instructions from a book in the library, but something is missing in the code to let her move stuff to the left. She has the new look where she can just shift stuff, I still use only html code. But I am only a follower when it comes to stuff like that. Can anyone give advise? Cat on the Keyboard is her blog.
I don't have a clue. Help???
oh, and we are updating our new linkies. Have we forgotten you? We tried to list all the new ones (and some old ones we just forgot to link to), and will be shifting some to the regular list, too. Did that make sense? Anyway....

September 4, 2009

Friday Update

Well, we made it through the week. Whew. Mama's home for the long weekend, so we will probably be able to do some updating on here. She went to physical therapy today for her back, and she says she is in more pain than when she went! But she also said it is a good pain, cause it means they know what is going on.
I think she may be planning to take some pictures. I will do my best to avoid them.
She brought a smelly candle home, and says it smells nice. Apple Custart or some such thing. Wish she'd buy something decent like tuna or cheese.
She did buy some new cheese balls that have no glutens or transfats and low in sodium (she needs that), and she gaved me some. Snikiddy it's called. Yummmm.
I have to catch up on efurrybody this weekend. Now you know there are a lot of beans and fever and furry ones that need our purrayers. Remember them this holiday weekend!
I purray efurry day. And send good thoughts and lots of hugs. We shouldn't stop just cause it's a holiday. Even if you don't purray, sending good thoughts really does help. And efurry one needs hugs. Beans and furry and fever ones.