January 30, 2009

Pardon our Dust--We updated!

Hey, we updated some new links! Before the Geek Squad comes, we thought, while we could, we would do some stuff. Suppose they mess it up and we can't post???? Gotta do it NOW. So if I forgot some new little kitty blogs, let me know! I promise to nag mama until she updates stuff again.

There are some new kitties in Minneapolis, and I can't remember who you are. Please leave a comment!

Other than that, a nice quiet day. Lots of lovely naps. But mama wouldn't share her sammich at lunch. Egg salad, too! She did scritchies, though, and I forgave her. Cause I am nice. I would share my Fancy Feast if she asked! Well, maybe not....
Thank goodness I made mama update. And, oh, before I forget, catch Figaro's tv interview on his bloggie! He is a hero and a star!


ps. Now my blog says brandi and Mystery's does too. At least we don't have the same layout anymore!~ Although I liked the pink....

January 29, 2009

Oh, No

Well, here come the Geek Squad (which we really can't afford, but oh well). Saturday morning.

It's a puter problem.



p.s. do you all like my new signature or should I go back to the lavender brandi???


Also, purrray for Moki tonight. Please Please Please!

He is feeling better, but still needs our help.

January 28, 2009

Wednesday Update

This is nearly wordless Wednesday, or not even here Wednesday. We are experiencing problems with our high speed internets connection and the beans are coming tomorrow morning to help. It takes several attempts to access the internets, and up to a half hour or more. And everything is supposedly working. We have been "pinged" and our modem is "pinging back". But we try to connect and we just get "connecting" and nothing else other than "not responding". It took a dozen times to get on to do this post.

So I will be in the shower when the beans come tomorrow morning. And, no, the water won't be on.


January 27, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

I am very sorry we deleted a comment. But you know beans! And it was a nice one, too.

We are inserting this after posting my Tuesday stuff, but it is important:

Kashim hurtied himself. He gotted on a hotplate and has hurtied both his front paws. We hope he gets better soon!

Isn't he one of the greatest grey and white kitties we know? He said he was stupid, but we know he really isn't. He's a great mancat.
Purrs, Kashim!

Anyway, my mama is healing nicely and I have a better appetite, now. Nom nom nom the nice new Friskies Seafood Sensation Crunchies!! I haven't been sickie for several days, either.

Which reminds me....Mom! fill my dish again will ya!

And, oh, yes, before I forget: please go to the Animal Rescue Site and do a clicky for them. They need clickies for food for animals!! It doesn't take long, and it's FREE to YOU and FOOD for FURRY ONES (oh, and maybe a feavery one or two).

Now, mama, about those crunchies....


it's cute.

January 25, 2009

Sunday Snooze

Mama gets to pay up the rents now, and the other bills (that means we don't have to go to the liberry to use the internets and we can watch Aminal Planets and get phone calls and mama can pay her insurances). But we still have more paperworks to do. Or rather the bean vets do. *sigh*

All the bandaids are gone from mama now, and she goes back for a final check in a couple of weeks. She has her owie, but it doesn't hurtie her any more, and it is something called a scar now.

She goes to a different bean vet tomorrow, and that might mean she gets extended leave, or at least more monies until he says she can go back to work. So I will be patient tomorrow and wait really nice till she comes home. She boughted me new crunchies, which I like (I was running low, before), and more litter (which is always nice) with some of the monies we gotted already. So I can take the morning off. Woo hoo. Hey, Sugar Pie, wanna snuggle?


January 22, 2009

Interesting Stuff

Yesterday in the elevator on the way up to our partment mama was with a bean and her woofie. Mama has seen the woofie before, and he is very sweet. The bean lady told mama that her woofie is allergik to cats! Isn't that weird?? He weezez when he meets a kitty. Mama wondered why he didn't start weezing around her, cause of my furs on her, but he didn't. He has a really currly tail and he is very nice to beans. But he's allergik to kitties!!

This morning mama haded to call 911 for an ambalance for one of our neighbors. She hurted her back real bad and was calling for help and an ambalance. They took her away but she camed back later feeling better. I think they gaved her a shot or something.

We finally heard from the insurance again, and we gotted some monies to pay the rent, but mama has to go back to one of her bean vets and have him fill out MORE papers. She has a pointment Monday morning, so she will take the paperwork in with her.

That's the stuff for today.


January 19, 2009

Monday Stuff

I want to thank efurryone for the advise you gave my Sugar Pie. I think that letting him get all the smells before hand will help him adjust to his new sibling. And giving him a blankie or something of the new addition before he/she comes home will help him, too. I think that is really great advise!

His mama and daddy will love him just the same after the new burpie thing comes to live with them. And he will have another bean to love.

I have confidence in his abilities to love and care for not just me and his mama and daddy, but also his new little companion and sibling.

We are all very excited!


January 18, 2009

Happy News

Check out my sweetie's blog, Mr. Hendrix. He has some very happy news to share with efurry one!

January 16, 2009

In Memorium

Bless Meep as he makes his way over the Bridge.
Help his family deal with his loss here on this side.

January 15, 2009

If it's Thursday it must be COLD!

Below zero again. I have spent most of the day sleeping. Either on the bed inside the afghan, or on mama.

When mama gets out the international coffee in the afternoon, it doesn't really mean it's cold in here or anything, just that it seems to be the best thing to do when it's cold out. So today she had some that smelled like cinnamon. Mmmmm. Smelled nice anyway.

Three dead buggies in the shower. Bye bye was easy. Wash them down the drain! But that was all. No sweeping or anything (other than the normal sweeping).

And please take a moment out to remember Dr. King today.

And please say goodbye to Meeps, he is going to the Bridge to stay with his brother Buzzerbee tomorrow.


January 14, 2009

Wednesday Update

Daisy, you may not have won the contest, but you are our number one!

It is below zzeerrrooo!!

We stayed inside today. Still waiting on the insurance beans. I am sooo glad we don't live in that other place anymore. This partment is warm!

The bug guy got a few buggies sickies, and I am being good and staying away from them all. And mama gets to sweep them away. Mama actually likes when the bug guys come (other than some are cute), cause that means we don't have lots of yucky problems. They never did that in our old place. A few bugs here, and whew, they are gone. They do the whole building, all 25 floors!

We had little ant thingies this fall, and mama bought something called a hedgeball, and they ate it (yuck) and wented away. A natural solution, she called it. Being green, she called it.

My tummy has been okay, today. Mama is feeling pretty good, too. Just wondering when the green papers will be here so we can pay our rent and buy more foodies and stuff. And mama said I should go to the v.e.t. I think I just have a lady's delicate stomach.... and it's too cold to go out to the v.e.t.!

Thank you all for checking in on us! It helps alot.

And, Sugar Pie, we gotted your email, and you made us smile :-)


January 13, 2009

Tuesday News

I gotted really scared today. A man banged on our door and mama let him in, and he followed me into my hiding place (the shower). I was petrified!

Oh, it was only the bug guy. But it was really scary! For awhile, anyway. He was really nice. He told my mama she didn't want to go anywhere today cause it was sooo cold. Unless she absolutely has to go out, she is staying home.

Mama said he was kinda cute. He had furs on his face.


January 11, 2009

Sunday Snooze

The temperature is going to go DOWN in the twin cities. Like you don't really want to know how far below zero. This is going to be one of the coldest weeks of the winter. BRRRR!

Mama is still getting better. She does have to go to the bean vet to have her owie checked out. She will do that tomorrow. Before it gets really cold out.

We are still waiting for insurance to "kick in", so we have no green papers yet. And we haven't paid the rent yet this month, so we hope it's soon. We haven't had any green papers from mama's work since the end of November. It's all paper work! Her leave wasn't signed off on til the end of December! Course, we have foodies and stuff.

Mama is a little concerned about me, cause I have been a little sick lately. I have been having tummy problems, and we can't get to the vet right now. Course, I'm an older cat, and course have a delicate tummy!

Thoughts Fur Paws made me blog of the week! How neat is that? I am going to go thank them as soon as mama finishes my blog post! What an honor! There are a lot of good bloggers out here, and we are many!

Have to go now.


ps, vote for Daisy! Voting ends Jan. 13.

And another great video:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wvo-g_JvURI&feature= related

January 3, 2009


Mama has been too uncomfortable sitting at the computer for ages, so we have been waaay out of the loop. Her staples are out, and she has some little white strips on her owie, and she is walking and stuff. I have been doing my best to help.

It is snowing, and we have been snuggling today. She keeps trying to take pictures of me.... I sneek off a lot!

New Years Eve was quiet, except for midnight, when our neighbors did some fire works. It was really short, and not too loud, and mama and I watched from her (my) bed. Then we went back to sleep.

Sorry we are soo behind. I am hoping everything is okay out here. It will take us awhile to catch up cause of mama's owie. She just can't do the computer thing long.